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					                       Biology Course Requirements

Instructor: Mrs. J. Kimberlyn Grantham
Biology Teacher – Randolph High School
Room: 19
Phone and Emails:
School (210) 357-2419
Cell phone (210) 262-4037
Planning Period: 8th period (2:45-3:35)
Course Description: This course provides a general exposure to Biology which
is the study of life. Students will have an opportunity to explore the subject
through laboratory experiments as well as lecture, discussion, research,
activities, projects and reading.

Supply List:
6 composition books (one for each six weeks)
Pens (black)
#2 pencils
1 Kleenex box
1 roll of paper towels
Notebook paper (college ruled)

Requirements: Each of the following must be completed to pass Biology.

   A. Biology Composition Book – Each six weeks you will use one composition
      book and keep all papers handed out and record all work in the
      composition book. It must be maintained. It will be neat, organized, and
      will help you pass Biology.

   B. Tests/Projects/Major grades (60%)
        a. Unit Tests: Unit tests are given at the end of each unit.
            Information during that unit and previous units may be included.
        b. Projects: There will be a minimum of one project assigned during
            each six weeks. Projects will be related to information studied.
            May include a presentation.
        c. Lab Tests: Lab tests may be given before or after a lab.
        d. Complete lab write up: use guidelines for how to write a lab report
            for biology
        e. 10 warm-ups at 10 points each: it is important that students do
            warm-ups (bell ringers) each class
        f. Cumulative Finals. One final exam per semester will be given.

   C. Quizzes/Laboratory (30 %)

          a. Quizzes: Quizzes may be given with or without notice.
          b. Labs: Students must bring their current six week composition book
             to class as part of their supplies. Labs, along with all work, will be
             recorded in the biology composition book. Students who miss a
             lab, due to an excused absence, may make-up the lab or Mrs.
             Grantham may assign an alternate assignment. If a student does
             not make-up or do an alternate assignment, a zero will be recorded
             for that lab. There are two different kinds of reports for labs: labs
             that will have certain questions to answer and labs that will require
             a full lab write up. At least one full lab write-up will be required
             each six weeks. If a student is asked to leave the lab, a zero will
             be recorded.

   D. Class work/Homework (10%)
      Class work is intended to be completed in class. Homework is intended to
      be completed outside of class. Unless otherwise stated, homework is due
      at the beginning of the period. All class work and homework should be
      turned in to the correct turn in tray. Late work is NOT accepted except in
      the case of an excused absence.

  1. All students are expected to come to class on time and be prepared (bring
      completed work and supplies needed). LATE WORK WILL NOT BE
      ACCEPTED. Late work is any work that is handed in after it is due. The
      only exception is absent students who will have the number of days they
      are absent to make-up work, starting from the time they return.
  2. When the tardy bell rings, you are to be in your assigned seat and
      working on the warm-up. If you are not in your assigned seat, you are
      tardy and need to enter the room quietly and sign in the tardy book.
  3. Students should remain in their assigned seat because wandering around
      is disruptive to classroom order.
  4. Bring all materials needed for class. You must bring your current biology
      composition book to class each day. If you are not writing directly in your
      composition book but attaching papers, then glue or staple the papers in
      the book…this will help you keep papers and not lose them.
  5. The state of Texas has attendance laws. The school attendance policy is
      enforced. Biology class progresses very rapidly. You will find it impossible
      to pass the class if you do not attend regularly.

   6. The state of Texas mandates that all students will keep their textbooks
       covered at all times. Biology students may keep their textbooks at home
       and use the classroom set at school.
   7. Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn by being polite while
       the teacher or another student is talking.
   8. Since communication is the key, to get the teacher’s attention during
       class, raise your hand and be patient.
   9. Grooming should be done outside of class since it is distracting and
       inappropriate. Combing/brushing hair, wearing head apparel, personal
       hygiene, putting on make-up, spraying cologne, perfume or any other
       smelly substance should be handled outside of class.
   10. You are responsible for the tidiness of your work area. All lab equipment
       must be put away properly. This is to ensure everyone’s safety in the
   11. You will demonstrate honesty and cooperation in all class activities.
       Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating will result in a zero and a
   12. Due to safety, drinking and eating (including all liquids, candy, gum
       and food) will be prohibited in the classroom…remember that the
       classroom is also our lab room and consuming any material is distracting
       and dangerous.
   13. This class is not the only class that meets in our room. Please do not
       touch materials from other classes. You could alter their lab experiments!
   14. Use common sense to know when to sharpen your pencil or get up to
       throw trash into the wastebasket.
   15. Purses will be placed on the floor. Backpacks need to be left in their
       lockers and not brought to class.
   16. Mrs. Grantham dismisses you, not the bell.

Consequences: The consequence is dependent on the offense. Here is list of
possible actions: verbal warning, loss of participation points, after school
detention, loss of class privileges, e-mail or note home, phone call home,
counselor visit, parent conference, and office referral.

   1. Daily procedure for the beginning of class:
         a. Come in entrance and collect all papers
         b. Sit in assigned seat and read the agenda for the day
         c. Turn in work that is due on that day
         d. Complete the warm-up
         e. Complete agenda
   2. Absent students are responsible for obtaining and turning in work that is
      missed. Students will check the Absent Folder to locate the agenda,

          warm-ups, special instructions, and all papers needed or handed out on
          the missed day.
       3. Two Replace-A-Grade activities will be given each six weeks. The
          activities are to be completed at home and can be turned in on the due
          date to replace quizzes, labs, class work or homework grades up to a
          “70.” The Replace-A-Grade will not be assigned until after progress
          reports so parents will see a true average.
       4. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY! Please look over you child’s notebook. If
          you or your child has any questions, please phone or email me. When
          leaving a message, please tell me your name, number, child’s name and
          your concerns or needs.

  I have read the requirements for Biology class. (do not tear off this portion)

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  I have read the requirements for Biology class. (Please cut this portion and
  return to Mrs. Grantham)

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