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SU M M ER      T h e P U B L I C AT I O N d e d I C AT e d T O C O N s e r v I N g A N d P r O T e C T I N g F L O r I d A ’ s m A r I N e r e s O U r C e s

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                                                                                              Federal and state
                                                                                              Advocacy Update

            S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                 1
              STARTING POINT                                                                                                                                                                                                                           S UM M ER              2010

              Jeff Allen, Chairman, CCA Florida

                                                                             T h e P U B L I C AT I O N d e d I C AT e d T O C O N s e r v I N g A N d P r O T e C T I N g F L O r I d A ’ s m A r I N e r e s O U r C e s
    Goliath Grouper
        Scientists know very little of the goliath grouper compared to
    other fish species.They do not even know if they change sex during
    their development, as many other grouper species do. However,
    the day to day “science” that recreational anglers and divers are
    doing tell us the species is back. We have all probably experienced
    the engulfing of our targeted prey from our lines by these huge
    and aggressive fish. I have even personally experienced a behemoth
    rising off of the bottom to pick off a thirty pound plus cobia like it
    was a little piece of candy.
        The center of population abundance for the goliath grouper
    has historically been along the southwest coast of Florida, but their
    geographic range spans the northwest Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and
    Gulf of Mexico down to the southeast coast of Brazil. The life his-
    tory of the species makes it especially susceptible to overexploi-
    tation. They are presumed to live over 40 years and exhibit late
    maturity and slow growth. It is thought that they do not move
    offshore to spawn until they are 5 to 6 years old. Increasing coastal
    development and the loss of mangrove nursery habitat has also

    been a problem to the recovery of the species.
        The harvest and possession of goliath grouper has been illegal                                                                                                                                                                   U.S. Senator Bill Nelson
    in both state and federal waters off of Florida since 1990, when
    population levels were determined to be very low. Since that time,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         W o r k i n g To F i x F e d e r a l
    different surveys point towards a substantial stock recovery since                                                                                                                                                                   Law and Help Saltwater
    the fishery was closed, but the extent to which the population has
    recovered is unclear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Anglers
        The last full assessment of goliath grouper in Florida was con-

    ducted in 2004 as part of SEDAR 06. The results of the assess-
    ment agreed with accounts of a swift decline during the 1980’s                                                                                                                                                                         S h a r k To u r n a m e n t
    and an extensive recovery after the moratorium on harvest was
    imposed. The assessment also indicated that the harvest ban had                                                                                                                                                                        Combines Sportsfishing,
    reduced fishing pressure by 83%. Regardless, due to illegal harvest
    and release mortality, the fishing mortality was believed to remain
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Research and
    above the overfishing threshold and the stock biomass remained                                                                                                                                                                         Conservation
    overfished. Less clear was the degree to which the population had

    recovered and the date when a full recovery could be expected.
    However, some scenarios considered in the assessment predicted                                                                                                                                                                       Pathfinder Becomes
    a stock recovery by 2010. In 2006, a National Marine Fisheries Ser-
    vice (NMFS) report indicated their abundance was increasing and                                                                                                                                                                      Official Bay Boat of
    NOAA removed them from their Species of Special Concern list.
        The next stock assessment for goliath grouper had been sched-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CCA Florida
    uled for 2014. However, FWC stepped in to take the lead, and
    the assessment will be conducted this year and an independent
    scientific review and publication of the results completed by early                                                                                                                                                                   departments
    2011. If the stock is determined to be recovered, FWC staff will
    work with partners and stakeholders to develop management op-                                                                                                                                                            top comments .................................. 3
    tions for the species.                                                                                                                                                                                                   conservation focus ............................. 4
        CCA feels that the goliath grouper recovery is a huge success                                                                                                                                                        around the state ............................... 8
    and shows that a single species can be effectively managed without
    area and other species closures. CCA looks forward to working                                                                                                                                                            CCA banquet schedule ........................ 9
    with FWC and federal agencies to develop a plan for a very lim-                                                                                                                                                          sponsor spotlight ............................. 15
    ited, controlled recreational harvest when stock assessments re-                                                                                                                                                         featured artist ................................ 18
    veal that a limited take is acceptable. Opposition will continue for
    commercial take or sale.
                                                                                                                                   Cover by Jacqueline Endlich

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                                                                                                                                                  top comments
                                                                                                              Don Roberts,
                                                                                                 Vice-Chairman, CCA Florida

  Community events
      CCA is well known for the banquets             Each of the chapters around the state        a worthwhile project that benefits each of
  that each chapter in the state, 28 in total,   will be scheduling events over the next few      our local communities and make a positive
  host each year as the main fundraiser to       months for the members to get involved           impact on where we live.
  raise the funds necessary to operate the       with. These will be a wide variety of events         So when you the receive the information
  State Chapter. The banquets fund our ad-       from removing abandoned crab traps to            about the event your chapter is sponsoring,
  vocacy work and support the salaries of        cleaning up beach areas or spoil islands to      sign up, bring your kids, invite a friend and
  the Regional Directors and state personnel     sea grass plantings and oyster domes and         have a great time giving back to the com-
  necessary to operate the organization on       other events as well that are tailored to the    munity where you live. It will not cost you
  a day to day basis. The banquets are very      community where the chapter is located.          any money and it will be a rewarding expe-
  well attended and offer CCA members a          These events will allow us as CCA mem-           rience as well.
  chance to make new friends, to renew old       bers to “get our hands dirty” working on
  friendships and the opportunity to purchase
  some great merchandise and trips that are
  getting better each year. The Regional Di-
  rectors along with Dan Askin our General
  Manager and Brian Gorski our Chief Op-
  erating Officer have done an excellent job
  bringing in new sponsors at the state level,
  new merchandise and excellent trips that
  make the banquets exciting events.
      Several of our chapters also hold sec-
  ondary events as additional fundraisers
  such as fishing tournaments, barbeques, pig
  roasts or other events in the community.
  All of these are great events that bring in
  new members and additional revenue to
  help fund our organization. These second-
  ary events are also good opportunities
  for CCA members to get to know other
  members and have a great time supporting
      These events are well and good and
  they serve the purpose of raising funds for
  CCA, however the management team of
  CCA Florida has felt for several years that
  we need to come up with some events that
  don’t cost any money for members to par-
  ticipate in and that put something back in
  the communities where we live.                                       

                                                 managing                Creative                 CCA FLOrIdA sTAFF
  is published quarterly by CCA Florida, a       editor                  director                 Ted Forsgren       Trip Aukeman
  non-profit state affiliate of the Coastal      Dan Askin               Debbie Dewell            Executive Director Regional Director
  Conservation Association.                                              Great Minds, Inc.
                                                 editor                  850-386-7401             Brian gorski             scott Nichols
  Editorial/business inquiries and                                                                Chief Operating          Regional Director
  information requests: Dan Askin,               Ted Forsgren
                                                                         Printer                  Officer
  P Box 568886, Orlando, Florida,
   .O.                                                                                                                     mike modisett
  32856-8886 (407) 854-7002                                              Durraprint               dan Askin                Regional Director
  POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CCA                                Tallahassee              General Manager
                                                                                                                           marcia dunfee
  Florida, P Box 568886, Orlando, Florida,
  32856-8886 (407) 854-7002
                                                                                                  Tom Wiles                Event Coordinator

