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									                                              Vol. 1, No. 2         June , 2005

       The official newsletter of the Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (BICC)

                     BICC at ‘full steam ahead’
Bad weather notwithstanding, the 3-in-1 celebration                                                                               arranged alphabetically showing the picture and general
of the new BICC went through on December 2, 2004 at                                                                               information about the person. And the third part is
the Skyline Restaurant at the World Trade Center, CCP                                                                             membership by sector. This portion will list membership
Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. The special guest                                                                               classified into 14 sectors. Members will be invited to
of honor and speaker was Ms. Zoraida Amelia Alonzo,                                                                               support this project by way of advertisements. The
Chair & CEO of SB Corporation and Coordinator for                                                                                 Directory is expected to be off the press before the year
National SME Agenda, who also acted as inducting                                                                                  2005 is over.
officer for the incoming members of the board of trustees                                                                                     To cap the year 2005, BICC will hold another
and sector heads.                                                                                                                 gathering for the Christmas Party sometime during the
              About one hundred members braved the                                                                                first week of December, 2005. Watch out for this.
stormy evening to attend the Launching, General                                                                                               Regular activities. Kapihan ng Bosconian
Membership Assembly, and Christmas Party of BICC.                                                                                 is held every Friday starting 7:30 a.m.ending at about
It was a celebration of sorts for some past pupils who                                                                            10:00 a.m. Venue is at The Exchange, 2nd Floor,
saw their former Salesian superiors and mentors who                                                                               Richmonde Hotel, 21 San Miguel corner Lourdes Streets,
likewise ignored orders to remain indoor for that day.      Kapihan ng Bosconian is where the action is. Join us                  Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The place is in front of
                                                            every Friday, from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m., Richmonde Hotel,
              The celebration ended with a promise to see   Pasig City.                                                                                                            To page 3, pls.
each other again on similar occasion. True enough, it
was repeated on March 18, 2005 at the Valle Verde                                                                                              Beneficiaries of BICC
Country Club. (See related story on page 2.)                World Trade Center, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard,
              Coming events. Then again, come June          Manila. Guest of honor and speaker will be Secretary                  The BICC Board of Trustees and Sector Heads have
17, 2005, Friday, BICC will meet once more for the 2005     Juan B. Santos of the Department of Trade and Industry.               identified the beneficiaries of its fund-raising activities. A
Second Quarter General Assembly at Skyline Restaurant,      The awardee for this quarter is Commissioner Alipio                   resolution was passed on January 15, 2005 at the Manila
                                                            Fernandez, Jr. of the Bureau of Immigration for his worthy            Polo Club which states: “Be it resolved that Tuloy sa Don
                                                            achievements in government service.                                   Bosco and Pugad Busko be adopted as primary beneficia-
                                                                         In the belief that Bosconians are everywhere in          ries for all BICC social responsibility and fund-raising
                                                            the industry, the BICC has embarked on a “colossal” activity          activities.”
                                                            featuring Bosconian talents in the field of entertainment. This                                                        To page 3, pls.
                                                            is a project conceptualized by Antonio M. Bernardo made
                                                            possible by ALL BOSCONIANS – from planning to logistics
                                                            to production to performing artists. It will also display creations
                                                                                                                                             What’s Inside
                                                            of fashion designers to be presented by male and female                   2005 1st Quarter Assembly 2
                                                            models who are likewise, all Bosconians in some ways. It                  Lending seminar 2
                                                            will be held sometime in January 2006. Final details will be              PCCI membership 2
                                                            announced later. Watch out for it.
                                                                                                                                      Top posts in PETEF 3
                                                                         Another activity to watch is the Trade Exposition
                                                                                                                                      BICC gets SEC approval 3
                                                            and Exhibit. As planned, the exhibit is now in process. In
                                                            fact, the committee for this specific project has made                    Canadian immigration expert 3
                                                            exploratory talks and initial discussions with an exhibit                 Meet the force 3
                                                            organizer. Tentative date of the exhibit is on November 25                Improved BICC website 3
                                                            to 28, 2005. Final details will be announced later.                       I-text mo na lang 3
                                                                         One of the benefits for being a member to BICC               In what sector do I belong? 4
                                                            is the chance to meet and network with other members of                   A mark in the food industry 5
Inducting Officer, Chair Zorayda Amelia Alonzo, swears      the other sectors. And in order to do that, the Secretariat is            Benefits, discounts, & privileges 5
into office the incoming members of the BICC Board of
Trustees and Sector Heads during the Launching,
                                                            producing the Trade Directory. The Directory will have                    A place for all seasons! 6
General Assembly, and Christmas Party held at the           three parts. The first part is the general information about the          We hit it! 6
Skyline Restaurant on December 2, 2004.                     organization. The second part is the general listing of members

