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    2013 – 2014
  Handbook may be update at any time.
            Update: 4/1/13
        Le Studio Competitive Team Philosophy

Le Studio sets a high priority on rewarding the effort
and accomplishment of our gymnasts by providing
them with an opportunity to participate in terrific
competitions. We are a competitive gymnastics team.
We measure our effort and progress by going on the
competition floor to compete. We understand and
agree that winning isn’t the most important thing we
do, striving for excellence and trying to be our
personal best is.

Le Studio believes in creating a fun, motivating and
positive environment for athletes to learn gymnastics to
their fullest potential. We feel strongly it is not the
natural ability or “talent” of the child that is important,
but the desire of the child to be involved in the sport of
gymnastics and a willingness to put forth 100% effort to
achieve that goal. We stress sportsmanship, dedication
and an aggressive work ethic. We also understand a
child must enjoy the sport of gymnastics so that they
can fully appreciate the benefits of participation.
Gymnastics is a fantastic sport with many benefits for
the body, mind and spirit. The Le Studio Team
Program‘s goal is for every competing gymnast to
reach their individual potential no matter what skill
level they attain.

           Le Studio Team Commitment

Competitive gymnastics is a year round sport and reflects
a significant year round family commitment. Because of
this, occasional personal sacrifices will sometimes have
to be made. This is not to say that gymnastics must
consume your life style, or that family vacations are not
allowed. Le Studio’s coaching staff realizes family and
academics must be priorities. Ultimately, we hope our
athletes and families learn to budget their time when
other activities do arise.

At the team level year round practice is required.
Gymnasts are expected to attend all scheduled workouts
and competitions. We feel the efficient use of a 3-4
hour workout is sufficient for any one day. The
gymnasts practice from 4-16 hours per week depending
on their level.

In order for gymnasts to succeed, their parents must
provide support of many varieties. We have already
mentioned the important time commitment, but a
financial commitment is necessary as well. Gymnasts
require experienced coaching, quality facilities, and
high caliber competitions which usually incurs travel
expenses. Gymnasts also incur costs for competition
leotards, grips, etc. You must be willing to undertake
the financial commitment of gymnastics training and
competition. Le Studio understands that family financial
situations may change and difficulties arise. Le Studio
stands ready to assist when we can. Please do not
hesitate to speak with Kathy St. Pierre.

              Le Studio Team Commitment

First and foremost, the gymnast is essential or we would
not exist. The gymnasts must truly enjoy gymnastics.
They must have the desire to train the sport, the
dedication to face and overcome obstacles and the
perseverance to push on when the going gets tough. The
athlete is on the team to learn from their coaches, from
their teammate and from themselves. They are not
alone...their coaches, their teammates and their parents
are by their side lending support and cheering them on.
In the end, the athlete will learn and remember the sum
total of the entire experience in the sport.

The parent supports the gymnast, the coach and the
team. The parent is a spectator, allowing the athlete and
the coach to perform their roles. The parent is a role
model for the gymnast, demonstrating disciplined behavior,
showing respect and performing their duties to the highest
level. The parent is strong enough to watch their athlete
fail and tender enough to give a hug when they need one.
The parent is an advocate for their gymnasts, but does so
in an appropriate manner. The parent provides balance,
encouragement, and love.

The coach is a mentor and a guide. The coach plans the
training and competitive cycle for every gymnasts on the
team. The coach leads by example and the team follows
in their footsteps. The coach is constantly learning and
striving to find new ways to teach, motivate, inspire and
propel their gymnasts to the next level of performance. The
coach is a communicator and mediator interrelated to the
athlete, the team, the parent, the coaching staff and rival
                      Tuition Payments

 Team tuition is calculated on a yearly basis and then
 divided by 9 to arrive at the monthly amount, which is
 due the first day of each month, regardless of
 attendance. It is important to make this next point
 clear - team members do not move onto and off the
 team based on illness, injury, vacations, camps,
 schedule conflicts, or the like; you are either on the
 team or off the team. Tuition is due the 5th of every
 month and can be automatically billed and paid
 through our Autopay program. A $15 late fee will be
 assessed for payments received after the 5th of
 each month.