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4   S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
conservation focus conservation focus conserv
                    Federal and State                                                                         Ted Forsgren Executive Director, CCA Florida

      Federal and state Issues and Advocacy Updates
          In our last SeaWatch we discussed the            and Palm Beach Chapters there to support                    implementation of the proposed large area
      federal fisheries “train wreck”, management          CCA’s opposition to the closures.                           closure, allow for the completion of the
      programs that are undermining the viability              During Council session the next day,                    stock assessment currently underway, and
      of major saltwater fisheries.The train wreck         Mark Robson, FWC’s representative on the                    then reconsider the need for such a large
      is continuing; however, significant actions          Council offered several motions. The first                  area closure before you enact federal regu-
      are underway to address the problems.                was to amend the management goal from                       lations for the management of red snapper
          We are pleased to applaud our U.S.               40% SPR to 30% SPR to provide a more re-                    in the south Atlantic. We believe that you
      Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) for filing           alistic and achievable goal. The Gulf Council               can and should do this in the interest of
      the Fishery Conservation Transition Act              uses a 26% SPR. His amendment passed.                       managing our fisheries in a way that doesn’t
      (S.3594) to address the management defi-             Robson then offered an amendment to                         cause irreparable harm to our citizens and
      ciencies and prevent precipitous, massive            delete the huge closed area. His argument                   the economy.”
      fisheries closures, like the proposed 5,000          was primarily based on the fact that a red                      CCA Florida will soon be issuing Grass-
      SQUARE MILE closed area to reduce by-                snapper assessment update was imminent                      roots Alerts to our members for them to
      catch in South Atlantic red snapper. Seven           and the Council would be able to review                     be sending letter to the Secretary of Com-
      national sports fishing groups worked with           the preliminary results at their September                  merce, so watch your emails.
      Senator Nelson to urge him to make chang-            meeting. His motion failed 4-7. At the final                    To end on a positive note, our FWC
      es in the Magnuson-Stevens Federal Fisher-           vote on Amendment 17A there was again                       Commissioners and staff continue to do
      ies Law. More detailed stories on Senator            detailed discussions regarding delaying final               fine work on our important inshore fish-
      Nelson’s Congressional legislation and re-           action until the new assessment informa-                    eries. At their June meeting they extended
      sponse from the seven national groups are            tion is available in September or Decem-                    protection for bonefish out into federal
      described in other articles in this SeaWatch         ber. NMFS staff told them that they could                   waters which currently have no regulations.
      newsletter.                                          not delay because of final action deadlines                 They are proposing similar actions to pro-
          In June we attended the South Atlantic           imposed by federal law. Council members                     tect spawning size permit in federal waters.
      Fisheries Management Council public hear-            discussed their feeling that the Council                    Also at their upcoming September meet-
      ings in Orlando and opposed Red Snap-                “was in a box” and “locked into a process”                  ing they will be reviewing the most recent
      per Amendment 17A, which continues the               caused by the Magnuson Act. The final vote                  stock assessment on redfish and discussing
      current interim closures on the take of              approved 17A.                                               whether management changes are war-
      red snapper and adds the closure of 5,000                CCA Florida will continue to oppose                     ranted. They will also be receiving the staff
      square miles to fishing for 74 additional spe-       the final adoption of 17A by the Secretary                  report on the impacts of the major cold kill
      cies! Chester Brewer, our CCA National               of Commerce. At the FWC’s June meet-                        on snook and determine what management
      Government Relations Committee Chair-                ing we asked them to also send a letter                     actions may be needed. CCA Florida will be
      man presented the CCA opposition com-                to the Secretary of Commerce. With the                      actively involved in the FWC process on all
      ments and recommendations.We had more                unanimous support of the FWC Commis-                        of these valuable gamefish.
      than 50 volunteer members from our Or-               sioners, Chairman Rodney Baretto sent a
      lando, Jacksonville, Mid-Coast, Tampa, Polk          letter stating; “we are urging you to delay

                 Please join us today in our efforts to protect OUR saltwater fishing!
  o YES! I want to help protect Florida’s marine resources. I am enclosing my membership gift.
  Every member of CCA Florida receives a membership card, window decal, bumper sticker, Tide Magazine and Seawatch newsletter.
  Contributions are deductible to the extent allowable by law.

  Name ___________________________________________________________
  Address _________________________________________________________              Member ......................................................................$25
  ________________________________________________________________               Member (includes Carey Chen offshore art print) ....................$50
  Phone __________________________________________________________               Life Member (includes Life Member Display Piece and CCA
  FAX_____________________________________________________________               Florida Lapel pin PLUS a pair of Costa Sunglasses) ...................$1000
  Email ___________________________________________________________

  o Check Enclosed (payable to “CCA Florida”)               Please bill my:      o MC         o VISA            o AMEX            o Discover
  Account # _______________________________________________________________                  A copy of the original registration (CH-1255) and financial information may be obtained from the
                                                                                             Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free 1-800-435-7352 within the state. Registration
  Exp. Date _______________________________________________________________                  does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. 100% of the contribu-
  Signature _______________________________________________________________                  tions are retained by the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida.

                                  Send completed form and contribution to: Coastal Conservation Association Florida; CCA Florida
                           P.O. Box 568886, Orlando, FL 32856. If you have questions, call 1-407-854-7002 or visit

   S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                                                      5
nservation focus conservation focus conservat
                  Federal and State
                                                                                                       Ted Forsgren Executive Director, CCA Florida