                                                             Philippine Chamber of                                        Philippine Electronics and
                 BICC is a member of:
                                                             Commerce and Industry                                        Telecommunications Federation, Inc.
                                                                   well as its plans of tie-up with the World Organization of
                                                                   Salesian Past Pupils in Rome, Italy in two to three years
           News                                                    time. Atty. Bernardo called for further support in all of its
                                                                   members to help strengthen the organization in the years to
                                                                                The welcome remarks was followed by the
                                                                   presentation of the plaque of Merit Award to Governor-
              2005 First Quarter                                   designate Amando M. Tetangco, Jr., HS 1969
            Membership Assembly                                    valedictorian of Don Bosco-Pampanga, by Vice Chairman
                                                                   Teodoro B. Javier and Atty. Bernardo. Governor
The Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce                    Tetangco graciously responded to the recognition.
                                                                                                                                      The membership assembly was honored by the
General Membership Assembly for the First Quarter of                            Mr. Javier next introduced the night’s guest of       presence of of BSP Governor-designate Amando
2005 was held on March 18, 2005 at the Valle Verde                 honor and speaker. Secretary Purisima’s speech                     M. Tetantco, Jr (left) and Secretary Cesar V.
                                                                                                                                      Purisima of the Department of Finance.
Country Club in Pasig City. In attendance were about               centered on his department’s motto “Magbayad ng Wastong
120 members, together with the guests of honor,                    Buwis,” which is a call to every Filipino to pay their taxes
Secretary Cesar V. Purisima of the Department of                   correctly because the country needs it now more than ever.
Finance and Governor-designate Amando M. Tetangco,                 He mentioned in his speech the means the finance department
Jr. of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).                          will be implementing under his leadership to efficiently collect
             The members and guests were welcomed                  taxes like tax evader persecution and the pushing of a 2%
by BICC President, Atty. Antonio M. Bernardo. His                  VAT increase which will help the country’s growing budget
remarks centered on the importance of the growing                  deficit.
number of Bosconians in the different careers or                                Fr. Armand Robleza, SDB, the National
professions, like for instance, in the military or government      Salesian Delegate of DBAPNF, later that evening gave an
service. This, he further said, is the uniting force among         inspirational talk, followed by entertainment numbers
the different sectors of the association. He also addressed        presented by the younger generation of Bosconian students.
the progress the organization is having with the                   The event finally ended around 11 pm with the singing of the       Some members of the Board of Trustees and guests
development of the official website and data base, as              hymn, Hail to St. John Bosco. RCO                                  are all smiles as they pose for posterity.