                   Team Competition Fee

The Team Competition Fee covers expenses associate
with coaching competitions and the gymnast’s meet
fees. This fee is different for each level and is based
upon the number of projected yearly meets.
Competitive entry fees vary from meet to meet. The
compulsory level meets range from $45 to $85 while
the optional levels range from $50 to $100 per meet.
This amount does not include coaching fees for the
meets. Coaching fees compensate coaches for time
spent at the competition with gymnasts, and travel,
lodging and meal expenses. These expenses are not
covered by tuition or the registration fees. This is an
additional expense and is paid by the parents through
the Team Competition Fee. This fee is collected in 6
installments. The Team Competition Fee is
nonrefundable regardless if gymnast is attending the
meet. This fee must be paid in advance of any
  (Team Competition Fee does not include competition
expenses for Xcel gymnasts or levels 8-10 beyond the
           Vermont State Championships)

          USAG & Le Studio Registration Fee

 Le Studio gymnasts compete in the USA Gymnastics
 Junior Olympic (USAG) competitive program. This is
 the premiere organization for gymnastic competition
 in the United States. Registration (membership) fees
 cover the cost of insurance for their sanctioned
 competitions that are only open to their registered
 members. All athlete registrations expire on July 1st
 and must be renewed before an athlete can be
 permitted to compete in the next competitive

 Le Studio Gymnastics assesses an annual
 registration fee to pay team insurance fees,
 coaches’ registration, dues, certifications, education
 costs, and any and all fees for USAG athlete

 These fees are due annually by September 15th.

              Team Leotards & Warm ups

 All competitive levels are required to purchase the
 current Le Studio competition leotard and the team
 warm-up. New leotards and warm-ups are ordered
 on alternating years or as needed.

        Additional Expenses & Commitments

Gymnasts and their families must also be willing to
undertake the additional expenses of being a
competitive gymnast. These expenses include
gymnastics clinics, travel, meals, hotel, floor routines,
gym bags, floor music, grips, tiger paws, etc.

Gymnasts and their families also must be willing to
support the Competitive Team Programs in other ways.
Specifically, Le Studio hosts several meets a year.
This allows our families to compete locally without
incurring additional expenses and is also an opportunity
for area family and friends to come out and support
their particular gymnast. Families must be willing to
commitment to job assignments and food donations to
insure a well run meet.

               Training Schedule & Fees
                         2013 – 2014

Le Studio consciously endeavors to provide its team
members with quality gymnastics training and high
caliber competition as economically as possible.
           (Training times are subject to change)

Tuition September 2013 – June 2014

Tuition is due the 5th day of every month.

XB           (4 hrs)Monday         3:30-5:30      $105 mo
                    Wednesday      3:30-5:30
L 4//XS      (6 hrs)Monday         3:30-6:30      $145 mo
                    Wednesday      3:30-6:30
       Optional     Friday         3:30-6:30      $30 mo
L 5/6/XG     (9 hrs)Monday         3:30-6:30      $175 mo
                    Wednesday      3:30-6:30
                    Friday         3:30-6:30
L 7/XG-XP (11hrs) Monday           3:30-6:30      $210 mo
                    Wednesday      3:30-6:30
                    Friday         3:30-6:30
                    Saturday       8:00-10:00

L 8-10/XG       (14hrs) Monday       3:30-6:30        $225 mo
XP/XD                 Wednesday      3:30-6:30
                      Thursday       3:30-6:30
                      Friday         3:30-6:30
                      Saturday       8:00-10:00

Summer Gymnastics Camp2013

July 1 – 5                           9am – 1 pm       $100
(no training on July 4th)

Summer Training June 24– August 23 – 9 Weeks

XB                    (4 hrs)   Monday 9:00-11:00   $236
                                Thursday 9:00-11:00

L 4-6, XS             (6 hrs)   Monday 9:00-12:00   $303
                                Wednesday 5:00-8:00

