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									             Provider                   Year   Began Pets Insured as of      Licensed to provide pet                 Licensed to provide pet      # Claims Filed
                                      Founded Selling    Dcember 2006           insurance in U.S.?                    insurance in Canada?           Annually
The Hartville Group Inc.*             1997    1997     Approx. 30,000   All 50 states and D.C.                       No                         Approx. 40,000

Pet Partners Inc.                     2002       2003    Information not         All 50 states and D.C.              No                         Information not
                                      (in USA)   (in USA provided                                                                               provided

Pethealth Inc.                        1998       1999      Approx. 150,000       D.C., and all states except Alaska All 10 provinces            100,000+ in North

Embrace Pet Insurance                 2003       2006      Under 1,000           All states except OR, UT, WA and No - but will cover       Information not
                                                                                 D.C.                             veterinary costs incurred provided
                                                                                                                  in Canada/ Mexico if
                                                                                                                  insured pet requires care
                                                                                                                  during travel

Pets Best Insurance                   2004       2005      10,000                All 50 States and D.C. (by 12/31/   Yes                        2006 figures not
                                                                                 06)                                                            provided

Petplan Insurance                     1989       1989      42,758                No                                  Yes                        50,000

Veterinary Pet Insurance DVM          1980       1982      404,784               All 50 states and D.C.              No                         750,000
Insurance Agency (VPI)

PetFirst Healthcare                   2004       2005      Information not       Yes, in 41 states as of Dec. 2006. No                          Information not
                                                           provided              Excetptions: Alaska, Connecticut,                              provided
                                                                                 Hawaii, Louisiana,
                                                                                 Massachusetts, Minnesota, North
                                                                                 Carolina, North Dakota, Virgina
Vetinsurance                          1999       1999      Information not       No, as of Dec. 2006                Yes                         Information not
                                                           provided                                                                             provided

*In partnership with the Hartville Group, which provides nationally distributed pet health insurance plans such as the Petshealth Care Plan, the ASPCA recently
announced the launch of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. More information available at www.aspcapetinsurance.com
**Pethealth inc./PetCare offers the following pet insurance policies using a combination of its own brands, private labeled, white labeled and co-branded programs:
PetCare Own Brands: PetCare Pet Insurance; ShelterCare Pet Insurance; QuickCare for Life; ShareCare; QuickCare Pet Insurance. White Labeled Program:
Union Plus Pet Insurance. Co-Branded Programs: PETCO; MetLife. Private Labeled Program: HEB (Texas only).
Note: PetCare figures indicated in this table are consolidated figures for all of the corporation's brand names.
***Canadian Dollars
Note: This data was collected and finalized in December 2006. Our table does not include information about services or availability projected to occur in 2007. Be
sure to check with individual providers for the most current information about their offerings.
            Address                 Phone                Website              Average Claim             Average Annual            Pet Owner Co-pay
                                                                               Turnaround                 Deductible

3840 Greentree Ave. SW,         800-807-6724   www.petshealthplan.com       Within 15 days of      $100                           20%, after the $100
Canton, OH 44706                                                            receipt of necessary                                  annual deductible

PO Box 37940, Raleigh, NC       866-725-2747   www.akcphp.com               15 days                60-Day Trial:                  60-Day Trial: 20%
27627-7940                                                                                         Complimentary for people       Essential: 10%
                                                                                                   who register a dog with the    Essential Plus/
                                                                                                   AKC if they enroll within 28   Wellness/
                                                                                                   days of registration. $100/    Wellness Plus:
                                                                                                   policy term. Essential:        20%
                                                                                                   $125 per incident.
                                                                                                   Essential Plus/Wellness/
                                                                                                   Wellness Plus: $125
710 Dorval Drive, Suite 400,    877-738-4584   www.petcareinsurance.com     Processed before        No annual deductible. Per     0-30% depending
Oakville, Ontario, L6K 3V7,                    www.sheltercare.com          client leaves the       incident deductible: $100     on plan
Canada                                         www.unionpluspets.com        practice if filed using average
                                               www.qcforlife.com            online claims form.
                                               www.sharecare.com            Otherwise, within 7
                                               www.petcarepals.com          days (average) of
                                               www.metlifepets.com          receiving necessary