                                                                                                         BICC conducts lending seminar
      SUPPORT your organization.
     Please pay your dues on time.                                              Know where to get financing for your Philippines; Maria Teresa M. Reyes, Senior Manager
                                                                   business – big or small. This was the topic of the of SME Sector of BPI Family Bank; and Neil C.
     This will allow you to enjoy the                              seminar conducted by BICC, DB Students’ Business Center Manangan, Manager and Business Development
      benefits of your membership.                                 (DBSBC) and Small Business Guarantee and Finance Officer of Planters Bank. Consultants and account officers
                                                                   Corporation (SBGFC), an                                                          from other banks and lending
      Please disregard this notice if payment has been made
                                                                   attached agency of the                                                           companies were available
                            Thank you.                             Department of Trade and                                                          for     a     one-on-one
                                                                   Industry. This was held on April                                                 consultation            with
                                                                   20, 2005 at the Amorsolo                                                         participants. These banks
                                                                   Ballroom of the Holiday Inn                                                      were Bank of Commerce,
                                                                   Galleria Manila, Ortigas Center,                                                 BMS Rural Bank, Asia
    Please take note:                                              Pasig City.                                                                      Trust, BPI Family Bank,
    Telefax: (6 32) 534-3481                                                    Speakers from                                                       Land Bank of the
    Website: www.bicc.org.ph                                       leading financing companies                                                      Philippines, and Planters
                                                                   presented their credit facilities                                                Bank.
    Email: secretariat@bicc.org.ph                                 that are open to local                                                                       The invocation
    SMS: 0921-6032036 (Text Only)                                  businesses. The morning                                                          was delivered by Fr.
                                                                   session had the micro financing                                                  Eliseo Santos, SDB,
                                                                   facilities discussed by           A seminar resource person receives token of    Spiritual Moderator of
                                                                   distinguished speakers like       appreciation from Antonio M. Bernardo (center) DBTC. The participants for
              Editorial Board                                      Vergel M. Manila, Operations      while Alfredo G. Yatco III looks on.           the morning and afternoon
                   Editor-in-Chief                                 Officer of Quedancor; Luna C.                                                    sessions were welcomed
                Antonio M. Bernardo                                David, Vice President of SBGFC; and Cressida Alday- by Perfecto O. Bernad, Jr., Dean of College of DBTC
                                                                   Mendoza, Assistant Department Manager of Land Bank of and Deo Lopez, Head for Real Estate and Construction
                 Editorial Consultant                              the Philippines assisted by Diosdado Domingo. This Sector, respectively. Also present to give moral support
                                                                   was followed by an open forum moderated by Hector M. were Benel P. Lagua, President and COO of SBGFC,
                  Alfredo G. Yatco III
                                                                   Olmedillo, Vice President for Guarantees of SBGFC. Antonio M. Bernardo, President of BICC and Alfredo
                                                                   Likewise, the afternoon session had the SME lending G. Yatco III, President of DBSBC. Sarah Jervoso, a
                Managing Editors                                   facilities as presented by Ignacio C. Serrano, Senior Bosconian, acted as emcee and moderator in some
            Daniel M. Pagaduan, Jr.                                Assistant Vice President of Development Bank of the parts of the seminar.
            Jose Maurice R. Funtanar
                Madelyn M. Cruz                                                        BICC is now a member of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).
                                                                                       The official advice was sent through a letter dated April 26, 2005 by PCCI President,
            Editorial office is located at the 2nd Floor,                              Ambassador Donald G. Dee, addressed to BICC President, Antonio M. Bernardo. The
        Big Chapel Building, Don Bosco Technical College,                              letter states: “We are pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors, during our last
               Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines
               with Telephone No. (6 32) 534-3481.
                                                                                       April 15, 2005 (meeting), approved your company’s application for Membership in the
                                                                                       Chamber.” Amb. Dee continued by saying, “In behalf of the Board of Directors and
   Contributions in whatever form (article or cash) are welcome.       Officers of PCCI, we would like to welcome you as a new member to our Chamber. We know that you
                                                                       will be pleased with the service we provide to all our members.”