      U.s. senator Bill nelson Working to Fix Federal Law
      and Help saltwater Anglers
          On July 15, 2010 Senator Bill Nelson (D-      the Deepwater Horizon has shown us how                  Having that hard and fast 2010 deadline
      Fla) introduced legislation designed to safe-     much healthy, high-quality seafood comes            created a situation where the resource
      guard the strong conservation standards           out of the Gulf of Mexico every year.               managers are left without options. This has
      of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conser-                In 2007, the Congress reauthorized the         led to closures of large geographic areas
      vation and Management Act (MSA) while             Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation               to all fishing with no end on the horizon.
      addressing a growing crisis within the fed-       and Management Act. The Magnuson Act                These closures have devastated small busi-
      eral marine fisheries management system.          has certainly done some good things to en-          nesses that rely on fishing and left many
      S.3594 the Fishery Conservation Transition        sure the long-term viability of our Nation’s        frustrated that they cannot access the same
      Act (FCTA), will give federal marine fisher-      fishery resources. But some of the provi-           waters that they always could.
      ies managers the time, resources and more         sions of the law have had major unintended              Being a native Floridian, I know that
      specific direction necessary to address           consequences in Florida.                            many people develop a love for the ocean
      the chronic deficiencies in data collection            I have spoken before about the need for        and a desire to protect it after they truly
      and science. Nowhere are these deficien-          robust science on the status of our oceans          experience it by swimming, fishing off their
      cies more acute than in the South Atlantic        and our fishery stocks. In fact, most recent-       boat, or listening to the waves.This access is
      where the lack of proper data exacerbated         ly, I worked with Gulf Coast Senators to            a necessary component of conservation be-
      problems in the red snapper fishery and           get funding in the Supplemental Appropria-          cause the public gains a sense of ownership
      may ultimately result in a closure of all bot-    tions bill for fisheries science in the Gulf of     and this leads to a sense of responsibility.
      tom fishing in a 5,000 square mile area.          Mexico. But despite the potential influx of             That is why I am filing the Fishery Con-
          A coalition of marine recreational fishing,   dollars, fisheries data for the Southeast in        servation Transition Act today. The bill will
      boating, and conservation organizations and       particular, is still sparse.This lack of data has   enable individuals, businesses, and commu-
      businesses, including the American Sportfish-     led to a crisis in confidence amongst many          nities to make a smooth transition while
      ing Association (ASA),The Billfish Foundation     in the fishing community. Here is why.              the science catches up by creating a phase-
      (TBF), the Center for Coastal Conservation             The 2007 Magnuson-Stevens Reautho-             in period for Federal fishing regulations and
      (Center), the Coastal Conservation Associa-       rization contained a 2010 deadline to end           requiring enhanced data collection in the in-
      tion (CCA), the Congressional Sportsmen’s         overfishing. But the justification for that         terim. It also allows for economic assistance
      Foundation (CSF), the International Game          deadline rested on two assumptions. First,          for those who are negatively impacted by
      Fish Association (IGFA) and the National          that there would be recent and accurate             management measures.
      Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)           stock assessments. Second, that there would             Others have proposed different solu-
      lauds the introduction of the FCTA and            be improved catch data. I think the National        tions to this problem, but I believe that
      strongly supports the new bill. The coalition     Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is           my bill is a targeted solution that gives re-
      will continue to advocate with Members of         doing the best they can with available re-          source managers options to allow access
      Congress for their support of the bill and to     sources to gather this data. However, for           to the water in a way that will also achieve
      seek additional sponsors.                         years good data from recreational anglers           conservation goals.
          Senator Nelson issued the following           has been a challenge but because of the                 There are provisions in the bill that re-
      statement when he introduced his congres-         changes to Magnuson-Stevens, regulations            quire fishery managers to use the transition
      sional legislation.                               are coming out faster than the data used to         time wisely and research creative solutions
          Mr. NELSON of Florida. Mr. President,         support them.                                       to complex management issues, like how to
      I would like to speak about fishing, a very                                                           manage multispecies fisheries in a way that
      important special pastime and industry for                                                            protects the vulnerable stocks but still al-
      the Nation. Fishing in Florida is a way of life
      for many. The small bait and tackle shops,
                                                        Looking For A Guide?                                lows for access. This bill is also about jobs.
                                                                                                            Small businesses that rely on the fishing in-
                                                                                                            dustry can ride out these difficult economic
      the hotels, the restaurants, the charter boat
      captains, and the parents who want to see
                                                            Log on to                        times without sacrificing the resource their
      their children marvel when they pull a fish             and choose from our                           businesses rely on.
      out of the ocean for the first time rely on
      being able to access the water. In fact, just
                                                             regionalized directory                             I hope that my colleagues in the Senate
                                                                                                            will support this effort to provide a smooth
      last week, a Washington Post article traced               of Florida guides                           transition to sustainable fisheries, healthy
      the path of fish caught in the Florida Keys              who support CCA’s                            economic prospects for small businesses,
                                                                                                            access to the oceans and natural resources,
      and off of Florida’s East Coast to a Whole
      Foods market here in the DC area.And sadly,           conservation initiatives.                       and robust science.

  6                                                                                                                   S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
ion focus conservation focus conservation foc

                     the Fishery Conservation transition Act Fact sheet
                 S.3594, The Fishery Conservation Transition Act, was in-      FCTA, if actions above have been taken and total fishing clo-
             troduced by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) on July 15, 2010. FCTA      sures are still deemed necessary, they would not be consid-
             has five key areas which steer NOAA Fisheries back to the         ered before the end of fishery year 2015.
             intent of the 2006 reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens
             Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA): ending                           3. economic Assistance –
             overfishing.                                                                        Bill section Three
                                                                                   FCTA amends MSA’s economic assistance program to
                       1. A Transition to rational                             better ensure funding is targeted to those directly affected
                  management and sustainable Fishing –                         by closures.The bill more specifically directs the Commerce
                             Bill section Two                                  Secretary to carry out an examination of who is being af-
                  FCTA addresses current MSA problems pertaining to            fected and how they are being affected when prioritizing
             fishing in a fishery that includes a stock that is undergoing     economic assistance.
             overfishing. Gaps in MSA regarding multispecies complexes
             have led to overreaching moves such as the current pro-             4. Better Information gathering and Use –
             posal in the South Atlantic to close all bottom fishing for all                   Bill section Five
             snapper-grouper species in order to carry out rebuilding of           FCTA directs Commerce to carry out better social and
             one species -- red snapper. This section maintains the pro-       economic data gathering and analysis pertaining to a given
             hibition on fishing for an overfished stock. However, FCTA        fishery closure decision and directs the department to look
             gives the Secretary of Commerce the ability to allow fishing      at alternative fishery management measures. Requirements
             for other stocks in the complex IF specific thresholds are        in this area include analysis of social and economic impacts
             met and IF certain conservation actions prescribed in the         on fishing communities and industries related to the fish-
             bill are being taken, such as:                                    ery in question; fishery management measures to enhance
             • Measures to minimize bycatch and bycatch mortality;             the sustainability of the challenged stock; an evaluation of
                                                                               alternative measures to enhance the sustainability of that
             • Actions to improve data collection and implementation           stock and a stock assessment update for stocks undergoing
               of a targeted research and monitoring program for the           overfishing every two years and a full assessment at least
               challenged fish stock and the fishery as a whole;               every five years.
             • A program for on-board observers;
                                                                                   5. National Academy of science study –
             • Immediate steps to close stock assessment data gaps in
                                                                                               Bill section Five
               that fishery complex including a stock assessment for
                                                                                  FCTA directs the Secretary of Commerce to conduct
               the challenged stock, and
                                                                               a National Academy of Science study focused on questions
             • A report from the regional fishery management council           surrounding multispecies complexes and the impediments
               on a long-term discard mortality reduction program for          to managing all stocks in such a fishery to maximum sustain-
               the challenged stock.                                           able yield.

