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					                                        Cedar Valley Woodworkers
                                        Cedar Valley Woodworkers Association                         Volume 14Issue 3

   March 2013
                                                                                              By Terry Duckworth
                            Presidents Message                                   products are highly concentrated and
                            Here it is March already & spring is just around     should last you many years. Dyeing sap-
                            the corner. Hope all of you got a lot of work done   wood looks paint-by-number simple but
                            in your shop over winter. With spring comes time     there are a few tricks. The key to the
                            to start thinking about yard work for the summer.    process is getting the dye color to match
                            I know some of you are looking forward to Spring
                                                                                 the heartwood color. Don t bother with
                            & warm weather so you can get in your shop.
                                                                                 dyes labeled walnut. Buy red, blue, yel-
                                      I want to remind you all that we need a    low and black water-soluble dye powder
                            Second Vice President for the Wood Club plus we      and custom mix a sapwood. We gradually
                            need 2 new people for the Board. The Cedar Val-
                            ley Wood Club is your club & I would like to see
                                                                                 adjusted the color of the dye by adding
                            these filled so I don't have to keep asking you to   drops of blue and black to reach the pur-
                            volunteer for them. I appreciate the members on      plish gray hue of kiln dried walnut. An
                            the board for all their help in running the club.    eye-dropper works great for this. Air-
                                      I want to thank my son for helping me      dried walnut has more red. Adjust your
                            with this months article because he helped me get    dye accordingly using the Color Mixing
Presidents Article   1 ,3,4
                            the picture with this. Hope you enjoy it.            Chart provided here as a guide. We re
Oak Bulletin Board     2
                            Terry Duckworth
     For Sale          2    This months article
     Minutes           5
                            Tips for Finishing Walnut
 Treasures Report      6

   Show & Tell        7-8   .by Jeff Gorton
     Mentors           9    Make Sapwood Disappear
     Services          9
                            Even select walnut boards are likely to
    Sponsors          10    contain an occasional streak of light-
   Officers and             colored sapwood. Some projects benefit
   Committee          10    from the contrast provided by skillfully
    Members                 placed sapwood, but in most cases it s
                            merely a distraction. If you can t afford
                            the luxury of avoiding all sapwood, we ll
                            show you how to make it less conspicu-               using water-soluble dye because it resists
                            ous. Even though the initial investment              fading in sunlight better than alcohol-
                            for dye, shellac and glaze materials will            soluble dye and is easy to apply without
                            set you back about $100, most of these               leaving lap marks. One drawback, how-
                                              Cedar Valley Woodworkers Association                             Page 2
For Sale
             For Sale                                                         For Sale
      Shopsmith 520 with all                              DeWalt 682 type 1 plate joiner complete with case
           Accessories                                    and manual. Very good condition $85.00
     Contact Terry Duckworth
        At 319-233-3150                                   Contact Bob Colby at 319-268-0883

                                                                                                For Sale
                                                                                     Dayton Blower: Grainger Model
                                                                                     GE. 5h.p. motor /230v.
                                                                                     12 ¼ squirrel cage fan
                                                                                      Details contact:
                                                                                     Dave Dreyer at 319-240-8058

           Contact Jeff at e-mail address below

           All reasonable offers considered


                                                                              16X32 Drum Sander w/extensions
                                                                          Motor needs new drive belt-have manual
                                                                                       $300.00 or best offer
                                                                                     Contact Jim Brandhorst
The Oak Bulletin Board
CVWA next meeting will be held at the Waterloo              2013
Center for the Arts 220 Commercial ST starting              Corridor Wood turners meeting Thursday March
promptly at 6:30 PM Tuesday March 12, 2013                  14 , 2013. Leisure Living Construction 2700
                                                            Stonegate CT Cedar Rapids.
The next Executive Board meeting will be March
19, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Dave Turners home 430
Prospect Waterloo