              Top posts for BICC                                        Bosconians invite
                  in PETEF                                          Canadian immigration expert
The Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce,                                On February 11, 2005, the Kapihan
Inc. (BICC) was elected once again as a Trustee in the                          got the highest number of attendees
Board of the Philippine Electronics and                                         when Josephine Victoria Tañada
Telecommunications Federation (PETEF) during the                                Yam was invited to talk about Canada’s
annual meeting of PETEF recently. Added to this honor                           Immigrant Investor Program.
was the appointment of the BICC representative,                                                Atty. Yam is a licensed
Rolando Alarcon, to head the Ways and Means/Sports                              law practitioner in the Philippines, in
Committee.                                                                      Ontario, Canada and in New York. She
             Furthermore, two members of the BICC were      heads the Josephine Yam Professional Corp (JYPC) which         Antonio M. Bernardo (center in white) poses with
elected to the top posts of the PETEF Foundation; Rolando   is a Canadian Immigration law firm based in Ontario,           members of Batch 1980 when he presented BICC to the
Alarcon as President and Roberto Duque as Vice              Canada. Yam has practiced law with some of the largest         alumni during the Cebu-Punta Princessa Homecoming on
                                                                                                                           February 6, 2005.
President. Alarcon is the President of TGM Philippines      and prestigious law firms and is also a member in good
and a BICC Head for Information and Communications          standing of bar associations here and abroad. She was in
Technology Sector while Duque is the President of           Manila from February 1 to 25 from Toronto to sign partnering
Wireless Works, Inc. and a member of the BICC Board         agreement with The Law Firm of Antonio M. Bernardo (TLF-                Watch out for the
of Trustees.                                                AMB) and for some speaking engagements.                                 ALL-BOSCONIAN
             BICC is an active member of the PETEF
since 1994. PETEF has been in existence since March
1969 with members consisting of 17 associations, 97
companies and 32 individuals. Aside from Alarcon,
another BICC member, Gabriel Pimentel of Mabuhay                                                                           BICC at ‘full steam ahead’ . . .
Satellite Communications, was elected to the Board of                                                                      From page 1
                                                                                                                           Lourdes School and near the old Medical City. Since the
               Meet the force                                                                                              Kapihan started in September 2004, we have had
                                                                                                                           speakers like Ms. Josephine Tañada Yam, Frs. Rocky
                                                                                                                           Evangelista, and Jun Lingad, Bal Evangelista and
                                                                                                                           the latest, Philip Torres. Product samplings were given
                                                                                                                           out like Gelato Ice Cream of Joel Lee, DXN coffee of
                                                                                                                           Michael Ventanilla, and book of Mr. Torres.
                                                                                                                                        As if not enough with just plain Kapihan,
                                                                                                                           Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) were signed between
                                                                                                                           BICC and Joel Lee, Alfred Punay, Alex Cristobal,
                                                                      BICC gets SEC approval                               Keep Kool, and Café Lupe. More MOA are expected to
                                                                                                                           be signed. The agreements made official the granting of
The working force behind BICC is the Secretariat. With      The BICC has been granted juridical personality and permit     discounts and privileges by members in business to
President Tony Bernardo, they are (from Left), Jose         to operate as non-stock, non-profit organization by the        card-bearing BICC members.
Maurice R. Funtanar, Web Master; Madelyn M. Cruz,
Membership Assistant; and Daniel M. Pagaduan, Jr.,          Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)                       Meantime, visit our website www.bicc.org.ph
Executive Director.                                         on December 1, 2004.                                           for more information about BICC.

                                           I-text mo na lang !                                                             Beneficiaries of BICC . . .
                                                                                                                           From page 1
   For instant inquiry and reply regarding the latest       calls are allowed. The SMS number is a dedicated
   developments about BICC, members can send SMS            number allotted to answer questions or to inform and to                    Both Tuloy and Pugad are refuge for way-
   messages to +63 921 603 2036. It is a computer-          remind members of the latest news and activities of            ward streetchildren and migrant youth. Tuloy is run by Fr.
   based Short Message Service System that is               BICC. The service is operated by the Secretariat during        Marciano “Rocky” Evangelista, SDB in Muntinlupa
   designed for mass distribution and for that, no voice    regular office hours.                                          City while Pugad is run by Fr. Salvador F. Pablo, SDB
                                                                                                                           in Makati City.

                                  THE ONLINE DATABASE IS NOW UP!
           BICC members can now have access to the online database in our website: www.bicc.org.ph.
This feature became operational since May 16, 2005 with the combined effort of the Secretariat and the Web
Master. This new feature enables members to search or match their businesses with other registered
members in the database. It also lists members and their sector affiliations. The database is updated every
Friday of the week. Classified information contained in this site can be accessed by members who have
paid their membership dues by using the ID Card number as username and password that is provided by
the BICC Secretariat.
           As an added service to members, we are accepting announcements and advertisements in the
website through the Classified Ads Section. For a minimal fee, a member can advertise his company,
products, or services. You can even post buy and sell items and view the latest developments and news
through the News Central. Lastly, members can now be updated of BICC’s upcoming activities in the
Calendar of Events. In the days to come, expect more features and services using our web.

