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									             Menus for                                             Tuesday, October 1      Wed., October 2         Thursday, October 3     Friday, October 4

October                                                               Breakfast
                                                                     Cereal W/Toast
                                                                     Cinnamon Roll
                                                                                             Cereal W/ Toast
                                                                                         Pancake & Sausage on a
                                                                                                                      Cereal W/Toast
                                                                                                                      Chicken Biscuit
                                                                                                                                          Learning Day
                2013                                                    Lunch
                                                                        Corn Dog
                                                                                        Spaghetti W/Meat Sauce &
                                                                                                                        Crazy Tacos       No Students
                                                                      Meatball Sub              Breadstick             Beef Dippers
  Sumner County                                                      Potato Wedges         Chicken Snack Wrap        Sweet Potato Puffs
    Elementary                                                       Glazed Carrots          Romaine Salad              Green Beans
      Schools                                                        Orange Wedges       Broccoli & Cheese Sauce       Sliced Peaches
                                                                      Fresh Grapes             Blueberries                Bananas
 This institution is an                                                                     Pineapple Tidbits
   equal opportunity
provider and employer.

                                               Monday, October 7   Tuesday, October 8      Wed., October 9         Thursday, October 10    Friday, October 11

 Broccoli is one of the most healthful foods
  you can eat. By weight, steamed broccoli
 has more vitamin C than an orange and as
   much calcium as milk. It’s also a good
     source of fiber and is high in beta-
   carotene, a cancer-fighting substance.
 Broccoli retains more nutrients (and smells
   better, too!) when it is not overcooked.
 Monday, October 14          Tuesday, October 15          Wed., October 16          Thursday, October 17           Friday, October 18
      Breakfast                   Breakfast                  Breakfast                   Breakfast                    Breakfast
        Poptarts                 Cereal W/Toast             Cereal W/Toast              Cereal W/Toast               Cereal W/Toast
    Sunrise Flatbread             Steak Biscuit              French Toast         Double Chocolate Chip Muffin       Stuffin’ Muffin

         Lunch                        Lunch                    Lunch                        Lunch                        Lunch
   Stuffed Crust Pizza      Grilled Chicken Sandwich            Tacos                   Chicken Nuggets            Mini Burger Sliders
   Breaded Pork Chop         Breaded Cheese Sticks          Chicken Fajita           Lasagna W/Breadstick        Ham & Cheese Flatbread
       Pasta Salad                 Baked Potato             Refried Beans                Garden Salad                 Waffle Fries
      Green Beans                 Romaine Salad              Veggie Boat                     Corn                Broccoli Trees & Carrot
  Fresh Orange Wedges         Carrot Sticks W/Dip          Taco Trimmings                   Banana                    Sticks W/Dip
       Blueberries                  Gala Apples           Fresh Strawberries              Pear Halves               Fresh Fruit Cup
                                  Sliced Peaches          Tropical Fruit Mix                                             Grapes

  Monday, October 21         Tuesday, October 22          Wed., October 23          Thursday, October 24           Friday, October 25
      Breakfast                   Breakfast                 Breakfast                    Breakfast                    Breakfast
     Cereal W/Toast              Cereal W/Toast            Cereal W/Toast               Cereal W/Toast               Cereal W/Toast
Mini Blueberry Pancakes        Cherry Fruit Pocket         Breakfast Slider           Egg & Cheese Omelet            Breakfast Pizza

          Lunch                     Lunch                      Lunch                        Lunch                       Lunch
     Hot Dog On Bun         Spaghetti W/Meat Sauce &        Turkey & Gravy             Chicken Sandwich          Hamburger/Cheeseburger
  Fish & Shrimp Basket             Breadstick                Beef Dippers           Grilled Cheese Sandwich            BBQ on Bun
         Coleslaw               Macaroni & Cheese      Baby Red Mashed Potatoes       Veggie Tortilla Soup            Potato Smiles
       Baked Beans                Green Beans                 Green Peas                  Tossed Salad           Tuscan Blend Vegetables
        Oven Fries               Breaded Squash           Fresh Strawberries          Sandwich Toppings            Sandwich Toppings
      Sliced Peaches               Pear Halves                  Grapes                      Bananas                  Fresh Fruit Cup
       Apple Slices              Orange Wedges                                             Blueberries              Pineapple Tidbits

 Monday, October 28          Tuesday, October 29          Wed., October 30          Thursday, October 31
     Cereal W/Toast
                                 Cereal W/Toast
                                                            Cereal W/Toast
                                                                                        Cereal W/Toast
                                                                                                                                 Available Daily
     Sausage Biscuit         Cinnamon Waffle Mini’s        Breakfast Burrito             French Toast                                             Breakfast $1.65
                                                                                                                                            Choice of Entrée, Fruit & Milk
        Lunch                        Lunch                     Lunch                        Lunch
         Pizza                  Chicken Nuggets        Ham & Cheese Sandwich             Super Nachos
   Chicken Parmesan              Salisbury Steak         BBQ Chicken on Bun             Chicken Fajitas
    Parsley Potatoes           Creamed Potatoes        Ranch Style Baked Beans           Refried Beans                                                Lunch $2.55
      Green Beans           Broccoli W/Cheese Sauce           Oven Fries               Whole Kernel Corn
   Mandarin Oranges             Diced Peach Cup            Romaine Salad                Taco Trimmings                                 Choice of Entrée, Vegetables, Fruit & Fat
Granny Smith Apple Slices       Fresh Pear Slices            Peach Slices                 Strawberries                                             Free Milk Choices
                                                               Grapes                       Bananas

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