L 4-6, XS & XG        (9 hrs)   Monday 9:00-12:00   $371
                                Wednesday 5:00-8:00
                                Thursday 9:00-12:00

L 7+ & XG/XP/XD (12hrs) Monday 9:00-12:00   $438
     XS (by invite)     Tuesday 9:00-12:00
                        Wednesday 5:00-8:00
                        Thursday 9:00-12:00

Team Competition Fee: September 9, 2013 – June 2014

L XB     $365         4 payments     Due   6/3/13   $91.25
                                     Due   7/1/13   $91.25
                                     Due   8/5/13   $91.25
                                     Due   9/9/13   $91.25

L4/5/6/XS $815        6 payments     Due   6/3/13 $135.84
                                     Due   7/1/13 $135.84
                                     Due   8/5/13 $135.84
                                     Due   9/9/13 $135.84
                                     Due   10/7/13 $135.84
                                     Due   11/4/13 $135.84
L7/8/9/10/XG/XP $965 6 payments    Due   6/3/13 $160.83
                                   Due   7/1/13 $160.83
                                   Due   8/5/13 $160.83
                                   Due   9/9/13 $160.83
                                   Due   10/7/13 $160.83
                                   Due   11/4/13 $160.83

    Team Competition Fee must be paid prior to gymnast
                 competing in any meet.

Holiday Training Camp

December 23, 26 & 27                       9am – 12pm
All Levels                                 $75

February Training Camp

February 18, 19 & 20                       9am – 12pm
All Levels                                 $75

April Vacation Training Camp

April 21, 23, 25                           9am – 12pm
All Levels                                 $75

USAG & Le Studio Registration Fee

USAG Fee:                          due 9/15       $55
Le Studio Registration Fee:        due 9/15       $25

 Team Leotards & Warm ups

Team Leotards:                             $60-$125
Team Warm ups:                             $75-$125

Private Lessons

Private Lesson                           $50/hour
Semi-Private 2+ gymnast                  $35/hour

 Open Gym Free (September until Vt State Championship

       2013/14 Competitive Team Prepay Program

    Prepay packages available until May 1, 2013

Women’s Team Training September 2013 – June 2014

Level XB            (4 hours)     $1,050    prepay $850
                    Monday        3:30-5:30
                    Wednesday     3:30-5:30

Level 4/XS          (6 hours)     $1,450    prepay $1150
                    Monday        3:30-6:30
                    Wednesday     3:30-6:30

Level 4/5/6/XS/XG   (9 hours)     $1,750    prepay $1400
                    Monday        3:30-6:30
                    Wednesday     3:30-6:30
                    Friday        3:30-6:30

Level 7/XG          (11 hours)    $2,100 prepay $1,750
                    Monday        3:30-6:30
                    Wednesday     3:30-6:30
                    Friday        3:30-6:30
                    Saturday      8:00-10:00

Level 7-10/XG/XP    (14 hours)    $2,250    prepay $1950
                    Monday        3:30-6:30
                    Wednesday     3:30-6:30
                    Thursday      3:30-6:30
                    Friday        3:30-6:30
                    Saturday      8:00-10:00

•Special Note: Refunds regarding Prepaid Programs•

Prepaid classes, camps, clinics and programs offer
students and their families significant savings while
providing Le Studio an opportunity to plan staffing in
advance. Due to these advantages students are
entitled to a 75% refund on all Prepaid classes and
programs that are dropped in accordance to this
policy within 30 days of the start of the Fall Semester
or 7 days of the start of the Summer Semester; a 50%
refund on all Prepaid classes and programs that are
dropped in accordance to this policy within 31 to 60
days of the start of the Fall Semester. No refund is
granted after 60 days of the start of the Fall
Semester or 7 days of the start of the Summer
Semester. Prepaid clinics, camps and other
programs lasting less than a week are nonrefundable.

                Girls Competitive Program

Le Studio gymnasts compete in the USA Gymnastics
Junior Olympic (USAG) competitive program which
consists of two programs: Junior Olympic Program (JO) and
Excel Program.

                  Junior Olympic Program

The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that
  all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid
      foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely.