There is one question commonly asked by applicants for membership to BICC and even those who have
already registered. - “In what sector do I belong?” In response to this, we print below the descriptions of                       I
                                                                                                                                 B C Sectors
each of the fourteen sectors. It is the hope of BICC to answer the question and to finalize the listing as
accurately as possible before the Trade Directory gets to press.

                1. FINANCIAL SEVICES                           to different places in our archipelago. Members of this sector    engineering, architectures, real estate agents and quantity
This sector brings together individuals who are involve in     also are involved in the promotion of the country’s tourist       surveyors.
finance institutions and respond to the financial needs of     spots and destinations to push our tourism industry. They
people by providing financing, consultancy and through         help as well in regional development and in the generation of          10. EDUCATION, TRAINING, RESEARCH,
proposals of policies. They play a major role in stabilizing   income for many local businesses.                                                   AND CONSULTANCY
the Philippine economy, as well as help restructure and                                                                          These individuals are mostly educators of different levels
modernize the country’s financial institutions. Members              7. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS                           of the academe from primary, secondary, collegiate,
included in this sector can be found in banking, capital                               TECHNOLOGY                                graduate, specialization and those for special education.
market, insurance, e-securities, e-finance and other           This sector deals largely with providing and maintaining          Their top priority is to teach people and help develop
financial organizations.                                       connectivity of people all over country and the world             potentials. The sector is also involved in the development
                                                               through different technological means present today like          of new methodological means to help clients find effective
                  2. MANUFACTURING                             phones, satellites and the World Wide Web. They are also          solutions to their business processes through quantitative
This sector brings together individuals whose work or          responsible for developing programs which in turn deliver         and qualitative research and by means of consultancy.
businesses are involve in the processing of raw materials      solutions to different enterprises and infrastructures problems
into finish goods or services which in                                                                                                                      11. AGRIBUSINESS,
turn will be suitable for the needs and                                                                                                                    ENVIRONMENT, AND
demands of other businesses and                                                                                                                          NATURAL RESOURCES
individuals. These products would                                                                                                                  This sector has members who deal
range from steel, chemical, textile,                                                                                                               largely on environmental strategies and
computer and electronic products and                                                                                                               opportunities to help the people benefit
a lot more. The manufacturing sector                                                                                                               from them. Their goal is not only to
also employs great number of individual                                                                                                            maximize natures full potential but they
and is one of the key elements in a                                                                                                                are also involved in the environmental
stable economy.                                                                                                                                    causes like waste management,
                                                                                                                                                   reduction of pollution and the use of
   3. GOVERNMENT SERVICES                                                                                                                          recycled materials. Members also act
These individuals are public servers                                                                                                               as consultants to other businesses
of the country, both elected and                                                                                                                   which needs help manage their waste
appointed locally and nationally. Their                                                                                                            disposals, pollution control or propose
key work is to rule in behalf of the                                                                                                               other alternatives which are ecologically
country and make decisions and laws                                                                                                                friendly and safe.
which will push for the common good
of all. Members are socially aware of                                                                                                                      12. RESTAURANT AND
what are needed, what are morally                                                                                                                             FOOD SERVICES
right and at the same time bringing with                                                                                                            This sector involves individuals who
them the Bosconian values they have                                                                                                                 have work or business in line with the
learned when they were young.                                                                                                                       food industry. Many members of this
Politicians, Police Force and other entities make up this      which are strategic securities for company database, training     sector are food producers, food processors, manufacturers
sector.                                                        of personnel, IT solutions and other product and services         and owners of establishment that caters food to the public.
                                                               that are very beneficial to growth of the company.                Service and quality are very important in this business
               4. MILITARY SERVICES                                                                                              as it is the key to its success.
This sector combines uniformed men and women of the                      8. MASS MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT
country. Their pledge is to service and protect the country                           AND SPORTS                                                      13. TRADING
from attacks, disasters, and calamities as well as maintain     Bosconians in this sector has jobs or own establishments         Bosconians in this sector work mainly involves import
peace and order throughout the nation. These individuals       that are focused on creating, disseminating, or providing         and export oriented businesses. They are key players in
serve under the Armed Forces of the Philippines.               means to distribute information to other people. These in turn    expansion of the country’s outputs and exporting these
                                                               gives them a big opportunity to influence other people’s          goods to countries all over the world. They also extend
                5. PROFESSIONALS                               view, choices and preferences. They are engage in providing       consumption possibilities of the Filipino market by making
Members of this sector are skilled whose main input in         important up-to-date headlines and happening around the           world wide products available here. This sector also
the economy through human capital. Their profession is         world and bring different channels of entertainment to their      contributes greatly in promoting the country’s products,
defined mainly by their individual expertise and trainings     viewers. Their means of communication ranges from print,          handicrafts and services which in turn help promote
which they use to serve and protect the people. Members        TV broadcasting, radio and today’s most accessible channel,       tourism and Filipino first class production.
of this sector can be found in fields like Architecture,       the internet.
Medicine, Law, Engineering and a lot more.                                                                                                 14. NON-FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                                                       9. CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE                           This sector unites different individuals whose work or
              6. TRAVEL, TOURISM AND                           This sector produces and sustains demands for various             businesses are from small and medium enterprises in the
                 TRANSPORTATION                                types of houses and infrastructures. They are mainly              country. Here, different services or products, both retail
This sector unites individuals who are involved in             involved in property development, maintenance,                    and wholesale are given to their customers. Mostly all
maintaining and providing transportation to the people all     management, investment, construction and sales. Their goal        businesses here are standard stall type which are both
over the country. Their operation covers transportation        is to give every Filipino a home or workplace which is both       easily accessible to the market and provide convenience
through air, water, rail and road which brings accessibility   affordable and stable. Main jobs here are civil and structured    to the people. RCO
Restaurant and Food Sector

