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5220 Avalon Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43229 (614) 365-5361 Fax (614) 365-8221


DEAR Parents/Guardians of Avalon Students: Welcome back to a new school year. We, at Avalon School, have pledged ourselves to the delivery of the highest possible educational services to your child. We are committed and dedicated to be the best. We look forward to forming a partnership with you and your child/children. In advance, thank you for your support and cooperation. The items listed below will help clarify changes and remind you about some important procedures for the 2008-2009 school year. The school day for Avalon students will be as follows: 9:00a.m. Breakfast 9:15am Report to classroom 9:30am Start of the School 3:45pm Dismissal *Please do not pick up students early or in classrooms. This creates crowded conditions in the office and a great disruption in the classroom(s). Sincerely, Ms. Sandee Donald

MISSION STATEMENT The Columbus Public Schools will provide a quality education to all students, enabling them to develop the knowledge and skills they need:  To achieve at their highest levels  To think critically  To solve problems  To work independently and cooperatively  To value diversity and  To make informed choices In collaboration with the community, Columbus City Schools will provide a challenging, student-centered curriculum and effective instructional strategies in a safe, stimulating environment. STUDENTS RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES

Copies of the Guide to Positive Student Behavior for 2008-2009 have been sent home with every student. It is expected that parents/guardians will review and discuss all the information contained in this guide with their children. It is also expected that every student abide by the policies and regulations set forth by the Columbus Board of Education and the expectations of Avalon school staff and principal. All parents/guardians are expected to complete the signature form on the back of the guide and return it to school. This page indicates that you have thoroughly reviewed the guide with your children. PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGN IN If your child is arriving after 9:30 a.m., an adult MUST accompany the student into the office and sign them in. If a lunch has not been ordered before 9:45 a.m. (365-5361), parent/guardian must provide a lunch.
EMERGENCY INFORMATION If your child should become ill or injured during school time, you or the individual you specify to be called will be notified and asked to come for him or her. It is necessary to know who is to be contacted if we are unable to contact you. Therefore, please keep the school office informed of any change of telephone numbers, employment, sitters or other pertinent information. EMERGENCY MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION CARD Schools are required by law to have an Emergency Medical Authorization Card on file for each student. This form authorizes emergency treatment for ill or injured children, when parents or guardians cannot be reached. This card is to be completed and signed by the parent or guardian and returned to school.

GOALS OF THE COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Quality Instruction: All teachers will develop high quality instruction to increase academic achievement for all students. Committed Leadership: District leaders will create and maintain policies and practices that support increased academic achievement and efficient business operations. Opportunity to Learn: All students will be given equitable opportunities for learning Student Motivation: All students will be motivated to give their best effort. Efficient/Equitable Operations: The district will operate more efficiently and equitably. Parent/Community Involvement: The district will engage parents and community organizations to support student success. ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES Students with regular attendance are more successful academically and have more opportunities for important communications with their teachers. They feel a stronger sense of connection with both their peers and the school community at large. Consistent school attendance is directly related to establishing regular habits of dependability important to the future of the student. Schools are required to keep records of every excused and unexcused absence of each student. If your child is sick (fever, nausea, vomiting, a rash), please keep him or her home. Parents/guardians must call the school when a child is absent at 365-5361, by 9:30 a.m., and send a note/Dr.'s excuse with the child when he or she returns to school. If no report of absence or written excuse is received, the absence is considered an unexcused absence. Unexcused absences may result in a referral to juvenile court for educational neglect or truancy. LATCHKEY The latchkey program will provide childcare services for school age children starting at 7:00 a.m. in the morning and from 3:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the afternoon/evening. Registration is required for this program. For more information please call 365-5361. CLASSROOM VISITATIONS Parents/guardians are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom to become better acquainted with the school and our programs. Classroom visitations should not be made for discussing the child and his/her behavior or progress during the hours when class is in session. Business of this nature needs to be taken care of in a private conference arranged with the teacher either before or after school. ALL VISITORS are required to report to the office

