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My RESUME _PDF File_ - Acsu Buffalo


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									                                     Brian J. O’Connor, M.S.
                                     State University of New York at Buffalo
                                           College of Arts and Sciences
                                             Database Administrator
                                                   801 Clemens Hall
                                                 716-645-6000 (x1140)


 Master of Science degree in Exercise Science (BIOMECHANICS)
 State University of New York at Buffalo (May 1991)
     Recipient of the "Francis V. Hanavan Award", given annually to honor a School of HRP graduate student for
     outstanding potential for future contributions in the Allied Health Professions (1991).

 Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science
 State University of New York at Buffalo (May 1987)


Database Administrator / Lecturer (1996 – present)
State University of New York at Buffalo, College of Arts and Sciences
 Responsible for design and development of academic information systems serving 80+ users in 25 university
 departments and the college’s Dean’s office, with the purpose of improving day-to-day access and use of
 information and allowing for more effective organizational planning. Some system components include:
 •   Personnel information management system
 •   Financial tracking and reporting system
 •   Departmental automated annual reporting system (grants, faculty workload, TA/GA tracking, majors, degrees, …)
 •   Departmental admissions reporting system (freshman and transfer admissions monitoring / contact)
 •   Departmental student management system (majors, minors, intendeds / counts, quality measures, contact info)
 •   Departmental course management system (class lists, enrollment, credit hour enrollment, planning & scheduling)
 •   Departmental degree monitoring system (counts and details for former conferees and future degree candidates)
 Designed and presented more than 60 two-hour computer training modules for faculty and staff of the college,
 serving more than 120 faculty/staff in the college. Modules topics included: file management, maintaining a
 healthy computer, 5 levels of MS-Word, 4 levels of MS-Excel, 5 levels of MS-Access, MS-PowerPoint and more.

Computer Consultant / Founder and Owner (1987 - present)
BOC Computer Innovations
 Develop customized computer solutions for individuals, small/medium-sized organizations, with primary focus
 on development of database management, data analysis & training systems. Some project examples include:
 •   Self-paced training modules on CD (used for students and practitioners in physical and occupational therapy)
 •   Alumni association tracking and contact database (annual renewals, membership fees, newsletter mailings)
 •   Periodical subscription management database (renewal notices, invoices, periodical mailing)
 •   Clinical education database (student / instructor / site tracking, site-student matching, contact-confirm letters, …)
 •   Department admissions database (application mailing/tracking, applicant selection calculations and reporting, …)
 •   Continuing education database (program / registrants tracking, registrations, confirmation letters, certificates, …)
 •   Electronic wheelchair training system (screen maze of hallways traveled using joystick, wall hits & time monitored)
 •   Electromyographic (EMG) analysis system (data import, normalize, rubber-band, ensemble average, report/graph)
 •   Dynamic knee joint testing system (3D joint motion analysis during normal walking using electrogoniometry)
                                                                                              Brian J. O’Connor, M.S. (Nov 2002)

Research Assistant / Programmer / Clinical Instructor (1989 – 1996)
State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science,
Biomechanics Laboratory
 Involved as part of a lab “team” in all aspects of human movement studies in the Biomechanics lab, including:
 research design, data collection, development of customized data analysis/presentation software, generation
 of results in graphic format, and presentation of findings. Primary research programming projects included:
 • 3D motion analysis system (uses 3D digital coordinates converted from multiple 2D analog video images, allows for
   viewing stick figure model of motion from various angles of view, calculates 3D joint angles, velocities, accelerations,
   joint moments and powers / used for analysis of cerebral palsy patients, normal gait, athletic movements)
 • Electromyography (EMG) analysis system (A-to-D converted information imported from various data input apparatus,
   normalized, rubber-banded, ensemble averaged and reported either in text or graphic format)
 Initiated, developed and served as instructor for first-ever Computer Applications Course offered in the
 department, serving both undergraduate and graduate students. Lectured in Graduate Measurement and
 Evaluation Course on topic of Analog-to-Digital Data Processing using micro-computers in the research labs.

