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June 23, 2006

ACU in the News (12)
1. Karl Rove Laughs Last
By Fred Barnes The Weekly Standard June 26, 2006 “He's [Karl Rove] bigger than [Lee] Atwater on the political side and bigger than [Richard] Darman on the policy side," says Jeffrey Bell, a member of the American Conservative Union's board of directors.

2. Under Surveillance: Government Spy Cameras Proliferate
By Lisa Hoffman Scripps Howard News Service June 22, 2006 "Today, every bit of information can be collated, marshaled, can be used," said David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union.

3. Few Rules Regulate Government Cameras
By Lisa Hoffman Scripps Howard News Service June 21, 2006 So troubling are the risks [to privacy posed by government-run surveillance cameras in public areas] that David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union and a Constitution Project leader, said he has abandoned his usual antagonism toward government regulation when it comes to spy cameras. He said he favors some sort of requirement that cities or police departments that receive federal funds must abide by a set of privacy-protecting standards.

4. More Than 100 Diverse Groups Call on Congress to Immediately Disable Technology That Blocks E-Mails from Constituents
Unsigned U.S. Newswire June 20, 2006 [More than 100 groups, including the American Conservative Union, wrote a joint letter to Congress protesting the recent implementation a "logic puzzle" computer program, by several congressional offices, which requires a constituent to answer a random computer-generated question before sending an e-mail.]

5. Republican Revolt over Immigration Reform?
Lou Dobbs Tonight (CNN) June 19, 2006 David Keene, Chairman, American Conservative Union: But I was at the White House. This was some months ago. And we were discussing it. And—and one of their senior people said, you know, this is not amnesty, and described it and looked at the definition. And I said, you know, the problem is, you don't get to define amnesty. The voters are going to define it. And if it's—if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, they're going to think it's a duck.

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6. Shock Factor Puts Coulter in a Class of Her Own
By Mike Devlin The Times-Colonist (Victoria, Canada) June 19, 2006 “I think our motto should be post-9/11, „Raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences,‟” [Ann] Coulter said in February during a Washington, D.C., speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

7. Letter Urges Bush to Join House Bill
By Stephen Dinan The Washington Times June 19, 2006 Top conservative leaders have written [a joint letter to] President Bush telling him to drop his insistence on a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and instead support the 85 percent of congressional Republicans who want to tighten law enforcement first. Signers include William J. Bennett, Robert H. Bork, Ward Connerly, David A. Keene, Phyllis Schlafly and a number of think-tank academics and pundits.

8. Liberalism As Religion
By Michael Brendan Dougherty Brainwash (America‟s Future Foundation) June 19, 2006 CPAC attendees will continue to treat her [Ann Coulter] like a rock star and liberals will continue to sputter and gasp at the mention of her name.

9. Compromise or Betrayal?
By Joseph Sabino Mistick Pittsburgh Tribune-Review June 18, 2006 There is a right-wing counterpart [to the Americans for Democratic Action]—the American Conservative Union—that similarly ranks the conservatism of legislators based on congressional voting records. Like the ADA, the ACU has a dandy Web site and these conservatives seem no more fond of compromise than the ADA liberals.

10. A “Nutty” Dream Coming True
By Scott Maxwell Orlando Sentinel June 18, 2006 Making good on an announcement first reported here two months ago, the American Conservative Union recently gave "Best and Brightest" awards to two Central Florida congressmen: Sen. Mel Martinez and Rep. John Mica. This means those two scored a perfect 100 percent, not straying a single time from the ACU's prescribed way of thinking on things such as opposing taxes and higher fuelefficiency standards. At the other end of the spectrum was Democrat Corrine Brown, who earned a 0.

11. Redefining the New Democrats
By Weldon Berger BTC News June 17, 2006 If you look at [Senator John] McCain‟s [R-AK] heartfelt transformative voting record between 2000 - 2005, you‟ll find a guy earning increasingly higher scores from the American Conservative Union, the Christian Action Network, Concerned Women for America, the Campaign for Working Families, the Eagle Forum, the Christian Coalition, and, yes, the John Birch Society.

12. Conservative Group Calls Pitts “Best, Brightest”

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By Rebecca C. Carroll Lancaster Newspapers (PA) June 16, 2006 U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts has always been a proponent of legislation dealing with conservative social and cultural issues. Now, his dedication to that cause has drawn praise from the American Conservative Union. Pitts was one of 38 members of the House named by the ACU as one of the best and brightest members of Congress. The group held a ceremony June 7 at the Capitol Hill Club. The ACU, a lobbying organization, chose its award winners based on how the congress members handled fiscal issues, social and cultural issues, and defense and homeland security. Since 1971, the ACU has rated every member of Congress. Each recipient of the honor scored 100 percent. David Keene, the chairman of the ACU[,] said in a press release: “As many increasingly question what it means to be a conservative today—especially in the face of an exploding and encroaching federal government—these rock-solid conservatives held fast to ACU‟s core values of fiscal discipline and limited government.”

By ACU (8)
1. Disrobed: How Conservatives Can Take back the Courts
By Lisa De Pasquale Human Events Online June 22, 2006

2. It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To
By Bob Barr The Atlanta Journal-Constitution June 21, 2006

3. Dems‟ “Contract” Ignores Iraq
By David A. Keene The Hill (reprinted in FrontPage Magazine) June 20, 2006

4. ACU Urges Vote on 16-Year-Stalled Judicial Nomination of Terrence Boyle
Press Release The American Conservative Union June 19, 2006

5. Coalition Letter To President Bush, Senate Majority Leader Frist and Speaker Hastert in Support of Enforcement-First Legislation on Immigration
June 19, 2006

6. Coalition Letter in Support of the Legislative Line-item Veto Act
June 15, 2006

7. Coalition Letter To the F.C.C. Opposing the Extension of Cable Must-Carry Rules to Include Digital Multicast Broadcast Channels
June 8, 2006

8. Coalition Letter To the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Opposing Air Traffic Control Labor-Management Negotiations
June 1, 2006

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Of Note (9)
1. Which governor has “one of the most consistently conservative tenures in recent American political history”? Hint: he governs the same state President Bush once did, and his first name is my last name. 2. $37 million for technology the Pentagon couldn't use and didn‟t want? 3. Free (ACU board member) Kirby Wilbur, pleads National Review. 4. Robert Byrd savors his reputation as the king of pork, yet his home state of West Virginia remains at the bottom of every economic indicator. 5. David Boaz explains the dissolution of the small-government ideal within the GOP. 6. Stephen Breyer‟s dissenting opinion in Hudson v. Michigan, the recently and wrongly decided case concerning illegal no-knock raids, cites Radley Balko‟s worrying study of warrants increasingly served by SWAT teams, in the wee hours of the night, armed with "flash bang" grenades, black masks and overpowering weaponry. 7. Joe Klein recaps the “relentless day-to-day ugly” that has consumed the senatorial tenure of Bill Frist. 8. A 1997 Cato essay shows why “government-sponsored entities,” like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, are corporate welfare kings and queens.

Of Note / Craig Shirley (1)
1. He's Ba-ack!
By Carl A. Cannon National Journal June 17, 2006 "I can hear the champagne corks popping all the way across the Potomac," conservative author and political consultant Craig Shirley said from his office in Alexandria, Va. "Karl's clean bill of ethical health can only mean the time he was spending with his lawyers will now be spent plotting Bush's political health."

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