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									                                        EASTERN WASHINGTON ATTORNEY SERVICES INC.,
                                                      1201 N. Ash #100
                                                     Spokane WA 99201
Phone: (509) 325-0001                                                     Fax (509) 328-3226
       (509) 327-7018                                                     (509) 325-7468

FIRM NAME:                                                       ATTORNEY                                              SEC.

CASE NAME:                                                       CAUSE NO:                                             DATE:


  File & Return Copies Copy Receive & File Copy Receive & Return File 1st & Copy Receive Deliver

DISTRICT           DISTRICT            MUNICIPAL          SUPERIOR            TREASURER           AUDITOR             FEDERAL            FEDERAL                OTHER
CIVIL              CRIMINAL                                                                                           CIVIL              BANKRUPTCY

Eastern Washington Attorney Services Inc., assumes no liability for errors caused in whole or in part by the improper filling out of this messenger service request
form, including but no limited to omission of a last day date/time, filings not marked in the proper and designated filing boxes, illegible print or script ect. All messenger
requests are double checked for accuracy and completion prior to returning to the requestor, however, it is the responsibility of the requestor to also check the
completed request form for accuracy and to notify us immediately if there are any questions or discrepancies. Usage of this form constitutes a contract between the
requestor and Eastern Washington Attorney Services Inc., and acknowledgment and acceptance by the requestor to the terms set forth above.
                                                                  THIS FORM IS NOT FOR PROCESS

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