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          Alum Impression
Group                         Elaborate on impression
          Year   (1 Hi, 7 Lo)

                            The flow of the new plan is impressive. More
 Alumni   1951       2      attention needs to be given to interconnectivity.

                            Plan consistent with existing campus and takes
 Alumni   1958       1      advantage of riverfront view, activities, etc.

                            To compete with schools like Hamilton, Union,
                            Middlebury, even SLU for the same kind of students
                            would definitely be aided by this concept. Kudos
                            for the river front, fraternity row and I believe
                            connecting buildings. With a beautiful river front
 Alumni   1959       1      like this don't forget to add facility for crewing.
                            PLEASE do not forget that the existing facilities are
                            in major need of upgrading. This should be part of
                            the master plan. I gave a talk in October and teh
                            AV equipment failed. The students were aware of
 Alumni   1966       3      the problem, but the professors were not.
 Alumni   1966       6

                            What an awesome idea to develop the riverfront as
                            part of the campus!
 Alumni   1967       1
 Alumni   1968       2
                            Better use of riverside is a major +. Replacing
                            Woodstock Village?- Only 40 year life to those?
                            Riverside Apts needed to go. Student Center
                            needed. Not sure why there is such a need for (
                            that much)additional academic space, given
                            intended flat enrollment. Greek roww is in a good
                            location Semi-private.( other end of the location
                            spectrum is Colgate's mistake of having it right on
 Alumni   1969       2      NY Rte 12)
                    It omits the idea of "group" housing that many
                    colleges have. This allows either greeks, athletics,
                    persons with similar interests such as "drama, arts,
                    cars , airplanes, etc." from having a communal
Alumni   1971   5   living experience.
                    In general, the concepts look great. I'd like to have
                    a bit more detailed information before making a final
Alumni   1972   2   'call'.
                    I think that the waterfront development is while nice
                    is not a priority vs other needs of Clarkson right
                    now. Like more Info. in the library, more teachers
                    and more facilities to teach in (lab space, class
Alumni   1973   4   rooms, etc.).
Alumni   1974   2

Alumni   1974   2   good inclusion of waterfront
Alumni   1977   1
                    I like the integration of living space with learning
                    (classroom) space. I like opening up the river front
Alumni   1977   1   to improve the quality of life.

                    Like the use of the "waterfront" areas. Hope access
Alumni   1977   2   for bicycles and pedestrians is planned.
                    Looks like it will greatly enhance the campus. I do
                    understand that an appealing campus is necessary
                    in competing for students. If it helps bring in the
Alumni   1978   3   best students it is a good thing.

Alumni   1978   4
Alumni   1979   1

                    The plan looks great and major Kuddos for allowing
                    everyone to view the plans and participate in the
Alumni   1979   1   review and submission of ideas.
                    It looks impressive, seems rationally laid out, even
                    smartly engineered, which is appropriate. But: 1)
                    The underclassmen are a very, very long way from
                    unstructured play fields. Cubley, Reynolds had a
                    great yard spilling down the hill, and it's the younger
                    students who will be out there on the warmer fall
                    days or the first days of spring for ad hoc softball
                    games. You plan overflow parking for space
                    already shrunk by a second double row of parking.
                    The green where the old upper class/science center
                    parking used to be is something the prospective
                    students and parents will want to see in a school of
                    Clarkson's age, but at what price?
                    2) You have created a universe separated from the
                    town of Potsdam, but you leave the big cold, sterile
                    grassy triangle in front of the Pit (the lowest dorms
                    in the north-east corner). The lawn only made
                    sense, and little of that, when the dorms were the
                    satellite to a downtown campus. Cut the cord from
                    the town, square off the property and put something
                    useful or attractive there. Maybe a catch basin for
Alumni   1979   2   the parking lots, disguised as a skating pond. 3)
                    It looks very nice. destined as a parent with
                    Woodstock field is However -to be the most a
                    student in resourse have to question how much 25
                    underused college - Ion that campus, for the next all
                    this nice much as the last. Put in sector - we have
                    years as stuff costs. In the private some walkways
                    to the students can but in academia it seems
                    so control our costs -get there without a car. A
                    adding more and more ammenities and increasing
                    narrow access road to Greek houses won't be
                    enough. to cover the cost is the main source of
                    the tuition
                    competition for students. I lived in town and in a
                    fraternity house outside of town when I attended
                    Clarkson. The central campus certainly makes it
                    easier to get around - but the school would loose
                    some of what made it special in the past. (Perhaps
Alumni   1980   3   I'm too sentimental).

Alumni   1981   2
                    I really like the linkage of all the buildings with an
                    enclosed walk way, but I am concenred that all of
                    the village facilities are eliminated. I wonder if
                    discarding these facilities is the best use fo limited
Alumni   1981   3   resources
                    Don't know who QPC is, but w/Clarkson's rich
                    engineering tradition you would think that
                    someone(a Sr. Design project?) could have come
Alumni   1981   4   up w/something more dynamic.
                    The plan transforms the campus completely! It
                    looks inviting and coordinated. I think creating on-
Alumni   1983   1   campus space for fraternities is a good idea.
                    One problem the CU campus has always had is
                    that it was disorganized (and ugly). It did not
                    provide much inspiration. This will make a
                    significant improvement to the campus, using the
                    existing infrastructure. It will provide opportunities
Alumni   1983   2   for inspiration.

                    I like the idea of a walking campus. I like the
Alumni   1984   2   inclusion of the Raquette River.

                    capital intensive for a school with somewhat limited
Alumni   1984   4   prospects.
                    Like to see more use of the river front and east
Alumni   1985   2   hillside
                    No round abouts please!!! Love the waterfront
                    ideas, pedestrian paths and bike trails. Not sure
Alumni   1985   2   that the indoor walking cooridors are needed.

                    Not enough bike and walking trails. Layouts of
Alumni   1985   4   walkways should be better.
                    I am very excited that Clarkson is going to take
                    advantage of the space by the River. When I was
                    at Clarkson, I don't think that I ever went down to
                    the river behind Riverside Apartments until my
                    Senior Year Picnic. It is a great asset but I hardly
                    knew it was there. I am very glad that the woods
                    between the pit and the Science Center is in tact. I
                    have vivid memories of freshman year walking that
Alumni   1986   2   trail and enjoyed the walk trhough the woods.

                    I like many of the proposed additions - especially
Alumni   1986   2   along the banks of the river!

                    I am glad Clarkson is moving forward with the
                    improvements to make us more competitive
Alumni   1987   2   internationally as a powerful educational facility.

                    It's a nice way to consolidate the campus, open up
Alumni   1988   2   the waterfront, and provide a more cohesive feel.
                    I think the concept is very good. My particular
                    comments regard the waterfront area. The
                    waterfront is a wonderful asset and I am glad
                    Clarkson intends promote it's use. I hope that
                    strong consideration is given to maintaining a
                    natural waterfront, as viewed from the river, and
                    minimizing structures/hardscape. Also, generally
                    minimize paved paths and lawn in this area. A
                    natural surface path, such as stone dust, can be
                    nearly as smooth as (new)asphalt, would allow
                    access by persons with disabilities, and would have
                    less environmental impact. Clearing forest and
                    making lawn down to the river is irresponsible.
                    Consider thinning the forest to create views. If it is
                    necessary to clear forest, meadow or shrubs should
                    replace it (perhaps berry/fruit bushes as well).
                    Minimizing lawn and hardscape may save money,
                    now and into the future, and would enhance the
Alumni   1989   2   environmental sensitivity of the master plan.
Alumni   1990   2

Alumni   1991   2   The overall plan is well thought out and has appeal.

                    The presentation needs work. I haven't been to
                    campus and don't know what is existing today. In
                    general the buildings that are planned all see way
                    to large. Such mass of building will mean limited
                    windows and more of a hospital feel. I believe that a
                    masterplan should go far beyond a single drawing
                    but should include main ciculation routes and
                    counts, ADA, rought scale (building sf proposed)
Alumni   1991   7   etc.

                    I particularly like the idea of developing the river
                    front! I also like the thoughts of the indoor/outdoor
Alumni   1992   1   auditorium, a grand stadium, and a formal quad.
                    The plan looks incredible, but it'd obviously take a
                    long time to implement and cost quite a lot. I
                    remember how much CAMP and the Cheel Center
                    cost, and I can only imagine we're talking in the
Alumni   1992   2   hundreds of millions of dollars.
                    I was happy to see a strong focus on sprucing up
                    the CU campus. The campus could be beautiful,
                    but it is generally neglected (few trees, bad roads &
                    sidewalks, etc.). With these changes, you could
Alumni   1993   2   make the campus look spectacular!

Alumni   1993   2   Like the plan, but get rid of Moore House.

                    Very nice vision of the campus... still very surprised
                    how nothing is downtown. It really is becoming a
                    standalone campus. Like the various new proposed
                    areas especially the Quad in front of the ERC that I
                    remember as a parking lot... if this was a wireless
Alumni   1993   2   area it would really be a nice place to sit and talk.
Alumni   1993   4

Alumni   1994   4

                    Looks like far too much development. I am
                    concerned about lack of open space. Region of NY
                    has vast open space, a feeling of nature. An over
                    croweded/developed campus ruins the character of
Alumni   1994   5   the area.
                    I have visited many campuses that have paid
                    attention to asthetics and it seems to pay off for
                    them in the enrollment and retention areas
Alumni   1995   1
                    The overall plan looks great. When I was on
                    campus a couple of years ago as a career fair
                    recruiter, the biggest weakness I noticed relative to
                    other schools was the ERC / library facilities. I
                    suggest placing renovations to those facilities fairly
Alumni   1995   2   high on the priority list.
                    More, athletic space, more centralized student
                    buildings (especially a student center) and finally a
Alumni   1996   2   greek row (don't mess this up)
                    I think it's great that Clarkson is expanding and so
                    many new learning centers are being added, but as
                    a transportation engineer, I have to wonder what
                    you are thinking!? There are two new roundabouts
                    that go nowhere, so you'll be forcing staff and
                    students to go around a circle when they only have
                    one option to exit anyway (a maintenance
                    nightmare, might I add!). It's additional pavement
                    for no reason. The Cubley parking lot should
                    connect to the larger roundabout for easier access
                    to Cheel, otherwise students in those dorms will
                    have to enter the local transportation network in
                    Potsdam just to get around campus.

                    Also, you seem to be taking away all of the parking
                    areas near the residence halls! You might as well
                    replace "the new dorms" with classroom space,
                    because it's not very convenient for the students to
                    get in and out of their living area - especially when
                    it's 20 below! Same with the parking near Moore
                    House, it can't be enough, especially when you add
                    in parking for off-campus students and staff during
                    the day.
Alumni   1996   3
                    Last, by moving the main entrance south (as well
Alumni   1997   2   as the main parking lot to the learning areas),
                    closer to Woodstock where the new apartments
                    and townhouses will be, you are forcing all the
                    traffic between the students' residences and their
                    classrooms - this means that they have to walk
                    across a more heavily traveled roadway than in the
                    past just to get to class. With the curves and the
                    hills in that area, you're asking for someone to get

                    Overall, the green space is nice, but the practicality
                    of having to live and drive there is not...

                    The continuous interior flow for the academic
                    buildings is a perfect concept. Taking advantage of
Alumni   1997   2   the riverfront is also a great idea.
                    I appreciate the additional bike/walk paths and
Alumni   1997   2   scenic view points along the river.
Alumni   1997   4

                    I would like more open space, greenery, and
                    conservation land labeled on the plan. That is what
                    drew me to the campus and that is what ulimately
Alumni   1997   5   made the decision for me to go to Clarkson.
                    Love the push of parking to outside, better
                    integration with natural beauty of locale, plans to
                    increase sustainability, better connection to local
Alumni   1998   2   community

                    Great Ideas on the expansion. Noticing alot of
                    additional parking areas on one roadway(Loop
                    Road). What sort of traffic control would be present
                    (street lights)to accomadate numerous people
Alumni   1998   2   existing from numerous parking lots?

Alumni   1998   5   remove the ? marks, be sure
                    I think this is great overall plan, making use of
                    existing facilities and adding new ones. I am happy
                    to see that this Master Plan looks at the Campus a
Alumni   1999   1   whole.
Alumni   1999   2   Overall good job. Some revisions should be made.

                    I like some of the main building additions, but it
                    seems to lack a sense of a central "theme" or
Alumni   1999   5   focus. What will be the heart of the campus?
Alumni   2000   3
                    Overall I appreciate the University's ambition and
                    vision for the future of Clarkson. I think the student
                    center and auditorium are great ideas. I do not
                    think the greek housing is a good idea at all. I also
                    believe there should either be a a Welcome Center
                    built of a massive remodel to the current
                    admissions building, Holcroft is starting to lose it's
                    charm. Historic value can not and should not take
                    precedent over prospective students first
Alumni   2000   3   impressions.

                    You need ensure there will always be enough
                    parking. While students may not need a car on
                    campus they need cars to get back and forth to
                    their homes. There needs to be more housing than
                    in 2001. Students shouldn't have to fight for decent
                    housing. Living on campus all four years was a
                    great part of going to Clarkson. The school charges
                    enough in room fees that it should be able to build
Alumni   2001   2   decent upper class housing on campus.
Alumni   2001   2
                    I think the design is great and It is moving the
Alumni   2001   3   college in the correct direction
                    Excellent Ideas. good layout. Infrastructure
                    updates are excellent. Greek/special interest
Alumni   2002   1   housing a must
Alumni   2002   1
                    I just think is great and bringing more excitement to
                    the campus experience, new auditorium, new fields
                    and greek houses on campus.. Great idea. I'm a
Alumni   2002   2   TKE

                    Why do they think they can turn Clarkson into a
                    walking campus? I'd like to see the board of
                    trustees walk to class in the minus 35 degree days.