Scroll saw club meeting will be at Art Mehman s
Shop 1205 Fairview Ave Painfield . March 28,
Cedar Valley Woodworkers                                                                                    Page 3
ever, is its tendency to raise wood grain. Minimize       greater depth and richer color, apply a thin layer of
grain raising by wetting the wood, letting it dry, and    glaze before applying the final coats of finish. Glaze is
sanding off the raised grain with 220-grit sandpaper      essentially thinned paint that s layered over a sealed
before applying the dye. Don t sand too much or           surface. Commercially prepared glazes are available,
you ll expose new wood and negate the effect Here         or you can make your own. Mix up an oil glaze by
are a few more tips for working with water soluble        combining artist s oil paint (available at art supply
dye:- Wet the end grain before dyeing it to keep it       stores) with a glazing medium consisting of three parts
from soaking up too much dye- Start with a diluted        boiled linseed oil, two parts mineral spirits and 1 part
dye; you can always increase the intensity of the color   Japan drier, to the consistency of heavy cream. We
by adding a layer of more concentrated dye.- Adjust       chose the burnt umber color and it looked great.
the color by adding another layer (refer to the Color     Pick up the following colors as a starter set for blend-
Mixing Chart). Wipe on green dye to decrease red, for     ing your own custom colors; burnt umber, raw umber,
example.- The color you see when you apply the dye        burnt sienna, raw sienna, Vandyke brown, yellow
to the wood is                                            ochre, black and blue. Complete the process of blend-
close to the color                                        ing the sapwood by applying a layer of glaze, as
you ll end up                                             shown in Photo 2. Keep the brush dry by removing
with. The wood                                            excess glaze from the bristles with a rag. To add glaze
will look dull                                            in one section, stipple it on with the tips of the bris-
when the dye                                              tles and then smooth it. If you make a mistake, remove
dries but the                                             the glaze using a rag dampened with mineral spirits.
  wet color will                                          Allow the glaze to dry completely, a minimum of 24
return when the                                           hours, before applying the final coats of finish. Check
finish is applied.-                                       by running your hand across the surface. If glaze rubs
Lighten dyed                                              off, it s not dry.
wood by wiping
                                                          1. Use a small artist's paint brush to carefully dye
off some dye with a damp rag. If you really goof, use
                                                          the sapwood, following along the grain line. Blend the
household chlorine bleach to remove almost all of the
                                                          edge of the dye into the heartwood with the corner of a
dye. Allow the
                                                          damp rag. Dampen the wood before applying the dye.
dyed wood to
dry completely,                                           2. Apply the glaze with a rag or brush. Remove the
usually over-                                             excess, leaving a thin layer. Then use a good-quality
night. Then seal                                          paint brush with soft bristles to manipulate the laze,
the entire sur-                                           adding or subtracting as needed to blend the dyed sap-
face with a thin                                          wood into the heartwood.
coat of brushed
on shellac                                                End Grain Can Be Beautiful
(about a 2-lb.                                            End grain reveals much about a board s history and
cut of super-                                             provides an attractive detail in many wood working
blonde or other                                           projects. But too often the end grain soaks up so much
dewaxed shellac). Allow the sealer to dry and sand it     finish that the detail gets lost in a dark, muddy cloud
lightly with 320-grit sandpaper. If you re happy with     of oil or stain. To bring out the full potential of the end
the way the sapwood blends after the sealer is applied    grain detail in your next project, seal it with a thin coat
you can move on to applying the final coats of finish.    of 1 2-lb. cut shellac before you apply the stain or oil.
To blend the dyed sapwood more completely, and add        Sand the face with 320-grit sandpaper after you seal
Cedar Valley Woodworkers                                                                                Page 4
the end grain to remove any sealer that may have
lapped onto it. Then lightly sand the end before you
apply the oil or stain.

Matching Old Walnut

As walnut ages its color changes. Matching the cool,
charcoal-gray color of new kiln-dried walnut to the
mellow mahogany red or amber gold of aged walnut is
a challenge faced by anyone who repairs old furniture.
In most cases the new walnut will have to be lightened
before adding color with dye. Use two-part wood
bleach, available at most hardware and paint stores.
This bleach will lighten the walnut without removing      wood like maple to avoid the yellowing that occurs
all of the reddish tones. Mix and apply the bleach ac-    with traditional shellac and varnish finishes. Darker
cording to the instructions on the containers. Allow it   woods like walnut, on the other hand, look better with
to dry. Then lightly sand the surface with 220-           a warmer finish that brings out the rich, dark color.
gritsandpaper.Once the wood has been lightened with       If you plan on using a water-borne varnish or lacquer
bleach, mix dye to match the lightest, most prevalent     finish, consider warming up the walnut first with a
color of the wood. If you re matching reddish walnut      coat of dye. We used the aged walnut recipe diluted
like ours, use our aged walnut recipe (at right) to mix   three parts to one. Allow the dye to dry. Then brush on
the dye and then adjust the color to match your pro-      a sealer coat of a 2-lb. cut of dewaxed shellac to keep
ject. The process of dyeing and glazing is the same as    the water-borne finish from dissolving the dye. De-
that for blending sapwood. We left extra glaze in the     waxed shellac makes an excellent undercoat for most
recesses around the turnings to duplicate the aged fin-   water borne and lacquer finishes, but check the label
ish on the other legs.                                    to be sure.

