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                                        Umbrella of

                                       Spring            2009
Current     News        For      Friends            of    Keiro         Senior          HealthCare
                                      Circulation        28,000


        To read about the 50th wedding anniversary of resident Alice Otsuka, sitting with her husband Paul Otsuka,
                                                                                                  please see page 3.

Youth Volunteers                                                                                “I enjoy
                                                                                       spending time with
                       “After everything                                                seniors. Hopefully
                      they've done for us                                               everyone in Keiro
                                                                                              is happy.”
                     and given us, I think
                                                                                               – Volunteer
                     we need to give them                                                  Mariko Rooks, who
                        something too.”                                                    donated Girl Scout
                          – Elise Takahama,                                              Cookies, pictured with
                                                                                         resident Paul Fujimoto
                            JAO fundraiser

                                                               For more on youth volunteers, please see page 11.

                              Umbrella of Care      1    Spring 2009                   
                                                      Keiro’s Living Treasures:
                                                      Residents and Living Culture
                                                      Since 1961, Keiro Senior HealthCare’s Living Treasures – its founders,
                                                      volunteers, residents, staff, and Keiro itself – have served as a proud
                                                      testimony of our community banding together to enhance the quality of life
                                                      for our seniors. This year, Keiro highlights our residents who represent
                                                      living culture. Their unique stories and their lives are a testament to the
Shawn Miyake, president & CEO with resident           strength, values, and character of our community.
Obi Kiyama.

Moving Forward                                          A Special Touch
By Shawn Miyake, President & CEO                                                               Every Wednesday, residents at Keiro
                                                                                               Retirement Home can participate in
  The main conversational topic today is                                                       making ceramics, led by volunteer
the financial collapse and its impact on                                                       Kiyoe Suzuki. Enjoying a creative
just about everything we know in life.                                                         outlet for expression as well as
Many people have asked me recently how                                                         therapeutic exercise for their mind
the financial situation is affecting Keiro.                                                    and hands, residents add their own
  To answer that question, let me first say                                                    personal touch (literally!) to each
that despite the financial meltdown,                                                           piece of artwork, including the
people continue to age and need Keiro.                                                         centerpieces they are making for
As in the recent past, we have been                     Resident Mineko Hashimoto.
                                                                                               Keiro’s upcoming benefit dinner on
admitting record numbers of seniors in                                                         June 20.
our community to our facilities and have
been outreaching with education and                     “I really enjoy making ceramics,” said Mineko Hashimoto, 93. “It’s so
referrals to senior care services more                  relaxing that I don’t think about anything else while I’m doing it!”
than ever before. Everything we know

                                                        The Flag Man
tells us that this need will continue into
the foreseeable future.
  While Keiro maintains a very
conservative investment policy which has
minimized our exposure to the market                    “I usually arrive at the front gate
meltdown, what affects us quite                         at five-fifteen in the morning. The
dramatically is the instability of our State            guard gives me a quick update on
reimbursed Medi-Cal funding, which the                  any problems on the campus and
majority of our residents rely upon to                  my next action is to look at the
pay for the services they receive. The                  flag pole. This may seem strange
projection of falling tax revenue has                   to many but I learn one or two
created an environment of uncertainty                   things from this action. If the flag
regarding health care for seniors. One                  is flying I know Mr. Takamine is
day the State announces cuts to                         up and the day is starting out
Medi-Cal; the next day headlines                        normally.
announce that a court has blocked the
cuts. The effect is a reduction and                     Roughly five and a half years ago,
slowdown in payment, as we experienced                  we finished the recreation hall
last year when the State withheld about
                                                        and the last thing to finish was
$1 million each month to Keiro due to a
budget impass that lasted three months.                 the installation of the flag pole.
Funds we expected to receive last August                After the installation of the pole I
were not re-paid until this past March.                 had Mr. Oishi come out to see
While we anticipate similar government                  how it looked. He had brought a           Resident Toshiyuki Takamine with
budgeting issues in the future, it is our               flag with him and Mr. Takamine            Bill Craig, environmental
goal to provide uninterrupted services to               was standing there with us. Tak           services manager.
the 642 seniors in our facilities and                   asked Mr. Takamine if he would
others living in the community. We are                  like to raise the flag and he did.        floor monitors, and many other
taking steps to control what we can by                  This became a ritual for him that         tasks that make our lives just a
being financially responsible, reducing or              continues to this day.                    little bit more enjoyable here
controlling costs, and conserving                                                                 at Keiro.”
precious resources like water.                          It is one of the many things we
  What has not changed is our                           observe every day but take for            “So the next time you look at the
commitment to our residents and                         granted. Many of our residents            flag, remember, Mr. Takamine
families who have placed their trust in                 and volunteers do the little things       made the effort to get up early
us. We have been utilizing this time to                 that help us all, folding                 and the day is starting out
plan for our future, prepare new                        newspapers for recycling,                 normal.”
evidence-based wellness program                         decorating the buildings with                   — Bill Craig, Environmental
                                                        flower arrangements, acting as                             Services Manager
                   Please see President, page 4
                                                  Umbrella of Care   2     Spring 2009
Love Never Grows Old
Alice Otsuka, Resident, Celebrates her 50th Wedding Anniversary
In honor of their 50th anniversary,                                             of the entertainment.
Paul Otsuka, devoted husband to
resident Alice Otsuka, wanted to host a                                         “We are celebrating a very special day
celebration at South Bay Keiro Nursing                                          today,” said Howard Hiyoshida.
Home. Married on April 25, 1959,                                                “Thank you for trusting us and putting
Mr. Otsuka knew the moment he met                                               your faith in us to take care of not only
Mrs. Otsuka that she would be the one                                           Alice but also her mother.”
he would marry. After 50 years,                                                 Jerene Tussey, a family friend and
Mr. Otsuka bears no regrets. “If you                                            caregiver who helped plan the event
look at the photo of us coming                                                        with Mr. Otsuka, gave a speech
out of the wedding ceremony, my                                                       commemorating their
face says, ‘What am I getting into?’                                                  marriage. “We’re so happy with
but it worked out quite nicely,”                                                      the care she is given here,” said
said Mr. Otsuka, who drives from                                                      Ms. Tussey, following the party.
Rancho Palos Verdes to see his                                                        “She likes it here and because
wife every chance he gets. “It was a                                                  Alice is happy, Paul’s relaxed
wonderful marriage, and the key                                                       and content.”
to a happy, long marriage is to give
in to her half the time.”                                                              “There was never really a decision
                                                                                       to go to another facility because
The anniversary party was                                                              Alice’s mother was here,” said
Mr. Otsuka’s way of giving to his                                                      Mr. Otsuka, whose mother-in-law
wife, who could only vaguely                                                           lived to the age of 100 at South
remember him and other family                                                          Bay Keiro Nursing Home. “Her
members at the party due to her        Paul and Alice Otsuka, then and now. Pictured
                                                                                       mother received great care here
Alzheimer’s disease. Although she with their children David, Julie and Mike Otsuka. and so is Alice now.”
could not always remember the
past 50 years, she could still enjoy the present, so that        “Thank you for taking good care of my mom and
was the plan. Surrounded by their children, Mike,                oba-chan,” said Julie Otsuka in her speech. “She seems
Julie, and David Otsuka, who flew in from London,                calm and well-rested.”
New York, and San Francisco, respectively, Mr. and
Mrs. Otsuka celebrated their marriage with family,               After the celebration, Mrs. Otsuka smiled and said
friends, and staff members at Keiro.                             good-bye to her guests. Mr. Otsuka, too, smiled,
Howard Hiyoshida, administrator of South Bay Keiro               thinking about the promise he made to his wife
Nursing Home, sang songs for the happy couple as part 50 years ago. It was a moment worth celebrating.

       “Thank you for                                                                         “We’re so happy
                                    Alice Otsuka looks at her old wedding photo with
  taking care of my mom             Paul and Juana Montoya, CNA.
                                                                                           with the care that she is
      and oba-chan!”                                                                             given here!”
    — Julie Otsuka, daughter                                                               — Jerene Tussey, family friend

                                    S av e t h e D at e !
                                        September 26, 2009
                       Homecoming: An Open House
                          for Our Community
     Join us as we continue celebrating residents and living culture at Keiro’s Los Angeles Campus!

                                        Umbrella of Care    3     Spring 2009                 
President, continued
offerings in the community, and make              On a Permanent Vacation
progress in our person-centered approach
in everything we do. Over the past year
                                                  Resident Henry Yamauchi Talks about Life at
we have been renovating all of our                Keiro Intermediate Care Facility
facilities to create more home-like
environments. We feel, and the evidence                                              Henry Yamauchi, who turns 80 this year,
proves, that people heal better and are                                              has been celebrating his retirement to its
more satisfied when living in such places.                                           full extent at Keiro Intermediate Care
We have been placing more focus on                                                   Facility. Born and raised in Hawaii,
how we present and provide our meals as                                              Mr. Yamauchi carries with him a “come
mealtime is a central life experience in                                             what may” attitude. Always seemingly
our facilities. Offering more choices and                                            relaxed and content, Mr. Yamauchi can be
presenting food in more exciting ways is                                             seen jauntily strolling around Keiro’s
a small but important goal.                                                          Los Angeles campus. “Keiro is a magical
 We thank our partners and supporters
                                                                                     resort and is paradise for me,” said
who have been very faithful to us during
these challenging times. Many are                                                    Mr. Yamauchi. “I don’t have a care in
mentioned in this newsletter and we                                                  the world.”
could not do all that we are doing
without everyone’s help. These                                                       Although he has lived in other facilities,
experiences remind us of the importance                                              Mr. Yamauchi has found the comforts of
of our community and the solidarity that                                             home at Keiro. “Everyday I’m still in
remains. As with all cycles of life, things                                           amazement,” said Mr. Yamauchi. “I’m so
will change and improve. As always, we                 “Keiro is a magical            lucky to be here and can only say great
thank you for your continuing interest               resort and is paradise           things about this place.” Not having to go
and support.                                        for me...I don’t have a           shopping, do the laundry, or do any other
                                                       care in the world!”            household chores, Mr. Yamauchi now
       Japanese Translation Below                    — Resident Henry Yamauchi        spends his time leisurely participating in
                                                           with Beverly Ito,          the many activities available to him,
                                                        Keiro administration          including a writing workshop led by
                                                                                      award-winning author Naomi Hirahara.
   進する 老シニアヘルスケア
                                                                                     “When people retire, some people become
                                                  depressed, but here it’s different,” said Mr. Yamauchi. “There’s no time to be

                                                  depressed, because there’s always something to do every hour.”
  長 最                 者

                                                  While Mr. Yamauchi enjoys Keiro’s cleanliness and structure, what he really
 頃の   で   を  にすることが

                                                  appreciates is the people around him who make Keiro “home.”
 くなり、その  は たちの  全 に

                                                  “The staff and volunteers are so dedicated,” said Mr. Yamauchi. “I’m very
大きく わっていると えるでしょう。最

                                                  happy here!”
 、この    がどう 老に  してい
るか、という  を ける が くなって

それに し、 は「   が   したとして                             への 月 100 ドルのメディ・キャル                        にも られるように、そのような
も、 は を り け、 老の 要性は変                               の 還が し えられるという     を                      境の に らすことで、 々はもっと
化することはありません。」と えます。                                けました。このメディ・キャル                           もっと癒され、   できるのだと
最 、 老に入所する    コミュニティー                             の 還は昨 8月に    されていまし                       しています。   の時間は 老の
の   者の数は  最 となっています。                              たが、この3月まで    の 払いが                        において   の  であり、 たちは
  老は、教 を してコミュニティーに                               長されていました。                                 どんな  をどのように   すればよ
を し べ、 に、 共 祉教    び                                                                         いのか、ということにより焦 をおい
者   サービスについての照 をこれまで                               来、   の  の       に 面す                     て考えています。もっと   のチョイ
   に っています。このような から、                              ることが考えられる     で、 たちの                      スを増やし、もっと しく   をして
この なサービスがこれからも 要とされ                               ゴールは 老の    者642 とコミュニ                     いただける 境を   することは、
ていくことが   されます。                                    ティーに む の    者たちに     し                    さなことかもしれませんが、 要なゴ
                                                  たサービスを   することです。 老                        ールであります。
 老では   に堅 な投   を ってお                              では 用面を   し、 用を      ・抑
り、     のリスクは最 限に抑えられ                              制、さらに   など    な   を                        たちは、この極めて   な時 に
いるものの、   メディ・キャル   の                              して、できる限りのコスト 理を進め                         老を   して  してくださるパート
還が    なために、 たち 老の    に                            ています。                                     ナーやサポーターの皆 に   してお
劇的な   を えています。 老の    者                                                                      ります。 くの 々のお   はこのニ
の大 分は入   用(サービス 用料)を                               たちを   してくださっている                          ュースレターに   されております
メディ・キャルで っているのです。                                 者と   の皆さんに する、 老の                         が、皆 の   えなしでは全てを成し
の ち みが   されることにより、                                 的な奉 は変わることがありませ                          遂げることはできません。 たちのコ
者のヘルスケアが     な  になりつつ                             ん。 たちは、 在、コミュニティー                         ミュニティの 要性と   が 然とし
あります。                                             に向けてリサーチに づいた健 プロ                         て 要であることを、こうした    か
                                                  グラムを 備し、 たちのすべてのサ                         ら び び るのです。   のサイク
 がメディ・キャルの  を 表した                                 ービスにおいて、     の   を大                       ルと   に、物 は変化し、そして改
 、ニュースの  しは、 判所が   を                              切にするケアを 進していく に、                          善されます。それでも 変わらず、
 し めたと えました。これは、メディ                               来的な   を っています。この                          たちは、皆 の えることのない 老
カルの  と 払い遅 という   をもた                              間は、もっと   的な    を じて                       へのご   とサポートにお を申し
らし、これによって 老も、昨 、                                  いただけるよう、 老   の改 も進                        げます。
の破 危 により3ヶ月間にわたり、 老                               めてきました。

                                              Umbrella of Care   4     Spring 2009
 Keiro Intermediate Care Facility —
 A Vital Link in the “Continuum of Care”
    Keiro Senior HealthCare has been often                       privately in an
 described as a “continuum of care.” According to                assisted living
 Webster’s dictionary, a continuum is a “sequence of             facility outside
 things that is the same throughout.” We view our                of Keiro. While
 continuum as a series of services from wellness                 KICF accepts
 education in the community (for seniors and                     Medi-Cal
 caregivers living at home) through the Institute for            funding as
 Healthy Aging at Keiro to our facilities, including             payment, it does
 independent and assisted living in Keiro Retirement             not mean that
 Home, intermittent nursing care at Keiro                        such payment
 Intermediate Care Facility and skilled nursing and              covers the cost
 rehabilitative services at Keiro Nursing Home and               of care. A large
 South Bay Keiro Nursing Home. Even though each                  part of that care
 type of service is provided in a different place, the           is offset by
 same philosophy is applied to all who benefit from              donations from
 the service. That philosophy can be articulated as:             the community.
 Keiro respects each person and promotes a                          Despite the
 self-determined approach to successful aging. In                inadequate
 other words, Keiro supports and encourages seniors              funding, we
 to take personal responsibility for their health,               have gladly
 offering education, services, and choices to engage             provided care
 them in their healing or aging process.                         through KICF        Keiro Intermediate Care Facility.
    Keiro Intermediate Care Facility (KICF) is the               for over thirty
 linchpin in our continuum of care. Keiro has                    years as an important service and community
 maintained this facility to provide vital assisted living       resource - as a safety net- for families who could not
 services to residents unable to stay in independent             afford the burden of private-pay assisted living. We
 living facilities like Keiro Retirement Home and yet            anticipate a time in the future when assisted living in
 who do not need the more complex care provided in               Keiro Retirement Home will be covered by Medi-Cal
 a nursing home. The importance of KICF is                       funding but until that becomes a reality, we will
 underscored by the fact that residents are allowed to           continue to provide such services through Keiro
 access Medi-Cal funding for its services. This                  Intermediate Care Facility - a vital link in our
 provides financial relief for many families in our              continuum of care.
 community who would otherwise be forced to pay

Donations at Work
Renovations Help Improve Resident Safety and Comfort Throughout Keiro
Thanks to the generosity of our community, Keiro has been able to complete much-needed renovations at its
care facilities, making improvements to enhance residents’ safety and comfort. Here are snapshots of recently
completed renovations throughout Keiro:
                                   South Bay Keiro Nursing           Keiro Intermediate
                                   Home installed wireless         Care Facility installed
                                   internet so residents and             new curtains in
                                   their families can access        resident rooms and
                                   the internet from their                living areas to
                                   laptop computers. Made                     brighten up
                                   possible by Visions for                     the areas.
                                   Keiro, wireless internet is
                                   also available on Keiro’s
                                   Los Angeles Campus and
                                   at Keiro Nursing Home.

                                                                                                     Keiro Retirement
                                                                                                     Home recently fixed
                                                                                                     the roof of the
Keiro Nursing Home is                                                                                Building, where
      in the process of                                                                              residents hold
 remodeling the third                                                                                meetings and eat
 floor nursing station.                                                                              their meals.

                                       Umbrella of Care      5     Spring 2009                 
Having It “Their Way”
New Dining Programs Provide Residents With More Choices and Better Nutrition
Emphasizing individualized care and an enhanced quality of life for residents, Keiro has partnered with Sodexo
Senior Services to roll out several new programs to improve the dining experience for residents at Keiro Nursing
Home, Keiro Intermediate Care Facility, and Keiro Retirement Home. A team of Keiro administrators, residents,
nutritionists, kitchen managers, and other care-related staff all work together to ensure that the residents’ dining
experience is pleasant and the menu is nutritious.
 “Constant communication with the residents and the food committee also helps ensure that the food is
culturally-sensitive,” says Donald Ranasinghe, general manager of Sodexo.

Below are several new dining programs that Keiro has implemented to enhance residents’ dining experiences:

   Contemporary Cuisine
 At Keiro Nursing Home, pureed foods become an art form through
 the Contemporary Cuisine program. Here, residents on a
 modified texture diet enjoy pureed recipes sculpted to resemble
 their original form, making the foods more appetizing and even
 fun to eat. “The residents in this program seem to be eating more
 of their food now,” says Johana Pena, operations manager.