                    This looks like a great design for southern
                    I'm sure someone has a picture in their mind of the
                    quad being full of students out there studying and
                    tossing a foot ball around. However the reality is it
                    will be covered by snow and ice 90% of the year
                    and you'll spend untold dollars trying to make the
                    grass look nice for the 3 weeks of the academic
                    year it is visible. Unless you're counting on global
Alumni   2002   3   warming to change things? :)

                    I love the interconnected buildings wonderful for
                    those sub-zero days. I also really like the
                    incorporation of the river scenery this should
                    brighten the overall look of the campus (given
Alumni   2002   3   limited sun).
Alumni   2003   1
Alumni   2003   1
Alumni   2003   1
Alumni   2003   1   Where do I sign up to give?

Alumni   2003   1   The campus looks great!
Alumni   2003   2
Alumni   2003   2

Alumni   2003   3
                    It's great there is a masterplan now that looks
                    feasible. I like the greener campus, lots of trees,
                    capitalizing on water front, new housing, a REAL
Alumni   2003   3   student center.

Alumni   2003   4

Alumni   2003   5   I like the use of covered walkways around campus.
                    The overall plan looks very impressive. I believe the
                    addition of the Student Center, Auditorium, the
                    addition to Snell Hall, as well as an elevated
                    parking garage on the back side of the Science
                    Center will help to alleviate traffic, as well as add to
                    the 'Walking Campus' experience for students and
                    prospective students. With more green space and
                    athletic fields, this will allow current students to
                    enjoy more leisure activities outside of the
                    classroom and add to the aesthetics of the over-all
                    Clarkson campus(to elaborate, I feel that it will
                    make students feel more at home with scenic
                    views over the the River and downtown Potsdam, as
                    well as more green space between student housing
                    structures; i.e. between the Quad/Moore house/
                    Snell Hall) I am also intrigued with the brief
                    explanation of the Green Technologies to be
                    implemented. I believe that a sustainable campus
                    for future generations of Clarkson Students and
                    Alumni is vital to Clarkson staying on top of the
Alumni   2004   1   competition in all aspects of College life.
                    This is seriously what clarkson should have been
                    when I attended. A STUDENT CENTER!! Given the
                    fact that Potsdam offers so very little for college
                    students, its about time Clarkson picked up the
                    slack and provided a SOCIAL environment for
                    students beyond hockey and the temptations of
Alumni   2004   1   parties.

                    I think the addition of as many trees on campus as
                    proposed is an excellent addition to the campus,
                    and may cut down the wind chill in the winter. I'm
                    also impressed with the continuous walkways from
                    Cheel to Snell, and the new quad between Snell
                    and the ERC. The fitness trail on the river is a great
Alumni   2004   2   idea as well. Overall I think it looks really good.

                    The additional housing is a welcomed addition! I
                    remember the "freshman quad" actually being a
                    "freshman quad" while I was there, but I know
                    upperclass students are put there now. I also
                    remember having to walk outside in -30 degree
                    weather, so the idea of indoor walkways between
Alumni   2004   2   the buildings is also appealing.

                    It looks great. My one item of great concern is the
                    lack of effort to restore the fields that are used the
                    most heavily. As a sports fan and player i played
                    every intramural sport i could. the majority of the
                    time we were placed on Bagdad fields which were
                    terrible, but got the most use. it seems as though
                    you have forgotten about the "majority" which is not
                    college sports athletes but the rest of us who needs
                    and want good athletic fields to play on.

Alumni   2004   2   Just keep us in mind
                    Clarkson University has done a great job with the
                    CAMP and Snell buildings, providing great
                    academic facilities. Cheel offers a great hockey
                    arena and food court. I am interested in seeing
                    housing as a top priority now, raising student
                    morale through high quality housing and recreation
                    facilities. Students need to feel comfortable for the
                    120+ hours per week that they are not in the
                    classroom or lab. I like seeing the specialized
                    group housing and new townhouses that replace
                    riverside and woodstock. I'm disappointed that the
                    existing parking is disappearing before the new
Alumni   2004   3   parking is created.
                    Why all the sports fields, Clarkson students have
                    never been into sports (aside form hockey). I do
                    love all the new parking, student center, and
Alumni   2004   4   HOUSING!
Alumni   2004   5   aren't there more than 4 greek associations?
                    About time! This will help the campus unify, and
Alumni   2005   1   our sports teams excel.

                    It is about time Clarkson looked at improving the
                    aesthetics of the campus and adding a true student
                    center, additional apartment housing and increased
Alumni   2005   1   student parking.

Alumni   2005   1   Fantastic work guys, looks great!
Alumni   2005   1

                    I think an investment in the school such as this
                    would do great things for enrollment, and would be
                    well received by the student body. I would hope
                    that it would also generate alumni donations as
                    well. Perhaps a simultaneous goal for endownment
                    growth should be announced (10 year plan
                    perhaps), to really position this as a big investment
                    in the future of Clarkson. Especially since this will
                    likely take a large borrowing against the endowment
                    to complete unless we have already secured private
Alumni   2005   1   donors?
Alumni   2005   2
Alumni   2005   2
                    I am both glad that the potentially dangerous
                    woodstock and riverside apartments seem to be
                    missing from this plan, but unless the townhouses
                    proposed are 7 stories tall each, i can not see how
                    that student apartmen living is being replaced.
                    Apartment style housing was always very attractive
                    part of the university, and that which is available in
                    the town is usually sub-par. If you make the
                    campus a walking campus, you must provide for
                    sheltered pedestrian walkways, even from the
                    parking lots (or shuttles) for commuters. It would
                    be nice to see them from the dormatories as well.
                    They don't need to be heated, just a shelter from
                    the bitter wind! I commuted, and it gets sooo cold
                    walking from far-off lots. I'd rather see a multi-level
                    parking lot by the science center than a bunch of
                    sprawling at-grade lots. Pavement is hard to
                    maintain in potsdam (car-killer pot holes!), it's not
                    attractive, and it messes with stormwater drainage
Alumni   2005   3   and natural habitats.
                    I stumbled across the Vision for Clarkson plan while
                    checking the hockey scores on the Daily Jolt, and
                    all I can say is WOW, this is quite an ambitious
                    plan. I completely and wholeheartedly agree with
                    moving parking to the outside of campus, and
                    creating more green spaces to make it more of a
                    walking campus. I also agree with updating the
                    ERC and Science Center to improve lab and
                    research facilities. I understand that campus
                    housing needs to be freshened up and improved,
                    and I fully support green design in this and all
                    building endeavors. However, looking at all the
                    proposed changes as a whole, I am concerned
                    Clarkson is attempting to change its image and
                    attract more of an Ivy League student, and I
                    question this decision.

                    Clarkson is a first rate research and teaching
                    facility thanks to its outstanding faculty and student
                    populations, and world class facilities. In the
                    business world, Clarkson Alumni have a strong
                    reputation for being hands on and ‘getting the job
Alumni   2005   3   done.’ I have seen first hand Clarkson Alumni
                    easily and repeatedly out perform their peers. As
                    No Greek Houses on campus - takes away from
                    an alumnus (BS 2003, MS 2005) I routinely recruit
                    historical value and overall level of experience
                    on campus for Raytheon, and know the value of a
                    Clarkson education. an overall "business" -
                    running and managing
                    everything else looks great (are those tunnels in
                    between appeals because that should have of its
                    Clarkson building? to many students becausebeen
                    done town, laid - again no Greek houses on the
                    homeyears ago) back, northern New York feel. hill
Alumni   2005   4   campus.
                    Campus is safe and comfortable. The students
                    who attend the University are looking for this
                    environment; world class faculty, staff, facilities,
                    and access to the Adirondack Mountains and their
                    surroundings. My point is this, in growing the
                    image and name brand of the University, don’t lose
                    sight of what currently and has historically made
                    I don't believe given the current plans there is
                    enough parking considering the number of students
                    and the influx of cars that are on campus during
Alumni   2005   5   hockey games.
Alumni   2006   1
                    It is really exciting to the potential. I recognize that
                    it may not all happen and it for sure will not happen
                    over night, but there are many exciting things.
                    Seems to be a great effort with parking and green
                    spaces. It will be exciting to see how things play
Alumni   2006   1   out.

                    I really wish the campus looked like this when I
                    went there, and I think it would definitely help
                    recruitment for the school in a very positive manner.
                    It would also help to reflect the prestige of the
Alumni   2006   1   school.
Alumni   2006   2
                    I find it to be a plan that, IF completed, could
                    substantially alter the collegiate landscape. They
                    key word is if. While the goals are far reaching, I
                    believe they would be an amazing improvement to
Alumni   2006   2   the campus and academics.
Alumni   2006   2
                    Finally! I just wish I was going to be able to take
Alumni   2006   2   advantage of these changes!

                    The layout looks very nice, I really like the fact that
                    you are empasizing the river. In the 4 years I was at
Alumni   2006   2   Clarkson I think I saw the river once.
Alumni   2006   2
                    Overall I believe that the green expansion of the
                    campus is gorgeous, especially the updating of
                    campus housing. However, I feel like many of the
                    plans are very cookie cutter and you are loosing the
                    feel of Clarkson. I loved Clarkson because it was
                    different, it sat in the Adks and you really felt like
                    you were there. You can see the range from the
                    top of Woodstock hill and in the fall can be one of
                    the most spectacular spots. However, I feel like
                    many of these additions are to create a feel similar
                    to many ivy league schools that also happen to be
                    in cities. This change neglects the fact that
                    Clarkson has something so much better to offer:
                    the actual wilderness. I hope that the addition can
                    take advantage of this fact, rather than try to mask
                    it. What I guess I would like to express is that you
                    don't have to build all of the scenic overlooks, some
                    of them are already naturally there, and you don't
                    need to create green spaces with pavement, many
                    of the green is also already there and just needs to
Alumni   2006   3   be taken care of.
Alumni   2006   5

                    I think expansion is a great thing, and I hope that
                    Clarkson can begin to expand in the near future.
                    However, I am very skeptical that the majority of
                    these plans will come to fruition in even 15 years. I
                    hate to be pessimistic, but I remember my junior
                    year (04-05) when they put out the plans to
                    renovate the ERC & library, and my senior year (05-
                    06) when they first proposed tackling the parking
                    situation and putting in a turf field. Nothing has
Alumni   2006   5   been done yet on either of those problems.
                    I never knew we owned that much riverfront
                    property. What's the difference between the existing
Alumni   2006       Cheel and this new "Student Center"?
                    being a lacrosse alumni who worked hard on
                    bringing a turf field to the school, i'm very pleased
                    with the work already done to the walker center, as
                    well as the turf field soon to come. looking over the
                    rest of the proposed plan, i like the fact that there
                    are a lot of additions to the grounds. the sports
Alumni   2007   1   complex looks awesome too.
Alumni   2007   1
Alumni   2007   1
                    I wish this would have been done when i was
Alumni   2007   1   enrolled at CU.
                    I'm glad to see that Clarkson in preparing to invest
                    in its future as a repected college. After graduating
                    this past May, I have begun classes at RIT for a
                    masters degree and I have to say, that in
                    comparison, their campus is much more
                    asthetically pleasing. I am glad that Clarkson is
                    prepared to catch up with its compeditors to bring
                    not only a quality education, but also a quality life
Alumni   2007   1   experience to its students
                    I am stunned to see so much being added to the
Alumni   2007   1   hill campus.
                    The plan is very interesting, I'd love to see what it
                    looks like after some renovations. I'm uncertain
                    about the round about by the Quad but otherwise
Alumni   2007   1   looks great.
                    I think the plan looks great. Many of the issues I
                    had while at Clarkson will be solved. The new
                    housing is the most important, I believe. What
                    looks like a Frat Row is definitly needed. The
                    planting of trees, addition of lawns etc. will greatly
                    enhance Clarkson's beauty. I say do it! And don't
Alumni   2007   1   leave anything out!!!

                    It looks great and the additions that are being
Alumni   2007   2   proposed could add alot to campus life.
Alumni   2007   2

                    each building being connected is a great idea. I like
                    making the parking lot in front of snell a field, only if
                    there is enough parking added elseware. I also like
Alumni   2007   2   taking advantage of the waterfront property.
Alumni   2007   2

Alumni   2007   2
                     There are a lot of good changes that I see in the
                     Master Plan. I think connecting all of the main
                     buildings on campus is an excellent idea.
                     It was hard to judge how much parking you have
                     available for students. I understand that Clarkson
                     wishes to become more of a walking campus, but
                     many students are their own form of transportation,
                     so I hope that you are taking that into consideration
                     with the number of spaces you are providing.
                     I also had some concerns about the "Greek Row"
                     section. There are many more Chapters on
                     campus than you appear to be designating housing
                     for. I understand that many of the Chapters own
                     their houses, but that may not always be the case,
                     and only providing 4 structures for their use seems
                     to be a little presumptuous. Also, the school needs
                     to take into consideration that there are rivalries
                     between some of the houses, and moving them on
                     campus with rules and regulations isn't going to
                     force those rivalries to die, especially if they are in
                     such close proximity to each other. It just seems
                     to me to be a recipe for disaster.
Alumni    2007   3   I hope you will take my concerns and comments
Alumni    2007   3   into consideration, because I know that I speak for
                     many current students even though IIam noall this
                     I do agree with your plans, however, think longer
                     at happening too quickly. And...make sure to
                     is Clarkson.
                     continue putting money into the education,
                     scholarships, and other student activites. Don't be
                     skimpy on student activities because of the costs
Alumni    2007   3   of construction.

                     I don't believe that there will ever be greek housing
Alumni    2007   4   on campus.

                     Seems very expensive where is the money coming
Alumni    2007   4   from tuition??
Alumni    2007   4

                     I feel that the plan overall is very well organized and
                     will do a lot to better an already amazing campus. I
                     do not, however, agree with any attempt to move
Alumni    2007   6   Greek life onto the Clarkson campus.
                     We have alot to offer our students and it appears
                     the Master Plan is attempting to capitalize on these
                     opportunities. We are currently lacking in
Faculty          2   comparison to other private institutions...
              river front is great, walking campus concept great,
              but connecting all buildings with walkways really
              distracts from the walking campus aspects. There
              are now doors and a wall that must be crossed to
              get across campus. Bikes and walkers now have
              no clear route. The building space that is created
              by these walkways is also low quality when it
              comes to offices, labs and classrooms. Too much
              of the square footage has to be devoted to major
              hallway space. Due to the number of people
              opening doors and walking through the space just
              to get across campus, there are also very
              substantial extra heating and AC loads that should
Faculty   2   be avoided.

