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Student Dress code


									Jondaryan State School STUDENT DRESS CODE
Our school values the highest standard of student behaviour and appearance. The accurate wearing of the school uniform conveys a significant message to our community about the expectations we have of our students and helps to create a positive perception of our school. A clean, neat and tidy uniform helps students develop a sense of belonging and enhances student pride in their school. Personal hygiene, uniform cleanliness and a neat general presentation assist students to develop self-worth and confidence in their appearance. Our student dress code consists of an agreed standard and items of clothing, which includes a school uniform that Jondaryan State School students wear when: • attending or representing their school; • travelling to and from school; and • engaging in school activities out of school hours. Students are required to wear formal uniform for all out of school excursions or performance, except for sports carnivals, at which students should wear sports uniform. At school, either the sports uniform or the formal uniform may be worn. Physical education lessons generally take place on Fridays and it is advisable for students to wear sports uniform on this day. Students may wear a watch and a school badge. Students may wear plain sleepers or studs if they have pierced ears – one per ear only. No other jewellery, make-up or nail polish will be tolerated. Covered school shoes must be worn at all times. Safety and hygiene make these a necessity. Hair should always be neatly groomed, with natural hair colours and neat hairstyles permitted. Long hair should not inhibit the learning process, and if below the collar should be secured in a presentable manner away from the face. We aim to be a sun-safe school and are very aware of the sun’s damaging effects. Broad-brimmed hats are required under our ‘No Hat – No Play’ policy. Caps or hats which do not provide sufficient protection are not permitted. Jondaryan student dress code reflects school community standards and are consistent with occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination legislation. We actively encourage our students to take pride in themselves and their school. One way in which this may be achieved is through adherence to the school’s dress standards. As the parent/carer and provider of your child, we seek your support in this matter.
School Standard
Girls Uniform: Formal Dress –Maroon and white check Terylene and cotton princess style dress with white socks and black shoes. Boys Uniform: Grey shorts + maroon polo shirt with grey and yellow pin stripe on collar and sleeve, with the breast pocket embroidered with school logo+ grey socks & black shoes. Sports: Maroon wrap-around skirts or pull-on maroon shorts for girls and maroon shorts with gold polo shirts for boys. White socks and black sneakers for boys & girls. Hats: Broad-brimmed hat is essential. Preferred colour is maroon.

Parents are advised that
Jondaryan State School is a uniform school where students are encouraged to wear the uniform. Material for girls uniform is available from M&Ms in Oakey and Saba’s or Hanna’s in Toowoomba. Patterns in various sizes are available from the school office. Boys embroidered polo shirt available from the school office.

Students wearing inappropriate clothing or apparel will be asked to dress appropriately. Students not wearing school uniform will be ineligible to represent the school away from the campus. A student will be asked to replace his/her shoes and will be excluded from all outdoor activities until suitably attired.

Non-wearing of a broad-brimmed hat may result in an unacceptable level of sun damage to skin.

Jewellery: * Watch. * Pierced earrings – small plain sleepers or studs only. * Medical alert bracelet or necklace. * Items of significant cultural or religious belief with notification to administration. Nail Polish:

Other jewellery may be ‘unsafe for the student or others’ as such items could become caught in play equipment or could come into contact with another student causing injury.

Students who do not have a hat for PE will be required to sit out of this activity. Students who do not have a sun-safe hat will be excluded from activities in the sun during play breaks. A student wearing other jewellery will be asked to remove the item and if necessary give it to the teacher for safe-keeping for the remainder of the day.

Hair: Collar length hair is to be plaited, braided or tied back with appropriate accessories (maroon in colour is preferred)

Helmets: Students riding bikes are legally required to wear helmets

Only clear nail polish is to be worn as other colours are ‘likely to disrupt or negatively influence the normal school operations’. To reduce the transfer of headlice long hair is to be plaited, braided or tied back. Long hair not tied up could be ‘unsafe for the student and likely to result in a risk to health and safety of students and others’. Dyed hair and inappropriate hairstyles could ‘negatively influence the normal school operations’. Helmets must be securely fastened. Nonwearing of helmets is against the law and could be ‘unsafe for the student and others’.

Students wearing coloured nail polish will be asked to remove it by the next day. Students will be encouraged to tie back long hair. Colours to hair are not permitted.

If necessary the police will be contacted.

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