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					  Email: PVPTA@PVCSD.ORG                               March 2012                        Volume 11, Issue 4

                 Valley Wire
Putnam Valley PTA Newsletter
      President’s Corner…                                                      PTA Calendar
Dear Families,                                                                    March 2012
This month the Putnam Valley ES and MS PTA brought
                                                                    3/21         PTA Meeting - Dr. Lauren Carner
Detective Tom Grimes with New York's Finest Speakers to                          MS Café, 7:30 p.m.
the High School PAC to speak on Internet Awareness and              3/22         PTA 5th Grade Event
Safety. Detective Grimes gave age appropriate                                    MS Café, 6:30 p.m.
presentations to the 6th,                                           3/23         Supt. Conference Day
                                                                                 School closed for students
7th, and 8th grade
                                                                    3/28         Achievement Fair/Open House
students, as well as our                                                         Grades K, 1, & 2, 7:00 p.m.
district parents and                                                3/29         Achievement Fair/Open House
guardians. Almost two                                                            Grades 3 & 4, 7:00 p.m.
hundred people attended
the evening presentation
which was described as
eye-opening, informative,
                                                                                   April 2012
and moving. I saw parents
and guardians completely
                                                                    4/2-4/6      Spring Recess
engaged in what was a                                               4/10         PTA/PTSA Joint Budget Mtg.
compelling argument for                                                          MS Café, 7:30 p.m.
understanding what your          PTA President Andrea Raetzer
                                                                    4/13         PV Reads Parent Book Club
children are doing when          with NY Finest Speaker Detective                The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott
partaking in social media        Grimes.                                         HS Library, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                    4/13         PTA Grade Level Event
sites and chat rooms,                                                            Grades 3&4, ES Old Gym, 6:30 p.m.
including gaming chats. This presentation is available on           4/27         Grandparent's Ice Cream Social
DVD for check out at the Putnam Valley Town Library,                             ES Café, 4:00 p.m.
and our Middle School and High School each have a copy              4/30-5/4     PTA MS Spring Book Fair
as well. The PTA listened to parents and guardians of
Putnam Valley when many called for more parent and
child education presentations. We want to continue to                               May 2012
bring these valuable tools to our families. In an effort to
do so, we ask for your generosity when we send out our              5/4          PV Reads Parent Book Club
Direct Donation requests. The PTA truly appreciates your                         The Descendants, by Kuai Hemmings
                                                                                 HS Library, 7:00 p.m.
help in our effort to bring our community together. As
                                                                    5/8          PTA Staff Appreciation Day
always, our door is open to your opinions and                       5/11-5/18    PTA ES Spring Book Fair
suggestions.                                                        5/15         Budget and BOE Vote
                                                                                 ES 6:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Andrea Raetzer                                                      5/18         ES Fun Fair
                                                                                 ES 6:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Putnam Valley ES and MS PTA President
                                                                    5/28         Memorial Day
                                                                                 School closed
Dr. Lauren Carner, a school psychologist for over 30 years and
co-author of "Raising Caring Capable Kids with Habits of Mind - a
Practical Guide for Parents," joined us at our March 21 PTA meeting
at the Middle School to discuss improving parent-child relationships
and ways in which to move through difficulties. We learned how to
mentally prepare for difficult conversations before, during, and
after they take place to ensure better outcomes. This is Dr. Carner's
second visit to a Putnam Valley PTA meeting. She presented to
a packed classroom a year ago where she discussed her Habits of
Mind approach. Thank you again, Dr. Carner.

    COME BUILD                              The Middle School Get One Free"*
                                           "Buy One will hold its fair 4/30-5/4/2012,
     WITH US!                           7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. The Elementary School's fair will be
                                               held 5/11-5/18/2012, 9:00 Coming!
                                            Book Fairs Area.m. - 2:30 p.m.
                                       Volunteers are needed to help. Any amount of time you can
         LEGO                             volunteer is greatly appreciated. Please email Denise
                                       (MS Book Fair) at or Stephanie (ES Book
         NIGHT                                        Fair)

                                       CHAIRPERSON HELP NEEDED: The MS Book Fair is looking
      PTA Grade Level                     for a Chairperson or Co-Chairpersons to continue this
                                                 rewarding event. Please contact Denise
                                        ( if you would like more information.
       Grades 3 and 4
                                         *All free items must be of equal or lesser value than the
        April 13, 2012                               ones you buy. While supplies last.
         6:30 p.m.
        ES Old Gym

   THANK YOU!!                              A huge thank you to Heidi Gesson, Chairperson
                                           of Science Night! For the past 5 years, Heidi
  To Tompkins Landscaping for              has been piercing balloons, creating tornados,
donating all the popcorn at the 5th        and making minty toothpaste, among other
           grade event!                    experiments, much to our children's delight.
                                           Thank you, Heidi, for your dedication and hard
  To Kelly Hollis for chairing the         work on this amazing event.
 PARP St. Patrick's Day Bake Sale
      which raised money
           for the PARP                        Volunteer of
        Ice Cream Social.
                                                the Month
                The Art Club’s
             “Come, Paint, Create!”
                          By: Anna Gragert
       On December 3rd, 2011, the Art Club hosted its
       annual “Come, Paint, Create!” event for charity. At
       the event, families and friends could be found
       hand-glazing unique ceramic items. By hosting this
       enjoyable and distinctive event, the Art Club provides
       the Putnam Valley community with the opportunity to
       order ceramic items of their choosing. Bowls, trivets,