before going into any part of the building. BUS SAFETY The bus driver is responsible for the management and safety of pupils and is responsible for enforcing bus safety. Students are responsible for following bus safety regulations. A student who demonstrates unsafe behavior on the bus will be reported to the principal. The principal will be responsible for notifying the parents explaining to them that continued unsafe behavior will result in removal from the bus. 1. Changing from seat to seat is unsafe. Students must ride his/her assigned seat. 2. Excessive noise or loud talking or laughter is unsafe. 3. Extending any objects or body parts through a window is unsafe. 4. Students must exit bus as instructed by driver. 5. Parents are responsible for any damage or marking of the bus by students. 6. School buses are not permitted to stop longer than necessary to pick up students. Therefore, school buses cannot wait for tardy students. LUNCHROOM PROGRAM We encourage students who purchase a lunch to pay at the beginning of the week. When paying by check, make checks payable to the Columbus Board of Education. Teachers are required to have their lunch count in the office by 9:30 each morning. Children coming to school after this time should bring a lunch. If a child has a medical or dental appointment or for some reason will be late, and wishes to eat a school lunch during the lunch period, a call must be made to the school (365-5361) before 9:30a.m. and we will order a lunch for your child. This applies to free, reduced and full price meals. We expect each student to be responsible for keeping his or her area of the table clean, disposing of his or her trash, and for eating in a manner that does not disturb others. Since we have a large number of lunch boxes, we suggest that lunch boxes be identified. To the extent possible, we will provide a school lunch menu for each month. This we hope will assist you in planning your child's meals. We are unable to extend credit beyond 5 days. After that your child will no longer be given a hot lunch and will breakfast food. UNIFORM REQUIRED GIRLS Shirts will be white or light blue in color with no pictures or writing. Button up blouse short or long sleeve, turtlenecks, polo type shirts are preferable. Navy blue or white cardigan sweaters may be worn over the shirts. Navy blue jumpers, skirts, skorts, appropriate length shorts (weather permitting) or pants. Blue Jeans on Friday only (with uniform shirt). No open toe shoes, Crocs, flip flops or heels. Gym shoes are to be worn on gym days. BOYS Shirts will be white or light blue in color with no pictures or writing. Button up dress shirts short or long sleeve, turtlenecks or polo type shirts are preferable. Navy blue or white cardigan sweaters may be worn over the shirts. Navy blue trousers, slacks or knee length shorts (weather permitting). No open toe shoes, crocs, sandals or heelies. Gym shoes are to be worn on gym day. On Fridays students may wear appropriately fitting denim bottoms and required uniform shirt. ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY The Columbus City School District will not tolerate harassment against any staff member or student on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Any parent or student may file a complaint with the building administrator or contact the district’s compliance officer at 365-5673. HOMEWORK

Homework is an extension of learning activities. It should help children learn to accept responsibility, organize time, and establish independent study habits. SAFETY PATROL The school safety patrol has a very important job to do and needs the help of every student in the school. Our school patrol will cover their posts each morning from approximately 9:10a.m. to 9:25a.m. They are on duty each afternoon from 3:40 - 3:55. PARENTS/GUARDIANS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THE ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE OF A GUARD BEING ON DUTY CANNOT BE GIVEN. Therefore, we ask that you inform your child of what to do in the event a corner is not covered. MEDICATION Medication, including aspirin, cannot be administered by the school. Prescribed medications can be administered when the building administrator/nurse has received: 1. Written permission from the parent or guardian. 2. A physician's verification of the necessity for the medication to be taken during school hours and identification of the medication, dosage and the time it is to be taken. 3. A statement releasing the Board of Education and school personnel from any and all liability for damages or injury resulting directly or indirectly from the use of medication or its presence in school. The school nurse, principal or secretary are the only personnel who may dispense medication to students. NURSING SERVICES We have the services of a registered nurse, Nurse Conklin. She will be glad to talk with you concerning health problems that may affect your child's school work. Appointments may be made by calling the school office at 365-5361. Our school nurse will be doing health appraisals of the students on admission to school and at periodic intervals, and will send you a letter of the results. If any health problems are suspected, you will be contacted by phone or note. IMMUNIZATIONS Immunizations required by Ohio law for Kindergarten are as follows: 1. 5 doses of DTaP, DPT or DT in any combination if the fourth dose was administered prior to the 4`h birthday. 2. 4 doses of all OPV or all IPV is required if the 3r" dose of either vaccine was administered prior to the 4th birthday. If a combination of OPV & IPV were administered, the child must have 4 doses. 3. 2 doses of MMR: the first dose must be given after the 1a birthday or an additional dose is required. The second dose must be given at least 28 days after dose 1. 4. Hep B — 3 doses of Hepatitis B. The second dose should be given 28 days after the first. The 3'i dose should be given at least 16 weeks after the first dose and at least 8 weeks after the second dose. 5. Recently an additional vaccination has been added. For specific questions, please contact the school nurse at 3655361. All children from foreign countries or born in foreign countries are required to have a TB skin test within 1 year prior to enrollment. FEVER It is the policy of Health Services that when a student has a fever, they are to be home 24 hours temperature free without medicine before returning to school. ENTRANCE AGE Children must be five on or before September 30 to enter kindergarten, and six on or before September 30 in order to enter first grade. All