 “I like that Keiro provides Japanese
 food but I also enjoy spaghetti,” says
 resident Mitsuko Nakamura.
 “It looks just like spaghetti!”                                                  “We puree the food and
                                                                              form it so that it looks similar to
                                                                              what it is. The residents seem to
          Shaping pureed food to look more
              like spaghetti and cauliflower                                       be eating more of their
                make it more appetizing for                                                food now!”
                 residents on a pureed diet.                                  — Johana Pena, operations manager, with
                                                                                    resident Mitsuko Nakamura

  Chef Stage
  Several months ago, Keiro Retirement Home resident Ray Goto was
  asked what one thing he would want to change about Keiro.
   “Sunny-side up eggs or eggs over-easy,” he replied wistfully. “That’s one
  thing I would really enjoy.”
     Several weeks ago, Mr. Goto’s wish for variety was fulfilled through
  Chef Stage, an exhibition cooking program that enhances the dining
  experience for retirement home residents. Open for both breakfast and
  lunch, it offers different menu choices with enticing aromas of fresh
  foods and the opportunity to communicate preferences directly to the
  chef. While omelets are the standard breakfast fare, residents like
  Mr. Goto can also enjoy eggs prepared the way they like (as long as they           “Sunny-side up eggs or
  are cooked to the temperature specified by health care facility                     eggs over-easy - that’s
  regulations), as well as made-to-order lunches in addition to the                   the one thing I would
  existing daily menu and options.                                                        really enjoy!”
                                                                Chef Stage               — Resident Ray Goto
                                                              has also been
                                                              adapted to
                                                              include cooking demonstrations for residents at
                                                              Keiro Intermediate Care Facility. During a recent
                                                              Coffee Social activity, Executive Chef Steven Huynh
                                                              whipped up a batch of crepes for residents to enjoy.
                                                              “The crepes are really delicious,” said resident
   Resident Kazuko Tate                                       Kiyono Shigetomi.
   with Executive Chef        Resident Kiyono Shigetomi
   Steven Huynh.              enjoys a crepe.

More exciting dining programs are on the horizon!

                                       Umbrella of Care   6     Spring 2009
                          Join us for a memorable evening celebrating
                      Keiro’s Living Treasures: Residents and Living Culture
                                                               Saturday, June 20, 2009
                                          California Science Center - Wallis Annenberg Building
                                                             Exposition Park
                                                             700 State Drive
                                                         Los Angeles, CA 90037
                         For information regarding sponsorship opportunities or tickets, please contact
                            Christina Tatsugawa at (323) 980-7583 or email

                    Since 1961, Keiro Senior HealthCare’s Living Treasures –its founders, volunteers, residents, staff, and
                    Keiro itself – have served as a proud testimony of our community banding together to enhance the
                    quality of life for our seniors.

Win the all-new 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid
Generously donated by

$25 per ticket or
5 for $100

   To Benefit Keiro Senior HealthCare’s Endowment Fund.                                                           Actual vehicle may differ from photo.

                                                     Please cut off and return in envelope between pages 12-13.

 I/We would like an opportunity to win the 2010 Honda Insight
 I wish to purchase:                                                                   Payment Information:

    25 tickets ($500)               5 tickets ($100)                                       Cash

    15 tickets ($300)               1 ticket ($25)                                         Enclosed is my check payable to Keiro Senior HealthCare
                                                                                              (325 S. Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033)
    10 tickets ($200)               Other: _________
                                                                                           Please charge my:          Visa     Mastercard
     Ticket stubs will be sent to you upon receipt of funds.
                                                                                                                      American Express       Discover
  Name:________________________________________                                        Credit Card No:________________________________
  Address:________________________________________                                     Expiration Date:__________
            ________________________________________                                   Signature: _____________________________________
  E-mail address:__________________________________
                                                                                          To be drawn at the dinner on June 20, 2009.
  Phone:_________________________________________                                                                Winner need not be present to win.
               Welcome New Matter of Balance
               By Kanako Kusano, Director of The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro

In March, thirteen Keiro staff and volunteers                    community center, church, or temple, please contact
successfully completed a two-day training session                Kanako Kusano at (323) 980-2353 or
provided by Partners in Care Foundation, Kaiser                  e-mail
Permanente, and The Institute for Healthy Aging at
Keiro, becoming Keiro’s first Matter of Balance (MOB)
coaches ready to lead the course in our community!

MOB is an evidence-based program developed at
Boston University to help individuals address the
physical and psychological barriers that prevent them
from maintaining a healthy level of activity as they age.
In a small, lively interactive class setting, MOB will
address fears associated with falling and teach
participants practical ways to prevent falls. It will also
provide exercises to improve balance, strength
and flexibility.                                                 Matter of Balance coaches training. In the back row from left
                                                                 are Yukiko Mimemura, Linda Hayashi, Cindy Matsuda,
The MOB course meets two hours per week for eight                Midori Aoki, Barbara Phipher of Kaiser Permanente, and
                                                                 Rumi Nakatani. In the front row are Muriel Guzzi of Kaiser
consecutive weeks. If you would like our trained and             Permanente, Kristie Patton of Partners in Care Foundation,
friendly coaches to lead the course at your                      and Kanako Kusano, director of IHA.

 Become a Coach and Help Lead People Towards
 Healthier Living!
According to the National Institute on Aging, about              with their families, doctors, and friends; set goals and
80% of older adults have at least one chronic health             problem solve to make positive changes; eat better and
condition, and 50% have two or more such                         stick to a healthy diet; and better manage their health
conditions. Living with such health concerns can be              problem to lessen its impact on their life.
very difficult and may cause physical, social, and
emotional challenges in daily life.                              The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro is looking for
                                                                 volunteers to lead HL classes in our community. You
Healthier Living (HL) is an evidence-based program               may become a coach after completing four days of
developed at Stanford University and is designed to              training sessions to be scheduled in fall. If you are
empower people with such conditions by teaching                  interested in becoming a HL coach, please contact
them how to cope with “the blues” or frustration;                Kanako Kusano at (323) 980-2353, or e-mail to
reduce fatigue, anxiety, and pain; communicate better  

 Getting Your Affairs in Order
 IHA Offers Seminars and Resources on Preparing Documents and Records
On April 18, The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro sponsored a
presentation by Iku Kiriyama called “Death is a Sure Thing: Are You
Prepared? Part I.” The Activity Center Auditorium was filled to
capacity as over 100 people gathered to learn about building an
“active” document box now for the benefit of surviving family
members following the passing of a loved one. Speaker Iku Kiriyama of
the Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California
shared tips from her own experiences, including suggestions on how to
tackle certain documents to avoid problems and ensure that surviving
family members have all the information they need during that
difficult time.

For additional resources on getting your affairs in order,
please visit

                                       Umbrella of Care      8      Spring 2009
 Workshop for Japanese-Speaking Caregivers
             を す                  者のためのワークショップ
On Saturday, June 27, 2009, The Institute for Healthy                              Japanese Translation
Aging at Keiro and Partners in Care Foundation will
present a workshop for Japanese-speaking caregivers, to
                                                              2009 6月27 ( )、 老ヘルシーエイジ

be held on Keiro’s Los Angeles Campus at
                                                              ング研         と        パートナーズ・イン・ケア

325 S. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles 90033. Made possible
                                                              により、          を す      者のためのワークショッ

by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, the conference
                                                              プが、 老ロサンジェルスキャンパス、325 S.

will include a health and wellness resource fair, an
                                                              Boyle Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90033で    され

educational presentation for caregivers, lively
                                                              ます。このコンファレンスはロサンジェルス から

entertainment and a healthy lunch. The health and
                                                              の 成 によって           され、健 チェックとリソー

wellness resource fair will provide free screenings for
                                                              スフェア、         者のための教 プログラム、エンタ

blood glucose, blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more.
                                                              ーテインメント、そしてヘルシーな                  が    され

Kanako Kusano, director of IHA, will give an
                                                              ます。健 チェックとリソースフェアでは、血

educational presentation on caregiving. Come and
                                                              値、血圧、         しょう などの          が無料で なわ

join other caregivers in a comfortable and festive
                                                              れます。 老ヘルシーエイジング研                    ディレク

atmosphere! The program, which will be conducted in
                                                              ター、草        奈 による        者のための教 プログ

Japanese, will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
                                                              ラムも       されています。          このコンファレンス

Everyone is welcome.
                                                              であなたと じような境遇の                者たちと り合っ

To RSVP, please call Kanako Kusano at
                                                              てみませんか?プログラムは午 8時 から午 1

(323) 980-2353 or e-mail
                                                              時 まで、           で なわれます。どなたでも
                                                              できます。             は草     奈 まで、
                                                              Kkusano@keiro.orgまで       でどうぞ。

“Caring for the Caregiver” Conference to be Held at Southeast
Japanese School and Community Center on August 15
On Saturday, August 15, 2009, The Institute for               determined); and 3) “Medicare and Medi-Cal” by
Healthy Aging at Keiro (IHA) and Southeast Japanese           Janet Morris of Bet Tzedek – The House of Justice.
School and Community Center (SEJSCC) will present             Following the presentations, lunch will be provided by
this year’s second “Caring for the Caregiver”                 IHA, and attendees will have the opportunity to visit
Conference at SEJSCC, 14615 S. Gridley Rd.,                   with local agencies in the senior health care field. Free
Norwalk, CA 90650. The conference was well-received           consultations with an attorney or pharmacist will be
by the community last summer, so SEJSCC decided to            arranged by appointment as well. For more
provide it again with different topics. This year’s           information, please contact Judy Shiroma, program
presentations will include: 1) “In-Home Care Options”         coordinator of IHA at (323) 980-2352 or e-mail
by Dianne Kujubu Belli of Keiro Senior HealthCare;  
2) “Legal Aspects of Caregiving” (speaker to be

 We Want to Hear From You!
As part of our planning process, Keiro is interested in       3. Keiro is currently planning for the future. If you
hearing about YOUR experiences and concerns about                were planning on moving into a retirement facility,
aging. Please take a moment to fill out the survey so            where would be the most desirable place to live?
we can understand your needs and address them in                 Circle all that apply.
the future.                                                           a. West L.A.
1. What types of aging issues/concerns are you                        b. South Bay
   dealing with the most right now? Circle all that                   c. East L.A.
   apply.                                                             d. Ventura
        a. Diabetes                                                   e. Little Tokyo/Downtown
        b. Falls                                                      f. Orange County
        c. Chronic illness                                            g. Other: ___________________
        d. Memory                                             Contact information (optional):
        e. Caring for a loved one/parent
        f. Other: __________________                          Name:_____________________________ _________
2. How have the recent events of the past year                Address:____________________________________
   affected your future plans in regards to retiring?         E-mail:_____________________________________
        a. No change – I will retire the same time            Phone: _____________________________________
           I anticipated                                      Please return your completed survey to
        b. I will retire later than anticipated               Keiro Senior HealthCare, Attn: Communications,
        c. I will retire earlier than anticipated             325 S. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90033. You may
        d. I am already retired                               also take this survey online at
                                      Umbrella of Care    9      Spring 2009                
 Healthy Aging Education Programs
 Available to the Community!
  The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro offers several evidence-based programs to help you maintain wellness.
                The following programs are available at your community center, church, or temple:

             • Memory Kai – Memory Enhancement Program – 5 week program, $50 registration
           • Matter of Balance – gain confidence by learning how to prevent falls – 8 week program,
                     free registration through funding from Partners in Care Foundation
      • Savvy Caregiver – 6 week program, free registration through funding from Alzheimer’s Association

     To schedule these programs, please contact Kanako Kusano at (323) 980-2353 or

 Posit Science® Brain Fitness Program Available for
 Home Use
“The program activated my mind and helped my memory!”
– resident Fujio Matsui
Based in San Francisco and funded by both national research grants and private
venture capital, Posit Science® grew out of the pioneering work of renowned
neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich, a member of the National Academy of
Sciences and Francis A. Sooy, Professor of the Keck Center at the University of
California at San Francisco. Developed by a team of more than 50 scientists from leading
universities around the world, the computer-based Brain Fitness Program is designed to
speed up auditory processing, improve working memory, and encourage the brain to         Resident Fujio Matsui.
produce more of the chemicals that help it remember.
• Easy-to-use, even for computer novices
• Continually adapts to individual performance, so that you’re always training at the right level for you
• Fits your lifestyle—regular use can range from 15 minutes to one hour or as much time as you like

You may purchase the Brain Fitness Program software through The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro at a
10% discount, for use in the privacy of your own home. Please call (323) 980-2353 orvisit
for more information.

 A Brain Puzzle for Mental Stimulation
There are many games and puzzles to help keep your brain healthy and active.
In Sudoku, the object is to insert numbers into boxes to satisfy only one                 The Institute for Healthy
condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9                    Aging at Keiro
exactly once. Here is one for you to try:                                                     Editorial Board

Please visit for a daily puzzle and the answer to                  Dior Hildebrand, RN, PHN
this Sudoku!                                                                              Chief of Policy & Outreach for the
                                                                                         Office of Senior Health, L.A. County
                                                                                                Dept. of Public Health

                                                                                                Claire Koga, MD
                                                                                               Past Medical Director at
                                                                                              Keiro Nursing Home and
                                                                                           Keiro Intermediate Care Facility

                                                                                           Tony Kuo, MD, MSHS
                                                                                        Director of the Office of Senior Health,
                                                                                         L.A. County Dept. of Public Health

                                                                                          Takeshi Makinodan, PhD
                                                                                           Retired Professor of Medicine in
                                                                                              Residence at UCLA and
                                                                                                 gerontology at USC

                                      Umbrella of Care    10     Spring 2009
JAO Hoopsters Score for Keiro
JAO Invitational Girls’ Basketball League Sponsors 5th Annual Fundraiser for Keiro
Over 80 girls ages 6-14 participated in the 5th Annual Japanese American Optimists (JAO) “Kids for Keiro”
Hoopshoot to benefit Keiro’s seniors. By securing pledges for every point scored by their team, the girls were able
to raise over $5,000 to enhance the quality of life for seniors. Keiro is appreciative of the participants, their
families and sponsors, team representatives and JAO Invitational Girls’ Basketball League Commissioner
Leland Lau for their involvement in making this event possible and ensuring Keiro’s tradition of caring from
generation to generation.
                         Cong ratulations to the Top 10 Fundraisers for Keiro!
         1) Lynn Takahashi
         2) Kaylie Nishimoto
         3) Briana Aoki
         4) Rebecca Julifs
         5) Danielle Julifs
         6) Katherine Lin
         7) Kayla Yoshitake
         8) Kimberly Kodama
         9) Natalie Yee
         10) Madison Quan
         10) Elise Takahama
         10) Kaera Utsumi                   Top ten fundraisers at the JAO “Kids for Keiro” Hoopshoot with
                                            Howard Hiyoshida, administrator at South Bay Keiro Nursing Home.

                                          “When I volunteer to sing with the Girl Scouts at
                                       Keiro, the residents are always happy to see us. I want
                                       to support Keiro because my great grandmother used
                                            to be there and I want other seniors to have
                                                a nice life with good food like sushi. ”
                                                — Lynn Takahashi, volunteer and top fundraiser

                                       “Kids for Keiro” Hoopshoot Teams
 Midget Brass                 Midget Bronze - Upper              Midget Silver - Upper        Tigerettes
 Ninjetts                     Flying Tigers                      FOR Hula Hoops               Tigers Elite
 Saberette Sparks             FOR Wildcats                       Midget Gold - Lower          Junior Silver - Upper
 Tiger Fireworks              Venice Cheetahs                    Bruins Tomodachis            FOR Dolphins
 Midget Copper                Midget Silver - Lower              Evergreen Spirit             Junior Gold - Lower
 Bruins Superstars            '98 Tigerettes                     Saberettes Slammerz          Evergreen Shooting Stars
 Flying Tigers                Evergreen Rainbows                 San Fernando Tenshi          Saberette Rumors
 FOR Shooting Starz           FOR Lady Dragons                   SFJACC Tenshi                WLA Wild Sparks
 FOR Wildcats                 FOR Shooting Starz                 Tiger Unleashed
                              Hollywood Dodgers                  WLA Nalukai                  Junior Gold - Upper
 Midget Bronze - Lower
                                 Jammers                                                      San Fernando Sparks
 Evergreen Allstars                                              Midget Gold - Upper          Tiger Darlings
                              Pasadena Bruin Nets                Bruins Keiki Ohana
                                                                 South Bay Sparklers

                                       Thank You to All Who Participated!
 Deanne Aiau         Keila Hirokawa     Mia Kato              Jenna Leung         Audrey Nakaoka       Kelli Toyooka
 Briana Aoki         Amber Ho           Ryanne Kato           Catherine Lim       Kaylie Nishimoto     Kaera Utsumi
 Keilee Bessho       Nicole Hokama      Kaylin Kawada         Jacquelin Lin       Kiana Noda           Hailey Wada
 Berit Bontems       Kayla Homan        Madison Kawaguchi     Katherine Lin       Madeline Quan        Jessica Wada
 Kacey Borin         Lena Hosaka        Kari Kishi            Kylie Mah           Madison Quan         Noelle Wada
 Kendall Chan        Kayla Hunt         Erin A. Kita          Hayley Masuda       Kendall Sato         Taylor Yamaguchi
 Lauren Chin         Lauren Ichiba      Melissa Kitagawa      Sarah Matsune       Kayla Sera           Ayleen Yamaki
 Karissa Dedmon      Mayumi Irie        Crystal Knizewski     Kimberly            Joie Shepherd        Gillian Yamasaki
 Kayoko Fong         Kaithlyn Iwaki     Kimberly Kodama         Mayekawa          Tyana Simmons        Emily Yamashita
 Jaimee Hamasaki     Casey Johnson      Sarah Kubo            Sabrina McNally     Barbara Sitanggan    Kamryn Yaris
 Dana Haxby          Danielle Julifs    Sarah Kuriyama        Kirstyn Middo       Kaithlyn Suzuki      Natalie Yee
 Jenna Hazama        Rebecca Julifs     Alex Lee              Kylie Mizushima     Elise Takahama       Kayla Yoshitake
 Amanda Hiraishi     Sydne Kaku         Alyssa Lee            Kasey Murakami      Lynn Takahashi       Lindsey Young
 Kristina Hiraishi   Kelli Kamida       Arin Lee              Kylie Nakada        Deana Takaoka
 Annie Hirata        Taylor Kariya      Alyssa Leung          Sarah Nakamoto      Kara Tanaka

                                        Umbrella of Care    11      Spring 2009              
Keiro Living: A Beauty-Full Day!
Throughout Keiro’s continuum of care, activities contribute to maintaining and enhancing
the quality of life for 2,500 residents every year. More than just entertainment, the 30,000 hours
of activities serve a greater purpose — to stimulate seniors’ minds, bodies, and senses, and to
promote well-being.