              Overall, the plan should increase the student living
              experience on campus. Traffic management and
              flow, however appears to be restrictive in/around
              proposed quad. Great proposed use of property
              along river; please look at pedestrian access/safetly
Faculty   2   across Clarkson Avenue.
              There should be several easy access points to
              pass through the long connecting corridors of
              buildings so that the campus is easily accessible
Faculty   3   on both sides of the new connecting structure.
              The plan is a very attractive layout; however have
              we considered other issues beyond aesthetics? I
              think we should consider the sustainability of the
              new lay out. Does it decrease our energy
              consumption, does it reduce our maintenance
              costs. Should we demolish buildings built in the
              last 30-50 years. If so, are we replacing them with
              Green buildings with a longer life expectancy? If
              we split the sports fields from the Gym and field
              house it seems create problems. I guess my main
              concern is have we thought about the long term
              costs. Can we improve the campus and reduce
Faculty   4   impact on our resources?
              It is a good start. The parking lot behind the CAMP
Faculty   4   building could be
              I really like the development of the waterfront. I
              think this will make the campus much more
              attractive and interactive with our surrounding
              environment. It should also make the road crossing
              at the crest of the hill less dangerous.

              I do not like the connected buildings. In my
              opinion, our campus is not very large and walking
              (or wheeling) from building to building isn't a
              problem. Rather than "symbolically span the
              boundaries of the academic, residential and social
              components of the Clarkson experience," I think the
              corridors physically create a walled campus that
              could feel more like a prison. The campus should
              take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds
              it, and as much open space as possible should be
Faculty   5   left to view this beauty.
              My first concern is the driving around campus.
              Emergency vehicles need to be able to get to the
              center of campus. Also for students/parents loading
              and unloading vehicles their should be access. No
              one wants to carry a dresser 1/4 of a mile. Maybe
              some type of road behind moore house to the quad

              I love the idea of an auditorium on campus. It
              should be made with quality. Our campus is lacking
              theater because of the use of downtown Snell.

              The parking structure is an excellent idea as well.
              Economical and a space saver. Hopefully it won't
              be for faculty only. Maybe an RFID system. We're a
              technology school, I'm sure we could come up with
              something. (Idea: a system that spits out a ticket
              or a card (also recognizing your car using an RFID
              system like EZ Pass), tells you where to park. This
              way you won't have to look around for an extensive
              period of time. When you leave, the RFID system
              recognizes your spot is open again.) Sounds like a
              good EE project?

Other,        Additions to the buildings are always good.
specify   1   New student center. Maybe a 24 hour coffee shop?
Other,        Good for long study nights! Stage? or projector
please        television (movies, sporting events, etc). Illusional
specify   1   fire place?
              For the most part I like the overall concept. I'm not
              Will there be enough housing for all juniors and a
              sure I understand why the auditorium would be
              seniors to get apartment type housing?
              separate building. I also don't like the connection
              Discouraging when you areIt'll junior and you are still
              between all the buildings. a make Clarkson look
              more quad and on I understand the
              in the unattractive. the meal plan. desire to be
Other,        able to walk through all buildings in winter, but
please        we've all done it for many years. It's part of the
specify   2   Clarkson experience.
specify   2
              I love the idea of a walking campus and keeping
              cars off campus. Having more trees, more
              recreation space and developing the riverfront are all
              positive changes. However, I feel like some of the
Other,        proposed changes could negatively impact the
please        pleasing aswpects of some of the facilities we
specify   3   already have on campus.
 Staff    1

 Staff    1   Very solid plan

              I can envision what much of it may look like and
 Staff    1   WOW - what a transformation for our campus!

              I was so excited about the plan that I sent it to my
              wife for her to look at. I think the plan for the use of
              the land will change the look of the campus. It will
              change campus life for the students and it give the
 Staff    1   Potsdam community something to be proud of.
              A better of flow of traffic and parking is absolutely
              necessary as well as the addtion of new
 Staff    1   apartments and/or townhouses.
 Staff    1
              Defintely sidewalks through the Cheel parking lot
              are needed. The round-a-bout is needed so that all
              the tractor trailers delivering for ARAMARK by the
 Staff    1   center core will be able to back in.
Staff   2   Overall, I think things look great.
            From a quick look, it looks beautiful!! I was
            disappointed not to see some of the ideas for the
            admission office included in this master plan, but
            otherwise it looks nice. I love that the buildings
            may be connected, and that an auditorium is being
Staff   2   considered.
            Like the plan, but wonder what we're talking for a
Staff   2   timeline on these additions to campus.

            I think it is a great start. It would be helpful to see
            a little more detail on the proposed buildings to get
            a feel for the new look of the campus. Also, there
            are several buildings/areas with question marks.
            It'd be nice to have clickable links with more
            information/rationale for the space. Example: the
            new apartments - what's the basic concept? views
Staff   2   of the Adirondacks, multiple configurations. etc.
              It looks pretty. I'm concerned about width of
              roadways (especially when there is snow), parking
              (students moving in and carrying items long
 Staff    2   distances which also impacts staff/faculty).
 Staff    4
Student   1
              I am very excited about the on campus greek
Student   1   housing and the athletic facilaties

              It would be great to be able to move from one
              building to another without having to go outside
Student   1   when snow hits.
Student   1

              The plan looks amazing, I'm very impressed. I
              think it would be nice if we fixed up our current
              structures before we build these new ones. I would
              like to see improvements made to the science
Student   1   center and the ERC.

Student   1

              Very very nice! Definitely the campus was already
Student   1   like the proposed model.
Student   1
Student   1
              I think the addition of green space if wonderful.
              There are many needed changes such as the new
              apartments and possible additions to the
Student   1   engineering buildings.
              I love the development of the waterfront. I also like
              the transformation of Clarkson's campus from a
              mishmash of different buildings into one unified
              campus plan. The difference between the existing
              and the plan presented is breathtaking and
              astounding. It would alleviate my concerns for
              sending my own children and family members here
Student   1   in future.

Student   1
              Everything seems very well planned out. The new
              plans work well with the existing layout of the
              campus while making some of the less desirable
Student   1   places to view much more pleasing to the eye.
              It makes me wish that i was going to be going to
Student   1   college ten years from now

Student   1   I like all the trees that will be added.
              I think just about everything looks great! I would say
              that the most important thing is display the natural
Student   1   beauty of the location.

Student   1

              At first I was a bit skeptical, but after looking at the
              picture, all I can say is "wow." It looks amazing.
Student   1   Awesome job!
              One of the biggest draw backs of Clarkson is the
              look and feel of the campus, this plan is a huge
Student   1   step in making Clarkson a competitive campus.
Student   1   It is great to have so many buildings connected.

Student   1
              I feel like there should be more upperclass housing.
              It doesn't seem like woodstock/riverside/
              townhouses all fit in that area. If anything we could
Student   1   use MORE apartments
              I believe that construction is a must in developing
              campus to keep up with the rest of the prestigious
Student   1   university's.
              it looks great. glad everything will be connected to
              save us from the cold. but poor hamlin powers kids
Student   1   still get to freeze.
              The additional housing/removal of Woodstock
Student   1   makes a lot of sense.

              I like the fact that the roads on campus are going to
              be removed and that the campus spine will connect
              all academic buildings eventually. I like the planned
Student   1   trees, as well. We need more trees and gardens.

Student   1

              I really like the walking campus, scenic views, new
Student   1   athletics facilities, and the trees
              I like the waterfront development and the dorm
              renovation. I especially like the parking lot removal
Student   1   in front of the ERC.

              I like the plan overall. You have on campus roads in
              mostly the same locations they are currently in,
              however you do no have them meeting. I understand/
              assume this is so you can have paths go where the
              road would have for student access/saftey but it
              would be better for everyone and congestion if left
              the roads and made dedicated walkways and
              bridges they would not have to be heated or
              anything just a glass walkway would break the wind
              and could run up over the roads. For walking paths,
              DO NOT PICK where to put them you are just
              waisting your time walk around campus in the early
              spring and summer and look where all the grass is
              dead from people walking on it. This is where
              people are going to walk regaurdless of where you
Student   1   put a path.
              love the idea of a more walker-friendly campus and
Student   1   student center
              I am very impressed with the plan. I think it
              tremendously benefit the student body, the
              community of Potsdam, and the beauty and
Student   1   functionality of the campus as a whole.

Student   1

              I was surprised by the large scale of change that is
              planned to take place. It would certainly improve the
              campus a lot, but it would be tough to function
Student   2   during the years spent building.

Student   2
Student   2
              The development of the waterfront is a great idea! It
              really ads unique value to the campus. I look
              forward to coming back and seeing the new student
Student   2   center as well.
Student   2   I think this would make the campus gorgeous!
              I am very pleased with the "Master Plan" for the
              Clarkson campus, the recommendations provided
              seem very interesting and promising but I would just
              like to communicate my feeling about these
              additions and there "aesthetic" value they will
              provide when completed. As we all know our
              campus is very cold and masculine, in order to
              appeal to many new students and those of the
              female persuasion it is a necessity that these
              changes be made in a rather feminine and classic
              manner that is comparable to the other schools
              campuses that we associate our school with. i.e.
              stone building's with ivy- buildings that will not go
              out of style such as the science center or even
Student   2   cheel and snell.
Student   2
              It's good that Clarkson is looking toward the future
              and making their plans public. It looks like
              maintaining the campus atmosphere, which is what
              I feel most strongly about, has been appropriately
Student   2   considered.
Student   2

Student   2
              Great to see the prospect of renovations. Also, a
              walking campus would be great! Developing the
              waterfront would also be very beneficial to
Student   2   Clarkson's facilities.

Student   2
              I like the idea of making the University a "walking
Student   2   campus"
              I would recommend re-thinking the face-to-face
              design of the proposed replacements of Woodstock
              Village. My experience having lived in both
              Woodstock and the Townhouses is that the broken-
              up design of the Woodstocks is superior to the
              townhouses, as the sounds of your neighbors do
              not carry far at all. In fact, you cannot usually hear
              anybody bit your upstairs neighbor. In the
              townhouses, sounds bounce and carry everywhere,
              so if anybody at all is having a party or making
              noise, everyone has to listen to it. I understand the
              green space in the middle of the townhouses is
              nice, but I believe this could be incorporated into a
Student   2   more broken-up ground plan for the new housing.

              Need to add more residential buildings, should
              utilize more of cheel lawn, put in walkways across
              cheel from price and graham halls to camp to
Student   2   eliminate muddy trails created.
              I liked the idea of a pedestrian Campus. What I
              question is the idea of creating all those dead end
Student   2   roads.
              Significant consideration should be given to
              upgrading and beautifying existing structures as
              well as constructing new structures. I trust that the
              proposed additions will look good. However, right
              now a large number of buildings on campus look
              terrible (e.g. new dorms, quad, moore, science
Student   2   center, etc.).
              I think these additions are exactly what is needed
Student   2   to improve the school's image and use
              After nearly being hit by cars about once a week, I
              greatly appreciate the removal of busy roads from
              the academic and residential areas of campus. I
              also like the "greening" of the campus, for lack of a
              better term. I've felt like our campus looks horrible
              compared to most campuses, because we have
              parking lots where most campuses have fields and
              lamps where most campuses have treets. The
              modifications to the riverfront property and the
              addition of the student center will hopefully make for
              a more social student body. The expansion and
              renovation of academic facilities is overdue, so it is
              good that there will be expansion wings added to
Student   2   most buildings.

              I really like the fact that more trees will be added
              along the roads and most of the athletic facilities
Student   2   will all be in one site.
Student   2   It is a great idea.
Student   2
Student   2
              no cars is good and its about time we did
Student   2   something with the water front

              I think the auditorium is very important to the
              cultural development of Clarkson University and it
              should be a high priority over the course of the
Student   2   master plan's duration.
              I love the fact that there is a theatre, and all the
Student   2   buildings are connected.

              it looks great, but i doubt this well ever happen in
Student   2   any of our lifetimes.
              The connection of all the academic buildings will be
              a good addition especially for the winter, and the
              addition of the auditorium will boost possible stage
Student   2   performances from acting groups.
              I think that eliminating any student parking is not an
              improvement. Trying to make Clarkson a "walking
              campus" is not an imrovement (if you ask me). It
              gets really cold up here, and in the winter we try to
Student   2   walk as little as possible.
Student   2

              I cannot emphasize enough the need for relocating
              the parking lots to the outside edges, making
              Clarkson a walking campus. Thank you for finally
              taking action! I love the additional lawn/tree space
              and the plans for 'green' building; I hope you don't
              change these aspects. Also, the river is the most
              beautiful yet under-appreciated feature of the
Student   2   campus; more students need to know about it.

Student   2
Student   2

Student   2

              The new dormitory system with greek housing
              looks very nice. So does the auditorium and all the
Student   2   access points to the river, to be looked out upon.
              I think it solves a lot of problems, but leaves a
Student   2   select few out
              i think that it would be great to connect everything
Student   2   for when it gets cold

              The master plan is a definite improvement upon the
              current University design. The master plan seems
              to take into account the fact that this is a mostly
              walking campus, and takes into account a need for
Student   2   more resources and buildings.

              Really like the walking campus idea, and all the
              new trees (hopefully evergreens so there's some
Student   2   color during the long gray winters)
              For the Concourses between Cheel-Camp, Camp-
              ERC, and ERC-(Science Center). Will these be
              elevated walkways or on the ground. If they are on
              the ground, if you want to walk through it, say late
              at night will they be locked? Do you have to walk all
              the way around snell or cheel if it is locked at some
              time in the night. Would be pretty inconvenient for
Student   2   most.