                             2.Time to Transition –
                                Bill section Two
                 FCTA gives NOAA Fisheries and the regional councils
             time to transition to a new management framework that
             will deal more rationally and scientifically with rebuilding of
             stocks undergoing overfishing. Closures will still be an op-
             tion but only after actions above have been taken. Under

  S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                           7
around the state

                                                                                                                                       By Tom Kasprzak,
                                                                                                                              CCA Charlotte President and

                   shark tournament Combines sportfishing,
                                                                                                                                 Secretary Robin Leonard

                   Research and Conservation
                       In May, several of the Charlotte Chap-     other sharks caught received regular fin        the aforementioned Guy Harvey Founda-
                   ter CCA Directors participated in the Guy      tags. Points for certain sharks were award-     tion and Mote Marine. Also on hand with
                   Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge. This ef-      ed based upon species and size.                 her total support for the tournament was
                   fort was the brainchild of Brooks and Sean         On Saturday, May 22, CCA Charlotte          shark conservationist Wendy Benchley, wid-
                   Paxton, nicknamed the “shark brothers.”        Directors Robin and
                   They envisioned a tournament that would        Bob Leonard, Len Harris,
                   combine the sport-fishing, science, and con-   Sandy Limberger, and Tom
                   servation of the species. Those aspirations    Kasprzak       participated
                   came true with the help and support of         in the Sarasota segment
                   some very notable participants: Mote Ma-       of the tournament. Bob
                   rine, the Guy Harvey Foundation, Captain       Leonard was observing
                   Robert Moore of Port Charlotte, and other      “Team Poledancer” with
                   supporters who donated items utilized in       anglers Zac Gerzeny
                   the tournament.                                of Sarasota and Wayne
                       CCA Charlotte Directors volunteered        Nichols who were in
                   to attend an observer training session         first place for the first
                   where tagging techniques, shark identifica-    day. “Team Redzone” was
                   tion, and tournament rules and procedures      comprised of Charlotte
                   were taught. Dr. Robert Heuter, a world-re-    Captains Mike Manis and
                   nowned shark biologist from Mote Marine        Jay Withers, accompanied
                   was the instructor in the presentation along   by Tom Kasprzak; “Team
                   with Sean, Brooks and Captain Moore. An        Mr. Tarpon” was observed
                   official observer was required to be on a      by Robin Leonard with Captain Jim Willis        ow of “Jaws” author, the late Peter Benchley.
                   participant vessel each day of the event.      and Bucky Dennis. Sandy Limberger was           She has long been involved in shark protec-
                       The first segment of the tournament        observing on “Team Chubby’s” with Rich          tion and preservation.
                   took place with 12 entries on May 1 and        Proceszyn and William Defuna, and Len               The tournament received national news
                   2, out of Burnt Store Marina in Charlotte      Harris observed on “Team Liquid Assets”         coverage on Sunday May 30 on NBC Night-
                   Harbor. The top five finishers went on to      with anglers David McQuade and Thomas           ly News. More information is available on
                   compete in Sarasota on May 22 and 23.          Burt from Ft. Myers.                            the Guy Harvey website www.GuyHarvey-
                   Mote Marine researchers and attending              Team Redzone caught the most sharks A great time was
                   film crews hope to convince National Geo-      on Saturday based on number and type of         had by all and your CCA was in the fore-
                   graphic to make this project a part of their   sharks and was in second place while Team       front of this precedent-setting event that
                   popular “Shark Week” series. Mote was in-      Poledancer held on to their standing in first   should become a model for other tourna-
                   terested in satellite tagging female hammer-   place, ultimately winning the tournament        ments. Plans are already under way for next
                   head sharks and adult bull sharks. Other       and the first-place prize of $10,000. Team      year’s tournament which is expected to be
                   sharks, such as nurse, blacktip, and spinner   Redzone came in second, taking home             larger than this inaugural event. Hopefully
                   sharks were to be tagged by the observers      $1250 for their efforts.                        these no-kill tournaments featuring a triage
                   and released. Four such sharks, two ham-           The tournament was supported by the         of recreation, science, and conservation,
                   merheads and an adult male and female bull     Humane Society of the United States, Shark      will continue to keep in the spotlight these
                   shark, were caught and satellite tagged. All   Free Marinas, and Fishpond USA, as well as      necessary and vital apex predators. Look
                                                                                                                  for more hot and heavy action in years to
                                                                                                                  come. We hope to continue CCA’s involve-
                                                                                                                  ment and support in this wonderful endeav-
                                                                                                                  or. A special thank you goes out to Captain
                                                                                                                  Robert Moore who was instrumental in
                                                                                                                  getting the CCA’s support from not only
                                                                                                                  the local chapter but CCA Florida’s as well.
                                                                                                                  The Florida CCA’s support group included
                                                                                                                  President Jeff Allen, Vice President Bill Bird,
                                                                                                                  CEO Brian Gorski, and Regional Director
                                                                                                                  Mike Modisett.

      8                                                                                                                     S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                     CCA FLOrIdA
                                                                                                     BANqUeT sChedULe
                                                                                                     Presented by
                                                                                                     Hell’s Bay Boatworks

                                                                                                        Pinellas Banquet
                                                                                                        Thursday, september 16th
                                                                                                        Held at Ruth Eckerd Hall off of McMullen
                                                                                                        Booth Rd, this event is one you will not want
                                                                                                        to miss. Our 23rd annual banquet will feature
                                                                                                        a steak dinner, raffle and silent and live auc-
                                                                                                        tions.Tickets are $80 per person or $130 per
                                                                                                        couple. Corporate tables begin at $1,500 for
                                                                                                        a table of eight. For additional informa-

  orlando Chapter
                                                                                                        tion please contact Brian gorski (941)

                                                                                                        Tampa Photo All release Challenge

  Repeats as 2010
                                                                                                        Friday & saturday, september 24th &
                                                                                                        The 26th annual CCA Tampa Photo All Re-
                                                                                                        lease Challenge will be held at the Tampa Bay