         Making a mark in the food industry
When you are asked where you’d find successful                               (dealer of tuna products and other fish supplies), etc. have in                          Operating a food business has some marked
Bosconians in the industry, what are the most logical                        common? Answer: These are just some of the many                             difference as compared to managing “traditional”
sectors you would say? You’d normally answer, “Look                          establishments that are owned and/or operated by                            companies where you find many Bosconians. For
for them in the engineering and IT fields.”                                  Bosconians!                                                                 instance, you would have to deal with employees who
             It’s no big surprise that majority of Bosconian                                                                                             mostly come from a different academic, professional or
graduates land meaningful and fulfilling careers in technical                                                                                            social background as you do. The work hours are also
fields largely as a result of the training that they get in Don                                                                                          different. Work in the traditional office becomes hectic
Bosco, from high school to College.                                                                                                                      during the so-called “office hours,” which is anywhere
             You will easily find Bosconians in                                                                                                          from 7am to 6 pm, whereas work in the food industry
manufacturing companies, in telecommunications and                                                                                                       reaches its peak during hours when office workers are
semiconductor firms, as well as in computer and IT-                                                                                                      not at their desks.
related companies. Bosconians flourish in these                                                                                                                       There are also differences in the challenges,
organizations as engineers, technical support personnel,                                                                                                 as well as some similarities. The bottomline to making it
technology managers, and the like. It’s also not surprising                                                                                              in the food and restaurant industry? Just like in any other
to find Bosconians taking their place in the sun in these                                                                                                business, it’s to make sure that your products and services
same companies, but on the non-technical side of the                                                                                                     offer the best value for your clients’ money. You need to
fence – in sales or marketing.                                                                                                                           constantly innovate, taking into consideration your clients’
             Then again, there are Bosconian past pupils                                                                                                 ever-changing tastes.
who are successful in the government and in the military.                                                                                                             What makes the aforementioned Bosconian
We have some known schoolmates in the entertainment                                                                                                      food and restaurant businesses unique? Aside from being
field. There are those who venture into trading or the                                                                                                   members of the BICC, these establishments conduct
medical field. It’s quite natural nowadays to find Bosconian                                                                                             “business with a heart.” What’s more, these
graduates in these areas.                                                                                                                                establishments offer various incentives to BICC
             But have you heard about Bosconians in the                                                                                                  members!
food and restaurant industry?                                                                                                                                         So, the next time you are asked where to find
             That’s right. There are now several Bosconian                               Just what is it about the food and restaurant                   successful Bosconians? You can do the usual and point
graduates who have chosen to make their mark in this                         industry that some Bosconians find attractive enough to                     them to the engineering and technical industries, the
relatively unknown field – that is, unknown to most                          venture into it? Well, apparently a lot. Aside from the obvious             government or military, the entertainment or medical
technically-inclined Bosconians. What do establishments                      objective to make a profit, the food and restaurant industry                fields…. or you can point them to Café Lupe, Shakeys,
like Café Lupe, International Family Food Services (which                    offers many opportunities to learn about an almost foreign                  or Aruba and proudly say, “There are successful
operates Shakey’s), Gelato Eliseo (supplier of authentic                     industry to Bosconians, as well as provide an avenue to                     Bosconians behind those establishments!” – Dominic
Italian ice cream), Aruba Bar & Restaurant, Krommp                           widen business horizons.                                                    Mendoza, DBTC HS Batch 1986

