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                                                                            Jim Accurso
                                                                            Media and Public Relations Manager
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                                           October 1, 2013

Recent statements about the nature of certain payments from the Archdiocese to priests who have
been removed from ministry for various forms of misconduct were filled with factual errors and

The facts in each case are unique and they have always been handled on an individual basis. We
have always tried to handle these matters responsibly and justly for everyone involved. In recent
years, we have endeavored to be even more vigilant in identifying problems and engaging civil
authorities whenever necessary.

Most of the cases of clergy misconduct that have been reported in the news are from as many as 10
years ago or more. Over the last 25 years, as we have previously disclosed, a number of priests have
been removed for various forms of misconduct.

To help ensure that the offending priest does not re-offend, he must have financial, therapeutic and
spiritual support. The Archdiocese has sought to provide that support, where necessary. That
assistance has also included assigning an individual to monitor the life and activities of those

Financial and other forms of assistance to priest offenders are also mandated to all clergy under
Catholic Church law.

The Archdiocese also provides various forms of assistance to individuals harmed by the misconduct
of its priests. We've made it clear in all of our communications to victims that we will make such
assistance available. Most often, that assistance is in the form of helping them with the expense of
therapy or other means for them to survive their experiences. Often, that assistance is provided in
cooperation with legal counsel for the victim.

The most important fact is this: our standard is zero tolerance of sexual abuse of a minor or
vulnerable adult by priests and absolute accountability. The Task Force to review priestly misconduct,
which the Archbishop called for last Friday in a letter to priests and lay leaders, will have within its
purview a full review of misconduct cases. Sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult is a crime, it is
morally repugnant and it will not be tolerated.


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