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                                     for the programming period 2007-2013

Benchmarking Seminar on The Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective, The European Agricultural Fund for Rural
                          Development (EAFRD), The Regional State Aid Provisions (RSA).

        “Partnership and Progress”
                                            31st May 2006

                                        Presentation by
                                          Steve Barwick
                           Director of Strategy, NWRA
         Overview of Presentation
•   Introduction to UK situation

•   Introduction to the diverse, distinct and determined
    North West of England

•   Explanation of the North West Regional Assembly

•   Background on the NW and the Structural Funds

•   Detail on region’s response to NSRF and Operational

•   Information on Assisted Areas Map and EARDF
                   Situation in UK
•   UK receive approx €9.4 billion over period:
     •   €2.6b in Convergence (Cornwall, West Wales, Highlands &
     •   €6.2b in Competitiveness (including ‘phasing in’ Merseyside &
         S Yorks) - €5.3b left
     •   €0.6b in Territorial Cooperation

•   Consultation NSRF released 28 February – deadline 22 May
     •   Some different proposals for Scotland, Wales and N Ireland

•   England asked to respond to 11 questions, including
     •   Comments on proposed priorities
     •   Focus on Lisbon Agenda
     •   Coherence with other policies and alignment with domestic
     •   Future architecture
     •   Allocation between ERDF and ESF and criteria allocation
         across regions
     The North West of England

•   6.9 million population –
    larger than 11 EU25
•   Home of Beatles,
    Manchester United,
    Lake District, Hadrian’s
    Wall, Blackpool, historic
    Chester as well as
    residents from all but 6
    nations in the world
The North West of England

             •   Five varied sub regions
                 – Cheshire, Cumbria,
                 Greater Manchester,
                 Lancashire and
             •   GVA 89% UK average
                 (GDP 101.2% EU
                 average) - two of five
                 poorest NUTS 2 regions
                 in UK and also one of
                 the most affluent
North West Regional Assembly

• Indirectly elected with statutory functions
  (Spatial Strategy and Development Agency
  Scrutiny) as well as responsibility for “strategic
  focal point activity”
• Strategic and streamlined organisation –
  focussed on sub regions and an Executive Board
  of 21 members
• Together with Northwest Development Agency –
  joint presence in Brussels (NW Brussels Office)
• Joint European committee: North West Regional
  European Partnership (NWREP)
• English Regions Network and ERBO (English
  Regions Brussels Offices)
 Structural Funds – Post 2006

• Critical issue for North West – currently
  largest UK regional recipient (€2.4bn over
  2000 – 2006): funds making a difference
• UK Government position - budget
  constraint, Structural Funds to go “east” and
  “renationalisation” of regional policy
• NWRA prefer Structural Funds – long term,
  guaranteed and partnership approach; also
  why should poor parts of UK lose out?
Structural Funds – NWRA Approach

• Funding for the North West after 2006 – “From
  Europe or not it must be substantial and long
• Political communication campaign focussed on
  UK Ministers but also on European Commission
• Steering group led by sub group of European
  Group and chaired by Cllr Flo Clucas of
  Liverpool City Council (CoR member)
• To date four meetings with Ministers and one
  with Commissioner as well as official level
  contact and numerous letters
          Goals of the North West

•   General - significant funding (at the level of €1.5
    billion plus)
•   Specific – convergence funding for Merseyside and
    special fund for Cumbria as well as significant
    funding for other three sub regions
•   Build on successful impact of Structural Funds 2000-
    06 and deliver Lisbon objectives
•   Also wanted to maintain territorial co-operation
    activity and see outstanding issue of ex-regio
•   Results?
     – Acknowledgement of “cliff edge of funding” issue
     – welcome decision in December on EU budget 2007
     National Strategic Reference
      Framework - Consultation
•   Government consultation launched February
•   Good – three months to respond; shared aims with UK
    Government on overall target; good overall economic
    assessment of regions; arrangements to link to domestic
•   Not so good - limited information on planned allocation
    criteria, insufficient references to Regional Economic
    Strategy, Northern Way, city regions, Cumbria, ICT and
    Regional Assemblies
•   Response prepared by working group of NWDA, NWRA and
    sub regional officers; input of NWREP and Government
    Office consultation event
•   Final response agreed by NWDA and NWRA executive
    NSRF – North West Response