                                                BEN EFITS, DISC OU NTS AN D PRIVILEGES

                NAME OF COMPANY                        NAME OF MEMBER                        PRIVILEGE                        PRODUCTS/SERVICES

   JME FOOD P RODUCTS CORP .                        Joel Lee                   15% dis count on gelato pres entations Gelato ic e cream and cakes
   7 Lourdes Cas tillo St., Bgy. Don Manuel                                    10% dis count on monoporzione
   Quez on City                                                                (ready to serve items )
                                                                                           (Pic k-up basis )

   KROMM P FOOD INDUSTRIES                          Alfredo Mic hael Punay     10% on process ed produc ts                Food products
   #2 Badminton St., St. Franc is Village
   Cainta, Riz al

   BALITE BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP.              Ramon A . Balite           35% dis count for home and                 Aircon maintenance & repair.
   BB DC Bldg., 26-A , 20th A venue                                            offic e airc on c leaning and
   Cubao, Quez on Cit                                                          repair.

   ALEX CRISTOBAL FAS HION HOUSE                    Alex Cristobal             10% dis count on made-to-order             Dres s and fas hion hous e.
   17 Guy abano St., Quirino 2B                                                c lothes , formal and c as ual wear.
   Proec t 2, Quezon City                                                      (Gowns, barong tagalog, suits ,
                                                                               pants and other apparels .)

   ARUBA BAR AND RESTAURANT                         Dominic Mendoza            10% dis count on food and drinks           Bar and restaurant
   Metrowalk Complex , Ortigas Center, Pasig City

   SHAKEY'S                                         Vic ente Gregorio          10% dic ount in s elec ted                 Piz za and pasta.
                                                                               S hakey's outlet

   DON BOSCO FITNES S CENTER                        Charlemagne Guinto         S pecial dis counted rate                  Body fitnes s center
   Mandaluy ong City

   KS T AUTO AIRCON CENTER                          Patrick Ilada              10% dis count on parts                     Car parts and servic es
   6-F Cardiz St., Banawe, Q.C.

   AV CP TRADING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL              Arman C. P es cas io       5% dis c ount on sale                      LCD projectors and office
   413 F. Ortigas St., Mandaluy ong City                                       25% dis count on rental                    automation produc ts

   CAFÉ LUP E                                       Alvin M. Carranz a         10% dis count on food and drinks           Bar and restaurant
   Guadalupe, Mak ati City

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Statistics indicate that as a result of overwork, modern executives are dropping like flies on the nation’s golf courses. (Ira Wallach) The definition of a consultant: Someone who borrows your watch, tells you the time and
then charges you for the privilege. (Times Newspaper) In the business world, an executive knows something about everything, a technician knows everything about something, and the switchboard operator knows everything.
(Harold Coffin)