Project Training Coordinator (1993 – 1995)
Rehabilitation Research & Training Center on Functional Assessment and Evaluation of Rehabilitation
Outcomes (RRTC) - State University of New York at Buffalo
 Served as coordinator of training activities associated with the development of educational material related to
 measurement in Functional Assessment. In addition to the development of several classroom-based courses,
 self-directed, multi-media training modules were developed for use in rehabilitation courses across multiple
 disciplines. These training modules were disseminated and used at various sites nationally.
 Developed and presented material on "Introduction to Measurement in Rehabilitation" and "Reliability and
 Validity in Rehabilitation Measurement" as part of a standard university course format, and also as a full-day
 workshop on Functional Assessment for physical and occupational therapists.

Health / Fitness / Wellness Consultant (1988 - 1996)
 Served as designer and trainer of corporate fitness programs for employees at several local corporations.
 Developed data analysis software for testing individual health/fitness levels and for generating individualized
 reports that included comparative data based on national norms for age, gender, …etc.
 Developed and presented full-day workshops entitled “Discovering Your Personal Wellness – Simple Tools
 for Creating the Life You Want to Live, then, ... Living It” to groups ranging from 70 - 150 participants for both
 local and regional organizations.


 O'Connor, B.J., Yack, H.J., and White, S.C. (1995). Reducing errors in kinetic calculations:
 Improved synchronization of video and ground reaction force records. Journal of Applied
 Biomechanics, 1995, 11, 216-223.


 O'Connor, Brian J., Yack, H. John and White, Scott C. "Kinematic & GRF Alignment: Toward the
 Elimination of Synchronization Error". Presented at NACOB II in Chicago, Illinois (8/92).

 Yack, H. John and O'Connor, Brian J. "EMG Assessment of Treadmill and Overground Running".
 Presented at the International Society of Biomechanics Congress, Australia (12/91).
                                                                           Brian J. O’Connor, M.S. (Nov 2002)

 O'Connor, Brian J. "A Knee Joint Model for Quantifying Tibio-femoral and Patellar Ligamentous
 Forces during the Landing of the Standing Back Salto". Seminar presentation made to faculty and
 students at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (3/91).

 Yack, H. John and O'Connor, Brian J. "Normal Gait: Has Anyone Assessed It? An EMG
 Perspective". Presented at East Coast Gait Conference at Michigan State University (12/90).

 Yack, H. John; Radt, Hugo S.; O'Connor, Brian J. and White, Scott C. "Analysis and Optimization
 of the Giant Swing on Rings". Submitted to the U.S. Olympic Committee (4/90).

 O'Connor, Brian J. and Yack, H. John. "A Biomechanical Analysis of Knee Joint Forces During
 the Standing Back Salto". A kinetic analysis presented at The I.O.C. World Congress on Sport
 Sciences in Colorado Springs, Colorado (10/89).

 Yack, H. John and O'Connor, Brian J. "The Giant Swing: Form, Function and Economy".
 Presented at IOC World Congress on Sport Sciences in Colorado Springs, Colorado (10/89).

 O'Connor, Brian J. "Quantifying Tibio-Femoral and Patellar Ligamentous Forces During the
 Landing Phase of the Standing Back Salto". Master's Thesis (9/89).

 Yack, H. John and O'Connor, Brian J. "Energy Analysis I: The Giant Swing on the Uneven Bars".
 Grant received from the United States Gymnastics Federation (2/89).

 O'Connor, Brian J. and Yack, H. John. "The Straddle Back: Form, Function and Economy". A
 mechanical energy analysis presented at the 6th International Society of Biomechanics in Sports
 (ISBS) Symposium at Montana State University. (8/88).

 Yack, H. John and O'Connor, Brian J. "Identifying Critical Biomechanical Factors in the Straddle
 Back to Handstand in Elite Female Gymnasts". Submitted to U.S. Gymnastics Federation. (8/87).


• Married, father of two children: 21-month old girl, 4-month old boy
• Active as Women’s Gymnastics Coach & Clinician (20+ years of experience)
• Physically Active: Tennis, Snowboarding/Skiing, Sailing, Mountain Hiking, Roller Hockey, …
• Active Pursuer of Learning: Continuing Education, Avid Reader, …
• Orchard Park Central School District - Technology Committee (2002)


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