              I think that the plan will overall improve the visual
              appeal of the Clarkson campus but I would say that
              seems to make certain areas feel very crowded. For
              instance the space between, the predicted quad in
              front of the science center, and the new addition to
              the front of the science center, might make the area
              feel more crowded and slightly more intimidating up
              close to prospective freshman and their parents if
Student   2   the building is to be as large as the science center.
Student   2
Student   2   Should have done this 10 years ago
              This will be really nice if I can enjoy some of it.
              Hopefully some of the plan will be completed before
              my senior year
Student   2
              Simply connecting all buildings seems
Student   2   strange....No stand alone classroom buildings?
              It seems like an impressive plan, i am just
              disappointed that it took so long to get going on the
              10 year plan (last ten year plan saw little results).
              Physical results already in existance (robro
              parking) gives confidence to aspects of the plan.
              Though a timetable for completion of different parts,
              or show pieces that are generational (IE associated
              with one another in one building phase, like the
              additional parking lot and removal of ROBRO
Student   2   parking).
              I really think the plan is needed and would make
              the campus a much more enjoyable place to live.
              Beautification is something Clarkson really needs
Student   2   to work on.
              Just what this campus needs. Its not "Wow!
Student   2   Fantastic!" but it is good.

Student   2
Student   2

              It looks very nice, my only concern is with most of
              the academic buildings being connected, will there
              be ways to get through late a night? I'm already
              having problems getting into CAMP after hours to
              work on homework, much less if someone drops
Student   2   me off at cheel and I live in townhouses.
Student   2
              I really think it is a good idea to connect all the
              buildings. I really like the student center idea and
              auditorium. I also like the idea of having all the
Student   2   housing on campus

              I think it is awesome that Clarkson actually wants
              to do all these improvements. It is just unfortunate i
Student   2   will not experience them.

              The plan is very well planned out and looks like it
              will make the campus more appealing visually. The
Student   2   idea for the student center and auditorium is good.

Student   2

              I like how the campus is made without as many
              parking lots in the middle of it and more walking,
Student   2   less driving.

              it will be a much more walkable campus. however,
Student   2   there needs to be more parking for freshman.

Student   2

              I like it a whole lot but youve definetly got to bring
              the campus store ON CAMPUS. It has been an
Student   2   inconvenience too long.

              Enhances and connects the campus much more,
              also like the use of the student center while
              allowing a large segment of cheel lawn to remain
Student   2   intact
              About time Clarkson was renovated. Greeks should
Student   3   not be on campus though(unless they want to be)

              I like many of the ideas on it, but would like to see
              it changed. I LOVE the idea of connecting the
              buildings. I also think that the need for parking
              should be estimated before any new parking lots
              should be built. I also really hope that arrangements
              are made so that there is adequate housing for all
              the students before any buildings are removed.
              (Building new dorms should be completed and
              exceed the previous amount of housing BEFORE
              any old dorms are demolished.
              I personally like the current building set-up of
              Woodstock, it has an interesting composition and I
Student   3   hope that it's not gone before I graduate.

              I like the idea to utilize more of the outdoor space
              and natural beauty of campus. I don't know if I like
              all of the connecting walkways and the location of
              the proposed student center. I feel like we are
              taking away some of that central green space of
              Cheel lawn (and I know that we are also gaining
Student   3   some with the removal of the commuter lot, but still)
Student   3

              At first I hated the idea, but after looking at it a bit
              closer, it is starting to grow on me. I do not like
              that the parking in front of the quad on the Ross-
              Brooks side has been removed. It is a pain when
              parents come because they now have to park in
              Cheel, the gym, or on the complete other side of
              the quad. What are people in Ross-Brooks going
              to do on move in/out day, are they supposed to
Student   3   carry their belongings all the way across campus?
Student   3   It was OK
              It would be a good idea to create housing with
              single room options for students so long as it does
              not cut down on the number of students able to
Student   3   reside on campus.

              The plan itself looks good but I don't have faith in
              the clarkson administration being able to complete
              this project exactly how it is envisioned. A nicer
              looking campus will bring in more students and
              more money to the university but it will not do much
              to make the students happier than they are now.
              There are many other problems on this campus that
              should be taken care of before spending money on
              rebuilding the entire campus. I also don't really like
              the idea of a walking campus. The incompetence
              and ineffectiveness of the Clarkson maintenance
              during the winter will present many problems unless
              their attitudes/techniques/equipment is improved.
              Although I think the maintenance staff is usually
              very helpful and caring, during the winter months
              they do a half assed job of clearing paths and
              getting ice off steps. Having lived in woodstock as a
              junior there were also several times when i was
              almost ran over by a bobcat that was plowing
              because the operator never looked back when
Student   3   reversing.
Student   3
              Overall, making the campus a walking campus is a
              great idea. Adding trees to the campus is a
              wonderful idea but gardens will annoy students.
              This is primarily due to the time of year students
              are here. Dead gardens will feel like a waste of
Student   3   tuition to the student body.
Student   3

              I think the road, parking improvements, and housing
              improvements will greatly enhance the campus.
              Utilizing the water front for sports is also very
              feasible. However, I disagree with the Student
              Center. What is needed on this campus that
              cannot be added into the existing buildings on
              campus. Renovating the ERC and adding onto the
              Cheel Campus Center will greatly improve the
Student   3   usuability and housing all the needs.

              The switch to a green and walking campus is a
              good idea, but I'm wondering if the one parking
              structure will be sufficient to cover the loss of the
Student   3   other lots.

              More Townhouses being built and more apartments
Student   3   is a good idea to accomidate more upperclassmen.
Student   3
              The Master Plan I understand is vague simply
              because it is a general idea of what you want.
              Personally I think the idea of connecting the SC,
              ERC, CAMP and Cheel is great. I am disappointed
              however that housing has not been addressed in
              the plan, a new set of apartments is possible,
              theres still plenty of room to expand, or re-do
              apartments or dorms. The parking garage structure
Student   3   is a great idea.
Student   3
Student   3
Student   3
              Views from central campus turn into buildings,
Student   3   leave the river alone.

              Greek Houses are a great idea. Keep these kids
              safer on campus, and give them an opportunity for
Student   3   growth.

Student   3   It's nice but practical? Parking is all ready a pain.

              I think the pedestrain bridge is an excellent idea.I
              also like that there will be a student center..too bad
Student   3   I wont be here to see it!
              Many necessary changes, but with no real
Student   4   timetable, it seems like it could take forever.
Student   4
              The design looks nice but I don't understand how
              Clarkson is going to accomodate off campus
              students and faculty. There is already what i
              believe to be a shortage of available parking spaces
              during peak school hours. Removing parking lots
              and moving them to the periphery seems like a bad
              idea to me, especially with the types of winters we
Student   4   are used to having around here.
              I like the idea of a walking campus, but I think more
              could be done to make it a more visually appealing
              campus. The biggest eyesores in the plan as far as
              I'm concerned will be a, the parking garage situated
              behind the science center. Could the parking area
              be made underground which would even though it
              costs more money, save space allowing for more
              open "greenspace" on campus. Additionally
              drainage issues would be fairly minimal because
              the position of the sight where it would be built is
              the highest point on campus. The other eyesore in
              my opinion would be the five story appartement
              complex. No matter how well done it is
              arcetecturally, it would be the tallest building on
              campus and would stick out from many points on
Student   4   campus.

Student   4

Student   4
Student   5

Student   5

Student   5   Feel like there will be less upper classmen dorms.
              It seems over ambitious and unpractical. I am
              skeptical that it could be done in 10 years. If it
              didn't call for as much demolition and rebuilding I
              would be more impressed. I would like to see plans
              to improve existing housing, it would take less
              effort, be done faster, and produce results that are
              just as nice. I would also like to see the student
              center closer to Woodstock and the faculty parking
              lot instead of on Cheel lawn. The plan doesn't show
              details for the buildings. Specificly I'd like to see
              the loft in ERC moved so it doesn't block the
Student   5   windows.
              While the student center is necessary, there needs
              to be more dorms and parking spaces. That and the
              concept of one mega building looks ugly,
              considering the differing architectural styles around
Student   5   campus
Student   5
              Too many roundabouts(why?), very hard to navigate
              around campus, too much money being spent, I
Student   5   like having more apartments

              I think that the plan closes off the campus's lovely
              open outdoor areas with some of the expansions to
              current buildings, aka the one on the science
              center. It is nice that all buildings will be connected
              by walkways but it seems that this give an edge to
              the camups space which does not include the
              apartments. The use of Baghdad Road access for
              the new woodstock area seems very out of the way.
              New housing at the bottom of the hill seems like it
              would be better placed along the Route 11
              secondary entrance. The walkway from the Quad
              housing to the new grass quad and the academic
              buildings beyond still passes through the road, or in
              this case the new roundabout. Could the
              auditorium be put between the IRC and cheel or
              next to price, it just seems in an awkward spot.
              The access to housing road from Baghdad road
Student   5   seems out of the way if you're driving from town.
              As a commuter, I am VERY disappointed to see
              the parking lot next to Snell removed. There are
              already parking problems as it is. Removing a
              parking lot will not solve that problem, especially if
              you're ADDING parking further away! Winter in the
              North Country is terrible and it is awful to make
              commuters walk all the way across campus to get
              to class, even with the 'indoor walkways'. That still
              makes Snell Hall along walk for Liberal Arts and
Student   5   business students.
              Must have more class rooms. Concerned that
              existing buildings will not be maintained, not
              enough people to keep up all the buildings. No
              resolution on current housing problem, taking away
              Riverside Housing would be a disastor. As a
              student athlete having the turf would be nice, but I
              see the IRC and Pool turning into what Walker was
              because there is very little maitinece. Why is there
              a new baseball field when our current field is
              already in poor shape. We need to address what
              we currently have, not create new problems. You
              want a walking campus but you keep putting up
              buildings in large traffic areas where people walk
              (ERC/SC addition). I am very frustrated to see
              some of the poor investments, I will not be giving
Student   5   money to any of this project.

              The buildings are not that far apart...we do not have
              a large campus. Connecting all of the buildings as
              such seems like a waste of money and space. If
              we were to connect all of the buildings, why don't
              some underground tunnels be built instead? That
Student   6   would allow us to keep our green space.
              It is ridiculous to eliminate the parking in front of
              Snell and the Science Center. The idea of a
              "walking campus" is interesting, but it is incredibly
              impractical for this campus in the North Country.
              The temperature can and does get down to negative
              numbers. The last thing students need is a longer
              walk in weather that causes frostbite. I do not think
              that cancelling classes more frequently would
Student   6   benefit anyone, either.
              Connecting the campus is not a good idea and why
              do we need a student center? The amount of open
Student   6   space will aslo be reduced.
              A walking only campus would be a very nice thing
              to have, but I feel that the amount of parking overall
              and the design of how the parking is implemented
              is inadequate. First off you can have a walking
              campus but add more parking, with more and more
              people coming to clarkson with a car you need to
              develop for the growth of the campus population,
              lets not have this be like the bandwidth upgrade
              which could have been prevented had the school
              calculated for growth, so in the area of parking plan
              for growth of the campus and not the immediate
              need. Secondly, the parking lot that is located
              below the new woodstock and riverside apartments,
              it would make more sense to connect it to the so
              called LOOP ROAD, it would be nice to have it
              connected to campus in another way so that if you
              are going to town or home and have to pick up
              someone on campus that you may be giving a ride
              to, so that you don't have to drive out of your way
              and go around campus just to meet up with said
Student   6   person.

              Too much destruction of green space, too many
Student   6   new structures.
              I do not like the "scenic outlooks". They as well as
              the connecting all the buildings take away from the
              reason why I came to Clarkson - an open friendly
              campus with trees and not a tourist attraction like a
              big city. The roundabouts are a good thing. Stop
              signs are ignored or otherwise cause traffic
              problems. Why do we need a “scenic stadium”?
              Make it MS/PhD housing.

              Also Greek Housing will only make Clarkson a
              party school. Though most of the Greek societies
              are good about keeping the underage from drinking,
              it does happen and will happen more if the housing
              is on campus and does not include a walk into
              town. Keeping that housing special interest for
              SPEED teams or housing by academic major
              would be good.

              The layout of the new grass quad area is wrong for
              students walking to and from classes. It needs to
              be turned 90 deg, or you will have to lay more
              concrete as with the path from the “Quad” to the

              The observatory and more student housing is great.
Student   6   Walk ways through the parking lot are good. Are
              they going to be kept clear and free of ice? Can
              they be raised and covered to move pedestrians out
              of the way of cars? Also there needs to be a walk
              way from the Cheel Lawn (Price area) to the IRC,
              which is a common path now. Make sure there is
              enough room to add walk ways as needed.
Student   6   I hate change.
Student   6

              Waste of money on most areas, we do not need all
              of those connections. Greek housing is pointless,
              the frats will not move back, dont waste the money.
              Also, the school is on a hill, dont expect this to be
              a true walking campus, a lot of the housing is still
Student   6   far away from everything (especially the pit)

Student   6   the set up of the school is disappointing
              I initially thought it was going to be great, with the
              extra parking lot and all. But then the faculty
              parking by the quad was removed and put on
Student   7   spaces were taken away from students there.

              Unless there are announced plans to try and go Ivy,
              which there are not, I dont see why we need to
Student   7   engulf the town with the University.
Student   7   leave clarkson the way it is
Student   7   why would take parking spots away?
              there is no realson for an outdoor activity at
              clarkson becuse 90% of the time class is in
              session the weather is horible. another point is
              greeks are not going to like having to move on
              campus. all of the houses have developed tradition
              and put alot of effort into their houses hich make
              them each distinct from one another. forcing a
              move will create an uproar from alumni of the greek
Student   7   houses.
              I believe that any idea that requires knocking down
              current housing or taking out current parking should
              be revised, as there is currently not enough of either
Student   7   on campus as we speak.
              Makes no sense at all. This campus gets very cold
              in the winter and you are encouraging students and
Student   7   faculty to walk.
                        The parking lots being moved to the outskirts of
                        campus is ridiculous. The climate of the campus is
                        too cold to expect students to walk around the
Student       7         campus.
                        I feel like we are losing the natural small town feel
                        of the college. The excitement of walking in the cold
                        (though people complain) is why a lot of us come
                        here. Coming from a lager more congested place, i
                        like the ability to see the woods while i walk around
Student       7         here.
                        The campus layout is NOT poor by all means now.
                        Sure the housing is poor and that can be re-
                        evaluated accordingly. However the new buildings
                        are not necessary. What do we need an aud.
                        for...or a Greek road? They would be useless
                        structures. You may ask why on the Greek road, it
                        is because everyone will have 2 houses then; one in
                        town and one on campus. The one on campus will
Student       7         be useless.
                        This plan barely takes the environment into
                        consideration. The impacts of some of these
                        changes would be drasticly unhealthy and
Student       7         impractical.
Student       7


                        There had better be plenty of parking for commuters
                        in the 'vertically expandable parking lot'! There are a
                        lot of commuters on campus, and I don't feel like
Student                 the University recognizes or cares about that fact.

