I admit that too many Arabs and Muslims do hate America by Levone


									VOICES I admit that too many Arabs and Muslims do hate America. It is not about the American way of life, not about infidels and crusaders, as much as about the foreign policies of the US government, corporate greed, Christian evangelicalism and the aggressive push for globalization to remake the world in the US’ image. Most of us have no issue with individuals, or with most Western countries. These countries are all rich and sophisticated, and enjoy democracy, freedom and human rights. Why, then, is only America regarded as “the enemy”? If it was about envy, the Swiss and Scandinavians would be the most hated. ============================= I stood on the sidewalk in London the other day and watched thousands of antiwar, anti-George Bush, anti-Tony Blair protesters pass by. They chanted every antiwar slogan you could imagine and many you couldn't print. It was entertaining — but also depressing, because it was so disconnected from the day's other news. Just a few hours earlier, terrorists in Istanbul had blown up a British-owned bank and the British consulate, killing or wounding scores of British and Turkish civilians. Yet nowhere could I find a single sign in London reading, "Osama, How Many Innocents Did You Kill Today?" or "Baathists — Hands Off the U.N. and the Red Cross in Iraq." Hey, I would have settled for "Bush and Blair Equal Bin Laden and Saddam" — something, anything, that acknowledged that the threats to global peace today weren't just coming from the White House and Downing Street. Sorry, but there is something morally obtuse about holding an antiwar rally on a day when your own people have been murdered — and not even mentioning it or those who perpetrated it. Tom Friedman (NY Times) ======================================= The vast majority of American people may be peaceful, but our government is not. And it is, as always, the people who pay the price. I wondered how many of the ex-presidents sitting in those pews would agree with Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, whose response to the attack was: "No cause, no God, no abstract idea can justify the mass slaughter of innocents." ========================================== PalestineRemembered.com is a non-profit organization whose main objectives are the following: To emphasize that the CORE issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are the DISPOSSESSION and ETHNIC CLEANSING (compulsory population transfer for political gains) of the Palestinian people for the past five decades. In our opinion, the conflict would have been on the same level of intensity EVEN if both parties where Jewish, Muslim, or even Christian. ============================================= Globalization also plays a role in fanning anti-American sentiment by spreading U.S. economic and cultural influence throughout the world. [5]“If you're poor, and the guy in the next village is poor, that's OK,” Byman says. “But with globalization, people tend to compare themselves with bigger and bigger groups, and if you're in a poor village in Egypt what you see in U.S. television sitcoms are people with a lot of money.” Making matters worse, the televised image of the United States is often offensive in conservative societies. “When they think of America, they're not thinking of the land of Thomas Jefferson; they're thinking of the land of Britney Spears and jokes about sexuality on every sitcom they watch,” Byman adds. “They're seeing a very disturbing social order that's quite different from what many of them envision for traditional society.”

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