  ICC Grand Champions                                                                                   Watch Marine Center in Tierra Verde. Regis-
                                                                                                        tration, dinner and the captain’s meeting will
                                                                                                        be held at 5:00 pm on Friday. Fishing is Satur-
                                                                                                        day beginning at 6:30 am. For additional in-
      CCA Florida’s Seventh Annual Inter-            Orlando Chapter just edged out the Tampa           formation please contact don roberts
  Chapter Challenge (ICC) was held on June           Chapter by 1.5 inches. Allen McMillen car-         (813) 918-4779
  25th and 26th at River Palm Cottages and           ried the team to victory with his 21.75”
                                                                                                        dade Banquet
  Fish Camp. A record 95 anglers represent-          redfish and 22.75” snook. Sandy Showalter          Thursday, september 30th
  ing local chapters from around the state           completed the slam with a 25” trout.               Join us at the beautiful Treetop Ballroom at
  traveled to Jensen Beach to take part in the           The 2010 ICC, included a Texas Hold ‘Em        the Parrot Jungle Island in Miami for the 25th
  tournament. The ICC is a fun event with a          poker tournament, raffle, awards ceremony          annual Dade County Banquet. Tickets are
                                                                                                        $100 per person. Corporate and reserved
  flare of intensity and competition that cul-       and dinner. The poker tournament featured          tables begin at $1,000 for a table of ten. For
  minates with one chapter going home with           some fierce competition and Rob Harold             additional information please contact
  bragging rights until next year’s tourna-          (Manatee County), John Ballard (Sarasota           Jerry mcginley (305) 796-9838 or scott
  ment.                                              County) and Lynn Zirkle (Sarasota County)          Nichols (561) 628-0335 snichols@cca-
      This year’s tournament was sponsored           rounded out the top three respectively.  
  by River Palm Cottages and Fish Camp,Tex-              The ICC was started in 2004 to bring
  as Cattle Company, Hell’s Bay Boatworks,           members together from all over the state                           OCTOBer
  Yamaha, Pathfinder, Land Shark Lager, Costa,       to share ideas, talk about their individual
  King Sailfish Mounts, and Starbrite.               chapters and have a great day on the wa-           gainesville Banquet
      The ICC is a photo all-release tourna-         ter. Bill Camp (Palm Beach County) had this        Thursday, October 7th
                                                                                                        The Gainesville banquet will again be held at
  ment and the Grand Champion is based on            to say about this year’s ICC “Our Chap-            the Rembert Family Farm in Alachua. Tick-
  the team’s total inches of the largest snook,      ter’s team had a wonderful time at River           ets are $50 per person and $95 per couple.
  redfish and trout. All anglers are required to     Palm Cottages, as several of us brought our        Corporate and reserved tables begin at $750
  fish with artificial lures only. Anglers com-      wives, kids, and pets and made a weekend           for a table of eight. For additional infor-
                                                                                                        mation please contact Wiley horton
  pete both as team members and individuals.         out of the event. We enjoyed meeting so            (352) 371-8649 or mike modisett (407)
  The divisions included team snook, redfish,        many other CCA members from around                 257-7333
  and trout which were based on the teams            the state and look forward to next year all
  3 largest fish of each species. Individual divi-   the more. Without hesitation, I encourage          Orlando Banquet
  sions included largest snook, largest redfish,     all other Chapters in Florida to make it a         Thursday October 14th
                                                                                                        The Orlando Banquet will be held at Sea-
  largest trout and mystery fish.                    point to participate in the ICC next year.”        World’s Ports of Call. Featuring special guest
      The Orlando Chapter won the Alex                   The Alex Jernigan Grand Championship           Captain Rick Murphy and featured artist Jac-
  Jernigan Grand Championship and bragging           trophy will be proudly displayed at Central        queline Endlich (see artist’s bio in this issue)
  rights with a 22.75” snook, 21.75” redfish         Florida Marine in Orlando until next year          as well as a great display of Hell’s Bay boats
                                                                                                        this year’s event is sure to be bigger and bet-
  and a 25” trout. For the third time, their         when the Orlando Chapter will attempt to           ter than ever! Tickets are $150 per person
  chapter name will join the past Grand              3-Peat! The 2011 ICC will be held at River         and corporate sponsorships begin at $3,000.
  Champions (Manatee County 2004 & 2005,             Palm Cottages and Fish Camp on June 24th           For additional information please con-
  Orlando 2006, Naples 2007, Martin County           and 25th. Be sure to book your cottage             tact Kevin reynolds (407) 234-9422 or
  2008, Orlando 2010) on the Alex Jernigan           early as River Palm is sure to sell out as it      dan Askin (321) 663-2588
  Grand Champion perpetual trophy. The               did this year.
                                                                                                                      (continued on page 11)

S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                         9
around the state

                   Palm Beach County Forms two CCA Chapters
                       This year the Coastal Conservation        voted together for the move and pledged to        odd side. No worries though, just support both
                   Association of Florida formed two new         continue to support each other’s events as        chapters! Members do not need to do any-
                   chapters out of the old Palm Beach Coun-      well as other local fishing organizations. This   thing to be placed in the correct chapter; it all
                   ty chapter, dividing the county north and     chapter will continue to be a leading voice       happens like magic with the zip code designa-
                   south. This represents a giant step forward   of recreational fisherman when advocating         tions at National.
                   for one of the leading CCA chapters in the    for local, statewide and national access to            The North Palm Beach Chapter has sched-
                   nation. Palm Beach County CCA has his-        fisheries. The two chapters are even better       uled its first event as an annual banquet at the
                   torically produced some of the most suc-      equipped to represent local interests. If you     Jupiter Beach Resort on November 6, 2010.
                   cessful fundraisers and some of our best      would like to be more involved in advocating      South County’s first event is planned to be a
                   and most active leaders across the country.   for local fishery access, now is a great time.    “cocktails for a cause” reception and auction
                   Palm Beach County is not the first local      Just renew your membership and contact us         this fall, at a location to be announced soon.
                   area to divide its membership. Large urban    at                                 Local members are very excited about the op-
                   areas such as Houston, have been success-         The split of the county chapters runs on a    portunity to focus their efforts on the members in
                   fully divided for many years.                 line roughly east and west along Lantana Road     their closest geographic area. We hope everyone
                       With its huge footprint, almost 2000      just south of the Town of Lake Worth. CCA         will join in supporting both chapters. For ques-
                   square miles and 1.3 million people, Palm     National tracks its members by zip code, so       tions or information on how you can help, contact
                   Beach County was ripe for such a move.        the split is not a straight line. Some who live   CCA’s regional director for both chapters, Scott
                   Members from both ends of the county          along that corridor may find themselves on the    Nichols at

                                        JOIN CCA TODAY!

      10                                                                                                                      S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                  CCA FLOrIdA
      Hero of Conservation                                                                        BANqUeT sChedULe
                                                                                                  Presented by
                                                                                                  Hell’s Bay Boatworks

                                                                                                     Treasure Coast BBq
                                                                                                     Friday October 22nd
                                                                                                     Make plans now to join us at The Riverhouse
                                                                                                     in Vero Beach for the annual CCA Treasure
                                                                                                     Coast BBQ and Auction.This event is always
                                                                                                     a great time, featuring live music, free beer
                                                                                                     and great Bono’s BBQ. Tickets are just $45
                                                                                                     per person or $70 per couple. For addi-
                                                                                                     tional information please contact rick
                                                                                                     smith (772) 532-0665 or Norman rid-
                                                                                                     gely (772) 532-4265

                                                                                                     Pasco Banquet
                                                                                                     Thursday, October 28th
                                                                                                     Our 18th annual banquet will be held at The
                                                                                                     Spartan Manor. Tickets are $60 per person
                                                                                                     and $105 per couple. Corporate and re-
     Congratulations to CCA Orlando member Greg Harrison for being recognized in Field               served tables are also available for $800 for
  & Stream’s April, 2010 issue as a Hero of Conservation. Greg was recognized for his work           a table of eight. For additional informa-
  on a local oyster restoration project. Working with the Nature Conservancy the project             tion please contact Capt. steve Bowl-
  uses oyster “mats” to restore damaged oyster reefs in Mosquito Lagoon. The mats give the           er (727) 919-6191 or mike modisett
  oysters a foothold and allow the reefs to re-colonize. Greg has been tireless in his efforts;
  organizing “drilling parties” to prepare the oysters and “mat making parties” to assemble the
  mats prior to deployment, as well as rounding up volunteers for deployment of the mats.                          NOvemBer
  Greg is an active member of the Orlando Chapter. When he is not working with oysters,
  Greg is twisting arms around Orlando for the CCA Orlando BBQ and Banquet events.                   sarasota Banquet
                                                                                                     Thursday, November 4th
  Thank you Greg for your dedication!                                                                Held at the beautiful Chelsea Center off of
                                                                                                     Gulf Gate Drive, this event is one you will
                                                                                                     not want to miss. Our 23rd annual banquet
                                                                                                     is presented by Capstan Financial Consult-
                                                                                                     ing Group and will feature a steak dinner by
                                                                                                     Texas Cattle Company and a 2 hour open
                                                                                                     bar. Tickets are $75 per person or $125 per
                                                                                                     couple. Corporate and reserved tables be-
                                                                                                     gin at $500. For additional information
                                                                                                     please contact Brian gorski (941) 531-