children must have a birth certificate, shot record, and social security card to present at the time of registration.

and skills specific to cultural origins and backgrounds of families. Federal standards define Parental Engagement as the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including ensuring the following: 1. Parent play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning; 2. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school. 3. Parents are full partners in their child’s education at school. 4. Parents are full partners in their child’s education and are included. As appropriate, in decision making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of there child;

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS FROM HOME Except in cases where teachers ask children to bring toys to school, they are to be left at home. Transistor radios, cd players, mp3 players, gameboys, and pagers are not permitted at school at anytime. These items cause disruptions to the school and classroom environment. Items that cause such disruptions will be collected by the teacher and submitted to the principal’s office. Parents/guardians may arrange with the principal a time to collect the items. Items will not be returned to students. CELL PHONE POLICY Avalon will follow the Columbus Board of Education use of cell phone policy. Cellular phones may be in a student’s possession but are not to be used, seen or heard in schools unless school staff has been notified in advance of special circumstances, such as a call from a parent in the military or a major family emergency. BICYCLES Students may ride bicycles to school provided they have parent/guardian permission and obey our basic rules. The rules are as follows: 1. Boys and girls who ride bicycles to school must obey all laws of the City of Columbus relative to the use of bicycles on city streets. 2. All bicycles are to be locked at the bicycle rack. 3. BICYCLES ARE NOT TO BE RIDDEN ON SCHOOL GROUNDS! Failure to obey bicycle rules and safety will result in the loss of the privilege of riding a bicycle to school. We recommend students in grades K, 1, and 2 NOT ride bicycles to school. CARE OF BOOKS AND SUPPLIES Children are urged to take care of textbooks and supplies and to carry them to school in backpacks, plastic bags or sacks when it is rainy or snowy. A fee is assessed for lost or damaged books. All fees must be paid before student grades will be released. FIRE DRILLS Schools are required by law to practice drills for evacuating the building in case of a fire. Fire drills are necessary for the safety of the student, staff, and faculty. Specific information for the drills is posted in each room. TORNADO DRILL/RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS When a tornado WATCH has been issued, conditions are right for a tornado. Teachers will have children prepared to possibly take shelter. The office will keep staff and students informed of the latest storm conditions. When a tornado WARNING has been issued, a tornado has been sited in the area. Teachers will have students immediately take shelter. PARENT ENGAGEMENT POLICY The Columbus Public Schools has adopted seven standards of parent engagement. They include: 1. Communication – promote two-way (school-to-home and home toschool) communication about school programs and students’ progress; 2. Parenting – help families with parenting skills and child– rearing skills, and to understand child and adolescent development; 3. Volunteering – provide parents with a wide range of instructional and support opportunities to assist the school and students; 4. Assist with learning – provide parents with ways to extend and support students’ learning at home; 5. Decision-making – include parents in school based decision-making opportunities related to student achievement, academic assessments and other school related support services; 6. Community Support – assist parents to access community and support services that strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning and development; and 7. Diversity – share and celebrate the knowledge, attitudes

Structured Activities Opportunity In an effort to accommodate working parents, Columbus Public Schools are pleased to offer ―Structured Activities‖ for elementary students. Structured Activities will be offered daily from 8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Please call the school office with any questions.


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