    Additions to the Plan                                          Remove from the Plan
    There is at least one sunken parking structure. A lot of
    real estate is devoted to parking. Hiding it - like under
    the new quadrangle will improve the aesthetics. It may
    be expensive but improves connectivity and might be
    eligible for state or Federal subsidies.
    1) Atrium
    2) One or two Adirondack lean-to's either near water and/
    or with a view of woods ( refer to Adirondack canoe route
    3)Label walking paths: "Walk of discovery" (Scientists
    CU +)and "Innovation Walk )Business, etc CU+)

    Boat house (crewing), connect class buildings for winter
    comfort. And provide the ability to A/C dorms. Are there
    any plans to bring part of Old Main as a historical
    landmark for use as Admissions office?

    Add the upgrade to the existing facilities. Include desks,
    chairs, and teh AV equipment.

    Be sure to provide a facility for kayak and canoe rentals.
    Seems like a local sportingoods store would rent space
    or operate it as a club or concession. And a cre club or
    team sems like a natural fit for Clarkson. The climate
    should not interfere with it as it is successful at works at
    Dartmouth. But the river has to be wide enough, deep
    enough and long enough for a course.

    Some use of Old Main- or at least its materials
The forever wild section should have some means of
                                                              I see that there should be a direct access to the
controlled access to encourage it's use. There needs to
                                                              President's new home from the Back Hanawa
be space also added for non-athletic student groups
                                                              Road (or whatever its current name is) so that it
such as a remote controlled aircraft area, an outside
                                                              is convenient for guests to access the
construction equipment laboratory so that students can
                                                              president's home. I also believe that the traffic
understand that equipment. I also notice that the
                                                              patterns need to be considered before reducing
student auto garage has disapeared from the campus.
                                                              the number of acces point to th campus from 5
this has always been a usefull facility for those student
                                                              to 4.
to learn to car for their vehicles.

hard to say without more details

                                                              The waterfront development should not be
                                                              funded at this time. We don't have the capital
                                                              structure vs other needs and it should be put

the biggest complaint i have with the campus is its
uncoordinated appearance. more attention should be
paid to signage. also, there is no visual definition to the
front of the campus in front of the pit.

I would like to see space for the alumni in the new
student center that encourages interaction between            Nothing comes to mind at this time.
students and alums.

                                                              Should the riverfront be left alone? It has been
                                                              left alone for a long time, let it be...

I don't know for how long the student maintenance
garage off of Clarkson has been gone, but I would hope
that a suitable replacement is in the plan.

More Special Interest Housing if their is sufficient interest
from the Greek Community and other organizations.
see comment above

                                                             There are about 4-5 GREEK houses shown on
                                                             the plan. What is the long term plan for
                                                             Fraternities/Sororities? They form an important
                                                             bond to the school - which in my opinion will be
                                                             lost if the houses - become just another dorm
                                                             with Greek letters on the front. I learned a lot
                                                             about leadership, management, etc. while a
                                                             member/officer of TEP - which I would not have
                                                             ever learned living in a dorm, apartment, or
                                                             "school managed fraternity".

I would like to understand better what the plan is for the   I do not know the value or the cost of the
existing villiage facilities                                 excersise stations and Observatory.

None                                                         None.
                                                        My recollection was that the Cheel center was
                                                        to be the student center along with the Hockey
A problem on most college campuses is parking. Will
                                                        rink. Why is another student center needed?
there be enough? Keep in mind the needs for parking for
                                                        I also noticed a couple of rotaries in the campus
hockey games.
                                                        roadways. Is there a good reason for having
                                                        them? I question their safety and need for them.

It is too bad that we are losing the history of the
Downtown campus, but the new buildings, etc are great.
what i remember as a great challenge from my undergrad
the intense cold while walking between buildings and
It would strike me that a covered walk system might
hazard and improve the campus walkability.

                                                          Round about!!! They are confusing for drivers.
Please consider pv and small wind turbines. Also love
                                                          Also, remove the indoor walking cooridors, a
the overlooks on the river!
                                                          waste of money.
                                                          Some of the proposed additions, though
                                                          leveraging existing facilities, may not be
                                                          appropriate. A separate building might be better

                                                          I realize parking is essential but I am not a fan
                                                          of parking lots and it looks like the campus is
                                                          loosing greenspace or woodland for pavement. I
I haven't been on the campus in 19 years, so I am way     was dissapointed to see the new lot between
behind in what is there already.                          the pit and quad dorms. It obviously costs
                                                          more, but underground, concealed, or parking
                                                          integrated into the new building designs would
                                                          improve the large areas of surface parking.

Delivery Access to the theatre for visiting comedy and
                                                          There should be an environmental board of
music groups. You will need to back in 18-wheel
                                                          students and administrators to keep the
mosters to unload major acts and presentations.
                                                          campus forever wild by balancing the amount of
Elevators and handicapped access will obviously be
                                                          trees removed with trees replaced. We should
available. Concerned about stage access (I am in the
                                                          also consider purchasing more land beyond our
entertainment business and this aspect is often
                                                          borders for future unforseen expansion (ie, the
overlooked - ie barben rooms in cheel are very far from
                                                          Coulter Medical School of 2050).
parking lot for load in)
Contour lines would be helpful. It is known as 'the hill',
after all.

As a parking consultant, I would recommend considering
some type of access control system. This would replace
the traditional sticker/tag system with new technology.
Thus making it much easier to manage, enforce and
control parking on campus. Many universities across the
country are moving in this direction and it is often a
primary component of a master plan. As an alumni, I
would be happy to lend my companies services for
further exploration of this concept. (See KOC for name)

Show existing and have a separate drawing for that.
                                                             Just re-work building sizes and make smaller
Reduce the size of buildings and create a more small
town community feel...

I would definitely suggest the addition of a large and
formal Clarkson University sign (like the one now present
at the current main entrance) at the corner of the
                                                          None at this time.
property by Route 11. It should welcome all to the
campus and provide instruction as to how to proceed
(Route 11 versus Clarkson Avenue).
A real boathouse for a crew team? Another nice
fountain(s) as part of the roundabout(s)?

Lots of the improvements are geared towards Summer
stuff: walking trails, canoe house, etc. What about
                                                           Moore House
winter, when the students are there most of the time?
XC trails, Outdoor ice rink/pond, sledding hill, etc.

Any special services areas? I remember trying to find an
area for the Bicycle club to put their own repair
equipment/tools. So maybe a common more
mechanical area in addition to the meeting rooms
available at Cheel.

                                                           New housing, or only minimal housing to meet
                                                           student plans. Greek houses. Being able to live
Leave Woodstock & Riverside apartment, rennovate if        in a house should not be restricted to
necessary.                                                 membership, unless it is a privately owned
                                                           house by the greeks, of course. Too many
                                                          roundabouts are a traffic nightmare, as well as a
                                                          maintenance problem

An engineering school should be integrating sustainable
alternative energy technologies. The master plan does
not include anything like this. Clarkson should be a
leader in generating their own energy. The campus
topography can most likely support wind, geothermal,
and perhaps even hydroelectric technologies. Now would
be the time to implement such projects.

                                                          I don't think a parking structure is in keeping
                                                          with the environment.
Outdoor skating rink! Boathouse? Are there enough
greek houses?

Plan indicates possible sidewalks from the quad and
Moore to Cheel. Will that be a covered or closed in
walkway?? My three years of living in that area
(Freshman, RA for Freshman and Moore)that was the
most hellish walk in the winter. For the Students sake a
closed in walkway from those areas would be extremely
You should seriously consider putting student housing    don't add too much to the space between cheel
on the river. i know that would be a great attraction to and camp, that is great green space for those
live on the river.                                       who have to live on campus

New Admissions Building!!!                               Greek Row!!!
                                                         Bike paths and walking paths are nice, but I
                                                         always think a trail will be used when it
The greek houses seem to be in an odd spot ... I thought connects areas of interest ... I fear the trails by
we were thinking of putting them along the existing      the river (without connecting important
access road by the water tower?                          destinations) will be underutilized and will end
                                                         up just being a scary area that everyone avoids
                                                         at night.
expansion of the gym

Welcome Center                                             Greek Housing

Replace the auto hobby shop that was torn down for the
presidents house. Students need a place to work on
                                                           Keep fraternities off campus.
their vehicles in the winter. Otherwise it will be done in
the parking lots.
The scenic stadium and softball field will draw fans but I
believe the design is lacking parking in that location.      Hopefully a vertical parking deck should not be
Should that location become a football field in a few        required but that does draw some concerns to
years or further down the road I believe the current         the look of the landscape.
parking capacity will be well exceeded.

More Greek/special interest housing

A football field... hint hint... nudge nudge

Basketball courts outside some where.

                                                             My top concerns for the design.
                                                             -Disconnecting the road from the freshmen
                                                             roundabout to the parking lot. You force traffic
                                                             and campus safety out onto main roads to get
                                                             -Disconnecting the greek/woodstock
                                                             replacement road from the main campus loop.
                                                             Same reason as above.
Covered/sided walkways connecting academic facilities
                                                             -They add a lot of new academic spaces. This
to dorm/apt areas. At least to block the wind in certain
                                                             would indicate a growing student population.
                                                             Are the proposed apartments enough to handle
-More parking at the gym would be nice.
                                                             the growth?
- Indoor rock wall brought up from Snell.
                                                             - Lawn seating for the stadium? Has the design
                                                             team ever been to Clarkson? It could be used
                                                             from what june - sept 20ish... That's a great
                                                             waste of $
                                                             Underground garage in upstate NY?? What's
                                                             the useful life of the structure in the frost action
                                                             of 135degree seasonal temperature swings?

                                                             All the Greek houses are currently off campus
I'm confused why this plan doesnt focus on trying to
                                                             and I dont think they're going to want to
integrate more of downtown Potsdam with the campus.
                                                             move...too much tradition. Again if they hill
That is acquiring property along Maple and Main St in
                                                             campus spanned through the village to the
order to span the hill campus to the downtown campus.
                                                             downtown campus you'd be integrating tradition
Potsdam deserves to be integrated so they can benefit
                                                             back in to the campus rather then taking it
from additional business opportunities.

Just books and journals for the library!!!                   N/A
Welcome Center for admissions guests or total
renovation of Holcroft House.

Please make sure to remove the question mark after
"renovated library"! A new/renovated library should
definitely be part of the master plan.
                                                          Parking. There is an incredible amount of
                                                          parking still on campus. This is the big thing
Clarify time line. Also, who and when will this or an
                                                          that makes that campus ugly. Make folks walk
amended plan be executed?
                                                          a little further and hide some of the more
                                                          prominent parking areas.
improved trail system for running and cross country
Every winter students trudge across Cheel lawn from the
new dorms, quad, and moore house in several feet of
snow to get to CAMP. It would be really nice to see a
direct planned route from the dorms to CAMP so
students can keep their feet warm and dry. Perhaps
Cheel lawn could be broken into two smaller lawns?

I am also concerned about moving even more housing to
the hill which currently contains the Woodstock
apartments. There will need to be stairs of some sort
                                                         Remove Cheel lot. Don't build on hills.
from the Science center to the proposed new
townhouses to the bottom parking lot. However, ANY
exposed stairs or slopped pathways at Clarkson are a
bad idea as most of the winter they are icy, high
maintenance and dangerous. On a similar note, it would
be a good idea to consider ways to eliminate the awful
metal staircase to the pit. Instead of building over
Woodstock, it would be nice to remove the Cheel parking
lot and put dorms/apartments there. Then the parking lot
behind Cheel could be made into multi-story parking,
removing the need to extensive snow removal during the
winter months.
                                                            Specific Greek houses on campus. I think all
Just ensure that there is adequate housing for the          the special-interest houses should be open to
growing population. An improved campus as described         any group, greek or not, and as long as the
could attract many more students, and its important to      application process is fair, then any group
ensure there is enough housing in or around campus.         should be able to apply. Dedicated houses for
                                                            one group seems biased to me.

                                                            It would be nice to have more housing on
I remember having a store on campus freshman year
                                                            campus for singles. A lot of students like their
where you could purchase basic toiletries, food, laundry
                                                            privacy and quiet spaces to study. The Pit
supplies, etc. I would suggest making sure the new
                                                            used to be singles, then slowly it started
student center had an on-campus store for those
                                                            becoming doubles as more and more students
students who find it difficult to get downtime to restock
                                                            came to the university. After the new housing
their supplies. Along the same lines, the Clarkson
                                                            is build, I suggest going to back to offering that
Bookstore should move on to the hill as well.
                                                            option to those who want it.

NICE intramural sports fields                               everything looks very nice

                                                            The boardwalk along the river would be great,
                                                            but only during the months of Sept, Oct, and
                                                            May. The cost may outway the benefit.

why not make somewhere nice indoors clubs can use as
                                                     too much sports stuff (fields stadium, etc)
offices and meeting areas?
The Library either needs a face life or a bulldozer.