                                                                                                     sarasota Fall Fly Fishing Challenge
                                                                                                     saturday, November 6th
                                                                                                     The 6th annual CCA Sarasota/Mangrove
                                                                                                     Coast Fly Fishers “Fall Fly Fishing Challenge”
                                                                                                     will be held at Ken Thompson Park. The
                                                                                                     mandatory captain’s meeting will be held at
                                                                                                     6:30 am on Saturday followed by the tour-
                                                                                                     nament which begins at 7:00 am. The tour-
                                                                                                     nament features a raffle, BBQ and awards
                                                                                                     ceremony. For additional information
                                                                                                     please contact Capt. rick grassett
                                                                                                     (941) 350-9790

                                                                                                     North Palm Beach Banquet
                                                                                                     saturday, November 6th
                                                                                                     The Palm Beach banquet will be held at
                                                                                                     The Jupiter Beach Resort in Jupiter, Florida.
                                                                                                     Tickets are $125 per person and $250 per
                                                                                                     couple. Corporate and reserved tables be-
                                                                                                     gin at $1,250 for a table of ten. For addi-
                                                                                                     tional information please contact rick
                                                                                                     hoagland at (561) 214-8126 or scott
                                                                                                     Nichols (561) 628-0335 snichols@cca-

S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                    11
around the state

                   CCA Florida Recognizes Richard and Kathy Black
                   and Grand slam sportfishing supply
                       Since founding their business, Grand         hamas, and many others.                         ted $25,000 for CCA Florida!
                   Slam Sportfishing Supply, Richard and Kathy          Shortly after opening their doors, Rich-         In recognition of all they have done,
                   Black have made it a priority to give back to    ard and Kathy along with Dave Parchesco         Richard and Kathy were recently made
                   the community. Fortunately for CCA Flori-        of Starboard Yacht Services started the         CCA Life Members at a small ceremony in
                   da, they have chosen CCA as their primary        Grand Slam KDW Tournament . The 1st An-         North Palm Beach. CCA Florida Chairman,
                   beneficiary.                                     nual Grand Slam KDW Tournament was              Jeff Allen, attended the ceremony and com-
                       Grand Slam Sportfishing Supply has           held in 1996 with 102 boats participating.      mented; “Richard and Kathy have done so
                   been in business since 1995. It was started      The KDW Tournament continued to grow            much for CCA Florida. I was proud to be
                   with their first store in Jupiter, Florida. In   through the years and joined with Cast-         here when they received this small token of
                   2003 they opened a second store in Riviera       aways Marina to form the Grand Slam/            our appreciation. With these tournaments
                   Beach, Florida. Together the 2 stores fea-       Castaways Tournament Series. In 2007 the        being here in my backyard I have seen how
                   ture one of the finest inventory selections      Jupiter Billfish Tournament was added with      much work they put in to these events and
                   in South Florida. They are a 15 employee         overwhelming success. Today the Grand           the payoff that comes back to our organi-
                   international tackle outfitter dedicated to      Slam/Castaways team puts on four events         zation.” Mr. Allen concluded by saying, “On
                   customer service with the inventory ready        per year with the primary focus of raising      behalf of all of our members I would like to
                   to ship to you.                                  money for local charities. In addition to the   thank the Black’s for all they have done, and
                       One of the best things about Grand           Billfish Tournament and the KDW, the se-        continue to do, to conserve and protect
                   Slam Sportfishing Supply is that their staff     ries also includes a Kids Tournament and        our marine resources.”
                   is comprised of current and past traveling       the Bluewater Babes Ladies’ Tournament               For more information about Grand
                   captains, mates and big game tournament          which was added just last year. Since their     Slam Sportfishing Supply or the Grand
                   winners. In addition to their Florida fishing    inception the tournaments have raised           Slam/ Castaways Tournament Series please
                   expertise, their collective worldwide ex-        well over $500,000 for local charities, with    visit
                   perience spans the globe, including fishing      a large percentage of that going to CCA
                   destinations such as Venezuela, Costa Rica,      Florida.The most recent Grand Slam/ Cast-
                   Panama, Africa, Mexico, the Azores, the Ba-      aways Jupiter Billfish Tournament alone net-

                                                                                                                                  Picture It!
                                                                                                                           We want great
                                                                                                                             from our
                                                                                                                           Help keep Seawatch “One of the
                                                                                                                                  best conservation
                                                                                                                               publications in Florida”.
                                                                                                                                    Please send your
                                                                                                                            photos to: Dan Askin, P.O. Box
                                                                                                                          568886, Orlando, Florida, 32856-8886
                                                                                                                                     (407) 854-7002

    12                                                                                                                        S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
                                       Hunter and Colton Carr
                                        display Their Winnings

Nick Manson with a
monster redfish

                                              CCA Mid Coast Hosts second
                                              Annual Youth tournament
                                                  The CCA Mid Coast chapter hosted their Second Annual Youth
                                              Inshore Classic Tournament on Saturday, July 17th at Down the
                                              Hatch Seafood Restaurant in Ponce Inlet. The event was designed
                                              to be an adult style, photo release tournament for young anglers
                                              complete with a captains meeting and awards ceremony. The event
                                              was a great success with 26 registered anglers and their families
                                              fishing, and almost every one of them bringing back photos of fish
                                              that they caught and released.
                                                  Our Slam winner, Hunter Carr, took home some serious hard-
                                              ware with catches of Trout, Redfish and Jack Crevalle! Great job
                                              and congratulations Hunter! Other notable catches included Nick
                                              Manson, who came in with a photo of a very nice 47” Redfish,
                                              Corey Lemmon who brought in a total of 144 ½” of Redfish and
                                              Chris Tomlinson who caught Trout totaling 97 ½” These were only
                                              a few of the great fish that were caught, photographed and re-
                                                  While the tournament was geared toward young anglers the
                                              adults all had a great time as well. Just seeing the smiles on the faces
                                              of these young anglers as they submitted their photos for down-
                                              loading was all the pleasure that our members and the spectators
                                              needed and made the whole tournament well worth it.