767 Beta Drive, Suite B,        440-484-2260 or www.embracepetinsurance.com 10 days                $100, $200 or $500 per        10%, 20% or 35%,
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143    800-511-9172                                                       annum, depending on plan. depending on plan.
                                                                                                   No per-visit or per-condition

2710 Sunrise Rim Road, Boise, 877-738-7237     www.petsbest.com             3-8 days               $75 or $200 per incident       20%
Idaho 83705

200-1200 Portage Avenue,        800-268-1169   www.petplan.com              5 days                 $100                           20% Exception:
Winnipeg, MB R3G OT5,                                                                                                             Claims Risk
Canada                                                                                                                            Management
                                                                                                                                  reviews may
                                                                                                                                  increase co-pay

P.O. Box 2344, Brea, CA         800-USA-PETS   www.petinsurance.com         30 days                VPI Standard and               10%
92822                                                                                              Superior Plans: $50 per

350 Missouri Avenue, Suite      866-937-PETS   www.petfirst.com             5 calendar days        $50 per incident               10%
100, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

485 Bowen Island Trunk Road     800-930-1019   www.vetinsurance.com         10 business days       No deductible. Client pays 10%
Bowen Island, BC, Canada                                                                           for examination, usually
                                                                                                   $40-60 (CAD)***
    Premiums Raised           Preventative Care           Preexiting conditions           Pets Covered                  Cap on Coverage?
                                  Covered                      included?

As pet ages                  Undercertain plans. Not No                               Dogs & cats           Yes.Accident Only: $2,500 per incident;
                             covered on Accident                                                            $8,000 per year. Primary/Basic: $1,500 per
                             Only or Basic plans                                                            incident; $8,000 per year. Advantage/Value:
                                                                                                            $3,500 per incident; $11,000 per year.
                                                                                                            Premier/Choice: $5,000 per incident;
                                                                                                            $13,000 per year. Best: $2,500 per incident;
                                                                                                            $13,000 per year.
Surcharges applied when pet Yes                     No                                Dogs & cats           Yes. 60-Day Trial: $500 per incident; $1,500
reaches age 12.                                                                                             policy term. Essential: $1,500 per incident;
                                                                                                            $11,000 per policy term. Essential Plus:
                                                                                                            $3,000 per incident; $11,000 per policy term.
                                                                                                            Wellness: $5,000 per incident; $13,000 per
                                                                                                            policy term. Wellness Plus: $5,000 per
                                                                                                            incident; $13,000 per policy term.

Policies are 1-year term;  No                       No                                Dogs & cats           Yes. Most plans have per incident coverage
premiums do not change                                                                                      cap, rather than annual cap or lifetime
during that period. New                                                                                     accident coverage cap. Exceptions: lifetime
premium rates may apply at                                                                                  illness cap on QuickCare Plus for Cats
renewal.                                                                                                    ($15,000); QuickCare Gold ($30,000 cats;
                                                                                                            $36,000 dogs); QuickCare Preferred ($60,000
                                                                                                            cats; $60,000 dogs)

As pet ages                  No                     No. Exceptions: A) Will rimburse Dogs & cats            Yes. $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 on annual
                                                    a condition that was a)not a                            maximum, depending on plan veterinary bill.
                                                    chronic condition known by the
                                                    owner or b) had not appeared in
                                                    the 12 months prior to the policy
                                                    start date. B) A condition that
                                                    was excluded in a prior policy
                                                    period can become included
                                                    afterwards if it's not a chronic
As pet ages. Exception: May Yes. Exception:         condition andto two appear in the Dogs & cats
                                                    Yes. Limited didn't ailments.                           Yes. Either $2,500 or $7,000 per incident and
purchase Lock-in-Rate that Accident-Only policy     prior policy period.                                    $42,500 and $100,000 lifetime.
locks the premium amount
until after the 12th birthday
(cats) or 8th birthday (dogs)

