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									                                   Darin Matthews, CPPO, C.P.M.
                                    Publications and Research
Stanley, Linda and Darin Matthews. The Request for Proposal Process: Design and Delivery, Herndon,
VA: National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (forthcoming).

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Governmental Purchasing, 2007.

Matthews, Darin. Certifiable: A Guide to Professional Purchasing Certifications, Portland, OR:
Columbia Chapter of NIGP, 2005.

Book Chapters
Matthews, Darin and Elizabeth Gibson. “Fixed Asset Disposal: Methods and Strategies for Disposing
of Personal Property in the Public Sector” (Chapter 30) in Thai, Khi (ed.): International Handbook of
Public Procurement. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis Group, 2008.

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Procurement, April 2005.
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of Commerce, July 2003.

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August 2000.

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April 1999.

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The Public Purchaser, October 2001.

Matthews, Darin. “Identifying the Links In Your Supply Chain”, The Procurement Professional, July

Select Presentations
Matthews, Darin. “Contract Management”, Professional Training for National Association of
Purchasing Management (NAPM)-Spokane, Gonzaga University, April 2012.

Matthews, Darin. “Negotiation Strategies”, Annual Conference of the California Association of Public
Procurement Officials (CAPPO), Palm Springs, CA, January 2012.

Matthews, Darin. “Strategic Procurement Planning”, Annual Conference of the National Institute of
Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), Washington, DC, August 2011.

Matthews, Darin. “Construction Contracting”, Annual Conference of the Purchasing Management
Association of Canada (PMAC), Whistler, BC, June 2011.

Matthews, Darin. “Managing Risks in Public Contracts”, Public Risk Managers Association (PRIMA),
Silverton, OR, April 2011.

Matthews, Darin. “Sustainability in Public Procurement”, International Public Procurement
Conference (IPPC), Seoul, South Korea, August 2010.

Matthews, Darin. “World Class Procurement Practices”, Professional Training for Canadian Public
Procurement Council (CPPC), Edmonton, Alberta, September 2008.
Matthews, Darin. “Procurement Trends in the United States”, International Public Procurement
Conference (IPPC), Rome, Italy, August 2006.

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