  S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                     13
     Costa Sponsors New Life Member Drive
                       Hard to believe but                                            While showing your
                  it has already been one                                        commitment to the orga-
                  year since we announced                                        nization through either of
                  our new life member                                            these new life member-
                  campaign and two new                                           ship levels 80% of your
                  levels of life membership                                      donation comes directly
                  in the summer 2009 is-                                         back to CCA Florida to
                  sue of Sea Watch. Since                                        support our mission right
                  then, thanks to a group                                        here in Florida with the
                  of dedicated sports-                                           remaining 20% going to
                  men, we have had one of                                        our National Advocacy
                  our largest spikes in life                                     Fund to take on National
                  membership ever. Not                                           issues. The standard life
                  only have we increased our life member-        membership is also a great way to sup-
                  ship but CCA Florida now has their first       port CCA Florida with $945 of your
                  Heritage and Legacy life members! Due          contribution coming right back to CCA
                  to this success I am happy to announce         Florida.
                  that we are continuing our life member             As a special incentive from now
                  campaign and Costa has stepped up to           through the end of 2010 all new life
                  reward those who sign up.                      members, and those who upgrade to
                       I would like to thank each and every      Heritage or Legacy levels, will receive
                  one of our life members, new and old,          some great gifts courtesy of our friends
                  for making this commitment to CCA              at Costa. Any new life member will re-
                  Florida. As a life member myself I under-      ceive a gift certificate good for any pair
                  stand that life membership is a critical       of Costa sunglasses! This includes any
                  component of the CCA Florida mem-              frames and any lens, excluding prescrip-
                  bership plan. Joining this exclusive list of   tions, up to and including their new
                  concerned anglers and conservationists         580 lens. This is up to a $300 value!
                  is one of the best ways to support your        For those stepping up to Heritage or
                  CCA Florida.                                   Legacy levels this year we’ll make it “his
                       The newest life membership levels         and hers” Costas along with a Costa gift
                  are the Heritage level of $5,000 and the       pack for a total value of $800! Special
                  Legacy level of $10,000. All three life        thanks to our great partner, Costa, for
                  member levels come with a distinctive          this generous donation.
                  three-dimensional display piece that de-           CCA Florida has made attaining life
                  notes the particular life member level.        membership even easier and more con-
                       For those who are already life mem-       venient, by offering quarterly or month-
                  bers please know that your current life        ly credit card billing. Simply sign up using
                  membership is very important to CCA’s          your credit card and get your new life
                  ongoing success and you will continue          membership in easy installments.
                  to receive all the current benefits and            For more information about life
                  features that you now enjoy with your          memberships please feel free to call me
                  life membership. These two new levels          at 407-854-7002 x14.
                  have been created to give the opportu-             Thank you for your sup-
                  nity for additional support of CCA be-         port of CCA Florida and
                  yond the original life member level. For       please join me as a life mem-
                  current life members your past $1,000          ber today.
                  life member contribution will be count-             —Brian Gorski, COO, CCA
                  ed toward upgrading your membership                                      Florida
                  to the $5,000 or $10,000 level.

14                                                                                  S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                                                                          sponsor spotlight
      Pathfinder Becomes official Bay Boat of CCA Florida
          CCA Florida is proud to announce the          ers. Each and every model and feature start       Coastal Conservation Association Florida’s
      renewal of one of our oldest relationships.       with the idea of improvement and problem-         first lifetime achievement award for his and
      Following CCA Florida’s inception in 1985,        solving. Pathfinders have been conceived          MBC’s involvement in successful conserva-
      Maverick Boat Company (MBC) was the               from the ground up. They are not modified         tion initiatives like the Ban the Nets cam-
      first boat manufacturer to step forward as        designs of existing hulls tricked out with        paign and many others.
      a major supporter, not only of the organiza-      cosmetics and features that don’t work.               Charlie Johnson, Director of Marketing
      tion, but also of vital marine conservation is-   Pathfinders are focused products born to          and Promotions for Maverick, states “We
      sues throughout the state. MBC has backed         do one put dedicated anglers on        have a long history of supporting conserva-
      CCA’s efforts through product donations,          fish and to do it with comfort and safety         tion and are proud to be able to help CCA
      membership initiatives and discounted boat        with sensible, integrated technology and          Florida continue its mission to conserve and
      packages made available through chapter           craftsmanship.                                    protect our marine resources.We think that
      fundraising banquets. This historical                                                                     it’s something that makes sense from a
      relationship has now been reestab-                                                                        social responsibility standpoint”.
      lished with the announcement of a                                                                              Charlie Johnson summed up Maver-
      four year agreement making Path-                                                                          ick’s commitment,“We’re fishermen, so
      finder the Official Bay Boat of CCA                                                                       we value the resource greatly.We want
      Florida.                                                                                                  to make sure that the marine environ-
          CCA Florida is happy to partner with              Pathfinder’s ability to run in bigger wa-     ment remains healthy. In the end, it’s about
      such an outstanding organization. Brian           ter with more capacity for crew, storage,         the fishery and the environment.”
      Gorski, Chief Operating Officer for CCA           fuel and horsepower allowed the Maverick              As part of the agreement, Pathfinder,
      Florida states “we are very excited to have       Boat Company team to incorporate never            on an annual basis will donate a Pathfind-
      Pathfinder back as a sponsor and we can-          before seen fishability features into a fam-      er 2200 Bay complete with a Yamaha 150
      not thank Scott Deal (MBC CEO) and                ily friendly bay boat. With more freeboard,       hp four stroke and aluminum trailer. CCA
      MBC enough for their generous support.            range and unparalleled performance, to-           Florida will offer this unbelievable package
      The Pathfinder name is synonymous with            day’s Pathfinder remains the nation’s most        in a statewide member only raffle. Only
      quality, experience and value. CCA Florida        popular bay boat, a title held since its intro-   500 tickets will be available at a suggested
      is lucky to have the support of Pathfinder        duction in 1998.                                  minimum donation of $100. “CCA is a very
      and MBC.”                                             From the earliest days, the crew at MBC       fine organization, and this raffle allows us
          The bay and offshore boats created by         has been dedicated to giving back to the          to give back to a fishing industry that has
      Pathfinder are the direct result of concepts      waters and the fish that have fueled their        supported us so well over the years.” said
      and input from an angler-driven design team,      passion and provided their inspiration.           Johnson.
      pro guide staff, and a loyal core of custom-      In 2006, MBC CEO Scott Deal was given