                  Compulsory Levels
There are three compulsory levels Le Studio team
enters into at USAG competitions: 3, 4 and 5. In these
levels gymnasts perform the same routines as other
Level 3: Beginning level for the gymnast. This level
is for the gymnast who has just joined the team and
will develop basic skills on each event plus
flexibility and strength. This level is also an
introductory of competitive gymnastics for the
athlete and parents.
Level 4: Beginning level for the gymnast. This level is
for the gymnast who has just joined the team or
progressed past Level 3. They will continue
developing basic skills plus flexibility and strength.
Level 5: Advanced level of basic skills competition.
Gymnast will continue to develop basic skills at a
higher level.

The Level 3 - 5 gymnasts will compete in the state of
VT, but may also travel to one out of state meet per
year. They will compete in 4-5 invitationals, 3 sectionals
and the State Championship Meet. Sectionals are the
only competitions in which level 3 - 5 gymnasts can
qualify for the state competition by achieving the
required score (determined yearly by the state board).
The official competition season for Levels 3-5 is
September through April. Levels 3-5 may have the
option to compete as Xcel athletes at the Region 6 Xcel
Championships. Xcel placement will be determined after
the VT State Championships.

                     Optional Levels

There are four optional levels Le Studio team enters
into at USAG (USA Gymnastics) competitions: 6, 7,
8,9 and 10. In these levels gymnasts perform original
routines and exhibit higher levels of skills.

Level 6: Level 6 is the first level where gymnasts do
optional routines. They will have individual skills and
choreography choices.
Level 7: The gymnast continue to develop basic optional
skills, and creativity through routine development. (USAG
is currently deliberating as to whether Level 7 gymnast
will participate in Regional Competitions)
Level 8: Regional competition begins at this level. Le
Studio will compete those gymnasts who qualify for the
Super Team and Individual Age Classes.
Level 9: The gymnast work on development of
individualized optional routines, as well as, more difficult
optional skills. Level 9 competition extends to the
Eastern National level.
Level 10: This is the highest level of USAG competition
without entering the Elite Program. From the Elite
Program come the Olympic team members. The Level
10 gymnast works on advanced optional routines.
Level 10 competition extends to National Level.

All optional gymnasts will compete in 7-9 meets
held both in and out of the State of Vermont.
Competition runs September-March. Regional and
National competitions extends beyond March.
Additional fees are incurred at the Regional and
National completion level for levels 8, 9 & 10 and
those expenses are not included in the Team
Competition Fee.

                     Xcel Program

Le Studio’s Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-
based, competitive experience outside the traditional Jr.
Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group
of athletes. The Xcel program give gymnast the
motivation to improve, be part of a team and continue
their gymnastics participation in a challenging and fun

The Xcel program gives an opportunity for:
 Those athletes who have competed in the USAG JO
   Program and have qualified to Level 7 or above but
   need a more basic introduction to optional

   Those athletes who have competed in the USAG JO
    Program and would like to experience a basic
    optional program during an "off" season; while they
    train skills to move up in the JO Program, if they
   Those athletes who have either "retired" from the
    Jr. Olympic Program or do not wish to train or
    compete at Level 7 or 8.

Xcel Bronze: Entry level for the gymnast. This level
is for the gymnast who has just joined the team and
will develop basic skills on each event plus
flexibility and strength. We encourage our very
youngest gymnasts who exhibit the desire to
compete to do so at this entry level which provide
an introduction to competitive gymnastics for the
athlete and parents. Bronze gymnasts compete in
four meets.

Xcel Silver: Beginning level for the gymnast. This
level is for the gymnast who has just joined the
team and will develop basic skills on each event
plus flexibility and strength. This level is also an
introductory of competitive gymnastics for the
athlete and parents.

Xcel Gold: Advanced level of basic skills competition.
They will continue developing basic skills at a higher
level plus increased flexibility and strength.

Xcel Platinum:
High level of skills competition. Gymnasts will continue
to develop more difficult routines and execute higher
level skills.