                                                          I was disappointed to see Clarkson has already
                                                          been adding the concourses before other
                                                          construction- this seems wasteful and not a
                                                          particularly important to undertake first. I would
                                                          say the Auditorium and improvements along the
                                                          Raquette are not necessary.

an expanded weight training/athletic complex

                                                           Not sure if moving greek life to the hill campus
                                                           is the appropriate move or not. Being a greek
                                                           alumnus, i would just like to be sure that there
                                                           is a collective buyin by the greek community
I would hope that the plan would account for improving     and then careful negotiation with the university
the exterior appearance of the science center...perhaps it over rights, responsibilities, finances,
does, i understand that brick would be expensive, but it ownership. I see it as a great opportunity if the
would do a lot to tie it in with the rest of the campus    administration continues to be pro-greek, but
especially that it's going to be connected to the erc,     that is obviously not guaranteed, and the greek
student center and rowley in this plan and is already      community needs to be careful to position
connected to snell. i think that the improved appearance themselves in such a way that they cannot be
would add a lot.                                           abolished by a future president and left with
                                                           nothing. at least if clarkson unrecognized greek
                                                           life now we would still have our house, and we
                                                           could decide what to do about going forward.
                                                           thank you for considering my $.02.

Bagdad Field, dedicated Rugby field
                                                       the scenic stadium by the river is a little dumb.
                                                       I just don't get why it is needed. I also don't
                                                       see a need for a round-about by the 'new'
                                                       dorms, as the road splits, and doesn't come off
more apartment/townhouse style living accomidations. a
                                                       at perpendicular angles. that traffic pattern
lot more. More trees!
                                                       could probably be addressed differently.
                                                       roundabouts are great when people know how
                                                       to use them, though. Plus, no one stops at the
                                                       stop signs any way.

                                                         Greek Houses - none on the hill
                                                         I'm not sure I exactly understand the purpose of
I believe there should be more parking around campus, or the exercise things every couple of yards on
institute a plan much like other schools where freshmen one part of the plan. Also without a softball
cannot have cars to limit the number of cars on campus. team, what is the need for a softball field? This
                                                         seems like a waste of space.

I love the idea of a parking structure for the science
center, Awesome.

As a recent graduate, I found the quad to be fairly
depressing. While suitable for living, they did often
lagged behind in comparison to freshmen dorms around
the region.

Greek Row would be a welcomed addition to Clarkson's

There is absolutly a need for more housing.
                                                              Overall, I see too much pavement. I am
                                                              currently a graduate student in Natural
                                                              Resources at UNH and the significant increase
                                                              in impermeable surfaces is of great concern
                                                              when you are dealing with water quality issues
                                                              as well as overall health of the vegetation. I am
                                                              not sure why all the decrease in vegetation by
                                                              the river (also important buffer zone) hasn't been
                                                              addressed, but is there a need for all of the new
I do not see a boathouse anywhere on this new map and athletic fields to be placed there? I like the
this concerns me since I know the canoe house can be athletic fields up by Cheel so that if you are
very popular for both the students and alumni on different cold watching a game or need to use the
occasions. The current boathouse could use a face lift restroom there is a place close by to provide
and it would be nice to see it included in your future        these services as well as a place that sells
plans.                                                        refreshments. Lastly, I am concerned about the
                                                              new greek row. As a female who frequently
                                                              would walk the woods by the lodge, by myself,
                                                              to de-stress, I would not feel comfortable using
                                                              this area on my own with the greek life so
                                                              close. I feel this detracts so much from the
                                                              safety I felt anywhere on campus. I loved using
                                                              the college woods areas because they were
                                                              untouched and the people who would go
                                                              wandering in these areas were the people I
                                                              wanted to talk to, rather than someone who got
HOUSING. I find it hard to believe that the proposed          lost while drunk at a frat party (which inevitably
housing will be sufficient to alleviate the very serious lack will happen). I also think that putting the greek
of housing at Clarkson. As a student who lived in the         housing right by the senior housing is like
                                                              I guess I the a problem understanding why
quad, new dorms, woodstock, and then riverside, I was punishinghave seniors. For many seniors at
                                                                         needs an auditorium. With a lack to
much more fortunate than many of my friends who was Clarkson they are still working very hard justof a
stuck living in freshman housing as sophomores, etc.          visual and/or don't plan arts program, is greek
                                                              graduate andperforming on going to everyan
Especially with the plan to demolish woodstock and            function offered, however many functions tend to
                                                              auditorium really a necessary campus addition?
riverside, I sincerely doubt that there will be enough        Additionally, I'm detract Potsdam's peaceful
                                                              get loud and cannot sure from the theclimate for
housing for students. It also does not bode well for          setting of the townhouses year warrants
                                                              the majority of the school for their inhabitants. I
                                                              riverfront development. think greek lot of
alumni donations if they feel like Clarkson left them out believe that the gains ofIhavingthat's ahouses on
to dry when they were a student with no appropriate           campus tear not outweigh the losses. I actually
                                                              trees to will down just for a vantage point of the
housing to live in.                                           liked having greek life off campus because it
                                                              river, especially on the south side.
                                                              made it less accessible to everyone, made me
In addition, where will the students live when the            feel safer on campus, and actually reduced the
proposed housing is being built?                              prevalence of exclusion on campus. Clarkson's
THEATER! What's going to happen to the theater that           Will to get be careful with all the bridges but
                                                              efforthave to them on campus is admirable,as
used to be/is in Old Snell downtown? Is that now              they can be an eyesore. What the money
                                                              my suggestion would be to useabout
becoming part of the "Auditorium"?                            underground tunnels?
                                                              being put into clearing this area and buy
                                                              property elsewhere, for instance across rt 11,
                                                              so that the frats aren't as accessible on
                                                              campus (make it harder for underage drinkers
                                                              and nicer for people who don't want to go), don't
                                                              detract from the college woods, and still can be
                                                              monitored more closely by campus safety.
The athletic facilities will be great, they are in a great
                                                              Will chnges be made sooner than later?
need of an upgrade.

Areas for SPEED teams to test their vehicles. Perhaps a
course for Indy to test which is safe and away from
motorists. Baja as well. The duration of my
undergraduate career, members of Baja were offered little
in respect to an area to use to test the car's ability.
Offerting a test track and off road course for SPEED use
would be a great benifit to both teams.

Well, to be quite frank I think that you need to take the     If something need to be removed in order to
question mark off of the library. It's terrible and           renovate the library I would have to say the
desparetly needs to be renovated. I didn't step foot in the   scenic area. Although, it would be a very nive
library until my senior year because it was so bad. That      addition, and may help "wow" prospective
should be a main focus of any plans to renovate. The          students, they would benefit more from
student population needs a better more up to date             something that actually pertains to their future
library. It is essential to a productive college career.      education.

Must be enough parking for students. Possibly
renovations to the baseball field instead of adding a
                                                          Greek housing will most likely not work on
softball field. The flow of the road system seems to be a
little more complex and seems to be tough to navigate
around campus with a car.

                                                       While I can see some advantages of having a
                                                       "Greek Row" on campus, I believe that it takes
                                                       away from the traditions of the Greek system at
I would expect to see that more housing be added than
                                                       Clarkson. Most view their physical houses as
what would be used to replace Woodstock and Riverside.
                                                       part of their character and to force them out of
There should be room to grow, not just stay the same
                                                       their houses would be a mistake. If the Greek
cramped size that there is on campus now.
                                                       row was made voluntary, I would agree more
                                                       with it. Just remember to leave room for future
See above.                                               See above.

                                                          Greek housing. The idea is to be able to have a
The campus needs some kind of small convenience
                                                          place off campus to go. The town is small
store. Should sell eggs, milk, bread, chips, more so than
                                                          enough, do we really need to put everything in
what Empire can provide.
                                                          one place?

Bigger library                                           greek housing

                                                         Any on-campus Greek housing.

I think that the empahsis needs to be placed on student
experience and it appears the plan is doing that. One
thing that we need to ensure is that parking issues are
addressed - for both students and faculty.
                                                             some of the builiding connectors. We should
                                                             relish the opportunity to walk outside and
                                                             actually experience a few minutes of our natural
                                                             world rather than totally blocking ourselves off
                                                             from the broader world in which we live.

Recommend a single, independent building for both Army
and Air Force ROTC programs; building should include
faculty/staff offices, student activities areas, classroom
and lecture hall, storage areas and appropriate parking.
Possible location is on Loop Road near the soccer field
on the northwest corner of hill campus.
Both ROTC programs still reside near the downtown
campus and should be moved to the hill campus as soon
as possible.
Clarkson's library. The university should seriously
consider upgrading their library. It has been selected #1
in the USA by students in the catagory of "what library".
Many faculty share this opinion.
                                                   I would like to see the adhoc additions (two
                                                   square pink area marked future addtions?)to the
                                                   CAMP building removed. I think in 10 years we
                                                   might see a need to expand and may have to
                                                   build another building parallel to the existing
                                                   CAMP building that houses the present ECE,
                                                   MAE and CHE faculty offices and research
                                                   Labs. I strongly suggest looking at other
                                                   options to making additions to the CAMP
The space above the ECE lab should be developed.
                                                   Also, the proposed plan destroys the beautiful
                                                   view from the back of the building. The plan
                                                   blocks many of the windows of the CAMP
                                                   building. Also the Parking lot behind the
                                                   CAMP building is too close to existing
                                                   structure. It is unfortunate that the plan
                                                   proposes to cut down natural wooded area while
                                                   creating a beautiful Quad area behind the ERC.
                                                   I think we should preserve and enhance the
                                                   current natural envionment as much as
ERC Structural Renovation. 3 Stories? Modern looking?
Get off the list for being the worst college library in
                                                              Possibly the observatory?
Possible fountain out in the new green area? Could start
a fountain day tradition. Sort of like University at Albany
has. Our own tradition. Maybe a senior week event?

Need to ensure the climbing wall and auditorium are
relocated from downtown campus. ROTC will also need
storage areas, if old Snell is ever sold. I would like to
see and administration building added to consolidate all Remove the connected walkways.
the offices, rather than having people in various bldgs all
over campus. I don't think the student center should be
that building, unless you plan on making it 6+ stories

none                                                          none
                                                             The last Greek house and parking area in the
                                                             row of proposed theme housing is
                                                             inappropriately close to the “Outdoor” Lodge.
                                                             By adding Greek housing and parking lots in
                                                             the front yard, I fear you detract from the
                                                             peaceful study area and recreation opportunities
                                                             that students now enjoy through the outdoor
                                                             lodge. The beauty and accessibility of the
                                                             Lodge influenced my decision to come to CU for
                                                             my undergraduate degree. Developing this area
                                                             could detract from that appeal for prospective
There isn't anything to add - I think that that is where the
                                                             students. It will also detract from the
problems lie for me, there are almost too many things
                                                             enjoyment that numerous people experience
added already.
                                                             each year when the lodge is rented out for
                                                             various events. Fewer people may want to rent
                                                             the lodge for their events if it looses its peaceful
                                                             Adirondack character. The view alone is not the
                                                             only thing affected, (just a row of trees could
                                                             preserve the view). I have heard the sounds
                                                             that emanate from Greek housing, and a row of
                                                             trees won’t stop that. Even now, as one is
                                                             enjoying a BBQ on the deck, the sounds from
                                                             athletic teams can be heard all the way from
                                                             Woodstock fields and the sounds of Greek
                                                             housing are far worse in my opinion. If you
                                                             need to research this issue any further, Ifeild
                                                             Softball feild - Make it another multi use invite
                                                             where test my hypothesis and well as all the
                                                             you to softball can be played asjoin us at any
More athletic feild space for recreation and club teams
                                                             other club, recreation and varsity clubs we
                                                             one of the BBQs that the student sports through
                                                             each year, or just enjoy a fire in the sitting room
                                                             andnot sure of how much the ampitheater-type
                                                             I'm imagine how these changes are going to
                                                             affect the many users who nowseem we have
                                                             field would be used - it doesn't find enjoyment
                                                             and solitude a needOutdoor particular facility,
                                                             that large of at the for that Lodge. To answer
                                                             but perhaps we're hoping for see at least they
                                                             your question, I would like toa 'build it andsome
                                                             of the greek housing and parking areas removed
                                                             will come' senario?
                                                             from future plans for Clarkson development.
I think we should take one of the five soccer field and
make into an outdoor ice rink that can be used for roller
hockey in the summer. Outdoor bascketball courts.

Graduate/International Student Housing - giving graduate
students the opportunity to live on campus for a
reasonable cost would be very beneficial.

I think there should be a skateboarding area. The front
steps of SAS get used by kids on skateboards and small
bikes for "tricks".
Holcroft House. This is the first place that most
prospective students visit and although it is historic it is
also starting to look run down. It is in bad need of at
least a cosmetic make over. If you look at the building in
the midday sun, you can even see where they stopped
painting on the outside of the building. On the inside the
walls are cracking, paint is peeling and a good portion of
                                                               Greek Houses? Not sure how I feel about this
the furniture is from decades ago. For many of us alums
                                                               yet. Will these still be university maintained/
it is very disheartening and somewhat embarrassing to
                                                               billed? Will they still be staffed and regulated by
have this as our campus welcome point. Please add
Holcroft on so that a prospective students first
impression is an overall better one.

Also, has the University considered adding a pedestrian
bridge across Clarkson Ave to not only allow students a
safe crossing alternative but to also be used as a
symbolic connector of the two sections of the campus.

                                                               I am curious how all the parking lot switches
I would like to see a vistor center or upgrade to Holcroft
                                                               will affect the current issue with parking on

Putting Facilities and Services so far off campus might
be problematic for the workers and for the campus

I think it would be awesome to have clarkson avenue
maintain a level grade from Kinney's to Bagdad rode, and
have a tunnel through the hill. It would allow a 300 yard
wide "living bridge" that would extend the campus from
Snell and the President's house to the river. Instead of
CLarkson ave dividing campus, there would be a
continous feel from the river to the woods behind CAMP
We are in desperate need - quickly - of more space to
hold events. Since waterfront property is typically highly
prized, a structure that has an open floor plan and
overlooks the water would be spectacular and could host
a multitude of events, i.e., receptions, speaker's,
dances, etc. Currently, the Outdoor Lodge cannot be
used a majority of time because it is held exclusively for
                                                             The quad seems misplaced. I realize a lot of
use by clubs that have an outdoor connection. This is,
                                                             campuses have them, but I fail to see its benefit
regrettably, a waste of valuable space, however with
                                                             in the proposed location except to sanctify
furniture cannot accommodate large numbers. The
                                                             replacing the parking lot?
Barben Rooms, one space that can accommodate 200+
are overbooked and availability for large events is made
                                                             Thanks for the opportunity to make
worse by allowing students to book them for club
meetings when classrooms could be used for this
purpose. There is virtually no place else to go on
campus where you won't run into an issue: food delivery,
Graham's need to move tables/chairs and its lack of
media, and CAMP and Snell Atriums are walking paths
that provide no privacy for events. Field Hs and Gym are
also mostly unavailable or need to have the floor covered.