1. Bleach your replacement part by mixing two-part        Sources
wood bleach according to the directions on the label
and immediately applying it to the new walnut Dis-        Woodworker s Supply, Inc.
posable sponge brushes work well for applying             1108 North Glenn Rd.
bleach. Allow the bleach to dry and lightly sand the      Casper, Wyoming 82601
2. Dye the bleached wood to approximate the color of Woodcraft
the aged walnut. Err on the light side. Allow the dye to 210 Wood County. Industrial Park
dry. Then seal with a coat of 1-lb. cut shellac, allow to P.O. Box 1686
dry and sand with 320-grit sandpaper
                                                          Parkersburg, WV 26102-1686
3. Brush or wipe a thin layer of glaze over the dyed
walnut. Remove the excess glaze with a rag or dry         800-225-1153
brush, leaving enough to match the color of the new       Constantine s
piece to the aged walnut. Let the glaze dry before ap- 2050 Eastchester Rd.
plying the final coats of finish.
                                                          Bronx, NY 10461
Warming Up Colorless Finishes Water-borne var-  
nishes and lacquer are often used on light-colored        800-223-8087
Cedar Valley Woodworkers Association                                                                  Page 5

                                                         wooden quilt for his wife, and Jerry Krug had pictures
          CVWA meeting minutes 2-12-12                   of a oak cedar chest he had made.
President Duckworth called the meeting to order          The raffle was won by Gary Kloberdanz and he
promptly at 6:30 P.M. He reminded the members to         choose the magnetic feather board, the tape measure
shut off or silence their cell phones. He welcomed one   was won by Jim Warning and the new raffle item this
new member, Kevin Gade and two guests to the meet-       month was a sanding block won by Terry Duckworth.
ing. He gave a sanding block the our new member
Kevin. Terry reminded members that there were 27         Representatives from Weiland Lumber were our
individuals that had not paid their dues yet. At to-     speakers. They presented information on lumber selec-
night s meeting there were 71 individuals present plus   tion and methods of drying lumber. The information
three guests that were our guest speakers.               was informative and questions from members were
Treats tonight were provided by Gary Gardiner, Don
Baker, Roger Kittleson and Terry Duckworth. In addi- Respectfully submitted
tion was a birthday cake from Becky Janzen, Don      Pat Vollbrecht
Colum's daughter to celebrate Don s 80th birthday.

Dave Turner spoke about getting ovals from Wood
Components that the members could pick up at his         President Duckworth called the meeting to order
home.                                                    promptly at 7:00 P.M.

Bob Hewlitt spoke that the Columbus High has asked       Dennis Gilroy, Bob Hewlitt, Paul & Wanda Bailey,
the club to make more flag boxes for the students go-    Dan Grimes, Gene Knief, Dave Turner, and Pat Voll-
ing to France.                                           brecht were present.

Garylee Thurm asked if anyone had or knew where he The treasures report was given and accepted.
could get some Southern yellow pine.
                                                       Terry will send out a mass email telling members of a
Terry, once again expressed the fact that the club     tour of Wood Components in the industrial park in
needs a second vice president.                         Cedar Falls on March 5th, 2013. The tour will begin at
                                                       1:15 P.M.
Because this is the season of Lent, our board meetings
will be moved from 2-20 to 2-19 & 3-20 to 3-19.        A thank you card for Weiland Lumber was signed by
From Wednesday to Tuesday nights.                      all board members and will be sent.

Kevin Bierman spoke to the members about the Intar- The ovals, which were given to the club by Wood
sia show that will be held March 9 & 10th in Cedar      Components, are all gone.
Rapids, IA.
                                                        The program for March will be Randy Herman for the
Show in tell items included: an intarsia angel by Kevin Omega outlet store in Denver. He will be talking
Bierman, a turned spoon by Bob Hewlitt, a fretwork      about his cabinet shop / business in Denver. April will
cross and case for a memorial to the ICU nurses at      be Randy Ruiter will tell us about wildlife carving.
Covenant, A custom flag box by Carl Level, Locust       May, will feature our own, Kevin Hartnett. He ll be
knobs and mallets by Bob Renz, A cabinet for his        talking about the end tables he made from scratch and
daughter by Dave Turner, Roger Kittleson show           scraps using hickory and plywood, and how he fin-
turned bird houses, Warren Brecheisen showed pic-       ished off the plywood so you don t see (recognize)
tures of a bag pipe replica for the theater and a       the end grain, etc.
Cedar Valley Woodworkers Association                     Page 6

Bob Hewlitt talked about the flag boxes that Colum-
bus High school students going to France are wanting
us to make. He indicated that he ll be traveling and
will not be able to host a build at his shop. Dick
Buchanan will be contacted to see if he would host a
 build session.