Travel, Tourism and Transportation Sector

                                                          A place for all seasons!
An hour’s drive from Makati is a resort that is a repository                Doña Jovita Garden Resort is nestled in a       trips can easily be accommodated. Sports facilities
of exotic trees and plants not commonly seen together in one    2.5- hectare property at the foot of Mt. Makiling located   include billiards, table tennis, fishing, tug of war, mahjong,
place.                                                          at Km. 57 of the Calamba National Highway. Look for         chess, darts, pony rides, volleyball, a half court and
                Kamuning and Kamias are streets bisected by     the giant fountain jar (banga) as your landmark. It is an   soon, a full-sized basketball court.
EDSA, but did you know that one is a                                                                                                                   Doña Jovita Garden Resort
flowering bush and the other a tree whose fruit                                                                                           provides portable grills for barbecuing, although
was used for the sour flavoring of sinigang                                                                                               most guests would rather enjoy dining at Tita
until Knorr, Maggi and Mama Sita came along.                                                                                              Lettie’s Pilipino Restaurant, which offers all-
                And did you know that the mabolo                                                                                          time native favorites such as bulalo, kare-
is an exotic tropical fruit whose tree is the                                                                                             kare, crispy pata, lechon kawali and laing.
source of the famous black hard wood known                                                                                                Among the seafood dishes, tilapia sa gata is
as kamagong.                                                                                                                              the leading followed by the crispy fried hito
                In the United States cotton used                                                                                          and kilawing tanigue.
for filling pillows is harvested from a bush, but                                                                                                      Right next door to Doña Jovita’s
in the Philippines it comes from a giant tree                                                                                             tropical garden is its Mediterranean Garden.
known as kapok.                                                                                                                           With just a short walk, the tropical garden
                And for coffee lovers, have you                                                                                           atmosphere transforms into a manicured
seen how a coffee tree looks like? If you pass                                                                                            garden setting, interspersed with palm trees
Silang going to Tagaytay, you probably have,                                                                                              and flowering plants. The formality yet homey
without knowing it. But have you seen a                                                                                                   ambiance of Doña Jovita’s Mediterranean
chocolate tree? Chocolate, like coffee, is                                                                                                Garden has made it the venue of choice for
extracted from ground roasted seeds of its                                                                                                weddings, debuts, and even corporate
fruit and grows in bean-size clusters.                                                                                                    functions such as team building and
Chocolate seeds, on the other hand, grow                                                                                                  management planning sessions.
inside a pod of the cacao fruit. It is edible and                                                                                                      Doña Jovita Garden Resort is
is eaten like you would a santol seed.                          ideal take-off point for the short hikes to Mt. Makiling    a must-see place which cannot be imagined fully in a
                These and more exotic familiar tropical fruit   where one can enjoy a breathtaking view of Laguna           feature article. If you want to commune with nature and
trees, such as durian, duhat, avocado, bignay, chico,           Lake.                                                       listen to birds chirping, Monday to Thursday would be
siniguelas, kasoy (cashew), sampaloc, santol, kaimito,                      Doña Jovita Garden Resort has one giant         best. But if you enjoy the sounds of people having fun
guyabano, anonas, mango, papaya, banana, and the ever           pool, four medium-sized pools and two kiddie pools,         and enjoying themselves, go on a weekend. Don’t
present towering coconut trees, are labeled with their          one of which has a playground with cartoon mascots.         forget to ask the front desk about getting you the famous
scientific and local common names. These give the place a       All pools can be reserved for exclusive family use or       original buco pie when you check-in. This way you
botanical garden atmosphere rather than a resort, where         functions for bigger groups.                                avoid having to line up at the buco pie store.
it not for the swimming pools, native cottages, cozy                        The cottages vary in size, and can                            Visit Doña Jovita Garden Resort’s
huts, and tree houses magnificently landscaped with             accommodate 8 to 20 persons for overnight or daytime.       website at www.donajovitagardenresort.coms.ph
ornamental and flowering plants.                                Day tour groups of 1,000 guests such as school field        or call (02) 807-0245 / 842-2057 or (049) 545-3740 /
                                                       We hit it !                                                                CONGRATUL ATIONS
    The BICC started operations in August last year with nothing but a staff and a computer in a small
                                                                                                                               BICC congratulates Lea V. Lumanang for pass-
    office extended to us by DBMAA. We moved on, despite the odds, with only one mission: to get the
                                                                                                                               ing the recent Board Examinations for Chemical
    critical mass of Bosconian professionals and businessmen to join the organization. In less than ten
                                                                                                                               Engineers. Lea is a member and an alumna of
    months, we hit the 300 mark, and will still continue counting.
                                                                                                                               Don Bosco School Manila.

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