What about moving the proposed Student Center to the
other side of the ERC toward what is recommended as
the quad and having any new additions off Snell added to
the opposite side of Snell toward what is proposed to be     I think the quad should be removed and the
the quad. That would connect the primary teaching            parking kept. Parking is insufficent as is. If that
spaces in a continuous loop: Student Center connected        doesn't seem tangible perhaps another areas
to Snell to the Sci Ctr to the ERC to Rowley to CAMP -       should be considered for more parking.
perhaps eventually to an Auditorium then Cheel. It
creates a loop of buildings on the outer edge and the
quad could be moved to replace the hump actually
making the "quad" the central meeting space surrounded
by all the buildings.

                                                             Definitely remove the townhouses and make
Go through with the auditorium! We need one!!
                                                             nicer upperclassmen housing!
                                                             I don't see the need for an addition onto Snell
                                                             Hall since it is the newest facility. I'd hope that
                                                             the engineering facilities would get some much
                                                             needed attention.

The auditorium is nice. It'd be nice if the new Student
Investment Group had space for a trading room in the
new Student Union.

                                                           I'm not sure that moving Greek Life onto
                                                           campus is a smart idea, it might be better to
A new car club facility would be nice, could work with the
                                                           help the current Greek houses make there
garage for the campus workers etc.?
                                                           houses nicer to help the overall look of the town
                                                           as well as the school in general.

Especially the Student Center and the Greek Row of
                                                             I'm not sure how needed the auditorium is

I was thinking about the Clarkson Tennis team and
remembered that it is no longer in existence because of
NCAA Rules saying that you need five tennis courts and
we only have five. It this is an interest of campus to get
the Tennis team back I think this is a splendid idea.

I think a fountain in the middle of the round-about would
                                                             I'm still not sure about the Student Center. So
be fantastic. Also, what is that little unfinished looking
                                                             far, the proposed amenities I've heard about are
hut thing between Price Hall and Cheel (near the
                                                             already available on campus. It looks good in
entrance to Cheel parking lot)? It looks like it could use
                                                             the plan set up though.
some help.
Enough housing.

more parking                                           none
Perhaps some work on the facade of the science center. the sidewalks through the cheel parking lot
The building just looks so old and run-down.           seem unnecessary

New dormitories. Its where the students spend most of    I don't believe that all the academic buildings
their time and it matters the most.                      need to be connected.

helpp the powers and hamlin kids not have to walk up a
                                                         woodfstock is very ugly.
massive hill in the freezing cold

Maybe even more housing?

I believe the auditorium/theatre between CAMP and
Cheel will be a valuable asset. Possibly add a music
building and slowly build a school of music and branch
out of strictly engineering into all liberal arts.
I would like to see Snell Field and Snell Tennis Counts
moved to the waterfront athletic complex. I believe this
would be a right move in that it would centralize athletics
to that area. Spectators at any game would be able to
hear the happenings at any other competition on that
same day. A large concession hall housing the athletics
hall of fame and restrooms would be of great benefit to
the fundraising efforts of teams, and comfort of visitors.
An addition of a track and the tennis courts would allow
the University to add track and reinstate tennis teams.

                                                              The master plan shows the addition of trees and
                                                              curbs to the lower Cheel lot. While in general, I
                                                              am happy to see trees put anywhere, as a
                                                              member of the Formula SAE SPEED team I am
                                                              concerned about losing a place to test our car.
                                                              We have historically been able to test and
                                                              practice driving in the lower Cheel lot and if we
                                                              lose that privilege, we will quite possibly have to
                                                              travel very far if we can even find another parking
                                                              lot anywhere near Clarkson. It is imperative to
                                                              the success of our team that we have a place to
                                                              drive on campus that is at least as large as the
                                                              current lower Cheel lot. If there is going to be
                                                              another lot without curbs or trees that is
                                                              available to drive in before the changes to the
                                                              current lot are implemented, there is no issue.
                                                              Thank you very much for your consideration!
                                                              While the addition to the lower Cheel parking lot
                                                              would benefit the Speed teams, the trees and
                                                              curbs would ultimately make it unsafe to do
                                                              sufficient testing there. The teams would need
                                                              to travel somewhere to test which would
                                                              certainly hinder their progress.
                                                              I am on the Formula SAE team and I notice that
                                                              trees in the lower cheel parking lot were in the
                                                              plans. However if there were trees placed in the
                                                              lower parking lot, it would be a huge safety
                                                              concern and we would not be able to test our
chem engnr laboratory
                                                             Although the parking lot behinf vheel, or "lot
                                                             263" could stand to be ecpanded adding all of
                                                             the trees in the middle would make it very
                                                             hazardous for the formula sae team to use it to
I would like to see snow removal though through a little     set up their car. This may not sound like a big
moer specifically with the roundabout area.                  deal however it would pose a large problem dor
                                                             the team.
                                                             -Patrick Gavin-Brynes
                                                             -FSAE Team Leader

                                                             Science Center, ERC REVAMPED, NEW
                                                             DORMS AND WOODSTOCK

                                                       I think the "future addition?" to the Science
I think an Arboretum or similar park-like area in the
                                                       Center may interfere with the view from the
space bordered by Price, Graham, and the Cheel parking
                                                       windows on that side of the Science Center
lot would be a nice addition.
                                                       (which already isn't too good to begin with).

Basic cleaning up of the rec center, especially the side
                                                             The connector walkways would be nice, but not
facing route 11. This is one of the first buildings people
                                                             essential, I would focus on other projects first.
see when coming into campus and should look nice.
                                                             The connectors between buildings are
                                                             unnecessary impedances to outdoor traffic flow.
                                                             Perhaps only second story connectors similar
                                                             to the one connect the SC and Snell.
More lecture halls in CAMP, and renovate current lecture
rooms/seminar rooms, the unsatisfactory currently. The
School of Engineering needs updated learning facilities
and labs, and better lecture rooms, equivalent to snell!
Update the research labs and the computer labs across
campus as current technology in these areas are

Multimedia Building that contains the Integrator, the
Radio and TV Station

none                                                       none
                                                         Special buildings for Greek housing on campus.
                                                         Although I don't have a problem with the "Greek
                                                         life," I do not think it's fair to provide students
                                                         with specialized living facilities simply because
                                                         they're a member of a Greek organization. If one
I'd like to see more trees added to the existing fields. set of student organizations is going to get
Other than that, all my wishes appear to have been dealt special living facilities built for them, ALL
with.                                                    student organizations should get special living
                                                         facilities. I don't see why someone should get to
                                                         live in a special building as a member of a
                                                         Greek organization, yet a member of a SPEED
                                                         team, etc. might spend most of their years at
                                                         Clarkson living in the dorms.

Please keep the quad parking lot and the new round-
about connected. It is also going to be difficult for
                                                           Observatory and vertical parking structure.
students moving into or out of the New Dorms (just a

                                                           The running / exercise trails and areas and their
                                                           pros and cons should be heavily considered. I
                                                           realize that this is beautiful land that should be
                                                           utilized, but what is the true benefit? Weather
                                                           permitting, these trails are best utilized during
                                                           the months that students are not on campus.
                                                           Also, I feel that these areas may be the most
                                                           likely candidates to be neglected in terms of
                                                           maintenance which, instead of being an asset
                                                           to the campus' beauty, will become a liability.
THEATRE. I know it's already there but it is very

Refacing the science center and ERC to fit more visually
with the rest of the campus.
                                                              The connectors between buildings seem to be
                                                              unnecessary, it is nice to sometimes have to go
                                                              outdoors between buildings, and they
                                                              unnecessarily obstruct outdoor traffic flow. I
Since this is a long term plan, it might be wise to include think they would detract from the campus rather
a Track & Field facility, perhaps encircling the field at the than add. Another possibility would be to make
so called "scenic stadium."                                   them 2nd story only connectors.

                                                            The Greek housing gets too close to the Adk
                                                            lodge, one of the nice things about the lodge is
                                                            the way it is isolated from everything.

A golf course like SLU has.                                 Nothing

dining halls

a convenience store

I would really like to see a renovation of the library. We
are a nationally ranked University, and to have such a
pitiful library is shameful. I also would like to see a more
detailed plan for the student center - I think that we are
                                                             There were no facilities or spaces that seemed
really in need of a campus store. Additionally, I would
                                                             particularly non-functioning for the student body.
personally like to see a late-night coffee venue at either
Cheel, or possibly the new student Center. Lastly, I
would want to make sure that additional housing on
campus is a priority, as well as housing renovations.
                                                            The bridges between buildings just seem
                                                            unnecessary (one or two look cool to campus
                                                            tours, but half a dozen just block the view of the
                                                            sky). Also, the parking lot by the "new"
                                                            townhouses is on the VERY steep Woodstock
Housing and Eating Facilities are important

More meal areas that can be added to the meal plan.

heard talk of joint army airforce rotc building to be moved
to hill campus. it is not on masterplan. removal of
graham and price hall or conversion to better housing?
open up the space in this area of campus, ugly to

renovation for dorms, more parking along the campuses
                                                              greek houses
exterior, more townhouses/apartments

This looks like a good plan, I am excited to see it

                                                       The auditorium seems a little excessive. I think
More Greek/Themed housing, or larger ones... they
                                                       just large enough for graduation should do and
seem quite small for 16 people (assuming the number of
                                                       we could continue to have SpringFest in the
spaces corresponds to number of students residing).
I think the library needs to be updated as well as the
fitness center

                                                             i think that you shouldn't worry too much about
Some type of upgrades to the gymnasium
                                                             adding things to the river. or if you are going to
Such as more (better) racquetball courts and squash
                                                             add stuff, make it farther away from walker
                                                             center. down to the town of potsdam area.

fix the connection to the quad center core between           see if potsdam will turn the intersection in front
cubley/reynolds so the walkways can be used.                 of the school into a rotary

I think that the apartments shouldn't just be replaced but
there should be more so that more students can be
admitted into clarkson and so that ALL juniors and
seniors have the opportunity to live in apartments.

                                                             Lower cheel parking lot is used by Formula
                                                             SAE for testing. It would greatly reduce the
                                                             quality of our testing and the risk for our drivers
                                                             to have trees and other obstructions within the
                                                             parking lot. The trees and curbs proposed to be
                                                             inside the lot should be removed.
I like it a whole lot but youve definetly got to bring the
campus store ON CAMPUS. It has been an
inconvenience too long. Also you need better commuter
                                                             The TREES and CURBS from the lower cheel
                                                             parking lot, Formula FSAE Indy Team needs
Parking lots, unless spaces added will finally solve         the lot to run tests, and adding trees and curbs
parking issue.                                               could make the lot more hazardous, or require
                                                             us to travel to a distant track, or cause
                                                             problems with some testing needs.
                                                         The Greek Houses. while I don't think it is
                                                         entirely bad to have the greeks on campus, I
                                                         think it should be limited to those who are
                                                         willing to move. There are many fraternities and
                                                         sororities that have a lot of tradition in their
                                                         houses and moving them(or forcing them to
                                                         move) would undermine those houses. Greeks
                                                         bring a lot to this community with their
                                                         community service as well as their social
                                                         life(even if you don't like it, I'd bet all my life
                                                         savings that your prospective students do).

                                                         I don't like the excessive building plans for the
                                                         waterfront. I think that only useful structures
                                                         should be added so the river can stay as natural
                                                         and untouched as possible. I do, however, like
                                                         the idea of walking paths, bike paths, bridge to
                                                         the island, and the boat dock. I don't think we
                                                         need a scenic overlook on the river, as it is
                                                         beautiful from the boathouse. I don't think the
                                                         roundabouts will do much more than make
                                                         campus confusing for visitors.

More parking at the gym or additional parking near the
gym. Adding more housing, but eliminating some at the
same time does not solve the housing problem. We still
need more housing, particularly apartments and
townhouses. In theory, Freshman should be living in
dorms, Sophomores in suites, and Juniors and Seniors
in apartments and Townhouses!

A bigger Greek Row
Since parking spaces are limited and so many students
wish to have cars on campus, it may be a good idea to
think about adding a parking garage on campus that will
make up for lost space and protect cars in the winter. I
also believe that the library should be updated. More
laundry services should be considered because they are
overcrowded especially in the quad.
                                                           There are quite a few issues I see as a student
                                                           with this new master plan. Currently living in the
                                                           Woodstock apartments, having to drive down to
                                                           Bagdad road to park near my building would be
                                                           annoying. Round-a-bouts are a terrible idea on
                                                           this campus and would only cause unsafe
                                                           driving. Also, segregating the sections of the
                                                           campus roads would be a disaster. It would
Future additions would be nice, especially ones that       force students, faculty, maintenance and
allowed transition between class buildings. A functional   aramark drivers to take drastically longer routs
student center is a great idea and should definitely be    to go from one point to another. Having to drive
constructed. Townhouses are a must as a replacement        all the way around cheel arena to get to the
housing structure on this campus.                          gym/quad area is just a frustrating idea. The
                                                           Greek housing added near the woodstock area
                                                           would also like be a bad idea. It places the
                                                           fraternities, notorious for underage alcoholic
                                                           abuse, away from campus safety. This may
                                                           improve the town opinion of the school, but the
                                                           area on the campus would quickly deteriorate
                                                           and likely be frowned upon by any visiting
                                                           prospective students and parents.