       “At Keiro, we understand that by making beauty salon services readily
      available, our residents have the opportunity to not only look their best,
                 but feel their best in their ‘home away from home.’”
                          —Yumi Yuge, activity manager at Keiro Intermediate Care Facility

                                                              FITS THE BILL
                                                              Keiro Nursing Home Residents Get a

                                                              Resident Bill Nomoto, in the hands of volunteer
                                                              Sayoko Doizaki, center, along with Huong Van and
                                                              Hoa Truong, gets a clean shaven cut just in time for
                                                              warmer weather. Ms. Doizaki, who volunteers every
                                                              Wednesday, obtained her license to cut hair for the
                                                              sole purpose of volunteering at Keiro. “The seniors
                                                              in our community have worked so hard, said
                                                              Ms. Doizaki. “I really appreciate what they have done
                                                              and I wanted to give something back to them.”
                                                              Mr. Nomoto, who looked even more handsome after
                                                              the haircut, showed much appreciation to the
                                                               volunteers. “Getting a haircut feels really good,”
                                                              said Mr. Nomoto. “The volunteers are very kind for
                                                              coming here.”

Residents at South Bay Keiro Nursing Home Get a Full Service Make Over

Volunteers and certified hair stylists Jun Watanabe, Miho Hasuo, and Minoru Yamada visit South Bay Keiro
Nursing Home every month to give free haircuts to residents. They happily accommodate residents by taking
requests and styling their hair to their satisfaction. Among the residents getting a professional cut is
Yumie Takahashi. “All the services come to me so I appreciate it very much,” said Mrs. Takahashi. Since
South Bay Keiro Nursing Home also offers beauty shop services Mrs. Takahashi also has her makeup done by staff
member, Bertha Hernandez, CNA. “They treat us so well here,” said Mrs. Takahashi. “I am always grateful for all
they do.”

                                    Umbrella of Care     12    Spring 2009
Residents at Keiro Intermediate Care Facility Get Professional Manicures

Ever since Kikuyo Utsumi has been a resident at KICF, she has been getting her nails done by volunteer
Machiko Fujii. “It seems like I just got here but it’s been five years,” said Mrs. Utsumi. “Time goes by fast when
you’re having fun!” Machiko Fujii, who has been volunteering for over six years, has a license to do nails but uses
it only for Keiro. Mrs. Utsumi uses this time to relax from her busy schedule. “Every hour there’s something to do
here, so I’m never bored,” said Mrs. Utsumi, who has her nails done every other week. Choosing a pretty pink
color for her nails, Mrs. Utsumi watches as Ms. Fujii meticulously shapes her nails and polishes it to
perfection. “Getting my nails done is not for showing it to others,” said Mrs. Utsumi. “Looking at them makes
me feel good.”

Keiro Retirement Home Residents Learn
How to Apply Make-up

Keiro Retirement Home residents (clockwise)
Kotoko Toji, Alice Yokoro, Sachi Nelson, and
Mitori Misumi had the pleasure of attending
Fusako Toyota’s class on skin care and how to apply
make-up. Fusako Toyota, volunteering her time and
skills for the residents, emphasized the importance
of sun block lotion and gave many tips on how to
keep their skin looking younger. “When I put on
makeup, I forget about my age,” said Mrs. Misumi.
As part of the class, Ms. Toyota applied make-up on
each of the residents’ faces to show what color would
match their skin tone. “I feel happier and a smile
naturally appears,” said Mrs. Nelson as she looked at
her reflection in the mirror. “It just makes us feel
good inside,” added Mrs. Toji. “It’s not like we’re
looking for a boyfriend!”

These programs are possible only through the generous contributions of donors and volunteers. If you would like to support
Keiro’s activities through charitable giving, please contact Resource Development at (323) 980-7513 or
If you would like to volunteer, please contact Judy Shiroma at (323) 980-2352 or Keiro is particularly in
need of exercise instructors, beauticians, music class instructors, entertainers, outdoor walking escorts, assistants for room
visits and one-on-one contact with residents, program helpers on the weekends, sewing, drivers, tea room assistants, and
program assistants.
                                         Umbrella of Care     13     Spring 2009                   
Planned Giving Resources Available
Planned gifts, whether they are bequests through a will or living trust, or lifetime gifts that can provide a
guaranteed income and tax advantages, can play a significant role in shaping Keiro’s future. As the many families
who are already members of Keiro’s Legacy Circle know, planned gifts signify a commitment to supporting
Keiro’s mission in the future. Keiro is pleased to be able to offer to our community several complimentary
planned giving resources.

Online at
In addition to the many healthy aging resources Keiro offers on our website, we are also continuing to offer
hundreds of estate planning articles on our website featuring helpful tips such as Organizing Your Estate
Documents, as well as more in-depth articles detailing how you can leave a legacy at Keiro with significant benefits
to yourself and your family. When you visit us online, you can also:

       • Learn about our Legacy Circle program and meet the donors who have already made supporting Keiro
         a part of their estate plan.
       • Download and print from our library of eBrochures.
       • Use our Build Your Gift feature to find the best way for you to include Keiro in your estate plan.
       • Take our online quizzes and tests.
       • Use our gift calculator to see how a life-income gift can benefit you and support Keiro at the same time.
       • Sign-up for Planned Giving News, our monthly e-newsletter that alerts you to new additions to our site,
         as well as updates to any new legislative changes that could affect the way you give.

                                                 Planned Giving Newsletter
                                                      Beginning this summer, Keiro will introduce our new
                                                          planned giving newsletter, Giving Towards the Future. In
                                                             Giving Towards the Future we will highlight various
                                                                planned giving strategies that we hope will help
                                                                  you to achieve your charitable and financial
                                                                     goals, as well as alert you to important tax law
                                                                       changes that may affect the way that you
                                                                        give. We will also highlight the many
                                                                         members of our Legacy Circle and
                                                                          introduce you to the reasons they have
                                                                            for supporting Keiro through a planned
                                                                             gift. To sign up for your copy of
                                                                             Giving Towards the Future, contact
                                                                             Audrey Lee-Sung at (323) 980-7502

                                                                          In addition, because everyone’s specific
                                                                         needs are personal and unique,
                                                                        complimentary one-on-one planned giving
                                                                      consultations are available to discuss what
                                                                    plan may be best for you and your family. For
                                                                  more information regarding any of the planned
                                                               giving resources Keiro offers, or to schedule your
                                                            personalized consultation, please contact
                                                         Audrey Lee-Sung at (323) 980-7502 or
     The Legacy Circle permanently recognizes
     Keiro’s planned giving donors.

                                      Umbrella of Care    14    Spring 2009
      Keiro Unveils The Legacy Circle
     On February 28, in the presence of Keiro’s founders, Legacy Circle members, and supporters, Keiro Senior
     HealthCare proudly unveiled The Legacy Circle, a permanent recognition of the generosity and vision of
     Keiro’s planned giving donors.

     Prominently displayed in the Administration Building Lobby on Keiro’s Los Angeles Campus, The Legacy
     Circle is an expression of the culture, traditions, and legacy that embody Keiro. Quotes from residents,
     donors, staff, and volunteers – all of which are essential pieces that make Keiro – are engraved into natural
     materials like slate, porcelain tile, bamboo, mahogany, and cherry wood that evoke the Japanese spirit and
     aesthetic. As a tribute to Keiro’s founders, The Legacy Circle also includes each of their mons, or family crests,
     delicately stitched onto silk fabric. The layering of pieces in The Legacy Circle shows appreciation to those
     who have contributed and serve as a strong reminder for us to continue the legacy.

     To read more about the inspiration behind the creation of The Legacy Circle, please visit

     Become a Member of Keiro’s Legacy Circle
     Keiro Senior HealthCare is proud to recognize the generosity and vision of our
     planned giving donors with membership to our Legacy Circle. By becoming a
     member, you will ensure that your generosity supports Keiro’s long term vision
     of caring for the seniors in our community.

     As a member of the Legacy Circle you will also receive:
            •Recognition in Keiro’s lobby with other members of the Legacy Circle
            •An invitation to an annual Legacy Circle event
            •Periodic updates from Keiro’s CEO
            •Priority notification and registration to future estate planning seminars Legacy members Kay and
            •Updates and analysis of the latest trends in estate planning              Tom Kamei view the Legacy Circle.
            •Recognition in our annual report

     Membership in the Legacy Circle is as simple as informing us that you have made
     a planned gift. Gifts that qualify for inclusion in our Legacy Circle include:
            •Including Keiro as a beneficiary in your will or trust
            •Naming Keiro as a beneficiary of a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust
            •Naming Keiro as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement plan assets
            •Using assets to establish a charitable lead trust that would provide income to Keiro for a term of years
            •Many other gifts may also qualify

     If you’ve already made a planned gift to Keiro, would like to speak to someone about a planned gift, or would
     like more information about Keiro’s Legacy Circle, please return the form below or contact Audrey Lee-Sung at
     (323) 980-7502 or
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Cut and Return Bottom Portion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
        I have already made a planned gift to Keiro Senior HealthCare. Please send me membership
        information for Keiro’s Legacy Circle.
        I would like to talk to someone from Keiro about a planned gift.
        I would like to receive Keiro’s Planned Giving News e-mail updates.
   Name: _________________________________________________________________________________ ___
   Address: ________________________________________ _____________________________________ _____
   Phone:____________________________________                                        ____E-mail:_______________________________________
                                               Please return this form to Keiro Senior HealthCare
                                        Attn: Audrey Lee-Sung, 325 S. Boyle Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033
 Keiro Intermediate Care Facility Spring Brunch
 Residents Enjoy Brunch and Family Bingo
 On March 28, Keiro Intermediate Care Facility (KICF) held its annual Spring Brunch in the Koichi and
 Toyo Nerio Dining Room at Keiro Retirement Home. The Spring Brunch is one of several KICF special events
 made possible in part by Family and Friends of Keiro Nursing Homes (FFKNH), a volunteer support group that
 raises funds to enhance the lives of seniors at Keiro’s nursing facilities. For more information on how you can
 help FFKNH support Keiro’s mission of caring for seniors, please contact Ray Shibata at (310) 376-6624.

 Tessie Beleno, CNA with FFKNH Members Linda Hara, Ray Shibata, president, Tom Umeda, and Resident Misako Yokomi
 resident Kimiko Ichimura. Linda Inouye with Keiro administration Beverly Ito and Shawn Miyake     with her family.
                           present proceeds from the FFKNH drawing to support KICF, KNH and SBKNH.

Residents Sue Takayama,    Resident Toshie Yanaga and her Residents Sadaki Mayeda and      Resident May Kimura with her
Asako Minamide, and        family.                        Shigeko Oshita with volunteer    family.
Sumiko Fujii.                                             June Hayashi.

 FKRH Prepares Annual Mailing
 Benefit Drawing Will Support Activities for Retirement Home Residents
 Over 100 volunteers, including individuals and community groups, responded to Friends of Keiro Retirement
 Home (FKRH)’s invitation to help prepare their annual benefit drawing appeal. Tickets will be drawn at the
 residents’ Summer Picnic on June 6. Special thanks to our sponsors Aratani Foundation and Yamasa Enterprises
 and all the volunteer groups who came out to support the seniors in our community. To join FKRH in their
 support of Keiro’s mission of caring for seniors, please contact Betty Yumori at (323) 980-7515.

Les Dames.                  Members of Friends of Keiro Retirement Home.                  Ventura County Japanese
                                                                                          American Citizens League.

 San Gabriel Seniors.                    Keiro Retirement Home residents and   San Gabriel Singles.

                                      Umbrella of Care   16    Spring 2009
Honor Your Loved One’s Memory and
Help Keiro’s Seniors
     “When our good friend passed away, we
   thought it would be appropriate to donate
                to Keiro in her memory.”
     – donors Jun, Mary, Mako, and Chizuko Nakashima,
 who gave to Keiro in memory of their longtime friend Ayame Ito

Now is the perfect time to remember family members and
friends who have passed on before us by making a gift to Keiro.
“For Japanese Americans, it’s extremely important that there is
a place where people familiar with the Japanese lifestyle and
customs would feel at home,” said Mr. Nakashima, who visited
Keiro Nursing Home once a week when his friend Ayame Ito
was a resident. “Keiro was immaculately clean, the food was
excellent, and the care was good. When Mrs. Ito passed away,
we thought it would be appropriate to donate to Keiro in
her memory.”

        Keiro deeply appreciates all monetary gifts, vehicle
        donations, and planned gifts from the community. All
                                                                                                    Jun, Mary, Mako, and
        donations made to honor a loved one’s memory will be                                         Chizuko Nakashima
        recognized in Keiro’s Umbrella of Care newsletter.                                             In Memory of
        Gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a                                                  Ayame Ito
        Keiro Remembrance Tree.

If you would like to make a gift to Keiro in memory of your loved one, please use the envelope enclosed in this
newsletter. For more information, please call Keiro Resource Development at (323) 980-7513.

Participate in Keiro’s Fundraising Events
Like everyone else, Keiro has been affected by the recent downturn in the economy. Your participation in the
events below will help Keiro continue to enhance the quality of life for seniors, providing uninterrupted care at
our four facilities and reaching out to seniors, caregivers, and baby boomers in our community. If you are
planning an event to support Keiro, please let Keiro know by contacting us at (323) 980-7513 or e-mail Thank you for your support!
  Keiro’s Living Treasures      Visions for Keiro Annual                 Family Fun Night                 South Bay Bazaar
   Benefit Dinner 2009            Charity Golf Classic
                                                                             Saturday,                        Saturday,
  Saturday, June 20, 2009        Monday, July 20, 2009                  September 19, 2009                October 17, 2009
     6:00pm - 9:30pm             7:00am registration and                 5:00pm - 9:00pm                  10:00am - 2:00pm
                                  8:00am shotgun start
 California Science Center       Lunch and awards from                    Orange County                   South Bay Keiro
    (Wallis Annenberg               1:30pm - 3:00pm                      Buddhist Church                   Nursing Home
         Building)                                                       909 S. Dale Ave.                55 S. Vermont Ave.
      Exposition Park          Candlewood Country Club                  Anaheim, CA 92804                Gardena, CA 90247
      700 State Drive             1400 Telegraph Rd.
  Los Angeles, CA 90037           Whittier, CA 90604                    Enjoy a fun Hawaiian             All net proceeds will
                                                                    evening with delicious food,          benefit South Bay
    Tickets start at $300      Sponsorship levels available                a silent auction,             Keiro Nursing Home
                              Individual player cost is $200         entertainment and exciting
    All net proceeds will                                             bingo games (age 18 and                 Contact:
       benefit Keiro’s         All net proceeds will benefit        older). $35/adult, $20/child          Howard Hiyoshida
      Living Treasures          Keiro Senior HealthCare               ages 3-12, under 3 is free.          (310) 573-2065
     Endowment Fund
                                        Contact:                    All net proceeds will benefit
        Contact:                        Karl Kim                          The Institute for
   Christina Tatsugawa               (562) 282-0599                   Healthy Aging at Keiro
     (323) 980-7583
                                                                             Karl Kim
                                                                          (562) 282-0599

                                       Umbrella of Care        17      Spring 2009                    

The following donors made contributions from December 2008 - February 2009.
Bolded names indicate the individuals whose memories are being honored with gifts to Keiro.