Xcel Diamond: : This is the highest level of Xcel

Xcel Bronze gymnast will compete in 4 meets per year.
Xcel Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond gymnasts will
compete 7-9 meets per year. Competitions will be in
the state of VT, but gymnasts may also travel to out of
state meet during year. The official competition season
is September through April. Additional fees are

incurred at the Regional and National completion level
for levels and those expenses are not included in the
Team Competition Fee.

                Competitive Team Practices

Gymnasts are expected to attend all practices, however,
the coaching staff understands there can be conflicts
with practice times (school events, schoolwork,
conferences, special events, family events, family
vacations, and sickness). Gymnastics proficiency
demands repetition of skills and often times when a
gymnasts miss too many practices they fall behind and
cannot execute needed skills safely in practices and
competition. The occasional absence is understandable,
but in the case that many absences occur, the gymnast
will need to make up those practices by attending open
gyms or in extreme cases a conference with the team
coach will be necessary to develop a plan that
provides the gymnast an opportunity to maintain their
skills, focus, strength and flexibility. This policy keeps
the gymnast on track with their competitive goals.

Workouts include a flexibility, strength, and individual
event rotations ranging in length from 30 minutes to
one hour. The rotation and training schedule is
predetermined by the Le Studio coaching staff. Please
see that your gymnast arrives on time. If your gymnast
needs anything taped prior to the workout, keep that in
mind when determining your arrival time. If you find it
necessary to pick your daughter up early, please
notify a member of the coaching staff at the
beginning of practice so appropriate workout
alterations may be made. Under no circumstances is

a gymnast to leave practice early without informing
one of her coaches. We do reserve the right to cancel
practices as we deem necessary. We will not charge
you extra tuition if we decide to train extra, and we
will not charge you less if we deem it necessary to
give the girls additional time off.

                   Gymnast Practice Rules

   Attend practices regularly, and on time.
   Dress properly, leotard only, no tights.
   Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail away from
    the face during all practices
   Listen carefully to your coach, and ask question if
    you don’t understand.
   Take instruction without resenting constructive
    criticism. Listen and trust coaches.
   Work hard during practice, at everything and find
    reward in that.
   Set realistic, progressive short and long term goals.
   Stay positive and refuse to be frustrated, work
    through it and you will rebound back from setbacks
    and defeat.
   Be polite and respectful at all times to coaches and
   Display good sportsmanship at all times.
   Dream high, anything is possible. Smile and have


While we perform as individuals, we also compete as a
team and every single member of the team plays a
necessary and important part in its success. Therefore,
it is important that every team member attends all
scheduled meets. Team members will compete in all

meets unless excused by the head coach. Please, be
prepared to rearrange your schedules to accommodate
any changes that may occur during the season. We
realize that many of you have other obligations, other
children, and life in general to think about, but every
time a child misses, it affects the whole team. Each
parent of a team member should take the time to get
to know the other team parents not only to form a
closer parent relationship, but also if a conflict occurs in
your schedules, another parent can assist you.

               Gymnast Competition Rules

Please remember that the meet actually begins the
night before with a good night’s sleep. Requirements
for competitions:
    Gymnasts are to remain with the team at all times.
    Gymnast must arrive at the competition
     site 15 minutes prior to general stretch
     time. If a gymnast is late, the coaches
     will decide if the gymnast will be
     allowed to compete.
    Gymnasts are expected to arrive at every
     competition wearing their leotard and competitive
     warm-ups (unless otherwise notified). Matching
     briefs and a sport bra may be worn when
     necessary, but cannot show.
    Look great! Gymnasts must be well groomed.
     Hair must be arranged away from face and not
     interfere with gymnasts movement. It is very
     important that the gymnast’s hair is tight and
     secure. All of their attention should be focused on
     performing. If your child’s hair does come loose,
     the coaches will take care of the problem.
    Team members must maintain good conduct,
     etiquette, and discipline at all times when
     representing Le Studio Gymnastics Competitive
     Team. Gymnasts expressing negative comments
     or behaving badly before or during the competition
     will be removed from the meet.
    Parents are not allowed to contact the gymnast
     during warm-up, competition or awards.
   Only coaches are allowed to approach a judge or
    the meet head table. At no time should an athlete
    or parent approach a meet official. This is a USA
    Gymnastics rule.
   All gymnasts must stay for awards dressed in Le
    Studio warm-ups (Jacket and Pants); jackets
   All gymnasts must stay with the team
    until the competition and awards are
    over, and the athletes have been
    dismissed by the coaches.