Jim Wikle s wife has asked if we would consider put-
ting on a program for Kimball Ridge residents.

Gene Knief will contact Bridges, Western Home and
Landmark Commons about toys for the Salvation
Army Christmas giveaway.

There has been no response by any of the members
about volunteering for the position of 2nd vice presi-
dent s position.

Board members were given names to call for the indi-
viduals that have not paid their 2013 dues yet. Which
there are twenty of.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Vollbrecht

Cedar Valley Woodworkers
Treasurers Report February 19, 2013

Beginning Balance                             2228.48

 Dues                          225.00
Raffle                         119.00
Pat Vollbrecht-
Tool refund                    60.00
Dividends                        .18
2500-Postmaster                  8.58

Ending Balance                                2624.08

Office Fund                                   2289.13

Tool Fund                                      334.95
Cedar Valley Woodworkers Association                   Page 7

                                       Show and tell

Top Left; Bob Renz Knobs and Mallets

Top Right; Bob Hewlitt Turned Spoon

Center; Jerry Krug Oak Cedar Chest and Kevin Bier-
man Intarsia Angle

Lower Right Warren Brecheisen; Wooden Quilt
Cedar Valley Woodworkers Association                     Page 8

                                       Show and tell 2

Top Left; Pat Vollbrecht Fret work Cross

Top Right; Carl Level Custom Flag Box

Above; Speakers for this months meeting from
Weiland lumber discussing drying lumber

Right; Dave Turner Cabinet
Cedar Valley Woodworkers                                                                                Page 9

     List of Mentors for Club Members. I believe the mentor s time is free, but the
             person being mentored is expected to cover any material costs.

Canoe/Kayak construction, Chip Schmidt, 277-8504,

Detailed Toys, Bob Anderson, 239-7763,

Jack of all trades (enjoys a Challenge), Hank Morris, 277-0692,

Has the Ability to figure MOST problems out        Dick Buchanan, 277-2477,

Intarsia, Pat Vollbrecht, 232-1923,

Fretwork, Garylee Thurm, 279-3219,

Cabinet making, Tom Bussey, 641-435-4354,

Wood carving, Sid Sidler, 233-1396,

Furniture and cabinet building, Jerry Krug, 475-2391,

Equipment Maintenance and repair Bob Colby 319-268-0883

                      Classes and Services for Pay by Fellow Club Members

 Sharpening services by Glenn Johnson, 641-435-2511

 Sharpening Stone Sales Gary Lee Thurm 319-231-4577


                                      NEW PATTERN TEMPLATE LIBRARY
     Your executive board has developed a new loaner program that might be of interest to each of you.
     Though the contribution of several different individuals the following full size templates are available for
     check-out by club members:
     Nativity set:
     Rocking horse:
     Two different doll cradles
     Should any of you have a pattern template set that your willing to share, call a board member!
Cedar Valley Woodworkers                                                                               Page 10

                              Please remember to patronize our Sponsors!
                                 ** Member ID required for discounts

                                                 **501 West 1st Avenue               10% Club Discount
 Woodsmith Store**                              Durant, Iowa 52747-9729   
   10320 Hickman Road                                800-344-6657                   Contact Pat Vollbrecht
       Clive, IA 50235                                                                   for details
                                                 Glenn s Sharpening
       515-254-9494 or                           32446 Floyd Line St,                   319-232-1923
                                                       Nashua                         Sherwin Willams
                                                    641-435-2511                     5212 University Ave,
                                                                                         Cedar Falls
     Pittsburgh Paints
                                                   Acme Tools **                    Offers club members a
      528 West 5th St.                          1943 Blair's Ferry Rd.               Scheduled discount
   Waterloo, IA 50701                             Cedar Rapids, Ia.                     319-277-1034
        319-234-1739                                 319-363-2211

                                        Officers and Committee Members
Elected Committee Members                                    Committee Member        Reed Craft

President                      Terry Duckworth
                                                             Committee Member        Hank Morris

1st Vice President             Dan Grimes
                                                             Committee Member        Robert Hewlitt

2nd Vice President
                                                             Committee Member        Dennis Gilroy

Secretary                      Pat Vollbrecht
                                                             Club photographer       Wanda Bailey

Treasurer                      Paul Bailey
                                                             Refreshment Chairman    Barb Gurney

Appointed Committee Members
                                                             Newsletter              Jim Wikle
Committee Member               Gene Knief

Committee Member               Dave Turner

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