    GE ORGE YUKIO AKAGI             KAZUO HAZEYAMA                  Japanese Women’s                 FUMI KARATSU                      Bob & Nancy Toguchi             Jack Narikawa
    James Akagi                     C. & Sachiko Kobayashi            Society of                     Hideo & Jeanne Karatsu            Wendy Toguchi                   Kyoko Narikawa
    FRED AKASHI                     NANCY HENNING                     Southern California            KIKU KASAI                        Kazuye Tsuboi                   Kathryn Otamura
    Michiko Naka                    Iris Higashi                    SENBEI & SHU HONDA               Douglas Kasai                     Minoru & Ruth Tsuchiyama        Stephan & Joanne
    HISANO AKASHI                   Tomoko Ohama                    Harry & Misako Honda             RUTH KASAI                        Randall & Linda Tsuno             Ritoper
*   Kathy Akashi
                                    TAKASHI & MIYO HIGA
                                    Robert & Gail Nishinaka
                                                                    HENRY HORIKAWA
                                                                    Edith Horikawa
                                                                                                     Kazuto & Linda Kishimoto
                                                                                                     HAJIME KASHIWAMURA
                                                                                                                                       James & Nancy Usui
                                                                                                                                       Kiyoshi & Dina Yogi
                                                                                                                                                                       Beverly Stapleton
                                                                                                                                                                       Ernest & Jeann Tsujimoto
    Michiko Naka                    KIKIYO HIG ASHI                 HAZEL ICHIKAWA                   The Capital                       GEORGE KITABAYASHI              HANAE MAYEDA
    Michiko Naka                *   Roy & Ruth-Ann Kakuda
                                    MARIKO HIGASHI
                                                                    Robert & Christie Ichikawa
                                                                    MIKANO ICHINOSE
                                                                                                       Group Companies
                                                                                                     Thomas & Noreen Chinen
                                                                                                                                       James & Setsuko
                                                                                                                                                                       Glenn & Karen Mayeda
                                                                                                                                                                       SAM S. MAYEDA
    GE ORGE & KIMI AKIYOSHI         Yoshiaki & Tomi Fujitani        Miyuki Ichinose                  TOYO & CHIKA KATAYAMA             AIKO KITAGAWA                   Yoshiaki & Tomi Fujitani
    David & Susan Sakuda            HENRY HIGUCHI                   YUJI ICHIOKA                     Paul Katayama                     Toshiko Savage                  MIYOKO MINAMI
    MICHIKO AMBO                    Kiyoko Higuchi                  Emma Gee                         GENE GENZO KATO                   SUSO KOGA                       David & Mary Noguchi
    Michael & La Donna Kaku         JOSEPH M. HIRATA                AGNES A. ICHISAKA                Yukio & Violet Kato               Glenn & Edna Oku                NISUKE & TANE
    GE ORGE AOYAGI                  Mary Hatate                     Joyce Okada                      JAMES K. KATO                     KAZUKO KOGURE                      MITSUMORI
    Mamoru Kotake                   M. HIRATA                       KITO IKEDA                       Elaine Iba                        Joe & Mina Arnao                Joe & Agnes Uchida
    TSUTOMU G. ARAI                 Miyo Sato                       Sam & Hisako Kawahira            Lynn E. Iba                       WALTER S. KONYA                 NORA M. MITSUMORI
    Joy H. Arai                     Robert Sato                     KATSUMI & MASAYE IKEDA           Nadine S. Iba                     Henry & Sakaye Watari           Takuro & Louise Nakae
    NAOMA ASAHINO                   YAYOI HIROKAWA                  Harry & Eve Ikeda                Patricia Iba                      YASUYE I. KONYA                 Joe & Agnes Uchida
    Thomas & Betty Asahino
                                    Louie Hirokawa
                                    HIDEKICHI HIROSHIMA
                                                                    TAMA INAFUKU
                                                                    George Konami
                                                                                                     Diane Ohnemus
                                                                                                     HARRY KAWANA                  *   Tsutomu & Helen Ige
                                                                                                                                       KISO KUBO
                                                                                                                                                                       MARYKO MIURA
                                                                                                                                                                       David & Yohko Takehara
    Tomiko Domoto                   Mieko Hiroshima                 KOTO INOUYE                      Tony & Sally Nakazaki             Janet Kuwabara                  IKURO MORIMOTO
    BELLA                           KOICHI HIROTA                   Katharyn Kayser                  DON KAYA                          TSUYAKO KUBO                    Roger & Linda Morimoto
    Helen Domantay                  Masako Hirota                   HENRY J. ISHIDA                  Kiyoshi Maruyama                  Janet Kuwabara                  KATSUICHI MORIOKA
    Walter Morita                   EDWIN C. HIROTO                 Yoshiko Ishida                   MARY KELLOGG                      YUKIO & ALICE KUDOW             Dennis & Velda Morioka
    SHIRLEY M. BOLINGER             Helen Adachi                    Ikuo Yamamoto                    Takashi & Yoko Yamaguchi          Dianne Odagawa &                MASAKO MORITA
    Keiko Otani                     Yaeko Aihara                    IVAN ISHIGURI                    HOMER & HISA KIMURA                 Cindy Nakamura                Yoshiko Yokoyama
    NOBUYE DOIZAKI                  Joseph & Dianne Belli           Alden & Teruko Uyemura           Paul Katayama                     FRANK & SETSUKO                 BENNY MUKOGAWA
    James & Fumie Doizaki           Mark & Michi Dobashi            YAEKO ISHIOKA                    MARGARET KIMURA                     KURAMOTO                      Tosh Fujimoto
    LE SLIE DOUGLAS                 Paul & Janice Fukushima         Albert & Peggy Saiki             Shinjiro Kimura                   Alan Kuramoto                   Beverly Ito
    Kikumi Endo                     Dale Hashimoto                  HANA ITAMI                       NAOYE KISHIMOTO                   AYAKO KURIMOTO                  Mitsuo Makishi
    Kaz & Hideko Iwai
                                    Mary Hatate
                                    Kenneth & Colleen           *   Akira & Jena Itami
                                                                    ARTHUR T. ITO
                                                                                                     Armando Alvarez
                                                                                                     Shigeru Funo
                                                                                                                                       Alan & Evelyn Kurimoto
                                                                                                                                       LILY KURITANI
                                                                                                                                                                       Peter Mukogawa
                                                                                                                                                                       Paul Thims
    NOZOMU ENDO                        Hayashi                      Alice Ito                        Laurie Higa                       Kari Kuritani                   HARRY MUKOGAWA
    Kaz & Hideko Iwai               Kimi Inadomi                    AYAME ITO                        Robert & Mayumi Higa              KAZUMA KUROSAKI                 Mary Mukogawa
    YASUO & NAMI FUJIMOTO           Kazuko Inouye                   Jun, Mary, Mako &                Sueko Higa                        Tom Kurosaki                    SUMIKO MURAKAMI
    Michiko Fujimoto                Beverly Ito                        Chizuko Nakashima             Greg & Leslie Hollingsworth       SOME KUSAYANAGI                 David & Charlotte

    YOSHIYUKI FUJIMURA              Fujiko Izumi                                                     John & Joni Hsu                   Tad & Kimi Muranaka               Murakami
                                                                    Masami Nakashima                 Kyle Jung                                                         FRANK MURAOKA
    Takako Fujimura                 Arlene Kadoshima                BILL S. ITO                                                        KIKU KUWAHARA

    TOM & SUMI FUJISAKI             Kagawa                                                           Paul & Alice Kawabe               Ronald Murakami                 Russel & Joyce Nomura
                                       Insurance Agency, Inc.       Beverly Ito                      James Kawaguchi                   Sumiko Murakami                 Lily Yamada
    Kiyoshi & Susan Fujisaki                                        Audrey Lee-Sung
    GARY PHILLIP FUKAYAMA           Donald & Elsie Kaneoka                                           Frank & Sachie Kawana             TERESA KUWAHARA                 SHOKO MURASE

*                                   Gary & Kimchele                 JEAN K. ITO                      Karen Kikuchi                     Janet Rivas                     Takashi & Grace Murase
    Sharon Fukayama                                                 Ted & Lilly Sasaki
                                       Kunitake                                                      Clark & Juanita Kishimoto         KINUE A. LINSKILL               MARIAN MURATA
    MORIKICHI & KIKU                                                YASUNAGA ITO
      FUKUMOTO                      Hagi Kusunoki                                                    Terri Kishimoto                   Eiko King                       Marian Y. Murata
                                    David & Yukie Lee               Shizuko Ito                      Sakae Koyama                                                      Tetsuo Murata
    Jeri Fukumoto                                                   TSUTA ITOW                                                         Betty & Ben Yumori
    TOSHIKO FUKUZAKI                Audrey Lee-Sung                                                  Takashi & Alice Kumamoto                                          JOYCE M. NAGAFUCHI
                                                                    Ted Tajima                                                         MORIHIRO MARUBAYASHI            Janet Akamine
    Sharon Ishibashi                Ann Marie Lum                                                    Randall & Karen Lim               Roy Marubayashi
                                    Kiyoshi Maruyama                KAMEYO IWAI                      Lillian Matsumoto                                                 Walter & Aiko Backhus
    Lynn & Pat Kaneshiro                                            Ken & Cherri Hamanaka                                              SUENO MASUDA
                                    Kenji & Nancy Matsuda                                            Cheryl McFarlin                                                   Harumi Barron
    Carol Kobayashi                                                 YOSHIO IWAMOTO                                                     Haru Masuda
    Norman Mochinaga                Peggy Mikuni                                                     Arnold Miyamoto                                                   Joseph & Dianne Belli

                                                                    Sumiko Iwamoto                                                     ASAMI & AIKO MASUMIYA           Yoshimi Brett
    Jim & Susan Ohara               James Mitsumori                                                  Helen Miyamoto                    Robert & Suzuko Alves
                                    Shawn & Marijane Miyake         JOE KADOWAKI                                                                                       Brian Casey
    Ronald Sakai                                                    Toshi Kadowaki                   Keith Miyamoto & Family           Young Dewar Family
    Ronald & Janet Tanaka           Hisako Miyawaki                                                  Kent & Janet Miyamoto                                             Jessie Cheatham
                                                                    KUMAICHI & KUNIYE                                                  Patricia Ellis                  Ron & Joy Chiya
    Janna Watanabe                  George & Alice Mizuno                                            Lynn Miyamoto &                   The Masumiya Family
                                                                      KAGEYAMA                                                                                         Coleman & Associates
    Kanji & Grace Watanabe          Tomio & Jenny Moriguchi                                            Kevin Kroeker & Family          Susanne Salgado
    Russell Watanabe                Robin Nakabayashi               Hiroshi & Betty Kageyama         Osamu Miyamoto                                                    Kumiko Cross
                                                                    HELEN K. KAGIWADA                                                  Harold & Helen                  Lisa Eskow
    Kenji & Hideko Yamamoto         Ty & Fumi Nakamura                                               Tosh Munekane                       Wakamatsu
    Richard Yen                     Susan Ogawa &                   Ken Kagiwada                     Helen Nakagawa                                                    Hiroshi & Misako Fujisaki
                                                                                                                                       SHO MATSUMI
    MABEL H. FUKUZAWA                  Charles Taylor               TATSUO KAIDA                     Judy Nakano                                                       Anne Garrett
                                    Takeshi & Yoshiko Oishi         Chiyeko Kaida                                                      Kimiko Matsumi                  Ray & Bernice Goto
    Annabelle Ishii                                                                                  Masayo Nishikawa                  Linda Matsumi
    TAMOTSU & TAMA GORAI            Toshiko Okamoto                 ROBERT & KIMIKO KAIZOJI          Kensaku & Asako Ochi                                              Ryan Harada
                                    Kazue Okamura                   Lillian Fujimoto &                                                 MATOMU MATSUMOTO                Beverly Dere Hing
    Arthur & Ann Gorai                                                                               Okaneko &                         Gerald & Nancy Tanaka
    KINU HAGIYA                     Martin & Faith Ono                David Hampton                    Drageset Family                                                 Albert & Alice Ibaraki
                                                                    Martha C Fujimoto and                                              ROBERT K. MATSUMOTO             J Igawa
    Margaret Hori                   Taro & Masako Saisho                                             Isao & Janet Ono
                                    Janice Shimozawa                  Russell Hirai                                                    Nobue Matsumoto                 Beverly Ito
    JEAN HAMACHI                                                                                     Timmy & Iris Osumi                YUKII MATSUMOTO
    James & Peggy Inatomi           Richard & Elene Shindo          DAHLIA Y. KAKIUCHI               Leonard & Gisela Rivas                                            Emily Jung
                                    George & Elaine Takeyasu        Scott & Sumi Grossman                                              Kayko Sonoda                    David Kagawa
    YOSHIKO HANABUSA                                                                                 Victor Rivas & Family             SUENO MATSUNAGA
    Masami & Shinko                 Ben & Yoshiko Tsujimoto         Howard & Betty Jung              Ann Sakiyama                                                      Arnold, Karen &
                                    Alden & Teruko Uyemura          Angeline M. Kodama                                                 Ronald & Helen Matsunaga          Michael Kaji
      Hanabusa                                                                                       Hisa Sakiyama                     MASAYOSHI MATSUNO
    FUMIO HANGAI                    Ruth Watanabe                   Norman & Harriet                 Debbie Sato                                                       Soji & Keiko Kashiwagi
                                    Kiyo & E. Yamaguchi               Mizuguchi                                                        Hiroshi Matsuno                 Kathryn Kwok
    Mineko Kimura                                                                                    Henry Sato                        STEVE & DORA MATSUOKA
    HENRY C. HARADA                 Peter Yamazaki                  Mioko Okuda                      Fred & Elisabeth Shima                                            Lillian Lem
                                    Catherine Yonai                 Laraine Watarai                                                    Fumi Matsuoka                   George & Helen
    Clara Harada                                                                                     Kiyoko Shima                      TAYEKO MATSUURA
    Claire Nakashima                Betty & Ben Yumori              RUTH H. KAMII                    Rosana Sinegra                                                      Matsumoto
                                    ERIC HIROTO                     Mieko Kamii                                                        Joseph & Dianne Belli           Peggy Mikuni
    JOE TAKAHIRO HARADA                                                                              Sherman & Sallie Smith            Brian & Melba Campbell
    Grace Harada                    Glenn & Tammy Lynne             SADAKO KAMIYA                    Eric & Donna Sugimoto                                             Stephen T. Morihisa
                                       Tsuyuki                      Tadao Kamiya                                                       Terrance & Shirley Docken       Walter Morita
    KIMINO HARADA                                                                                    Julie & Jenny Sur                 Marcus & Laani Gazeley
    Claire Nakashima                MARGARET HIROTO                 KE N KANEOKA                     Ray & Sumi Tamaki                                                 Michael Nagafuchi
                                                                                                                                       Sam & Phyllis Imamoto
                                    Glenn & Tammy Lynne             Wayne Sugita                                                                                       Alyce Nakagawa
    FRANKLIN HIDEO HATTORI                                                                           Roger & Betti Tamaki              George & Jane Iwanaga
    Teresa Gooch                       Tsuyuki                      Ray & Eileen Sugiura             Ryan & Elena Tamura                                               Kenneth & Carol Nakano
                                    MICHIKO HIROTSU                 CHIZUKO KARASAWA                                                   Edward & Beverly Kambe          Rosie Nishi
    MITSURU HAYASHIDA                                                                                  & Family                        Kazie Kame                      Northrop Grumman
    Alfred & Harue Horibe           Ruth Hatchimonji                Richard & Mary Karasawa          Daryl Tanita & Family
    SHIZUNO S. HAYASHIDA            SOHWA TETSU HITOMI              Thomas & Yaye Karasawa           Kristine Tanita                   Dennis Matsuura                 Joe Ohori
    Matsuji & Kiyoko Hamanaka       Eugene & Mary Ann                                                Nancy Tanita                      Daniel & Beverly Narikawa       Lois Ohta
                                       Harada                                                                                          Diane Narikawa                  Mary Ono

* Asterisks denote amounts of $1,000 and over.
                                                           Umbrella of Care                18           Spring 2009
The following donors made contributions from December 2008 - February 2009.
Bolded names indicate the individuals whose memories are being honored with gifts to Keiro.
    Karen Osada                    TAZU OKAZAKI                  FUSATARO SEKO                 Muneo & Claudia                 Ramon & Akiko                  JUNE WAKIMOTO
    Donna Peck                     Gary Okazaki                  Tom & Florence                  Hamano                           Yamamoto                    Nelson Wakimoto
    Katherine Pownell              TERUKO OKAZAKI                  Kitabayashi                 Sohei Hamano                    Randall & Jo-Ann               SHIU-LAN WANG
    Pam Rymer
    Dick & Arlene Sakahara     *   Jack & Elsie Okazaki
                                   MASAYO OKITA
                                                                 MIDORI & KAZUE SEO
                                                                 Sumiko Sue Seki
                                                                                               Henry, Lily, Elaine
                                                                                                 Harada & Family
                                                                                                                               Kimi Yamato
                                                                                                                                                              Yung Wang
                                                                                                                                                              TERUKO WATANABE
    Rie Sera                       Bettie Sue and                TOSHIRO SETO                  Sally Hashimoto                 David & Taeko Yanagi           Jon Kazunaga
    Glenn & Jo Ann                   Robert Masters              Diana Jago                    Robert & Mayumi Higa            Bettie Yasui                   Dorothy & Roland
      Shimabukuro                  RINGORO OKUNO                 Pauleen Schammann             Kazuo & Jeanne Hirano           Robert Yasui &                   Miyagishima
    Janice Shimozawa               Arthur & Yoneko Takeda        Quynh-Tram Vu                 Lil Hirohama                       Jine Family                 TOMI WATANABE
    Hitose & Merle Suwa            GLADYS OMIYA                  JOANNE SHIBA                  Kevin Hisamune                  Gary & Chiseko                 Masako Watanabe
    Dennis & Janet Takahashi       Tom & Harriet Oakley          Carmy Bryan                   Toshi Iba                          Yoshimura                   HISA YAKURA
    Kenneth & Edith Takeuchi       FUMIYO OMURA                  KE NJI K. SHIGETOMI           Scott & Joey Inatsuka           MINNIE TAKENOUCHI              Kazuo & Helene Yakura
    Aaron Tanaka                   Alden & Teruko Uyemura        Fumi Shigetomi                Roy Ito                         Mary Arakawa                   MASAKO YAMADA
    Emiko Teraoka                  TSURUMATSU OMURA              NO RI SHIMANO                 Toshio Iwata                    HIROSHI TAKUSAGAWA             Ikuo Yamamoto
    Mitzi Toshima                  Alden & Teruko Uyemura        Albert & Carol Diaz           Hank & Nancy Kagawa             Terri Takusagawa               TADAO & MABEL YAMADA
    Roman & Sachiko Ward           HISAKO ONO                    Emma Shimano                  Kane Family (Rick, Sallie       HANA TAMAKI                    Keith & Lynn Davis
    Christina Diane Wong           Koichi Ono                    Noreen Shimano                  & Phyllis)                    Dorothy Kuwaye                 MARY YAMAGATA
    Maggi Yaguchi                  HARRY OSHIRO                  KAZUKO & MASARU               Jean Katow & Ron Rucker         MITO TANABE                    Jeannette Sanderson
    Henry Yamauchi                 Family of Harry Oshiro          SHIMIZU                     Shig & Dorothy Kawata           Joy Nakamura                   HENRY & MARY
    Candice Yokomizo                                             Paul & Dolly Kaplan           Kimura Family                   KEI TANAKA                       YAMAGUCHI
                                   HEISHIRO OTANI
    Glen Yoshida                   Keiko Otani                   PEGGY MUTSU SHIMIZU           Toshihiro & Yoshimi             John & Esther Tanaka           David & Irene Tanji
    HIDEMATSU NAGAI                REIKO OTANI                   Makoto & Julie Takeda            Kimura                       MARIAN TANAKA                  TANIYO YAMANISHI
    Hideko Kuriyama                                              FUSANO SHIMONO                Gary Kinoshita                  Akio & June Iwamoto            Yaeko Fujimoto
                                   Keiko Otani
    ASANO NAKAJO                   SHIZUE OYE                    Paul & Debrah Knight          Harry & Mary Kinoshita          MASUYO TANAKA                  Joe Yamanishi
    Masako Yamahiro                Shigeru & June Fukui          JOSEPH SHINODA                Kenneth Kinoshita               Sam & Aiko Iwamoto             HAMA YAMASAKI
    NATSU NAKAMINE                 PAULINE K. OZAWA              Jean Shinoda Bolen            Rose Kitayama                   FUMIKO TANI                    Bruce & Frances Mori
    ICI Worldwide, Inc.            Robert & Christie             MUTSUYO SUGANO                David Kiyan                     Jimmy & Penny Sakoda           MARY C. YAMASAKI

    HIDEJI & KANE NAKAMIZO           Ichikawa                    K. Jim Sugano                 Alex & Rumi Ku                  TAKEHIKO TANIGUCHI             Dick & Evelyn Mayewaki
    Sam & Teri Fujikawa            ZONAMAE REYNOLDS              KOGIKU SUGIHARA               Raymond & Jean Kubota           Masakiyo & Yumiko              YOSHIMASA & YAYOI
    GONGORO NAKAMURA               Bill Imada                    Jim & Patricia Sugihara       Cindy Kuranushi &                  Watanabe                      YAMASAKI
    Kathleen Sankey                DAVID ROSALES                 FRED SUGIURA                    Wyman Wong                    TERUYOSHI TATSUMI              Ronald & Darlene Maeda