•   Regional Economic Strategy as region’s response to Lisbon
    and includes sub regional priorities is the overarching
    guide for Competitive and Employment Objective
•   UK allocation should be distributed using REP- PSA2 target
    as evidence base – i.e overwhelming majority of €6.2 billion
    to regions with less than average GVA
•   NW merits approx €1.5 billion in total – this includes
    “topslice” for Cumbria (€200million) and pre-allocated sum
    of €450 million for Merseyside
•   Flexibility for whole region in ERDF and especially ESF
•   There should be a single regional Competitiveness and
    Employment programme for the North West region,
    including clear recognition of the proposed ring-fenced
    component for Merseyside.
Regional Economic Performance
   Public Service Agreement

“To make sustainable
  improvements in the
  performance of all
  English regions and
  over the long term
  reduce the persistent
  gap in growth rates
  between the regions.”
Structural Funds – Next Steps

• Proposed regional allocations and changes
  to draft NSRF
• Operational Programme – Government Office
  led exercise - Consultants appointed
• Steering Group – sub regional politicians
  and partnerships as well as others (Dept
  Work Pensions/English Partnerships)
• Governance arrangements critical
• Delivery!
    The Co-operation Objective
•   Not included in NSRF – different process
•   No consideration of how transnational activities could
    be carried out under Competitiveness and
    Employment Objective
•   NW recognises the opportunities and added value of
    participation in this Objective -
        tackling common issues JOINTLY with partners
        from other Member States
        e.g. the North West hopes to establish bi-lateral
        maritime co-operation activities with Ireland
        as well as practical exchanges of experience with
        colleagues throughout Europe
European Agricultural Fund for
     Rural Development
•   Good and early contact with UK Government on future
    EAFRD – consulted on all aspects
•   Additional consultation period 28/2 – 22/5, including on:
     – 10% to Axis 1 – delivered by RDAs
     – 80% to Axis 2 – delivered by Natural England
     – 10% to Axis 3 - delivered by RDAs
•   North West favourable subject to reasonable flexibility for
    regions – though all depends on final content of National
    Strategic Plans
•   Territorial Dimension will be dealt with by regional decision
•   North West positive about the move from Regional Policy to
  Assisted Areas Consultation

• Two-part consultation
   – Part I – (15th Feb – 19th April) 3 questions:
      • Extent of coverage for ‘phasing in’ regions
        under 87.3(c)
      • Criteria to use to allocate
      • Geographical unit for designation

   – Part II – (summer 2006 – 4 weeks)
      • Draft map will be produced and comments
North West and Assisted Areas

•   Very important issue for region – 40% of region’s
    population currently covered by 87(3)(a) and (c)
•   Understand total down (for UK from 30% to 23%) but
    believe North West should suffer “minimal loss”
•   Difficulties
    – EU filters exclude significant areas of need within
    economically flourishing NUTS 3 areas e.g.
    Manchester South
    - UK Government consultation did not automatically
    designate phasing in region – Merseyside - for
    87(3)(c) coverage
Assisted Areas Map – NW Response

  •   Welcomed two stage consultation
  •   Agreed to disagree on automatic coverage within
  •   Argued for Map to be targeted at regions with less
      than 100% GVA (UK); then use basket of other criteria
  •   Use ward level data – and ensure 50,000 and 20,000
      population coverage provisions fully utilised
  •   Flexibility required so that North West Map makes
      sense i.e. covers areas identified in RES for
      investment as well as those area where companies
      vulnerable to global factors

•   UK Consultations still in process so no definitive
    results as yet – need to see how it progresses
•   European dimension highly important to North West –
    not just financially
•   Complex issues – wide range of actors: inevitably
    problems but structures in place to resolve them
•   Underpinning principle is partnership (within region
    i.e sub regions and NWDA and without i.e
    Government and EC) – leading to progress

Steve Barwick – Director Policy, Scrutiny and Europe –
 Suzy Sumner – Head of North West Brussels Office

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