Advancement to the next level is determined by the
coaching staff using the following criteria: skill level,
mental attitude, success at gymnast's current level,
possible success at the next level, gymnast's desire, and
gymnast's work ethics. There is not a specific “time of
the year” that the gymnast will advance, as it will vary
for every gymnast and every situation. Advancement is
within the sole discretion of Le Studio coaching staff


Injuries are part of gymnastics. Our competitive team
staff is safety certified and up-to-date on safety
techniques. Our number one goal is to create the best
facility possible within a safe environment. However,
injuries can happen anytime we involve motion, speed
and height. If your gymnast becomes injured, the
coaching staff needs to be kept informed on the
rehabilitation process, and if necessary the head coach
may ask to speak with the physician regarding the
injury. Gymnasts are required to continue attending all
scheduled practices. It is necessary for the gymnast to
continue their strength, flexibility, rehabilitation and
mental training. This will allow them to return to
event training immediately after the injury is healed
minimizing the gymnasts training recovery period.
There are exceptions to this policy depending on the
severity of the injury. These exceptions will be
determined by the coaching staff after consulting with
the gymnast’s physician. Monthly tuition rates will not
be altered because of an injury if the gymnast plans to
remain on the team after the injury.

It is extremely important that gymnasts communicate
their injuries to coaches. It may be hard, but the only
one that knows exactly how much you can tolerate is
you! Please use the following steps if you have
trouble training due to an injury.

Gymnasts must tell the coach immediately of slight
pain due to an injury (do not wait until it hurts so bad
that you are in tears!).

                  Emergency Procedure
Most injuries that will occur in gymnastics will simply
require ice. If this is the case, the gymnast will ice the
injured area for 15 minutes. The gymnast may be able
to continue practicing at that time, or she may be asked
to work on strength or flexibility for the duration of
practice. If the injury requires emergency care, the

parents will be called immediately. The paramedics
may be called depending on the severity of the injury.
Coaches will process an injury report, and follow up
with the parents regarding the injury. All team
coaches are USAG Safety, CPR and First Aid certified.
During competitions, the parents will be asked to the
competition floor only if an injury is severe and required
immediate medical attention.

                     Discipline Procedure

Whether in the school classroom or in the gym the
best environment for learning is a disciplined one.
Discipline in this context means that students follow
the rules. The coaching staff will discuss
appropriate behavior in the gym. If a discipline
problem occurs the procedure is as follows:

    First, the coach who noticed the problem will
     discuss the problem with the gymnast, and the
     gymnast may be asked to sit out for a period of
    Upon a second offense the parents are called and
     will be made aware of the situation.
    Finally, if discipline problems persist, a conference
     with the gymnast, the parent, the head coach, and the
     coach most directly involved with the problem is
     held. A solution that is suitable for all should be
    If there is another occurrence the gymnast will be
     removed from the team program.

                    Leaving the Team

If a gymnast decides to leave Le Studio Competitive
Team they will need to inform the head coach as soon
as they make their decision. At the time we are notified
of your decision, you will be asked that your gymnasts
last day on the Team will be that one. Team members
who decide to leave the team, but want to continue to
enjoy gymnastics are always welcome to participate in
noncompetitive gymnastics classes. Any account debts
or credits will be taken care of by our office manager.

                     Other Questions

Team coaches hold a parent meeting once per year to
answer questions and give updated information. It is
mandatory that one parent from each family attends the
meeting. We are certain questions will arise after you
read this information and/or at other times during the
year, please feel free to take advantage of our open
communications policy. The coaching staff is here to
help you have a positive experience, so please help us
by communicating!


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