    YAEKO NAKAMURA                                                                             Katsumi Kuranushi               Julie Tatsumi                  HARUO YAMASHIRO
                                   Keiko Otani                   Ray & Eileen Sugiura
    Eugene & Louise Manabe         TATSUNO RYONO                                               Sachie Kuranushi                TSUTOMU T. TERAJI              Takeshi & Yoshiko Oishi
                                                                 YOSHIHARU & SHIZUNO           Alan Kuroma                                                    PAUL K. YAMAUCHI
    Joyce Okazaki                  Mas & Lily Hamasu               SUMI                                                        Takashi & Viola Kawahara
    MASATO NAKANO                  JANE S. SAHARA                                              Shig & Candace Kuwahara         KIMI TOGAWA                    Peter & Eileen Akahoshi
                                                                 Takuo & Margaret Endo         Paul & Masako Linder                                           Brian & Gale Itagaki
    Emiko Okanishi                 Stanley & Jean Furuta         Robert & Patricia                                             Akiko Manaka
    MASUMI NAKANO                  Rex Wang                                                    Jim & Helen Masuda              HENRY TOMOMATSU                Japanese American
                                                                   Murakami                    Irene Matsubara                                                  Medical Association
    Emiko Okanishi                 CHISATO SAITO                 TERU SUYAMA                                                   Jill Tomomatsu
    MISAO NAKAOKA                  Ted & Michiko Waki                                          Setsuko Minabe                  PETER TONG                     Norman & Mardy Maehara
                                                                 Ruth & Robert Kataoka         Masashi & Grace Miyaoka                                        Iwao & Yoshie Matsuoka
    Ralph Nakaoka                  GEORGE SAITO                  KIMI TABATA                                                   Raymond & Shelley Kwan
    FRED NAKAWATASE                Alden & Teruko Uyemura                                      Niizawa Family                  CHIYOKO TONOOKA                Helen Nakagawa
                                                                 Yukio Tabata                  Masayo Nishikawa                                               Gordon & Joanne Sasaki
    Tak Nakamura                   KIYOMI SAITO                  TOSHIKO TABATA                                                Ben Tonooka
                                                                                               Akiko Nishimura                 RICHARD TOSHIMA                Mitsuye Uchida
    FUSAE NAMIMOTO                 David & Yohko Takehara        Timothy & Marion Manaka
    Mollie Namimoto                MARY TSUME SAITO                                            Ted & Barbara Ohara             Beverly Ito                    Ruth Watanabe
                                                                 Ronald & Helen Matsuno        Paul & Masako Okamura                                          George & Florence
    KIKU NATSUMEDA                 Alden & Teruko Uyemura        Henry & Sadako Mayeda                                         Tokunori & Yoshiko
    Eleanor Natsumeda              HISASHI SAKAGUCHI                                           Masayuki Okumura                   Takahashi                     Yamaguchi
                                                                 Fred & Betty Oda              Craig Okuno & Family                                           Martha Yamaki
                                                                                                                               KIKUKO TOYODA
    TOM KOICHI & TOYO NERIO        Gary Sakaguchi
                                                                 Chiyoko Onoda
    Robert & Sumiye Leonard        BETT Y SAKAI                                                Haru Okuno                      George & Kimie Ouchi           Helen Yamauchi
                                                                 George Tabata                 Makoto Okuno                    ANDREW TSUCHIYA &              IRENE YANAGA
    JUNE NISHIDA                   David Mukogawa                Mikio & Margaret Tochioka
    Ty & Fumi Nakamura                                                                         Robert Okuno & Family              KURITAS                     Toshiko Hotta
                                   HENRY K. SAKAI                David M. Usui                 Alyce Oshima
    HARUO H. NISHIKAWA             George & Kaye Sakai                                                                         Boston & Harriet Shima         NIGIHIKO YANO
                                                                 KIYOE TACHIBANA               Eugene & Emi Razo               NOBUKAZU & TOSHIKO             Alva Yano
    David & Kelly Hokyo            SHIZUE SAKAMOTO
                                                                 Douglas Kasai                 Clive Sano                         TSUJIMOTO                   BRUCE YASUDA
    Masayo Nishikawa               Paul Sakamoto                 YO TACHIBANA                  Richard & Elene Shindo
    DAISY YAMADA NOMURA            TAMA SAKAMOTO                                                                               Edwin & Nancy Yamauchi         Saburo & Noriko Ashikita
                                                                 Kiyoshi Maruyama              Grace Shirai                    EDDIE TSURUTA                  GOSAKU YOKOTA
    Lily Yamada                    Vicki Rhea                    KAORU TADAKUMA                Rick & Pauline Shur
    MASAKO NOMURA                  Isamu Sakamoto                                                                              Miyeko Hashiguchi              Mieko Hiroshima
                                                                 Sam & Chisato Hillis          Dorothy Sunada                  MASATO & ASAO UE MURA          HARRY CHIYOSHI
    Joan Higashi                   KIMIYE SAKUDA                 KIKUNO TAKAHASHI              Helen Sunada
    Martin & Faith Ono             Ken & Jean Nishihara                                                                        Hiroshi & Betty Kageyama         YOKOYAMA
                                                                 Jack Takahashi                Suzuki Family                                                  Yoshiko Yokoyama
    Janet Shimatsu                 HISAYO SAMURA                 MRS. TAMATSU                                                  RINJI UJIIE
                                                                                               Eddie & Karen Takata            Wade Oshiro                    SARAH YOON
    ROY NOZAKI                     Toshiko Favela                Sherrill Miura                Arthur & Yoneko Takeda
    Robert & Janet Nozaki          KEIJIRO SANEMITSU                                                                           YOSHIKO UJIIE                  Moises & Jennifer Mejia
                                                                 HARUNO H. TAKAMATSU
                                                                                               Henry Takeuchi                  Wade Oshiro                    MOTOKO YUI
    KEN OBA                        Winfield & Deann Kato         Jerry Takamatsu               George & Fumiko Tashima
    Martha C Fujimoto and          GEORGE K. SANKEY                                                                            MARY H. UJITA                  Yoshio & Sumiko Iwamae
                                                                 CHIYENO TAKATA                Grace Teraji                    Hideto & Nobuye Ujita          Alan & Susan Nomoto
      Russell Hirai                Mitsuko Sankey                Paul & Ann Abe                Masako Tomota &
    KAGEO OHARA                    MIYO SATO                                                                                   EIICHIRO UTSUMI
                                                                 Jean Amano                      Mary Jane Mayemura            Kikuyo Utsumi
    Tsuyoshi & Izumi Ohara         Robert Sato                   Judy Asazawa                  Mariko Tsuruta & Family
    KAY K. OKADA                   MIYO SAYANO                                                                                 Maggi Yaguchi
                                                                 Richard, Judy & Kevin Fujii   Chieko Whittamore               ICHIKI JIM UYEMURA
    Stella Okada                   Shoichi & Nobuko Sayano       Fukuda Family                 Bill & Betty Wong
    GEORGE OKAZAKI                 MARGARET SCHLINDER                                                                          Alden & Teruko Uyemura
                                                                 Hideo Hamano                  George & Michiko                JACK & FUMIKO
    Gary Okazaki                   Shawn & Marijane Miyake       Masao & Dianne Hamano           Yamamoto
                                   TADASHI SEKIGUCHI                                                                              WAKAMATSU
                                                                 Mitsy Hamano                                                  Peter Wakamatsu
                                   Pamela Sekiguchi

* Asterisks denote amounts of $1,000 and over.

“CAN-Do” Drawing Winners
The “CAN-Do” fundraising drive was initiated by
Senior Foundation Charitable Corporation (SFCC) to benefit
Keiro Senior HealthCare’s endowment fund. Anyone can contribute by
filling a CAN with spare change, bills, or even a check!
SFCC held a drawing for those who participated in the “CAN-Do”
Fundraising Drive from 2008-2009 and announced the
following winners:
                                                                                                                 SFCC Board Members Keiko Murai and
(Drawn on Feb. 4, 2009):                                                                                         Mucci Taylor with Shawn Miyake.
1st Prize: 2 Los Angeles Clippers Tickets – Family Mart
2nd Prize: Sports Chalet $30 Gift Card – Tatsuichi Higashi
3rd Prize: Autographed Hockey Puck – Momoe Hata
Our thanks to all CAN participants and to the Senior Foundation CC!
For further information on how you may support Keiro,
please visit or contact (323) 980-7513 or
e-mail                                                                                                Family Mart                Tatsuichi Higashi

                                                       Umbrella of Care                19       Spring 2009                                 

                                Special Occasions Donations
The following donors made contributions from December 2008 - February 2009.
Bolded names indicate the individuals who are being honored with gifts to Keiro.

   EMIKO ADACHI                     YOSHIKO HIRATA                   YOSHIKO MATSUDA                JOHN OKUNO                 AYA TAKEMOTO                 YEN TUNG
   Alan & Nancy Adachi              Ken Hirata                       Mitsuko Eto                    Tsutomu & Masako Okuno     Hiromu & Utako Takemoto      Sheng Tung
   SALLY AOKI                       Masao Hirata                     Minoru & Kugako                HISAKO OKUSHIBA            Kokichi Takemoto             JIMMY UESUGI
   Kikuko Aoki                      Susan Hirata                       Nakano                       Sumiko Hirai               Noboru Takemoto              Robin Teraoka
   NARIKO CHOGYOJI                  CHIYOKO HIROSE                   CHIYO MISHIMA                  Ted Okushiba               IRENE TAMBARA                TAYE UMEDA
   Tazuko Kinoshita                 Tsuneo & Lillian Inuzuka         Robert & Susie Iwasaki         FUKUE OSHIRO               Joanne Tambara               Tom Umeda
   TSUGIYO ENOMOTO                  SAKAE HONDA                      CHIEKO MIYAKAWA                Thomas & Ayako Hirota      KINUYE TANAKA                KIYOKO UMEMOTO
   Allen & Janice Arisue            Ray Honda                        Thomas Miyakawa                KAZUO OTANI                Kenji & Yemiko Yamamoto      Glen & Kazuko Umemoto
   Glenn & Joyce Yokoyama           George & Jean Murakami           MAY M. MIYAKE                  Hiroko Inouye              MASAKO S. TANAKA             JAMES H. URATA
   KIM FONG                         Rodney & Tetsuko Ogata           Akiyoshi & Louise Otani        SETSUKO PERRY              Gene & Nancy Izuno           David & Emily Kemper
   Wayne & Joyce Fong               Emiko Suzuki                     Tokuyasu & Ellen               Velina Hasu Houston        NOBUKO TANIHARA              KIKUYO MARY UTSUMI
   MISAO FUJIKAWA                   AIKO KADOWAKI                      Takeuchi                     SHITOMI RYONO              Grace Inouye                 Walter & Aiko Backhus
   Joanne Schauer                   Satomi Nishimoto                 SUE MIYAKE                     Shin Ryono                 CLAUDE TOKASHIKI             Maggi Yaguchi
   MARGARET FUJIOKA                 YOSHIKO KAGEYAMA                 Eddie Kazuo                    MARY M. SAITO              Claude Tokashiki             MARY WAKAMATSU
   William & Mickey                 Masako Yoshikawa                 JUNKO MIYAZAKI                 Susan Onishi               Masako Tokashiki             Mark Wakamatsu
     Yamaguchi                      LOUIS & FUSAKO                   Lynn & Shu Miyazaki            Candice Saito              HAYA TOKESHI                 MISAO WAKAYAMA
   JANICE FUJISHIMA                    KAMAHELE                      FUJIE MURAKAMI                 YOSHIKO SANEMITSU          Herbert Narahara             Brad Michio Wakayama
   Sadao & Gale Yatabe              Annette Diamond                  Debra Carter                   Stanley Sanemitsu          KATSUYOSHI TOMITA            Gary & Lorraine
   ROBERT HAMADA                    SAKAYE KAMIYA                    HELEN NAKANO                   HARUO SANGEN               Katsuyoshi & Nobuko            Wakayama
   Robert & Vivian Hamada           Sumi Kozawa                      Catherine Harada               MARY SASAKI                  Tomita                     HELEN T. WATANABE
   Rita Kahn                        YONEKO KATO                      DOROTHY S. NAKATA              Donna Bonnell              SATOSHI TONE                 Gary & Marsha Watanabe
   DENNIS HAMAMOTO                  Robert Kato                      Karen & Steve                  NOBUKO SASAKI              Nancy & Bruce Haramoto       MASAKO WATANABE
   Janice Hamamoto                  CHIYEKO KAWASHIMA                  Kobayashi                    Allen Sasaki               NOBU TOWNER                  Henry & Carolyn Watanabe
   TOYOMI HAMAMOTO                  Linda Kawashima                  SACHIKO NISHIDA                YUKIE SERA                 Bessho Family                JUNE YAMASAKI
   Judy Hamamoto                    Kenneth & Janie Teshima          Miyuki Nishida                 Rie Sera                   Imai Family                  Jack Hayashi
   ROSE HARA                        MASAKO KINOSHITA                 MARY NISHIKAWA                 SHINOBU SHIGEI             Nakano Family                HERBERT YOSHIMI
   Marlin & Akemi Cardon            Francis & Yaeko Mikawa           Ronald & Linda                 Tom Umeda                  SUMIKO TSUJIMURA             Chie Yoshimi
   SADAO HASHIGUCHI                 MARIKO KOBATA                      Nishikawa                    YOSHIRO SHIMODA            Howard & Carole Tsujimura    Herbert & Chie Yoshimi
   Kathleen Hashiguchi              J. & Mariko Kobata               CLARA K. NISHIMOTO             Andrew & Linda Shimoda     Rudy & Arlene Tsujimura      MICHIKO YUKAWA
   SHIZUKO HATA                     KIYOKO KOKUGA                    Susumu & Frances               NAMI SHINGU                CHIYOKO TSUJIS               Fujiko Izumi
   Gary & Joan Hata                 Keiko Kokuga                       Yasuda                       Robert & Mae Uchida        Fusako Shibuya               Roger & Linda Morimoto
   Norman Hata                      REIKO KONISHI                    MIE HELEN NISHIMURA            MARY A . SHIRAGA           AKI TSUKAHARA                BETT Y S. YUMORI
   SHIGEKO HAZAMA                   Shinkichi & Fumiko               Debra Takenaka                 Akira & Jo Ann Hirose      Cookie Atsumi                Michael & La Donna Kaku
   Jon & Kay Hazama                    Koyama                        MICHIKO NONAKA                 KATSUTOSHI TABATA          Norman & Mardy Maehara
   HELEN HIGUCHI                    JACK M. KURAMOTO                 Yoshio & Rumi Shimada          Nobuko Abe                 Louise Tsukahara
   May Nakasone                     John Kuramoto                    JERRY Y. OGAWA                 Hideko Kurihara            MARY TSUKIMOTO
   KIKUYO HIRAKAWA                  NIU-LAN MAO                      Craig & Cindy Ogawa            Shogo Tabata               Takashi & Shinobu
   Carol Narasaki                   Nick Mao                         SUGIE OKAMOTO                  KEIJI TAKAYOSHI              Kiriyama
   Karen Narasaki                   HENRY MASUDA                     Richard & Hiroko               Reiko Miller
   Ned & Lois Taniguchi             Isamu & Itsuko Masuda              Nogawa

* Asterisks denote amounts of $1,000 and over.

