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                 UN-IPCC Climate Report Condemned
Monday, September 30, 2013                                       Press Release 8-2013
8:00 AM

The Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), has just released a profoundly critical
review the UN-IPCC’s latest climate report, “Climate Change 2013, The Physical Science Basis,
Summary for Policymakers.” In the SSRC’s own ‘Assessment’ of this Summary from the UN-
IPCC, it issues what may be strongest condemnation of UN-IPCC reports to date from an
authoritative climate research organization.

Edited by other SSRC Associate Scientists, the primary author of the SSRC review was Mr. John
Casey, SSRC President. In addition to that position, Mr. Casey is a well-known climate lecturer
and author of the internationally acclaimed climate book, “Cold Sun.” He is also the Editor of
the Global Climate Status Report (GCSR), and has recently been called “America’s best climate
prediction expert.”* On August 21, 2013, near Miami, Florida, he and other scientists held an
important news conference where they announced the coming end of global sea level rise
caused by the now ten year long cooling of the Earth’s oceans and the rapidly approaching new
cold climate era.

The SSRC is the leading climate research organization in the United States in terms of its
advocacy for a national and international plan to prepare for the approaching dangerous cold
climate that it and other science organizations have predicted. From its separately posted
Assessment of the UN-IPCC Summary for Policymakers, comes this critical opinion:

“This Summary and future portions of AR5 based on the science contained in this Summary,
should be discarded. Given the host of significant errors, flaws in judgment, and simply bad
science found in the Summary, it should not be considered as a worthwhile scientific document
for any policymaker interested in understanding the full range of causes and effects of climate
change and what the next climate era will be like. The report also provides sufficient evidence
to conclude that there may have been serious scientific misconduct and breach of professional
ethics by the UN-IPCC and the Summary’s authors.”

The SSRC Assessment of the UN’s Summary goes into the many claims and predictions made in
the Summary and evaluates each one for accuracy and likelihood of predictions coming true.
The end result is a firm condemnation of the climate science in the Summary.

Reviewing the past history of the UN-IPCC climate reports Mr. Casey says, “We now have the
first module out from the fifth UN-IPCC climate report to be published since 1990 and the
bottom line is that this report is nothing more than a repeat from the same tired, old, mantra
that mankind’s industrial gas emissions cause climate change. Using the valueless greenhouse
gas theory, the UN begs us once again to believe their global climate models (GCM) can
accurately tell us where the Earth’s global temperatures and sea levels are headed, even
though such models have routinely failed to predict climate change by a wide margin. This
comes, even after wasted billions of dollars and more than twenty years of effort in their try to
change this ’sows ear’ of a climate theory into a ‘silk purse.’

This two decade story of the UN’s climate contrivance is analogous to the career bank robber
being let out of prison on good behavior and his promise to go straight. Yet he is arrested for his
fifth bank robbery the day after he is released, except this time he kills a bank teller. This whole
sad story in the history of science needs to be ended. The bank robber needs to be put away for
eternity! The point behind the fictional killing of the bank teller is why this report is the worst of
all the UN-IPCC reports. The reason is because in this Summary, the UN completely disregards
the fact that a potentially dangerous cold climate has begun and yet continues to predict ever
warmer temperatures to 2100! The comprehensive and embarrassing denial of the true status
of the Earth’s climate and its future, has now reached a state of clinical psychosis within the UN
and elements of the US government, and the media that use these deeply disappointing UN
reports. This Summary establishes without a doubt, that the apparent political objectives
keeping the UN-IPCC alive have finally caused its climate science to become fully detached from

The SSRC publishes the only apolitical, authoritative, detailed review of the Earth’s climate
status on a quarterly basis in its Global Climate Status Report (GCSR)©. Mr. Casey references
this report by adding, “In our most recent Edition 3-2013 of the GCSR we found that of the
twenty-four global climate parameters we measure, twenty showed global cooling was the
dominant trend. We expect the remaining warm or neutral parameters to join the rest and
switch to cooling within the next five years. The two most important of these parameters,
global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures have been in cooling phase for seven and ten
years respectively. Further, we have now had sixteen years without any effective global
warming. Add to this status that other respected climate researchers are now saying another
“Little Ice Age” could start as early as next year.
The UN-IPCC has become a closed organization, isolated form the real world and scientifically
allergic to the only proven, accurate, and reliable measures of climate change – natural cycles
of the Sun.”

Mr. Casey also warns against using these latest UN-IPCC climate reports by any government
officials. He elaborates on this matter by saying, “Most elected leaders and government officials
are bound by standards of official conduct if not the letter of the law, to conduct planning and
policy development using the ‘best available science.’ The track record of the UN-IPCC for the
past twenty years using the greenhouse gas (GHG) theory, man’s industrial CO2 output, and
associated global climate models (GCM), is not only not the ‘best’ but is arguably the ‘worst’
available science. This is especially true when one compares the UN’s disproven GHG theory
and terrible, climate prediction record to the performance of solar activity forcing climate
models, which have always been far superior in both accuracy and reliability.

Unfortunately, the UN-IPCC, in an astounding fit of disregard of the facts, has chosen in this
Summary to not acknowledge past mistakes but instead, reinforce its ingrained bad science.
One must therefore conclude that the UN-IPCC is not only still highly unreliable as a source of
climate science for policymakers, but indeed, has now become incorrigible. Some past UN-IPCC
report authors have now come forward retracting their previous support of these UN climate
reports. Acknowledging what many climate researchers have known for years, some UN-IPCC
report contributors have at last admitted the UN’s climate models “…simply don’t work.”

Again, this report will rank the ‘worst’ because of the blatant attempt by the UN to try once
more to convince the world that mankind still controls the planet’s climate when the totality of
the science, the current status of the Earth’s climate, and the advent of a destructive new cold
climate tells every reasonable mind on the planet, that such is not the case. There is not a single
example in existence in any field of science where humans stopped any extreme events of
nature from happening, like stopping volcanoes erupting, sea rising, the Earth rotating,
warming the cold winters or cooling the hot summers. In other words, the major point of the
global warming paradigm is that we as humans can do something about these powerful natural
forces, i.e. we are in control of them, while the opposite is true.

It has been the opinion of the SSRC for years that the use of the disproved greenhouse gas
theory to fabricate mankind’s alleged role in climate change constitutes the greatest
international scientific fraud in history. This Summary for Policymakers does nothing but assure
us that our opinion remains intact.”

The SSRC Assessment of the UN-IPCC Summary for Policymakers may be downloaded from the
SSRC web site at from the “Press Release” page.
*, March 25, 2013.

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