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SPRINGFIELD, Virginia – Two lawsuits have been filed and remain pending against
GXS Strategies, a northern Virginia technology firm founded in 1998 by Jeff Frederick.
GXS denies the allegations of both lawsuits and looks forward to having all claims
against GXS dismissed.

“Both cases are simple collection matters,” said William Schamberger, Chief Operating
Officer. “In more than 5 years of business and over a hundred clients nationwide, GXS
has had only three clients where payment disputes could not be settled amicably and
have ended up before a judge. Of those three, one eventually settled out of court, and
we won the other two.”

Of the current outstanding cases, one has been filed by former client Judicial Watch
and the second outstanding case was filed by former client Veritas Media Group (VMG)
on June 6, 2003. Prior to that filing, GXS filed a collection claim against VMG 9 months
earlier. On September 3, 2003, “the Court awarded Plaintiff GXS its fees and charges,
including interest, through March of 2002 - the date upon which the Court held that the
Agreement [between GXS and Veritas] was cancelled. The Court also awarded the
contractually agreed upon interest through the date of the trial – Sept. 3, 2003 – and
awarded post judgment interest starting on Sept. 3, 2003,” said GXS attorney
Christopher T. Craig.

On June 6, 2003, GXS Founder and CEO Jeff Frederick, a candidate for the Virginia
House of Delegates at the time, was just 4 days from his Republican primary, seeking
to unseat 18-year incumbent Delegate Jack Rollison. According to Frederick poll-
workers, Rollison’s poll-workers had copies of the Veritas court documents, which they
handed out on election day. “The fact that this Veritas lawsuit was filed only 4 days
before the primary, and that someone was in touch with and providing court documents
to our then-campaign opponent is especially suspect,” said Matt Robbins, campaign
manager for Frederick. “The timing of all this speaks for itself.”

Statement                                                          September 30, 2003

Schamberger stated: “Unfortunately, lawsuits are sometimes the cost of doing
business. These lawsuits are not about Jeff Frederick the candidate -- they are about
GXS and our past clients that refused to pay their bills for services rendered.”

Robbins added: “They have nothing to do with lowering taxes, improving education, or
lessening our traffic. I would call upon our opponent to denounce these tactics and
disclaim any participation in the use of litigation to distract from the issues in this


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              Chief Operating Officer

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