                                                                                In Honor Of
The following donors made contributions from December 2008 - February 2009.
Bolded names indicate the individuals who are being honored with gifts to Keiro.
   KIYOMI AKAZAWA                   YUKIE IKEDA                      JACK M. KURAMOTO               NANCY N. NAKAYA            SETSU SANO                  HIDEKO TATEOKA
   Sally Akazawa
                                    Carl & Elaine Pock
                                    EUGENE IMADA,                * BESSKuramotoR
                                                                        IE LINTNE
                                                                                                    Okinawa Association
                                                                                                      of America Inc
                                                                                                                               Miyo Sato
                                                                                                                               YUKIE SERA
                                                                                                                                                           Kay Mikuriya
                                                                                                                                                           SACHIKO TENGAN
   David & Lisa Takata              JITSUO IMADA, KENT               Jimmy & Irene Quon             FRANK & MICHIKO            Yoshio & Takako Sera        Corrine Tokunaga
   DIANNE K. BELLI                  FUJIO MAEDA, AND                 MAREO MASUNAKA                   NISHIDA                  NAMI SHINGU                 PAUL N. TOKUDA
   Yoshio & Natsuko Akiyama         HARUE YAMAKAWA                   Bruce & Carrie Hymanson
                                                                                                *   Miyuki Nishida             Rod Shingu                  Steve & Lisa Tokuda
   Tazuko Kinoshita             *   Bill Imada
                                    ROSE E. ITO
                                                                     Mitsuko Masunaka
                                                                     YOSHIKO MATSUDA
                                                                                                    MARY NISHIKAWA
                                                                                                    Ronald & Linda Nishikawa
                                                                                                                               GRACE T. SHIRAI
                                                                                                                               Robert Shirai
                                                                                                                                                           NOBU TOWNER
                                                                                                                                                           Thomas & Michi Imai
   TOSH FUJIMOTO                    James & Lorraine Ito             Mitsuko Eto                    MIE HE LEN NISHIMURA       RUBY SUMIDA                 SUMIKO TSUJIMURA
   Martha C Fujimoto and            SHARON ITO                       Minoru & Kugako Nakano         Ronald & Joyce Eguchi      Ronney & Colleen Sakoda     Kari Kuritani
      Russell Hirai                 Will Hatem                       MARCIA M. MATSUOKA             Stephen & Linda Murata     TOMMY & KAY TAKAHASHI       MARY TSUKIMOTO
   Quan Family
                                    MACK M. KADOTANI
                                    Kevin Hisamune
                                                                     Archie & Sachi Nakamoto
                                                                     SADAKO MATSUOKA
                                                                                                    Debra Takenaka
                                                                                                    TAKAO NISHIMURA        *   Meri Onishi
                                                                                                                               YUMIE TAKAHASHI
                                                                                                                                                           Takashi & Shinobu
   CHIKAYO FUJITAKE                 TAKEYUKI KATOW                   Tadao & Helen Kuroda           Akiko Nishimura            Stephen Yamaguchi           PAUL USHIJIMA
   Steven & Janet Watanabe
                                    Annette Nomura
                                    SADAYO KAWABATA
                                                                     Calvin Matsuoka
                                                                     Robert & Judith Okada      *   SHIZUKO NOGUCHI
                                                                                                    BILL NOMOTO
                                                                                                                               YAEKO TAKAI
                                                                                                                               Audrey Lee
                                                                                                                                                           June Ushijima
                                                                                                                                                           MARY WAKAMATSU
   Pamela Fukumoto                  Donald & Hiroko Hasuike          SETSUKO MEEKER                 Shirley Nomoto             AYA TAKEMOTO                Peter Wakamatsu
   ROBERT HAMADA                    Mitsuko Kawabata                 Eddie Fujimori                 Robert & Mandy Terasawa    Hiromu & Utako Takemoto     MASAYO WATAMURA
   Vivian Hamada                    Eiko Petty                       JAMES MITSUMORI                SHIZU OBIKANE              Kokichi Takemoto            Lynn & Pat Kaneshiro
   MASAKO HANAOKA                   NATSUYA KAWASHIMA                Paul Takeda                    Robert Inouye              MINNIE TAKENOUCHI           MICHIKO YUKAWA
   Christ Presbyterian Church       Herbert Umemoto                  RICKY MIYAGI                   HISAKO OKAMOTO             Helen Takenouchi            Roger & Linda Morimoto
      of Hollywood                  BETT Y KAZUNAGA                  James & Fumie Doizaki          Jeri Lyn Okamoto           SAKAE TAKII                 ROSE M. YUSA
   HENRY H. HARADA                  Jon Kazunaga                     SHAWN MIYAKE                   FUMIKO OKAMURA             James & Yooko Justiss       Mary Hatate
   Lily Y. Harada
   MARY M. HARADA               *   Sakai Kazunaga
                                    KEIRO INTERMEDIATE
                                                                 *   George & Virginia Matsui
                                                                     KIKUYE MIYAMURA
                                                                                                    Irene & Kathy Naruko
                                                                                                    TOSHIHARU & MASAYO
                                                                                                                               EDWARD & MASAKO
   Peter & Eileen Akahoshi            CARE FACILIT Y                 Frank Miyamura                   OKITA                    Yoji & Hiroko Niho
   Kazuko Watanabe                  Norman & Mardy Maehara           RANKO MOGI                     Jimi & Barbara Mitsunaga   Okinawa Association
   Gary & Joan Hata
                                    ALICE KIMURA                     Brian & Yoko King              HARU OKUNO                   of America Inc
                                                                                                                               CHARLES & IRENE
                                    Toshihiro & Yoshimi Kimura       ARRICE MORI                    Arthur & Yoneko Takeda
   TOMIE HATTO RI                   NAOYE KISHIMOTO                  Mika Taylor                    TOMI ONO                     TAMBARA
   Tom & Ryoko Toyama               Clark Kishimoto                  FUJIE MURAKAMI                 Arikuni Shima              Joanne Tambara               JOE & KIMI HOSHINO
   SHIZUNO S. HAYASHIDA             Helen Miyamoto                   California Art Studio          ORIO AISHIN                CAROL TOSHIKO TANAKA         Jody Katana Hoshino
   Ellen Michiko Matsuzaki          TAZUKO KOBAYASHI                 SUMIYE MURAKAMI                  JUNIOR COLLEGE           Gerald & Marietta
   HIGASHI FAMILY                   Norman & Susan Naito             John & Jane Murakami           TOSHIYE & MEGUMI OSA         Shigekawa
     FOUNDATION                     ROSE Y. KODAMA                   YOMIKO MURAKAMI                & ALL NIKKEI SENIORS       TAKEHIKO TANIGUCHI
   Lynn Higashi                     Yuichiro Yamashiro               Eugene & E. Murakami           Howard Osa                   FAMILY
   SHIGEICHI HIGUCHI                MITSUKO KOHATSU                  Richard & Masako               TOSHIKO OTA                Masakiyo & Yumiko
   William & Dina Carey             Aiko Kohatsu                       Murakami                     John & Irene Ota             Watanabe
   Jone & Kiyomi Higuchi            Takeshi & Margie Kohatsu         FUMIE MURATA                   ALICE OTSUKA               ALICE TANIYAMA
   HIROSHI HISAMUNE                 MARY KOMABA                      Frank & Nancy Murata           Andrew & Dorothy Nozaka    Jeff Taniyama
   Kevin Hisamune                   Glenn & Marion Toyoshima         JOYCE M. NAGAFUCHI             MASARU SAITA
   FUJIKO HULTMAN                   TAZUKO KOYAMA                    Wendy Jung                     Glenn & Susan Saita
   Loretta Hultman                                                   HIRO NAGASAWA                  Tomiko Saita
                                    Senka International, Inc.
   MATSUE HYAKUMACHI                                                 Yurika Matsushita              SAITO FAMILY
   Yoko Doty                        UTAKO KUMAMOTO
                                                                     GONGORO NAKAMURA               James & Katherine Saito
                                                                     Mitsuko Sankey

* Asterisks denote amounts of $1,000 and over.
                                                          Umbrella of Care                20          Spring 2009
    XXX                                                                          Donations
    XXXtefully acknowledges the following donors who contributed from December 2008 - February 2009.
    Keiro gra

                                                                    * Toshiko Hirashima                                                                              * Audrey Lee-Sung
    Kazuyuki Abe                      Sharon Fujita                                                    Janet Iwasaki                   Yoshihiro & Tamiko Kawauchi
    Lawrence & Sharyn Abe             Kimiye Fujitani                 Manabi & Sumi Hirasaki           George & Kinuyo Iwashita        Hugo Kayano                     Samuel Lee
    Alan & Nancy Adachi               Masaru & Setsuko Fujiwara                                        John Iwashita                   Glen & Carol Kazahaya
    Yoshi Adachi                      Fujiya Market                     Alice Hirata                   Kevin Iwota                     Kenny Sonoda’s                    Bonnie Leung
    Madalyne Adams                    Takanori Fukazawa                 Erick & Lisa Hirata            Fujiko Izumi                    Carol Khemradhipati               Franklin Leung
    Derrick & Joanne Aiau             Kei & Tomoko Fukuda               Minoru & Margaret Hirata       J-Tours/Mr. Takahashi           Chester & Eileen Kido             Howard & Debra Lim
    Yaeko Aihara                      Yaeko Fukuda                      Yoshie Hirata                  Lucy Jablonsky                  Ruth Kido                         George Lin &
    Chiyo Aiso                        Jimmy Fukuhara                    Bruce Hirayama                 James                           Mark & Margaret Kiguchi             Suh Chen Hsiao

                                  *                                                                *
    Mark & Caryn Aizawa                                                 N Hirayama                                                     Jane Kihara                       John & Mikinu Lin
                                      Gerald Fukui                      Charlene Hirokawa              Japanese Chamber                                                  Susan Loo
    George & Mitzi Akamine            Agnes Fukumoto                                                     of Commerce of                Sharon Kihara
    Shizuko Akasaki                                                     George & Annie Hirokawa                                        Floyd Kika                        Amy Lopez
                                      Morris & Janis Fukumoto           Hiram & Janet Hironaka           Southern California                                             Ted & Arlene Lustig
    Kazuyuki & Kazuye Akashi          Atsuo & Blanca Fukunaga                                          Japanese Professional           Daniel Kikuta
    Kaoru & Reiko Akiyama                                               Howard & May Hiroshima                                         Irene Kimura                      Lutheran Oriental Church
                                      Fumio Fukunaga                    Thomas & Ayako Hirota            Women’s Association,                                            Ellen Machikawa
    Minnie Allison                    Paul & Janice Fukushima                                            Orange County                 Richard & Alice Kimura
    Carolyn Altuna                                                      Gary & Kinuyo Hitomi                                           Robert & Ayako Kimura             Kazuo Maeda
                                      Yugo & M. Fukushima               Nancy Hogg                     Japanese Women’s                                                  Peter & Miyoko Maeda
    Matthew & Marcie Amano            Frederick Fukutaki                                                 Society of                    Toshihiro & Yoshimi Kimura
    Mark & Sharon Angelos                                               Brandon Hokama                                                 Tsuyoshi Kimura                   Lance Maemori
                                      Shig & Koko Fukutomi              Dean Hokama                      Southern California                                             Margaret Maeno
    Sally Aoki                        Gary Furukawa                                                    Mary Jensen                     Yoshiaki & Tsuneko Kimura
    Taiichi & Rosalie Aoyama                                            Holiday Cheer                                                  Yoshio Kinjo                      Roland & Lynn Mah
                                      Shoji & Kazuko Furutani                                          Robert & Takako Joice
    Bob Arai                                                            David Homan                                                                                      Yumiko Majima
                                      Takao & Mabel Furuto              Mel Honda                      David Julifs                    Steven Kino                       Kyle Maki
    Wallace & May Arakawa             Sharon Futa                                                      Betty Jung                      Harry & Mary Kinoshita
                                                                        Yoshiye Honda                                                                                    Takashi & Jane Makinodan
    Yoshikane & Peggy Araki           Fany Galeana                                                     Fusako Kabashima                Shin & Ruth Kise
    Kiyoshi Arata                                                       Hoops For Friends, Inc.                                                                          Kiyomi Makiyama
                                      Gardena Buddhist Church                                          Frank & Marian Kadota           Kishi Family
                                                                        Kai Hori                                                                                         Jimmy Mal
    Warren & Karen Arata              Gardena Buddhist Matrons                                                                         Kiyoshi & Yoshiko Kishimoto
                                                                                                       Akira Kageyama
                                                                        Meito Hori                                                                                       Timothy & Marion
    George & Sakaye Aratani           Sam & Natalie Gee                                                Diane Kageyama                  Dennis Kitagawa
    Paola Arias                       Hector Gomez                      R. M. Hori                                                     Gary & Antoinette Kitazawa          Manaka

                                                                        Georph & Martha Horie          Reynold Kagiwada                                                  D Marsh
    Allen & Janice Arisue             Mary Gonzales                                                    Arnold Kaji                     Machiyo Kiyama
    Joy Asamen                        Ray & Bernice Goto                Takashi & Sumie Horii                                                                            Mamoru & June Marugaki
                                                                                                       Bruce & Frances Kaji            Ko Kiyohara                       Alan Marumoto
    Helen Asamoto                     Sharon Goto                       Glen & Hiroko Horstman                                         Buster & Betty Kiyono
                                                                        Nancy Hosaka                   Frederic & Chiyeko                                                Maryknoll Ladies Guild
    Nancy Asao                        H4 Enterprises LLC                                                 Kajikawa                      Ed Knizewski
    John & Carol Asari                                                  Tom & Sachiko Hoshizaki                                                                          Verna Masaki
                                      Donald Hachiya                                                   Shari Kaku                      Burt & Ethel Kobayashi            Rod Masuda
    Carl Asato                        Yasuko Hagihara                   Richard Hosokawa                                               Chizuko Kobayashi
                                                                        Rika Houston                   Frank & Judy Kam                                                  Setsuo Masuda
    Yoshito Asato                     Dennis & Donna Hallett                                           Stanley & Betsy Kamehiro        Colleen Kobayashi
    Audrey                                                              Velina Hasu Houston                                                                              Takeshi Masukawa
                                      Lorraine & Warren Hamachi                                        Aiko Kamei                      Karen & Steve Kobayashi           The Masumiya Family
    Lillian Baba                      E Hamada                          Ms. Min-An Huang                                               Masayoshi & Tamiko
                                                                        Edmond Hugo                    Linda Kamei                                                       Meiko Masumiya
    Toshio & Shizue Babamoto          Jess & Elizabeth Hamada                                          Tom & Kay Kamei                   Kobayashi
    Walter & Aiko Backhus                                               Briana Hunt                                                                                      Mitsuko Masunaka
                                      Paul & Kathryn Hamada                                                                            Miyuki Kobayashi
                                                                        Chad Hunt                      Kamerycah Inc.                                                    Clarence & Celia Masuo
    Yoshiko Barnum                    Raymond & Susan Hamada                                           Keira Kamida                    Tae Kobayashi
    Michael Berman                                                      Debbie Hunt                                                                                      Sei Masutani
                                      Paul & Nan Hamasaka                                              Carol Kamimura                  Tazuko Kobayashi                  Chikako Matsubayashi
    Bestec Electronics Corp           Dwight & Nancy Hamasaki           Fred Hunt
                                                                        Kevin Ibaraki                  Kenneth Kamiya                  Robert & Cindy Kochi              Patrick Matsuda
    The Bit of Hawaii Golf Club       Nicole Hamasaki                                                  Mary Kamiya                        Kodama
    Neil and Masako                                                     John & Evely Ichiba                                                                              Grace Matsuhara
                                      Stanley & Anne Hanaoka                                           Grace Kanada                    David & Jean Kodama               Fujio Matsui
                                                                        Matsuo & Setsuko Ida
       Boissonnault                   Maya Handa                                                       Yori & Katherine Kanamori       James Koga & Judy Lee
    Donna Bonnell                     Chris Hankawa                     Carolyn Iga                                                                                      George & Virginia Matsui
                                                                                                                                       Robert & Yvonne Koga
                                                                        J Igawa                        Craig Kanemoto                                                    Aya Matsumoto
    Jeff & Akiko Bontems              Henry Harada                                                                                     Yoshiko Koga
                                                                        Kenyei & Yasuko Ige            Manabu & Tomoko                                                   Bob Matsumoto
    Mark & Elcee Borin                Scott & Carol Harada                                               Kanesaka                      Junko Koike
    Ritsuko Brandt                                                      Saburo & Alice Ige                                                                               Don & Kathy Matsumoto
                                      Nancy & Bruce Haramoto            Marion Ikeda                   Mary Karatsu                    Kenzo & Aiko Koike                Harold & Mineko
    Andre Brown                       Tetsuya & Setsuko Harinishi                                                                      Masatoshi & Takiyo Koike             Matsumoto
    Ashlee Bryan
                                                                                                       Receiving a Lift
    Mark Buchignani                                                                                                                                                      John Matsumoto
    Aiko Butsumyo                                                                                                                                                        Steven Matsumoto
    Ed and Kerry Cababa                                                                                Senior Foundation Charitable                                      Hideo & Yuri Matsunaga
    Takeko Canter                                                                                      Corporation (SFCC), a not-for-profit                              Susan Matsune
                                                                                                                                                                         Mary Louise Matsuno
                                                                                                       organization dedicated exclusively to
    Marlin & Akemi Cardon
*   Carmichael                                                                                                                                                           Takatow & June Matsuno
      International Service                                                                            supporting Keiro, presented a $10,000                             Yoshihiko & Emiko
    Sabrina Ceja
    Centenary United Methodist                                                                         check to South Bay Keiro Nursing                                  Dennis Matsura
       Church Fujin-Kai                                                                                Home in March. The funds will be used                             Kenneth & Peggy
                                                                                                       to purchase a new bath tub and
    Cynthia Chan                                                                                                                                                           Matsuura
                                                                                                                                                                         Kikue Maye
                                                                                                       stretcher lift for residents. Pictured here
    Edward & Judy Chan
    Terrie L. Chan                                                                                                                                                       Melvin & Christine
    Michelle Chang                                                                                     from left are SFCC members Howard                                   Mayeda
                                                                                                                                                                         Sadaki Mayeda
    Keang & Nancy Chin
    Robin Chin                                                                                         Terada, Keiko Murai, Tamiko Umezawa,                              Toyone & Ann Mayeda
    Vernon & Kristine Chinen                                                                           Keiro’s Howard Hiyoshida, Chair                                   Ethel Mayekawa
                                                                                                                                                                         Judy Mayekawa
    Ron & Joy Chiya
    Toshiko Christopher                                                                                Mucci Taylor, Kyoko Katsumata, and                                Ellen McPherson
    Amy Chung                                                                                          Michiko Kato.                                                     Jane T. Meifu
                                                                                                                                                                         Meitetsu Travel USA Corp
    Marian Clutterbuck
    Maria Cordova                     Yuji Hasegawa                                                                                    Keiko Kokuga-Schroeder            Reiko Mibu
                                                                        Steven Ikeda                   Paris Kariya                                                      James & Akiko Michiuye
    Carlito & Cerilina Cortez         Ray & Utako Hashima                                              Hideo & Etsuko Kasai            Rose Komatsu
                                                                        Theodore Ikeda                                                                                   Paul Middo
    Deanne Dedmon                     Karen Hashimoto                                                  Jolene Kasai                    Setsuko Kono
    Debbie Deguchi                    Les & Kathy Hashimoto             John & Lily Ikegami                                            Masami Kosaka                     Miho Club
                                                                        Eunice Ikemoto                 Linda Kasai                                                       Lorene Miller
    Chris Dello                       Machiko Hashimoto                                                Minoru & Tomi Kasai             Masazumi & Marion Kotani
    Judy Dionzon                      Donald & Hiroko Hasuike           Paul & Yoko Ikemoto                                            Joan Koyama                       Robert & Charlotte
                                                                        Thomas & Mabel Ikemoto         Rei Kasama                                                          Minami
    Shotaro Dofuku                    Kiyoshi Hatada                                                   Kenneth & Bonnie                Yoshihiko & Sonoe Koyasu
    Keiji & Deanna Doi                Diane Hattori                     Gakuji & Yeiko Imamura                                         KPMG                              Tatsuo & Jean Minami
                                                                        Sumiko Imazu                     Kasamatsu                                                       Saburo & Mitori Misumi
    Kevin Doi                         Robert Haxby                                                     Kenny Kasuyama                  Kevin Kubo
    Mark & Tracey Doi                 Franklin & Amy Hayakawa           Masuye Inamura                                                 Rodney & Edie Kubomoto            Dennis & Diana Mitani
                                                                        Kay & Ken Inose                Alice Kataoka                                                     Koko Mitani
    Lawrence & Molly Ebihara          Yuki Hayakawa                                                    Robert Kataoka                  James & Mitzi Kubota
    Junko Eckrich                     Steve & Mikiko Hayama             Atsuko Inoue                                                   Sayeko Kubota                     Nellie Mitani
                                                                        Eric & Elizabeth Inouye        Benny & Yoshiye Kato                                              Pete and Ayako Mitsui
    Edison International              Dee Hayashi                                                      David Kato                      Kenneth & June Kumagai
       Employee Contributions         Jack Hayashi                      Joan Inouye                                                    Kumamoto YMCA School              John & May Mitsumori
                                                                        Robert Inouye                  Ken A. Kato                                                       Hitoshi & Ruth Miya
       Campaign                       James & Koko Hayashi                                                                             Doris Kumashiro
                                                                        Shinji & Sawae Inouye          Kenneth & Joanne Kato                                             Sumi Miya
    Roderick Emi                      Leo & Jane Hayashi                                               Kim Kato                        Mary Kumataka
    Joe & Fusae Endo                                                    Tamotsu Inouye                                                 Ben & Teruyo Kunibe               Michael Miyagi
                                      Michiko Hayashi
                                                                        Toshiko Inouye                 Michael & Susan Kato                                              Masa & Misako
    Toshihisa & Fumiko Enoki
                                      Rex & Linda Hayashi               Institute of                   Noboru & Etsuko Kato            Lisa Kunitake                       Miyagishima
    Helen Funai Erickson              Shigeru & Gertrude Hayashi                                       Ricky Kato                      Y. Jack Kunitomi
    George Esaka                                                          Global Education                                                                               Yoshio & Lillie
                                      Eugene & Phyllis                  Andy & Machiko Irie            Ronald & Diane Kato             Katsumi Kunitsugu                   Miyagishima
    Robert & Setsuko Eto                Hayashibara                                                    Masako Katow                    Sam & Takayo Kurachi
    Rose Eto                                                            Betty Iseri                                                                                      Shawn & Marijane Miyake
                                      Jon & Kay Hazama                  Bill Ishida                    Paul & Alice Kawabe             John Kuramoto                     Sue Miyake
    Family Mart                       Brenda Y. Higa                                                   Martha Kawada                   Frances Kuraoka
    A Flores                                                            Fumiko Ishida                                                                                    Kenji & Shirley Miyamoto
                                      Harold & Chiori Higa              D. T. Ishigaki                 Helen Kawagoe                   Akira & Elsie Kurashige           Osamu Miyamoto
    Henry & Jane Fong                 Richard Higa                                                     Dave & Mary Kawagoye            Milnes & Noriko Kurashige
    Jamie Fong                                                          Susumu & Norma Ishigo                                                                            Shizuka Miyamoto
                                      Robert & Mayumi Higa              Hoshiko Ishii                  Jennifer Kawaguchi              Doug Kurimoto                     Sam & Satoko Miyasako
    Kevin & Jennifer Fong             Roy & Itsuko Higa                                                Dwight Kawahara                 Kenji & Joyce Kurita
    Jim & Terry Fox                                                     Yoshie Ishii                                                                                     Eiko Miyasato
                                      Steve Higashi                     Ronald & Yoko Ishimoto         George & Ikuko Kawahara         Daniel Kuriyama                   Fred & Hisako Miyashiro
    Kiyoshi & Ann Fujihara            Shizumi Higuchi                                                  Lester Kawahara                 Mitsuru & Yoshiko Kuroda
    Irene Fujii                                                         Sachiko Ishiwa                                                                                   John Miyazaki
                                      Frank & Betty Hiji                Beverly Ito                    Allan Kawaharada                Leesa Kuroyama                    Louise Mizota
                                  *                                                                                                                                  *
    Ben & Janice Fujikawa                                                                              Ben & Miyoko Kawahata           Toshio & Mary Kuroyama
                                      Robert & Harriet Hiji             Fumio & Yasuko Ito                                                                               Mizuho Corporate
    Byron & Lynne Fujikawa                                                                             Paul & Virginia Kawakami        Mitsuo Kushigemachi
                                      Tsugio & Betty Hiji               Ichiro Ito                                                                                         Bank of California
    Karen Fujikawa                                                                                     Thomas & Ruth                   Rikuo & Takako Kusunaga
    Seicho & Chizuko Fujikawa         Hiji Brothers                     Jenmei Ito                                                                                       Gregory & Grace Mizushima
                                                                        Masashi Ito                       Kawakami                     Yasuo & Diana Kuwabara
                                                                                                                                                                         Iwao & Nancy Mochidome
    Teri Fujikawa                     Hiji Property Investments                                        Mitsuru & Nobuko                Bob & Mineko Kuwakio
                                                                        Susan Ito
    Akira & Atsuko Fujimoto           Warren & Malissa Hino                                               Kawamoto                     Cindy Kwan                        Sadao & Ruby Mochidome
    Glenn & Cindy Fujimoto            Wayne & Barbara                   Tomio Ito                                                      Raymond & Shelley Kwan            Carmen Mochizuki
                                                                                                       Monte & Heidi Kawamoto
    Sam & Aya Fujimoto                  Hirabayashi                     Yoshiko Itou                                                   Wai Shui Kwan                     Hideko Mochizuki
                                                                        Yoneko Itow                    Mieko Kawana
                                                                                                                                                                         Kiyoshi & Yaeko Mochizuki
    Paul Fujinami                     Grace Hiraga                                                     Shigeru & Shirley               L.A. Hompa Hongwanji
*                                     Jeffrey & Carolyn Hiraishi        Tadashi & Shigeko Iura                                           Betsuin Buddhist                Shoki & Michiko Mohri
    Carolyn Fujishige                                                   Mike Iwaki                        Kawanami
    Arnold & Darleen Fujita           Masao Hiraiwa                                                    Mary Kawano                        Women’s Association            Lucy Tanaka Montana
                                      Frank & Nobuko Hirakawa           Diane Iwamoto                                                  Ellen Lau                         Hiroshi & Grace Mori
    Paul & Joyce Fujita                                                 George & Jane Iwanaga          Nobu & Chizuko Kawano
                                      Grace Hiraoka                                                                                    Andrew & Sheri Lee                Gertrude Moriguchi

