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FASTEX of North Texas Grants First Two AEDs to Dallas-Fort Worth Area Charities


									FASTEX of North Texas Grants First Two AEDs to Dallas-Fort Worth Area Charities

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FASTEX supplies automated external defibrillators, first aid supplies, CPR+AED training
and other services to North Texas businesses.

FASTEX, a company that offers first aid and safety training and supplies, has chosen the first two recipients
for their AED Grant Program. The two organizations are Texas Special Olympics and the Salvation Army
Mabee Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Online PR News – 01-October-2013 – In recognition of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, FASTEX
of North Texas has chosen two Texas organizations to receive the first two ZOLL AED Plus defibrillators as
part of their new AED Grant Program. The ZOLL AED Plus can assist first responders in resuscitating victims
of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), which claims more than 350,000 lives each year.

"We launched this program to get the ZOLL AED Plus into the hands of those who need them, but cannot
afford to outfit their organization with them," said Fran Riggs, President of FASTEX. "The tragedy is that
sudden cardiac arrest claims a life every two minutes in this country. With a ZOLL AED Plus on hand, even
an untrained individual has the ability to save a life." Ms. Riggs added that it takes 13 minutes on average for
emergency teams to arrive from a 911 call, and "with sudden cardiac arrest, you don’t have that much time."

The first two recipients of the FASTEX AED Grant Program are the Special Olympics Texas and The
Salvation Army Mabee Center in Fort Worth, Texas. FASTEX chose these two organizations because of what
they accomplish for people in need and people with disabilities in North Texas.

"We have a passion for the Special Olympics," Ms. Riggs said. "We attend their events here in North Texas.
For example, we assisted as first responders at a recent fund raising event and provided a first aid station.
We also have a passion for the good work of the local Salvation Army, which provides food and shelter to the
homeless while also meeting their spiritual needs. These are two very deserving organizations."

AEDs, or Automated External Defibrillators, are portable medical devices that check the heart rhythm of a
victim, and can send an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm, if needed. AEDs allow anyone
nearby to quickly assist victims of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest), which can affect anyone of any age. Today,
many businesses, schools and sports teams keep AEDs on hand and ensure that there are trained
individuals on site who are prepared to act fast in the event of SCA event. FASTEX provides AEDs, batteries
and replacement parts, CPR+AED training, first aid supplies and safety training throughout North Texas.

The FASTEX AED Grant Program is available to all organizations in need and will continue to provide ZOLL
AED Plus defibrillators to applicants, based on need. Those who wish to apply for an AED grant are
encouraged to submit an application for review. Donors are also welcome to contribute funds to the program
to assist FASTEX in its mission to get more AEDs into more area organizations and save more lives.

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