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                                                 Burial Vault Pre-Planning
                                                     By Robert Shawn

    Burial Vault Pre-Planning by Robert Shawn

The Burial Vault is an Important Part of Funeral Pre-Planning.

You hear a lot about caskets also called “coffins” and about how much protection they provide your
loved one after burial. You never really stop to think about what actually is the most important part of
the burial – the burial vault or grave liner.

Consider this. The casket is generally made out of wood, steel, fiberglass or plastic and in most cases
the only protection against rust or water penetration is found in the gasket or seal. So, for protection
considerations, wouldn’t it make more since to concentrate on the outer container itself since it has to
provide the maximum protection possible?

Burial vaults or grave liners are protective outer containers for the casket and were developed as a
means to prevent the ground from sinking as the casket deteriorates. For this reason, most cemeteries
today require vaults or liners for the casket to be placed in upon burial.

Concrete vaults, which are made with a reinforced concrete, have been used for decades. Since their
inception, there have been several additions to the process including using a plastic liner. The plastic
lined vault has provided the longest lasting protection against the elements up until now.

With today’s advancements in technology, it is now possible to produce a burial vault totally made of
plastic that can provide better protection than what is seen in a concrete vault at a much lower cost.
This is welcome news for cemeteries and funeral homes that will no longer need the heavy equipment
used to handle the concrete vault to manage the lighter weight plastic vault.

Everest Burial Products has developed a burial vault made of polyethylene using a rotational molding

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

technique to consistently ensure uniformity and has a unique style unlike no other vault on the market.
Called the Great Spirit II, the burial vault does not require any particular attachments or tools and has
an approximate weight of 88lbs.

When a loved one dies, costly decisions are often made quickly. For this reason, pre-arrangements
should be considered to prevent having to make these decisions under emotional stress. Keep copies
of your plans and store them in a place where they can be readily accessed when the need arises.

If you would like more information on the Great Spirit Burial Vault the website or visit the funeral directory

 Robert is a business consultant and writes on various industry topics. For more information on the
article topic visit: or visit the funeral directory

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