Annual inflation increase    Yes. Exception:        No. Exception: Coverage may be Dogs & cats               Yes. PetMedic Accident: $2,000 per
                             Covered under          allowed following review period                          incident. PetMedic Select: $2,000 per
                             Champion Plan only                                                              incident for accidents or per condition for
                                                                                                             illnesses. Standard: $2,000 per condition,
                                                                                                             annually. Ribbon: $4,000 per condition,
                                                                                                             annually. Medallion and Champion:
As pet ages                    Yes. Offered with the  No. Exception: May be allowed if Dogs, cats, birds and Yes. VPI Standard Plan: $2,500 per
                               Vaccination & Routine condition has been deemed cured exotic pets. VPI        incident, per term; $9,000 per policy term.
                               Care Coverage          by a veterinarian. Support       Standard and VPI      VPI Superior Plan: $4,500 per incident, per
                                                      documentation required.          Superior: Dogs &      term; $14,000 per policy term.
                                                                                       cats VPI Avian and
                                                                                       Exotic Pet Plan:
                                                                                       Birds and exotics
Fixed until the renewal period Yes. Routine Care      No                               Dogs & cats           Yes. Basic: $1,500 per incident; $4,500
after the dog or cat turns 10 Coverage offers $220 of                                                        annual. Preferred: $2,500 per incident;
years old                      routine care                                                                  $9,000 annual. Preferred Plus: $3,500 per
                                                                                                             incident; $12,000 annual.

Increases only as a result of No                    No                                Dogs & cats           $15,000 (CAD) lifetime
 Veterinarians/practices          Policyholders pay at     Cost of       Multiple Plans
     responsible for                time of service?      Premium      Offered?/# of Plans

Signing completed claim          Yes                     Varies by    Yes/4
form                                                     plan

Completing diagnosis and         Yes                     Varies by    Yes/4
treatment portion of claim                               plan

If practices use online claims Yes-with caveats. If     Varies by     Yes/12 (Note: two plans,
processing, no paperwork       practices use on line    plan          QuickCare for Life-
required. Otherwise,           claims processing,                     Accidents and
attending veterinarian         policyholders to pay the               QuickCare for Life-
responsible for veterinarian   deductible and any                     Accidnets and Illnesses,
portion of the claim form.     uncovered portion of the               are offered by PetCare in
                               treatment at the time of               Florida and
                               service. Otherwise,                    Massachusetts only and
                               policyholders pay all                  are offered in Texas
                               charges at time of care.               exclusively by HEB)
Providding a brief description Yes                      Varies by     Yes/108 combinations
of the condition and sighning                           plan          posible based on
the claim form. Optional: Pre-                                        customer selections.
certification form for certain
procedures in non-
emergency situations (MRI,
CT scans, and when
treatment is anticipated to
exceed $1,000).
Providing a paid receipt for     Yes. Exception: Provider Varies by   Yes/3
services rendered, medical       will pay practice directly plan
records if requested for         for covered services if
claims. (Practices receive       requested.
$15 reimbursement for
Providing medical records for    In most cases           Varies by    Yes/6
underwriting some policies;                              plan
completing certain portions
of cliam forms; maintianing
patient records.

No requirements                  Yes                     Varies by    Yes/3

Signing and adding date to       Yes                     Varies by    Yes/4
claims forms                                             plan

Veterinarians fill out free 30- Yes                      Puppy/Dog: No
day trial certificate & fax to                           $357.40
Vetinsurance; also,                                      (CAD);
complete claim forms as                                  Kitten/Cat:
necessary. NOTE:                                         $243.00
Veterinarians must fax fully                             (CAD)
completed free trial
certificates within 24 hours
to be valid.

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