    * Asterisks denote amounts of $1,000 and over.
                                                               Umbrella of Care               21        Spring 2009                                      
Donors who contributed from December 2008 - February 2009 (continued)

                                                                                                * So-Phis of Orange County
    Hatsuko Moriguchi             Toshifumi & Yuko Ohara           David Sakai                                                      Tak & Keiko Tomatsu               Mika Yamada

                                                                                                * Ken & Theresa Sonoda
    Grace Morikawa                Cheryl Ohashi                    Maxine Sakakihara                                                Brian & Victoria Tomikawa         Mitsuyoshi & Eiko Yamada
    Michael & Vivian Morimoto     Michiko Ohye                     Kiyoshi Sakakura               Sodexo                            Chiyoko U. Tominaga               Shoji Yamada
    Richard & Reiko               Takeshi & Yoshiko Oishi          Roy & Midori Sakamoto                                            Masayoshi & Suzanne               Tak & Emiko Yamada
      Morimoto Trust              Hidekazu & Sueko Oka             Shingo & Emiko Sakamoto          Southern California               Tonokawa                        Terri Yamada
    Dennis & Mona Morinaga        James & Karen Okada              Sue Sakamoto                       International Golf Club       Carol Torricelli                  Tomoko Yamada
    Robin & Susan Morishita       Jay & Diane Okada                Tillie Sakamoto                  St. Mary’s Mens Club            Mitzi Toshima                     Bob Yamaguchi
                                                                                                    Tei Sugi
    Walter Morita                 Joel & Becky Okada               Calvin Sakaniwa                                                  George & May Toya                 Jim Yamaguchi
                                                                                                    George & Ruri Sugimoto
    Charles & Isumi Morrison      Yuki Okada                       Keith & Kay Sakaniwa                                             Melvin Toyofuku                   Takashi & Kazuko
    Helen T. Motokane             Jeri Lyn Okamoto                 Janis Sakasegawa                 Lisa Sugimoto                   Joni Toyooka                        Yamaguchi
    Dick & Barbara Motoyama       Luther & Yo Okamoto              Pauline Sakata                   Mark Sugimoto                                                     Reiko Yamaki
                                                                                                                                    Glenn & Marion Toyoshima
    Ray & Mariko Motoyama         Mitsuo Okamoto                                                    Tatsuo Sugino                                                     Arthur Yamamoto
                                                                   Yoshinobu & Mary Anne                                            Tri-Par Golf Club
    Kiyo Muki                                                                                                                                                         Dennis & Joyce Yamamoto
                                  Takashi & Hisaye Okamoto           Sakihara                       Choye Sugita                    Riki Tsuboi
    Wai Mungcal                   Alvin & Janet Okamura            Shin Sako                        Stephen & Chieko Sugita         Irene Tsuha                       George & Michiko
    Hideo & Miyoko Mura           Fumiko Okamura                   Karen Sakoda                     Toyoji & Lillian Sugita         Frederick & Masako Tsuji            Yamamoto
    David & Charlotte             Richard & Helen Okawa            Ronald & Alma Sakoda             Isamu & Mitsuko Sugiura         Kenjiro Tsuji &                   Joanne Yamamoto
      Murakami                    Arthur Okawauchi                 Ronney & Colleen Sakoda          John Sugiyama                     Masako Shirai                   Kiyoshi & Virginia
    June Murakami
    Ken Murakami
                                  Ronald Okinaka
                                  Toshiharu Okita
                                                                   Chizuko Sakuma &
                                                                     Fumiko Sakuma              *   Richard & Waka Sugiyama
                                                                                                    Walter & Aiko Sumi          *   Stuart & Frances
                                                                                                                                                                      Mitchel & Amy Yamamoto
    Linda Murakami                Cynthia Okubo                    San Fernando Valley              Sushi-Gen                       Yoshio & Tamaru Tsuruta           Roy Yamamoto
    Shuzo Murakami                Hisashi & Evelyn Okuda             Hongwaji Buddhist              Miyeko Suto                     James & Loretta Tsutsui           Setsuko Yamamoto
    Mary Murakawa                 Sakae K. Okuda                     Temple Fujin-kai               Miki Sutton                     Kanichiro & Kazuko Tsutsui        Sheryl Yamamoto
    John & Nancy Murao            Masanaga & Frances               Satomi Saneto                    Hitose & Merle Suwa             William P. Turner                 William & Evelyn
    Gerald & Jeanne Muraoka         Okumura                        Sanuki No Sato                   Paul Suyetsugu                  Lillian Uba                         Yamamoto
    Henry Murata
    Rockey & Andie Murata
                                  Tsutomu & Masako
                                    Okuno                      *   Allen Sasaki
                                                                   Dawn Sasaki                  *   Bob & Agnes Suzuki
                                                                                                    George & Kaoru Suzuki       *   Hoover & Toshiko
                                                                                                                                                                      Yuriko Yamamoto
                                                                                                                                                                      Sue Yamane
    Yoko Murayama                 Mike & Kimiye Olsen              Donald & Wendy Sasaki            Hiroko Suzuki                   Sachiko Ohara Uchizono            Yasuko Yamane
    Emi Nabeshima                 Frank & Violet Omatsu            Fred & Betty Sasaki              Kaithlyn Suzuki                 Akio & Barbara Ueda               Yoshiyuki & Nancy
    Joyce Nagafuchi               Phillip & Waylon Ong             Steve Sasaki                     Takashi & Ellen Suzuki          Rikki Ueda                          Yamanishi

    Yoshiye Nagahama              Howard Ono                                                                                                                          Fred Yamano
                                                                   Bill Sato                        Toshiro & Shizue Suzuki         Hiroshi Uehara
    Cheryl Nagai                  Yoko Ono Lennon                  Darlene Sato                     Itsuo Tachibana                                                   Hiroshi & Ruby Yamasaki
    Kiku Nagai                    Lionel & Naomi Onomura                                                                            Minoru Uehara                     Rick Yamasaki
                                                                   Hiro & Helen Sato                Martin & Karen Tachiki          Charles & Helen Uejo
    Asako Nagano                  Orio Aishin Junior College       Isabelle Sato                    Takako Taenaka                                                    Ken & Sandra Yamashiro
                                                                                                                                    Tom Umeda
    Kiyonori Nagatani             Allan & Sally Osaki              Toshiyasu Sato                   Lucy Tai                                                          Lee Yamashiro

    Ray & Donna Nagatani          Takeyuki & Sharon Osato                                                                           Umeya Rice                        Chris Stookey &
                                                                   Wayne & Dora Sato                Jun & Shizie Taira                Cake Company
    Les Naka                      Osawa Family                                                                                                                          Sandra Yamashiro
                                                                   Kenji & Hatsuko Sayama           Sandy Taise                     Mutsuko Une
    M. George &                   Fred Oshima                      Robert & Claudia Scott                                                                             Harry & Donna Yamashita
      Rose Nakabara               Haruto & Miyoko Oshima                                            George Tajiri                   Judy Ung                          Lillian Yamashita
                                                                   Terry & Emi Scott                Bob Takahashi                   Ralph & Misuko Ung
    Robin Nakabayashi             Horace S. Oshima                 The Seino Families                                                                                 Michael & Lilly Yanagita
    Terry Nakada                    Living Trust                                                    Edlyn Takahashi                 Union Bank of California          Nathan & Lisa Yaris
                                                                   Toshiyuki & Midori Seino         Frances Takahashi
                                  Yoshiki & Mary Oshima                                                                             United Way                        Tokiko Yasaki
    Shiro & Sachiko Nakagawa                                       Patrick & Luz Seki
    Arthur & Jane Nakahara        Kei Oshiro                                                        Jiro & Sharlene Takahashi         California Capital Region       Junko Yasuda
                                                                   Joh Sekiguchi                    Ken & Nataliya Takahashi        United Way
    Roy & Setsuko Nakahara        Catharine Oshita                 Roy & Misako Seko                                                                                  Jose Luis Yasuhara
                                                                                                    Masakatsu & Michiko
    Gregory Nakamoto              Donna Ota                                                                                           of Central Maryland             Ernest & Miyoko Yasukochi
    Harvey & Laurel Nakamoto      Frank Ota                        Sempra Energy                      Takahashi                     United Way                        Eiko Yasutake
    Kyle Nakamoto                 Lawrence & Anita K. Ota          Senshin Buddhist                 Tokunori & Yoshiko                of the Inland Valleys
                                                                     Women’s Association              Takahashi                                                       Howard & Jane Yata
    Chikayoshi & Doris            Richard Ota                                                                                       Shig & Amy Uradomo                Sadao & Gale Yatabe
      Nakamura                    Kenneth & Helene Otani           Jack Sera                        Teresa Takaoka                  Robert & Rumi Uragami
                                                                   Jon & Dawn Sera                  Hayahiko & Sumiko Takase                                          Connie Yee
    Harry & Hiroko Nakamura       Mary Otani                                                                                        Muneyasu & Michiyo                Delbert Yee
                                                                   Judy Seto                        Philip & Lynette Takata
    Hiroshi & Yukiko              Michiko Otaya                                                                                       Urano                           Donna Yee
      Nakamura                    Paul Otera                       Merle & Gail Sharp               Shigeo & Megumi                 Fred & Mary Ushijima
                                                                   Shiatsu Association of                                                                             Lily Y. Yenoki
    Paul Nakamura                 Ann Otoide                                                          Takayama Foundation           Kai Kazuhito Ushijima             Lisa Yip
    Teruko Nakamura               Tony & Kiyoko Otsuki                America                       Jack Takayesu                   Hoover Ushiyama
                                                                   Roy & Kazuko Shiba                                                                                 Kenji & Lorraine Yogi
    Yoshio & Hiroko Nakamura      Mark Oune                                                         Emi Takeda                      Louis & Patricia Utsumi           Yoshiko Yokomizo
                                                                   Irene Shibata                    David & Yohko Takehara          Kazuo Utsunomiya
    Yukiyo & Arlene Nakamura                                                                                                                                          Tadayuki & Alice Yokoro
    Arline Nakanishi                                                                                                                                                  Michael Yokota
    William & Janann Nakano
    Grant & Tracy Nakaoka                                                                                  JRA Sushi Luncheon                                         Paul Yokoyama
                                                                                                                                                                      Robert & Yukiko Yokoyama
    Harold Nakaoka                                                                                         In March, Japanese Restaurant                              Tsutomu & Yuki Yokoyama
    Shizuko Nakasaki
    Tad Nakashima                                                                                          Association sponsored its 10th                             Catherine Yonai
                                                                                                           Annual Sushi Luncheon for
                                                                                                                                                                      Josephine Yonai
    Jane Nakasone                                                                                                                                                     Terry & Julie Yoneda
    Bob & Taeko Nakata                                                                                     residents in the Koichi and Toyo                           Sandy Yonemoto
                                                                                                           Nerio Dining Room at Keiro
    Roy & Terry Nakawatase                                                                                                                                            K. & Kiyoko Yoshida
    Makoto & Lily Nakayama                                                                                                                                            Kayo Yoshida
    Nanka Wakayama                                                                                         Retirement Home.                                           Richard & Akemi Yoshida
      Kenjin-Kai                                                                                                                                                      Ronald & Miye Yoshida
    Edwin & May Narahara                                                                                                                                              Selma Yoshida
    Ken & Sharon Narasaki                                                                                                                                             Yoshiye Yoshida
    Neptune Speed                                                                                                                                                     Ronald & Leslie Yoshihara
    Nichi Bei Fujin Kai                                                                                                                                               Pauline Yoshihashi
    Steven & Lillian Nicholson                                                                                                                                        Robert Yoshihiro
    Ethel Nihei                                                                                                                                                       Harry Yoshikawa
    Morito Nii                                                                                                                                                        Thomas & Cathy
    David Niitani                                                                                                                                                       Yoshikawa
    Nikkei Senior Gardens                                                                                                                                             Roy Yoshimitsu
    Ninjetts                                                                                                                                                          James & Midori Yoshimura
    Eleanor Nishi                 Matsumitsu Oyakawa               Keiko Shibata                    Henry & June Takei              Tei Utsunomiya
                                                                   Leo & Yoko Shibata               Eddie Takemoto                                                    Tad Yoshimura
    Norman & Sharon Nishi         Harry & Jane Oyama                                                                                Fumiye Uyeda                      Tootsie Yoshimura
    Patty Nishi                   Joe & Aiko Ozaki                 Raymond & Sayuri Shibata         Kenneth Takemoto                Hiromi Uyeda
                                                                   Reiko Shibata                    Elaine Taketa                                                     Patty Yoshioka
    Fumiko Nishikawa              Minoru & Kazuko Ozaki                                                                             George & Janet Uyehara            Jeffrey & Tracy Yoshitake
      Nishimine                   Isamu & Lois Ozasa               Chieko Shibutani                 T. Takeuchi                     Chris & Kathryn Uyemura
                                                                   Isabel Shibuya                   Teresa Takigawa                                                   Takeo & Sueko Yoshiyama
    Burt Nishimoto                Ernie Ozawa                                                                                       Masato & Matsuko Uyeno            Sadao & Beatrice
    Hannah Nishimoto              Kei & Tazuko Ozawa               Takasato Shibuya                 Hiro Takiguchi                  Martha Uyesato
                                                                   Fumiko Shido                     Hideyo & Mitzi Takimoto                                             Yotsukura
    Vance Nishimoto               Ord & Nobie Pace                                                                                  Terry Valdez                      Youjuku U.S.A. Inc.
    Mary Nishimura                Norma Pardinas                   Don & Anna Shigaki               Takuyo Corporation              Virgil Market
                                                                   Yoneo & Masaye Shigemura         Richard Tamashiro                                                 Edmond & Susan Young
    Russell & Jean Nishimura      Pasadena Seminar Kai                                                                              Joe & Marion Wada                 Shigeo Yuge
    Tsugio Nishimura              Chieko Patrickson                Winston & Ruth Shigenaga         Berry & Misuye Tamura           Kathy Wada
                                                                   Rochelle Shigetomi               Clarence & May Tanabe                                             Toshio & Emi Yujiri
    Toshiharu & Michiko           Michael Pignataro                                                                                 Masako Wada
                                                                   Joe & Kikue Shikami              Jean Tanaka                                                       Chris Yukawa
      Nishino                     Judith Porter                                                                                     Shingo & Kiyoko Wada              Betty & Ben Yumori
                                  The Postal Mart                  Keiko Shimabukuro                Keith & Louise Tanaka           Thomas & Janet Wada
    Mitsuo & Victoria Nishiuchi                                                                                                                                       Jane Yuzuki
    Glenn Nishizu                 Mike & Janice Pulici             Yoshio & Rumi Shimada            Laura Tanaka                    Mark Wakamatsu
                                                                   Bill & Katsuko Shimamoto         Lester & Nina Tanaka                                              Yuriko Zaima
    Henry & Miwako Nishizu        Quan Family                                                                                       Alvin & Marsha Wakasa
                                                                   Seiya & Peggy Shimamoto          Masaru & Catherine Tanaka                                         Karina Zenke
    John & Trudy Nishizu          Kathy Quan                                                                                        Jack & Florence                   Zenshuji Fujin-Kai
    Jonathan Nitao                Mel Quan                         Masaru & Jane Shimatsu           Richard & Edith Tanaka            Wakayama
    Gail Nitta                    Patricia Quan                    Rokuro & Seiko Shimatsu          Sadako Tanaka                   Timmie Waki
    Masaru & Kazuko Nobuto        Dario R                          Joyce Shimazu                    Ben Tani                        Asa & Bernice Wakinaka
    Norman & Eva Noda             Gayle Ravanscroft                Glenn & Mildred K. Shimizu       Masaaki Tanigawa                Eric & Sharon Wakuzawa
    Shigeto & Masako Noda         Russell & Carol                  Spencer & Dawn Shimizu           Amy Taniguchi                   A. Jack Watanabe
*   Toshi Noma                      Reminick                       Fred Shimo                       Harry Tanikawa                  Clifford Watanabe
    Akio & Takako Nomi            Brenda Resendiz                  Paul & Aileen Shimokochi         Mary & Sakichi Tanimoto         Kikuko Watanabe
    Greg & Kazuko Nomura          Susan Riedley                    Sandy Shin                       Tetsu & Kathlene Tanimoto       Michael Watanabe
    Jon & Kathy Nomura            Lupe RMA                         Nami Shingu                      Kirk & Yoshi Tanioka            Ronald Watanabe
    Hironobu & Kimi Noshita       Denise Roelail                   Yoko Shinmoto                    John & Joanne Tao               Rose Watanabe
    Arthur & Elsie Nozaki         Ann Rountree                     Fusako Shinoda                   George & Fumiko Tashima         Ruth Watanabe
    Miye Numazu                   Dolores Higa-Rowell              Dick & Sets Shinto               Masamitsu &                     Joseph Watari
    Michael & Donna O’Kane        Royos                            Tom & Nobuko Shiokari              Tokuko Terada                 Paul & Tami Watari
    Emogene Oba                   Tatsuno Ryono                    Shizuko Shiraishi                Grace Teraji                    Jane K. Winters
*   Richard and Sally Oda         Choko Ryu                        Susan Shirakawa                  Sharon Teramura                 WLA Nalukai
                                                                   Takeo & Maye Shirasawa           Janice Teraoka
    Robert & Cathy Oda            Nancy Sagawa                                                                                      Lai Wong
*   Oda Family                    Albert & Peggy Saiki             Yoko Shirata                     Paul & Hisako Terasaki          Tim Wong
      Charitable Foundation       Taro & Masako Saisho             Masaru & Hiroko Shiroishi        Kenneth & Janie Teshima         Zelda Wong
                                                                   L & Kiyoko Shiroma               Robert & Junko Thompson
    Dianne Odagawa &              Glenn & Susan Saita                                                                               Chester & Joan Yabitsu
      Cindy Nakamura              Jeffrey Sakaguchi                R. & E. Shishima                 Mikio & Margaret Tochioka       Joseph & Sherrie Yabu
    Craig & Faye Ogawa            Dick & Arlene Sakahara           Frank Shoda                      Frances Tojo                    Maggi Yaguchi
    Katsuaki & Helene Ogawa       Masashi & Judith                 Ritsuko Shuping                  Ken & Yoshie Tokiyama           Michael Yakura
    Sally Ogawa                     Sakahara                       Dee Simmons                      Paul & Pearl Tokuda             Akira Yamada
    Ogino-Aizumi Insurance        William & Janet Sakahara         Malik Simmons                    Dennis & Tomoye Tokumaru        Masami Yamada
                                                                   Jeff Smith

