A Barcode Reader and its Functions by smesauda786


									             A Barcode Reader and its Functions

This device called the barcode scanner has many names given to it. It can be
called a barcode reader, or a price reader or a point of sale scanner, etc. as per
the convenience of the person. This instrument can be either stationary or it can
be mobile. It is a kind of an input device that is used to read the information that
is in a barcode. The components of a barcode scanner are a reader, decoder
which can be either externally attached or can be in built; it also has a cable that
can be used to link the computer with the barcode scanner. This is done so that
the scanner can translate into the numbers or the letters that can be understood
by the instrument. For this there should be particular software which should be
installed on the computer so that the data can be given to the computer and the
required result can be received out of it. This device has to connect to the
computer with the help of a port, a keyboard, or a wedge which is an interface
device. It works when a direct ray of light is passed through the black and white
bar code, after which the amount of rays is reflected back.

Presently 5 types of barcode reads are available in the market; they are the pen
style scanners, slot style scanner, CCD or charge couple device scanner, the
image readers, and the laser scanner.

1) The most basic kind of a barcode reader is the pen style barcode reader; it is
also the simplest because of its functions. It is absolutely immobile and is
respected in the market for its reliability and lesser cost. It can be little difficult
to use the device as it has to be kept in the direct contact with the black and
white code, and has to be held at a particular angle, so as to read the code

2) This is also a stationary kind of a barcode reader. It has to be kept still and
the barcode has to be passé by hand across the slot, to be able to read it. These
kinds of barcode scanners are generally used in office spaces to recognize ID

3) These kinds of scanners have a better reading range than that of the above
mentioned scanners. Generally a CCD reader is in the shape of a gun, and it has
to be kept more than inch away from the barcode.

4) Another kind of a barcode scanner is an image reader; this can also be called
a barcode scanner. It employs a small camera to click the image of the code.
After which it converts the image data into understandable.

5) The last kind of barcode scanner is the laser scanner, this can either be
mobile or it can be stationary. This is a little advance as it does not have to be
placed very close to the bar code to perform its task of scanning.

A barcode reader is a device that can scan the barcode labels that are stuck or
attached on the products that are been kept in a retail store. It makes the work of
a retailer quite simple and also very convenient.
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