                 Save the Date!
       mugs, plates, and small figurines could be found
       among these items. In addition, on the day of the                The PV PTA is now
       event, a large color selection is available, which allows             Facebook! Don’t
                                                                        onKeep up to date
The 5th annual Putnam Valley PTA Holiday Reads is
       for many unique pieces to be glazed (for everyday use
 eduled for December 10th from 11-2 pm in the PVES                                      look PTA
                                                                        forget toof the for us
                                                                         with all
       and for holiday gifts). Fun was had by all that
 afeteria. Anyone ordering these items, the Putnam Valley
                       interested in helping out at this fun
       attended! By                                                            happenings!
               and festive event can contact
       community has the chance to do something charitable
                    Shannon Millicker at:
       during the holiday season, while having fun at the
       same time, since all of the proceeds go to charity.
       This year, the Art Club earned $900 dollars at the
       event, which is more than any past year! The
       members decided to donate $450 to Caitlyn’s
       F.I.G.H.T and $450 to Friedreich's Ataxia Research                          The Lice Lady of
       Alliance (FARA). Overall, the event was very
                                                                           Westchester comes to
       successful for the Art Club, Putnam Valley community,
       and the chosen charities as well. From this event,
                                                                                     Putnam Valley
       many beautiful pieces have been created, but, most                  Tenth graders Amelia Spittal, Eva Shorto, Kelly Sep
year, the AIE Committees for both the ES and MS have joined forces   The very mention of the word can set
       importantly, this event allows families and friends to                 Emily Azcue are organizing a coat, hat, and glove
 re working together to make a difference in the lives of students byheads itching! At the PTA meeting on
       spend a relaxing and productive afternoon together.           February
                                                                             for Oakside School in Peekskill. The girls organiz
                                                                                       28,      Anna       Albano-Krosche,
 ng lots of great new arts programming for both schools. On                 coat drive after getting such great known on
                                                                     professional lice technician (better feedback as thei
 ber 4th, storyteller Jonathan Kruk performed his “Finger Fables” for            project: 100 backpacks in 100 days. hand
                                                                     The Lice Lady of Westchester), was on Teachers fr
 indergarten classes. Next, the ES was treated to a visit on Octoberfor a Oakside andwhich included symptoms of
                          Got News?                                           discussion PS 236/173 in the Bronx had explain
 y furry, blue motivational mascot “YoJo”. YoJo and his friend Phil head lice, girls thatin which to students do not have
        We would love to hear from you! If you have anything                    the ways many of their prevent the
                                                                           supplies of need at implementation of a
         how to “Treat Your would like to see in an proper amountscontraction theyit, the home to work on their school
d aboutnewsworthy that you Body Right” by gettingupcoming
                                                                             So the regimen for head lice and nit
                                                                     lice-ridding girls, with help from their parents, decided
          PTA and exercise. YoJo’s visit was facilitated by the
 ep, nutrition,Newsletter, please share it with us via email at:
          or                    removal, effective products to eradicate head
                                                                              100 backpacks
acter Education Committee and the Health Office to coincide with lice, and ways to with generous donations ofin
                                                                                                prevent re-infestation
 S Health Walk. The first assembly of the year at the MS will be Lisayour pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, rulers and othe
                                                                             home. If you missed this informative
                                                                           needed school supplies for the two you
  “The Magic of Chemistry” on November 2nd for 5th graders. If meeting, you can visit Anna's website If
            Carolyn DeRubeis and Margaret Schiffer
                                                            they are lookin
                                                                               like to donate to their coat drive,
d like more information about our committee and/or our programs,
                     PTA Newsletter Co-Chairs
                                                                             new or gently used children’s coats sizes 6-12 as w
e email Melodie Wolford: or Suzanne Dropkin:                             hats and gloves. Email the girls at: We’re always looking for fresh ideas and new
         ALOHA FUN FAIR!
                                                        Staff Spotlight
      Friday, May 18th, 2012                            Chrissy Phillips

                Every year we ask each
                student to participate by
                donating items to Grade-
                Level Theme Gift Baskets to
                be raffled off at the Fun
Fair! Collections will begin Monday, March
19th and continue until Friday, April 29th!
In addition to our Gift Baskets and
numerous Gift Certificates from local
businesses, we will once again be raffling a
BIKE AND HELMET from Danny’s Cycles
and A WEEK OF SUMMER CAMP donated by
Camp Combe! Other ways to get involved
include donating to the Fun Fair Bake Sale
or being a Parent or Teacher Volunteer the
night of the event! Please check your              My name is Chrissy Phillips and I am
Weekly Distributions for Up-To-Date Fun            currently a 4th grade teacher here at
Fair Information, Volunteer Forms, and
Raffle Tickets!
                                                   Putnam Valley Elementary School. I also
                                                   have the privilege of being the coordinator
The Fun Fair committee thanks you for              of the Elementary School play. I received
your help and support! If you have any             my Bachelors degree from The College of
questions, or would like to join the Fun Fair
                                                   New Rochelle and my Masters from
Committee please contact: Melissa Perelson
at                          Western Connecticut State University.
                                                   Teaching at the elementary school, in my
                                                   own community is very near and dear to my
                                                   heart. Prior to teaching here I was a
Thank you to all the students and parents for
their participation in this year's PARP program,   teacher at Pine Grove Children’s Center and
and to all of the teachers and                     have treasured watching the children in
staff who participated in our
                                                   this community grow. I grew up nearby in
weekly events and who
encouraged the students to take                    Mahopac and live here in Putnam Valley with
part week after week. A BIG                        my husband Dale, our daughters Kaitlyn and
thank you to Andrea Raetzer
                                                   Jacklyn and our French Bulldog Ruby. I love
and Elaine McGinty at the Elementary School
and Cheryl Kahn at the Middle School for           to spend my time watching my girls
coordinating PARP this year. Great job, ladies!!   participate in their sports games and other
                                                   activities, and when time allows doing a
         2012 PARP Program                         little acting and singing as well!

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