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					                                                            Hunter Hack Series 2284 165 St. Surrey, BC

         . com          MAY 06                                           JUNE 10
                        Pre-Registration: SSC Members: $7/class ($40/day) non-members: $8/class
                                                                                                                      SEPT 09

                        NEW THIS YEAR: Post Entry: (day of show) $10/class
Sunnyside Saddle Club
                        Rules:             Current EC rulebook. Sunnyside reserves the right to combine/split or cancel classes.
                        Awards:            Ribbons to 6th place. Age: As of Jan. 01, 2007                High Point Show (Sept 09) Prizes for EVERY CLASS!
                        Series:            Junior and Senior Champion and Reserve, horse/rider combination must ride in 2 out of the 3 shows.
                        Tack / Dress:      Must adhere to EC rules regarding bits, whips & bridles.It is mandatory that correct footwear with a heel & ASTM helmet be
                                           worn at all times when mounted. Boots, bandages & schooling tack at the judge's discretion.
                        Time:              Entry Booth: Opens @ 8AM           Flat Classes: Start @ 9AM           Over Fences: After lunch.
                              #                 Flat Classes                Fees                             #          Jumping Classes                 Fees
                                                Leadline Class                                                        Hunt Seat Equitation – 18”
                                1                                                                            17
                                                 Walking Only                                                            (Under 9 years old)
                                                                                                                             Cross Rails
                                                Leadline Class                                                        Hunt Seat Equitation – 18”
                                2                                                                            18
                                                  Walk/Trot                                                                    OPEN
                                                                                                                             Cross Rails
                                             Walk/Trot Equitation                                                     Hunt Seat Equitation – 18”
                                3                                                                            19
                                             (Under 9 years old)                                                              PONIES
                                                                                                                             Cross Rails
                                             Walk/Trot Equitation                                                     Cross Pole Hunters – 18”
                                4                                                                            20
                                                    OPEN                                                                       OPEN
                                                                                                                             Cross Rails
                                              Walk/Trot Pleasure                                                            Green Rider
                                5                                                                            21
                                             (Under 9 years old)                                                                  2'
                                              Walk/Trot Pleasure                                                            Green Horse
                                6                                                                            22
                                                    OPEN                                                                          2'
                                                 Green Rider                                                              Warm Up Hunters
                                7                                                                            23
                                                    OPEN                                                                          2’
                                                Green Horse                                                               Schooling Hunters
                                8                                                                            24
                                                    OPEN                                                                      2’ – 2’3”
                                             Hunt Seat Equitation                                                       Low Working Hunters
                                9                                                                            25
                                             (Under 9 years old)                                                             2’3” – 2’6”
                                             Hunt Seat Equitation                                                      Green Working Hunters
                             10                                                                              26
                                                    OPEN                                                                     2’6” – 2’9”
                                            Hunter Under Saddle
                             11                                                                              27             3’ Hunter Finale
                                             (Under 9 years old)
                                            Hunter Under Saddle
                             12                                                                                      TOTAL FEES:
                                              Hunter Equitation                                        Pre-Registration:
                                                  PONIES                                               SSC Members: $7/class or $40/day
                                               Hunter Pleasure                                         Non Members: $8/class
                                           Hunter Hack Cross Rails                                     Post-Registration: (day of show):
                                                    OPEN                                               Everyone: $10/class
                                           Hunter Hack 2' Verticals                                    Make cheques payable to: Sunnyside
                                                    OPEN                                               Saddle Club
                                    ** Classes 1 - 8 & 15 cannot be combined with classes 24-27 ** Classes 1 & 2 cannot be combined with classes 7-27 **
                        Rider:                                                          Horse:
                        Address:                                                        Phone:                            Email:

                        HCBC #:                                                         SSC Member? :
                        The undersigned agrees to make no claims against the show committee or Sunnyside Saddle Club or owners of the show grounds if any damage
                        be occasioned or loss to any equipment, or animal, or accident to animal or rider. Sunnyside Saddle Club reserves the right to refuse entries.
         www .

                                               Signature of Rider                                                   Signature of Owner or Agent

                         Signature of Parent/Guardian if Rider is under 18.                                                       Date
                        Please mail or drop off COMPLETED entry forms & fees to:
                        ALI STOELERS 956 164A st. Surrey, BC V4A8N1 604-817-2872
                        DEADLINE: Wednesday before the show.

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