* Asterisks denote amounts of $1,000 and over.
                                                           Umbrella of Care               22           Spring 2009
                                                          Gifts In-Kind
Keiro gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their in-kind contributions from December 2008-Februar y 2009.
5nex & Company, Inc.        Golfsmith                    Ronald & Naomi Kageyama     Jean Mitsunaga             Orange County Sansei         Cary & Denise Tamura
Joel Akamine                Gospel Venture               Yori & Katherine Kanamori   Tsuyako Miyashiro            Singles Club               Bill Tanabe
Junko Amano                   International Church       Gary & Suzette Kawaguchi    Taeko Miyazaki             Yoshio Oshiki                Harry Tanikawa
Alice Aoto                  Dennis & Donna Hallett       Louise G. Kawamoto          Mildred Morales            Candice Ota                  Umeya Rice Cake Company
Asia America Symphony       Setsuko Hara                 Frank & Sachie Kawana       Gene Mori                  Kihei & Kimiko Otani         Jane Urata
   Association and Guild    Lily Y. Harada               Carol Khemradhipati         Lynne E. Morihisa          Teru Robinson                Venice Hongwanji
Center Theatre Group        Frances Hashimoto            Kiku Florist & Gifts        Peter Mukogawa             Roy’s Hawaiian                  Buddhist Temple Fujinkai
Chikaramochi, Inc.          Akiko Hattori                Akiko Kozasa                Keiko Murakami               Fusion Cuisine             Judy Wada
Keang & Nancy Chin          George & Betty Hayakawa      Bob Kozasa                  Shigeki Nakajima           L Saenz                      Akemi Wakasugi
Coast Nurseries, Inc.       Hichimi-kai                  Carolyn Kozasa              Harry & Catherine Nakata   Nancy Sagawa                 Hisami Wakayagi
Mark & Tracey Doi           George & Fusako Higa         Hanako Kubo                 Nanka Kagoshima            Doreen Saito                 Diane Watanabe
Janice Fiore                Lynn Higashi                 Linda Kumagai                 Kenjin Kai               Sango Sushi                  Noe Yamabe
Fugetsu-Do Confectionery    Masuko Hirakawa              Mike & Aiko Kusaba          Joseph & Sue Naritoku      Thomas & Mary Saruwatari     George Yamamoto
Fuji Natural Foods          Toshio & Tatsuko             Dorothy Kuwaye              Yoko Nihira                Lillian Sasaki               Roger Yamashiro
James & Lynn Fujimoto         Hisamune                   Caroline Lee                Tak & Jan Nikaido          SGI - USA                    Craig Yoshida
Mitsuo & Marianne Fujita    Hispanic Students            Teresa Leon                 Nikkei Credit Union        Shibata Piano Studio         J. H. Yoshida
Iris Fukai                    Business Association       Susan Loo                   Satoru Nomura              Ayako Shimabukuro            Kunika Yoshinaka
Cheryl Fukushima            HoneyBaked Ham               Los Angeles Fish Company    Oak Acre Farms             Hitoshi & Kiyoko Shimizu
M Fukushima                 Enna Hozumi                  Timothy & Marion Manaka     Joanne Oba                 Steve Shiratori
Toshiko Fukushima           Bill & Sumi Hughes           Sam Maruyama                James M. Oki               Chin-Huo & Fu-Mei Song
G.F. Galaxy Corporation     Wesley Iguchi                Dariel Mckinney             Tadashi & Mae Oki          St. Francis Xavier Chapel
Gardena Buddhist Church     Kenichi & Tsuyako Inouye     Michie’s Place              Sharon Okimoto               Japanese Catholic Center
Gardena Valley              Fumio Ito                    Judy Minami                 Frank & Violet Omatsu      Sushi-Gen
   Baptist Church           Miki Iwanaka                 Mission Valley              Nancy Omura                Tad & Elinor Suzuki
Giumarra Distributing Co                                   Free Methodist Church

   Attention Volunteer Community Groups!
   In anticipation of Keiro’s 50th anniversary in 2011, Keiro has
   formed a Historical Preservation Committee to gather and review
   information to reflect Keiro’s history. Your group’s involvement
   with Keiro may be recognized as part of our 50th anniversary
   To ensure that we have accurate information about your group,
   please make sure to fill out and return your Community Group
   Information Form today if you have not already done so.
   For more information, please contact Yoshie LeSieur at
   (323) 980-7582 or Thank you for                                                 Resident Misako Yokomi with a volunteer
   your cooperation!                                                                                   from Girl Scout Troop 467.

 Donate Your Vehicle and
 Help Keiro’s Seniors!
  If you are interested in making a gift of a motor
  vehicle to a not-for-profit organization, why not make
  it to Keiro Senior HealthCare where your
  generosity will benefit our community?
  Vehicles, trucks, RVs, and boats, running or not, are
  accepted. Keiro will provide free towing and handle
  all DMV paperwork. Gifts are tax deductible.                                          "I am so very happy to donate this car to Keiro Nursing
  Tax I.D. #95-4022185                                                                  Home as a way to give back to this facility. KNH was
  Please call Resource Development at                                                   always such a nice, comfortable place to visit my father."
  (323) 980-7513 to receive more information or to                                      — Kathy Kaori Takaoka, who donated her 1987 Toyota
  make your gift today.                                                                 Corolla to Keiro Nursing Home.
   Ronald & Marlene Abe            Jason Ikeda                       Kathy & Michael Koga             Masashi Naito                   Rina Shido
   Alan & Nancy Adachi             Akira Inaba                       Kiyoko Koski                     Jennifer and Kei Nakai          Shigeo & Irene Shimabukuro
   Haruyo Delia                    Darrel Inouye                     Les & Linda Kumagai              George & Hiroko Nakama          Tatoshi Shimono
   Walter Douglas                  Nobue Iseri                       Roy Kusao                        Alice Nakamoto                  Kokki & Hazel Shindo
   Fumio & Yoko Endo               Yoko Ishiguro                     Florence Kuwashima               Chikayoshi & Doris Nakamura     Daisaku & Katherine Takaoka
   Henry & Naomi Endow             Harriet Ishitani                  Richard & Carole Lee             Ted & Cindy Nakamura            Joe Takayama
   Michael & Junko Fitzgibbons     James & Toshiko Ito               Shannon Leong                    Frederick Narumi                Jonie Tsuji
   Dave & Frances Fujii            Naoko Ito                         Justin Lui                       Masayo Nishikawa                George Uehara
   Mark H. Fujioka                 Dennis & Amelia Iwamoto           M.A.K. Wave, Inc.                Shigeto & Masako Noda           Hiro Umemoto
   Yoshiaki & Jean Fukumoto        Herbert Kamehaiku                 Robin Mar                        Donna Oba & Robert Morrison     Ronald Watanabe
   Yukikazu J. Fukuzaki            Robert & Kazuko Kanezawa          Kevin Matsumoto                  Harry Okura                     Jack & June Weinstein
   Briccio & Georgiana             Dennis Katayama                   Alvin & Carol Matsuno            Osaka Sangyo                    Daniel Yoshimizu
     Gonzales- 2 cars              Natsue Kawaguchi                  George Miyamoto                    University LA Inc
   Louise and Raymond Guasti       Nobuo & Hisayo Kawahara           Ellen Mizoguchi                  Vivienne Perry
   Perry Hiramoto                  Jane Kihara                       Paul Morita- 2 cars              Roy Sadakane
   Daryl Hoshiyama                 Kiyoshi & Kayo Kinoshita          Kensuke & Michiko Nagasugi       Ayako Seu

                                              “Thank you for your donations.
                                       They help make our lives even better at Keiro!”
                                                 — Misako Sasaki, Keiro resident

Keiro gratefully acknowledges the donors above for their vehicle donation from December 2008 - February 2009.
                                                       Umbrella of Care         23        Spring 2009                              
Service Group Highlight:

                                                                                                         Non-Profit Organization
Little Tokyo Lions Club

                                                                                                           Permit No. 32672
                                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
“Keiro is like family – our parents, ancestors, and
grandparents are all there.” —Trudy Nodohara,
chairman of Little Tokyo Lions Club Eyemobile 2009
                                                For over 17 years, the Little
                                                Tokyo Lions Club has been
                                                bringing the Lions Eyemobile
                                                to Keiro’s Los Angeles

                                                                                                                   Offering Peace-of-Mind to Our Community
                                                Campus, providing free eye
                                                examinations to residents. This
                                                year, while Dr. James Kurata
                                                checked the residents’ eyes for

                                                                                                                   Through a Tradition of Caring
Eyemobile volunteers, including
                                                glaucoma and other eye

                                                                                                                   Los Angeles, CA 90033-3812
Trudy Nodohara, chairman of Eyemobile
2009, far left; President Rocky Iwamoto, front diseases, Dr. Kaz Nakajima, a

                                                                                                                   325 South Boyle Avenue
row, far right; Dr. Kaz Nakajima, back row,     Little Tokyo Lions Club
fourth from left, and Dr. James Kurata, center.
                                                member, performed free blood
 pressure checks for residents waiting to have their eyes examined.
   “We like to bring the Eyemobile to the seniors at Keiro rather than have
 them come out,” says Trudy Nodohara, chairman of Little Tokyo Lions
 Club Eyemobile 2009. “It’s our way of helping them.”
   In addition to participating in the Eyemobile program, members of the
 Little Tokyo Lions Club have been involved with Keiro as individuals.                                                      Sign up to receive
 Some volunteer while others bring famous                                                                                    monthly Healthy
 entertainers from Japan to perform for
                                                                                                                             Aging Updates,
                                                                                                                               Keiro News,
 the residents.
   “Our club, which was chartered 35 years this
 May, is a Japanese speaking club, so it’s easy                                                                             or Planned Giving
                                                                                                                                 News at
 for the members to participate and volunteer
 at Keiro,” explains Trudy. “Keiro is a
 wonderful facility, and we all need to do our Residents sign in to receive
                                                      eye exams.                                                    (Click on Member Login)
 share and continue helping our elders.”

   Keiro Senior HealthCare Board of Directors   Keiro Senior HealthCare encompasses...                   Keiro Senior HealthCare is a not-for-profit
                   George Aratani
                    Ernest Doizaki              Keiro Nursing Home                                       501(c)(3) organization incorporated under the
                      Tom Haga                  2221 Lincoln Park Avenue                                 laws of the State of California providing
                  Thomas Iino, CPA              Los Angeles, CA 90031                                    culturally-sensitive and person-centered senior
               Donald Kaneoka, DDS              (323) 276-5700
                                                Janie Teshima, Administrator                             services, governed by a volunteer Board
                   Gary Kawaguchi
                                                                                                         of Directors.
                    Frank Kawana                South Bay Keiro Nursing Home
              Takashi Makinodan, PhD            15115 S. Vermont Avenue
               Kiyoshi Maruyama, CPA            Gardena, CA 90247                                        Keiro’s mission is to enhance the quality of
               James Mitsumori, Esq.            (310) 532-0700                                           senior life in Our Community.
                 Makoto Nakayama                Howard Hiyoshida, Administrator
             Thomas N. Shigekuni, Esq.                                                         
                  George Sugimoto               Keiro Intermediate Care Facility
                  Stuart Tsujimoto              325 S. Boyle Avenue
                   Ruth Watanabe                Los Angeles, CA 90033
                                                (323) 263-9655
     Keiro Nursing Home Board of Directors      Beverly Ito, Administration
                    Gerald Fukui
              Donald Kaneoka, DDS               Keiro Retirement Home
                 Mitchell Kodama                Lic. # 191802206
                  Claire Koga, MD               325 S. Boyle Avenue
                   Joel Minamide                Los Angeles, CA 90033
               Lynn Miyamoto, Esq.              (323) 263-9651                                           A Publication of Keiro Senior HealthCare
                                                Takeshi Oishi, Administrator
            Sadao Mochidome, PharmD
                Dwight Nakata, CPA              The Institute for                                        Editor: Shelley Kimiko Kwan
                Dean Noritake, MD               Healthy Aging at Keiro                                   Production Staff: Angie O, Vicky Nguyen

                Jason Yamada, DDS
                                                                                         Institute for

                                                325 S. Boyle Avenue
                                                Los Angeles, CA 90033                                    To subscribe to the Umbrella of Care, to correct or
   Keiro Retirement Home Board of Directors                                                              delete your contact information, or to send comments

                                                (323) 326-7602

              Paul Jay Fukushima, Esq.          Kanako Kusano, Director                                  or questions, please contact Shelley Kimiko Kwan
          Theodore Y. Hanasono, CPA, Esq.                                                                through any of the following ways:
                 Yoshihiko Koyasu               Administrative Office
                Katsumi Kunitsugu               for Keiro Senior HealthCare                              Phone:          (323) 980-7581
                Timothy Manaka, Jr.             325 S. Boyle Avenue                                      E-mail:
                  Robin Morishita               Los Angeles, CA 90033                                    Fax:            (323) 980-7552
                  Stephen Suzuki                (323) 980-7513                                           Mail:           Umbrella of Care
                  Hayahiko Takase               Fax: (323) 263-2163                                                      Keiro Senior HealthCare
                    Kirk Tanioka                                                                                         325 S. Boyle Avenue
                  Stuart Tsujimoto                                                                                       Los Angeles, CA 90033
                    Betty Yumori
                                                                                                         Keiro Senior HealthCare does not share its mailing list
                 Shawn Miyake                                                                            with other organizations or businesses.
      President & Chief Executive Officer

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