S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                       15
16   S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                                                                         sponsor spotlight
  star brite & CCA Florida
      Star brite is well known for their broad     some years ago, so we are very proud to           pletely when disposed of in a landfill.
  range of boat care products, but what might      once again be part of the CCA family. We               In recognition of the recent cold-weath-
  not be as well known is the firm’s commit-       are out on the water every chance we get,         er disaster that decimated snook fisheries,
  ment to preserving our natural resources,        so preserving our waterways and sealife for       Star brite will donate a percentage of Sea
  as evidenced by the firm’s return as a CCA       ourselves as well as for future generations is    Safe sales proceeds to groups that are tak-
  Florida sponsor. Long before being “green”       a top priority. This is why when we manu-         ing an active role in restoring the species.
  was trendy, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-        facture a product, we go to extreme lengths            The firm’s Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment
  based firm was formulating biodegradable         to make sure it will have little or no negative   also exemplifies the commitment to products
  products. The company’s mission is simple:       impact on the environment.”                       that really work without harming the environ-
  develop products that work extremely well            Star brite is a Sailfish Level sponsor of     ment. While Star Tron uses unique enzyme
  while not harming the user or the environ-       CCA in 2010, and will be providing prod-          technology to immediately improve the quality
  ment. Run by a group of active boaters and       ucts for various CCA events. The products         of any fuel used in any gasoline or diesel-pow-
  anglers, each product undergoes extensive        are chosen for their usefulness to members,       ered engine, thus also improving performance,
  laboratory testing as well as real-world test-   but they also represent environmentally-          it also significantly reduces harmful emissions.
  ing on their own boats. As a result, while       responsible choices. As an example, Star          It allows engines to perform at peak perfor-
  nine out of every ten products considered        brite’s Sea Safe line of biodegradable cleaners   mance, yet produce less toxic gases.
  never make it to a store shelf, the ones that    have always been “green” but were recently             The firm has also recently introduced an
  do represent the best products available in      reviewed with an eye towards updating the         entire line of biodegradable, bio-renewable lu-
  terms of performance, technological advanc-      formulas. The products, all of which perform      bricants and greases, as well as a fully synthet-
  es, environmental responsibility and value.      exactly as well if not actually better than any   ic, biodegradable TC-W3 two-cycle engine oil.
      Star brite recently renewed it’s partner-    traditional counterparts, now feature cutting-    These products outperform traditional coun-
  ship with CCA Florida. For many years, the       edge ingredients, scents and even dies that       terparts in every respect, while greatly mini-
  firm was a proud sponsor of CCA activities,      make them safe to use on or near the water.       mizing their ecological impact. They provide a
  and has now returned. Gregor Dornau, Star        Taking it a step further, Sea Safe products are   way to use boats without harming sealife.
  brite’s Executive Vice President, says, “CCA     packaged in biodegradable bottles made by              The firm is also a sponsor of CCA Loui-
  members are also our customers and neigh-        the firm at its 20-acre facility in Montgomery.   siana. For more information on Star brite
  bors, so it makes sense to take an active role   Alabama. This represents a first in the marine    products or the firm’s environmental initia-
  in this organization. My brother was instru-     industry. The bottles are blow-molded using       tives, visit the website at www. starbrite.
  mental in partnering our firm with CCA           resins that allow them to decompose com-          com or contact them at (800) 327-8583.

S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                            17
featured artist

                  Meet Jacqueline endlich
                       Art and science have always been the focus in Jacqueline Endlich’s
                  life. It wasn’t until her junior year at Florida Atlantic University that
                  she realized there might be a career in combining the two. ‘’I love
                  the details in everything. In science there is so much to notice,
                  and art affords me the ability to capture what I see with my eyes,
                  and what I feel in my heart. I can use my talent to put an abstract
                  twist on realistic pieces, or enhance the beauty I see in nature in a
                  possible design.”
                       Growing up in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas,
                  Jacqueline was able to experience everything the Southwest had to
                  offer: camping, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and even
                  the occasional fishing trip to lakes and trout streams. In 1995, while
                  still in elementary school, Jacqueline’s mother decided to relocate
                  to Merritt Island, Florida. Being away from the mountains crushed
                  Jacqueline, but Florida’s beauty and diversity started to fill those
                  voids in a different way. Although, she was emotionally crippled by
                  the movie JAWS when she was six years old, Jacqueline was able
                  to fend off her fear just enough to learn how to wake board and
                  participate in other water activities.
                       Jacqueline’s step dad, Kurt taught her as much as he could about
                  fishing. Together they moved away from those little creeks in NM,
                  and CO and on to the Intracoastal waterways and the Atlantic
                  Ocean. “Embarrassing to say, but we were eating everything we
                  caught.The fish species were so new to us, we didn’t know the good          manatees, and Florida was starting to feel like a permanent vacation.
                  ones from the bad ones.” The family swam with wild dolphins and             At the start of her junior year in high school, another move was
                                                                                              in store. This time to the Florida Keys. “Everything beautiful about
                                                                                              Florida is magnified in the Keys.” Snorkeling, became a more relaxed
                                                                                              and current event with work on the shark phobia. Offshore and
                                                                                              backcountry fishing was a daily activity during the summers. “You
                                                                                              become so spoiled having lived in the Keys. Nothing quite like it.”
                                                                                                  Back in the Southwest, when Jacqueline was little, her grandfather
                                                                                              presented her with a collection of his old fishing lures, in hopes that
                                                                                              she would be able to use them in her new found hobby. It was those
                                                                                              exact lures that sparked an idea to dabble in the world of marine art
                                                                                              after rendering several of them for friends and family. Little did she
                                                                                              know that her mother and she were headed on a journey towards
                                                                                              marine apparel and accessories. They have used their design talents
                                                                                              and combined with quality products help sponsor a number of
                                                                                              charities, and are still on the move to do more with it.
                                                                                                  Jacqueline is fueled by nature, marine and otherwise. She has a
                                                                                              fascination and deep respect for it. “I know I’m only one person, but
                                                                                              I hope my love for nature will show in my art and in my actions, and
                                                                                              maybe inspire others to jump aboard and make a difference where
                                                                                              and how they can for our fragile enviornment.”
                                                                                                  Although, Jacqueline is a very talented artist in many types of
                                                                                              mediums, she is best known for her marine inspired art. It’s truely
                                                                                              different and unique, a technique not seen before now.
                                                                                                  Jacqueline will be the featured artist at this year’s CCA Orlando
                                                                                              Banquet and Auction, following in the footsteps of other great art-
                                                                                              ists like Al Barnes, Carey Chen, Eileen Seitz and many more. The
                                                                                              banquet will be held on October 14th at Sea Worlds Ports of Call.
                                                                                              Jacqueline will be on hand to sign and give away prints and one origi-
                                                                                              nal piece of her art will be in the live auction.
                                                                                                  For more information about Jacqueline visit her website at www.
                                                                                     or her Facebook page at “Saltwater Art By Jac-
                                                                                              queline Endlich”.

     18                                                                                                                          S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0
 second Annual CCA Golf Challenge at Black Diamond Ranch
                                                    Last year’s event was a huge success          course; range balls, cart, lunch and awards
                                               with an overwhelming number of golfers             ceremony dinner and more.
                                               asking us to schedule it again this year. The
                                               pace of the event was outstanding leaving          For more information please contact Brian
                                               each foursome to feel as if they had the           Gorski at (941) 720-4446 or visit www.
                                               course to themselves. No one was being   
                                               rushed or held up and the course itself was
                                               unbelievable. Constructed in an old quarry
                                               the elevation changes are unlike anything
                                               else you will see in Florida.
                                                    Golfers traveled from as far away as
                                               Texas and North Carolina just to play this
                                               challenging course. Jeff Miller, CCA Florida
                                               President, had this to say; “My group had a
                                               fantastic time on this course. We plan on
                                               coming back as long as this event goes on!
     After a terrific inaugural event CCA      It is a unique experience and a great place
 Florida is proud to announce our second       to bring clients or friends. Plus it’s all for a
 annual CCA Golf Challenge at Black Dia-       great cause.”
 mond, Monday, December 6, 2010. Rated              Foursomes are $1,000 and sponsorships
 in the top 100 golf courses for the last 19   begin at just $200. Entry fees include every-
 years you do not want to miss this oppor-     thing you need for a great day on a great

Reser ve your spot toed
   Only 14 foursom
      still available
20   S E AWAT C H • S P R I N G 2 0 1 0

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