                                                           The Student Center and circular representation
                                                           along Clarkson Avenue. Speaking from a traffic
                                                           point of view, level out the road approaching the
                                                           crossing and reduce speeds before you reach
More Parking.                                              Bagdad Road from the south. Install warning
                                                           lights and possibily a pedestrian controled light
                                                           to stop traffic or with the ability to stop cars if
                                                           there are alot of people going over to the
                                                           riverside of the road.

Riverside apartments are the best on campus right now.
They should not be taken down to move the athletic
                                                         I see no reason to move the athletic fields away
fields. Also, more housing could be added in the area
                                                         from the IRC and replacing riverside. They
behind Cheel barbecue pit, preferably senior townhouses.
                                                         shouldn't be done.
The more upperclass housing you offer, the more it
benefits all the students.
More apartments with kitchens so we can get off the
meal plan if we wish. Also a track.
As the Technical Director for the Clarkson Theatre Group
I'm inclined to look out for my extracurricular. We've
been around since 1931 and at present feel jeopardized
by Old Snell being up for sale. I would like to hope that
Auditorium in the plan we would be able to call our home
for future productions. For "Oh, Kay!" this past Parent’s
Weekend we generated almost $1300 in ticket sales
while having to compete with the ever popular hockey
                                                          I'm a little confused by the roundabouts,
games. Being off campus is a major hindrance in
                                                          especially the one near Moore House since it
attendance for us and we feel we would be much much
                                                          doesn't go anywhere.
more successful if we were located on campus. Many
students here are not even aware there is a Theatre
Company simply because its off campus. Come the
planning stages of the Theatre/Auditorium whoever
happens to be on our Executive Board at that time would
greatly appreciate being consulted on what goes into the
space and how it will look and work. Thanks-Matt
Sleeper, Technical Director

                                                           Student center; should be closer to pit and
                                                           quad (off H-P trail?), they will use it more.
NEW LIBRARY. The ERC Library is terrible. A
renovation might be nice, but not enough. We need
books for research, free-reading, and space to grow.
                                                            Get rid of the round-about. There is no need for
Also, we need an expanded space for the gym,                one, and these can be dangerous.
particularly the work-out machines like ellipticals and
treadmills. I have noticed that often students cannot get
onto the machines because they are full.
Somewhere to study. Also, have you checked the
ratings of our library?! The least you can do is update the
70's style one we have. Also the pool is disgusting. The It's not a bad plan overall.
last I checked, my local community college had a better
pool than ours.

                                                           I think the addition to New snell does not need
                                                           to be there. I think snell is fine.

Indoor recreation areas for summer sports (such as
biking and skateboarding) should be added for the large
element of the students who persue those past times. It
                                                              I have no opposition to the parking area if it was
would take a significant amount of floor space to make
                                                              made in either a less obnoxious area than the
an appealing area to ride specifically, but the returns for
                                                              highest point on campus where it is planned for
those of us who do ride would be great. One other thing I
can think of that would be great is some type of enclosed
walkway from the Hamlin-Powers dorm up to Snell and
the Science center.

The building next to walker center could be renovated to
include a large space for an indoor mountain bike park
with areas for skateboarders as well. For ideas of what
could be done google rays indoor mountain bike park.
                                                              In the Lower Cheel Parking lot, there are plans
                                                              to add trees around and in the middle of the
                                                              parking lot.
                                                              Currently the FSAE SPEED team uses the
                                                              lower cheel lot to test the car. If there were
                                                              trees in the middle of the parking lot, we would
                                                              not be able to use the parking lot anymore.
                                                              And trees around the outside could potentially
                                                              be dangerous, because if the driver loses
                                                              control during a test run, then the car could
                                                              crash into the trees and that would not be very

                                                              Everything else is cool, but in order for the
                                                              FSAE team to continue using the lower cheel
                                                              parking lot as a testing ground, there can't be
                                                              any trees in the middle of the lot.

                                                              Steve Reitsma, FSAE member
Not facilities, per se, but, rather, a complete and much-
needed renovation of the Science Center, especially the
lecture halls.
                                                              the extra feild where riverside is now, should be
More dorms added
                                                              turn into something that can be usefor
Additional appartments, Additional parking closer to
moore house

a parking garage under Cheel parking lot. I would rather
see parking concenttated in a few large parking lots          The faculty parking area in between Woodstock
instead of many small ones. This will reduce the number       and Science center. If this is to be a walking
of people driving around looking for parking spots. It will   campus faculty should have to walk, not just
also give the campus a more organized feel and make it        students
easier to navigate

Again, we need more dorms. When students are living in        Break the buildings up. One mega building is
the lounges, something is wrong. Also, there should be        just plain stupid. Not only that it divides the
more student parking/ lots specifically for them. It stinks   campus in half, and if the buildings are closed it
having to park in Walker during hockey games because          will be a pain to walk around all of them to get
non-students take all the spaces                              to the other side.

more meal areas, renovate or demolish old library(its a       auditorium, roundabouts, sidewalk through
school it needs a good library),more grass less trees         parking lot(retarded)

Parking lot for Baghdad field and better lighting on the      The science center addition, unless it is once
trail to the field from Woodstock. BBQ Pit. Naturally lit     story. The roundabout between the Quad and
study/gathering space.                                        academic buildings.
                                                          REMOVE the 'QUAD' area taking over the Snell
Leave the commuter parking lot next to Snell.
                                                          commuter parking lot.

                                                          Keep Riverside housing; maintain current
                                                          buildings before building new ones.

                                                          Do not put any new "student center" or anything
                                                          of the sort across the road from the main
Improve the ERC so that it is not so noisy. It is quite
                                                          campus. Students will not bother to cross the
loud, which makes it difficult to work.
                                                          road and make use of whatever resources may
                                                          be offered there.

                                                          Student Center
I would like to see that CAMP get more in the way of
additions to it in that it gets a bigger more modern
machine shop, as well as the windtunnel lab get
expanded to allow for more gorwth, also the lecture halls
need better seats in them.

                                                            Student Center. Cheel is fine. use the money
                                                            required to upgrade the equipment in the labs
                                                            and engineering buildings.

                                                            Links between buildings. Greek housing!!!!
A parking garage, more parking, more walk ways
                                                            Senic areas.
Special graduate student parking and/or graduate
student buildings. I would also like a church/religious
                                                           A lot of things already have question marks
center (for various religions to use as they wish) on
                                                           next to them, so I'm not sure what will actually
campus. And move the University Bookstore from
                                                           be there or not. It seems like a lot of changes
downtown to on-campus. Also, not just bicycle lanes on
                                                           though to take in all at once.
Clarkson Avenue, but also sidewalks for pedestrians all
along Clarkson Avenue until Bagdad Road would be nice.

                                                           The Removal of Riverside Apartments.

                                                           Greek Housing
                                                           Connections between buildings

a building for the liberal arts department and more
                                                           parking area number 48
apartment housing

                                                           The whole "walking campus" deal.

                                                           Fraternity and SOrority houses should not have
                                                           to move on campus. I know you say that they
Parking for commuters. I fight people everyday to get a
                                                           have a choice but your policies are obviously
spot now.
                                                           going to entail something like one screw up and
                                                           you move on campus.

                                                           greek housing, outdoor activity spaces

Renovations to current dorms, which are extremely
necessary, more parking options for freshman who live in
the quad.

                                                           Student center. Make the Library better and
More dormitories!!!
                                                           expand CAMP.
                                                       I don't want all of the buildings connected. and i
                                                       like Cheel lawn being the size it is now, Is there
                                                       any where else to put it.

An all weather track would be nice to see. How about
                                                       Greek Road, Auditorium, and Student Center
hiking trails. More parking/dorms.

                                                       clearcut to the waterfront, parking lot behind
                                                       cheel extension
                                                          Sort by topics mentioned

Other Comments                                      Greek      Waterfront      Parking

What about adding the Greek housing over
                                                                     X               X

Approve plan for moving Greeks to campus                             X

What are the timelines?                               X              X


At some time in the process, there will be a
funding campaign. At that time I would look
forward to seeing how the major themes of the
master plan tie to the University strategy and
the funding of the same. Did not expect it at
this stage- just something coming along later
which facilitates supporters getting on board
and provides opportunity for more detailed input.
This master plan seems to heavily weighed
towards athletics versus general student
activities. I like the athletic improvements, but
suggest that other activities be also considered.
I'm sure student publications could use new and
                                                     X        X
modern spaces as well as the radio and tv
production facilities. These could also lead to
adding a corporate communications specialty at
Clarkson. As we are now a University, we
should dream to become one!
Again, this looks like a very positive step
forward, but I need more details before I can
comment further.



Is there a plan to integrate Old Main into the
"hill" campus?
Question: What will be the final "fate" of the
downtown campus. I know some of the
engineering has moved to the hill but what of
Clarkson Hall, Old Main, Snell Hall, etc.? Will
they be used for the Clarkson School or sold or


I didn't realize the University owned property
down to the river front. Glad to see there are
plans to replace Woodstock and Riverside as
these are in poor condition. Each time I visit,
                                                     X   X
the campus looks nicer and nicer and this plan
will allow the University to stay competitive with
other Universities that I have visited and also
improving their campuses and infrastructure.
none                                                       X


Regarding Hantz Field - the word "synthetic" is
mispelled. The "h" is missing.
My son is currently attendign the university and
loves it!!!. I think Clarkson can really exploit
further than it already has the fact that it is one
of the few technically oriented schools with a
rural setting.



20% of this plan will provide 80% of the value

Please keep in mind the cost for these
upgrades so you don't price some students out         X
of attending Clarkson.

                                                  X   X-

I see facilities for Greek housing on campus.
Will all Greek organizations associated to CU     X
be required to participate in this housing?

Overall, I am impressed with President Collins'
direction. This is a good plan.



A masterplan should look at utilities, planned
useages, student counts, planned growth
areas, goals (strategic objectives for the
masterplan) etc.. I'd like to ask why the work
was limited to a single drawing. I'd suggest
there should be a lot of back up to this and that
the back up is important to share. I'd also add
that the proposed "future Campus" does not
seem inviting. Few large massive buildings
surrounded by huge parking lots is not inviting.
You are going to lose that charm that the
campus always had and transition to feeling like
a apartments surrounding a hospital... The
proposed campus seems like a mish-mash of
buildings with no inviting core.
I would love to see priorities developed for each
of the proposed additions and modifications.
This would help greatly with identifying what is    X
most important and timelines for
                                                         X   X+

What about the Downtown campus and the
buildings that remain there?

Thanks for the ability to comment and
communicate regarding these future plans.

Due to weather I like the controlled environment
connections between buildings. Especially
academic buildings. It'd be nice to see
residential areas more easily accessible to
class space with the same type of indoor
connections shown on the academic and
student buildings. I recommend this based on
weather conditions for the majority of the school
year in Potsdam. Otherwise not bad.



It is exciting to see the campus and school
grow and that the administration has a strong
vision. However, it should be a goal that these
improvements will not drive up tuition beyond
the typical increases. I am concerned that, in
general, colleges in the US are sacrificing the
fundamentals of education for increased market
share and "brand" recognition by adding
excessive lifestyle features to the campus. I      X
believe that Clarkson is dedicated to education,
but the architects of the master plan must be
mindful of the trends and prevent getting caught
up in the notion of explosive growth.
Continuous improvement is a must, but not at
the expense of the strong education that
Clarkson is known for. The quality of the alumni
ultimately create reputation.

Thank you for sharing -can't wait to see
schedule and funding plans. What will happen       X    X   X
with downtown campus holdings?

Is there any order as to what is 1st, 2nd, etc??            X



Thanks for sharing, and asking for input! Any
chance we can compare this one with the old
one (I remember seeing something in the late
90s - and I remember some good things on it)?


                                                   X-       X
I think that improvements of this magnitude
have been long overdue and as an alumni I
                                                       X-   X
believe the college is moving in the correct


Once this is all done, i'll definitely go up and


books for the library?
Great work. Now we need to execution clarity
and carry this out. What time line do you think
is projected for this and when can it get

Please don't build on hills such that students
have to climb icy stairs!
I think the new master plan looks really good.
Dedicating some of the land for permanent open
space would be a great addition as well - the
ROTC trails and surrounding land should be           X-
permanently preserved as such. It's a great
area to experience the outdoors and a great
outdoor lab for science.

Overall, the plan looks great! I can't wait to see
it finished!

i think the improvements are very much needed
and will make the campus look extremely nice.
Please just keep in mind the people who use
fields the most. thats not college athletes. its
everyone else. buts its still nice to have nice           X?
fields to play on. although just as important as
everything else its not like clarkson (except
hockey) sports bring much revenue to the
school. good intramural fields are a must


build the parking and housing ad student center
                                                          X-   X
FIRST the rest can wait a little longer
Great job Tony... About time!
The Master Plan shows the addition of quite a
bit of space devoted to student support
services. I found in my 4yrs of undergrad and
1yr graduate degree that the space devoted in
the "New Dorms" and ERC was more than
sufficient for how often these resources were
used. I believe proper/qualified staffing should
be more important than increasing their space
or changing the location if you want these
support services to be better utilized by the
students. I do however really like the addition of
so many trees to campus. Just because
Clarkson is an engineering school doesn't mean
campus needs to look so industrial! Overall I
am really impressed with the plan to improve
the campus and hope to see these
improvements in the near future and not be
pushed aside.
So glad to see CU taking the necesarry steps
to compete and become a top notch univeristy.

I think it's very exciting to see Clarkson finally
going offensive with this plan. I think that it has
proven a big success at SLU and I think we
need to leverage that. My only other comment
is to borrow what we can from their alumni
page. Really showcase outstanding people and
put up some kind of fundraising, masterplan,
endowment growth, goals for us to reach. It will
aid in uplifting the perspective of the university
as a whole and i think will really help to
overcome some of the geographic limitations
that the university has and help us to be on a        X-
more level playing field as far as enrollment
especially with a beautiful campus like slu
nearby. Additionally, I think with these
improvements we need to target students from
affluent backgrounds. This plan will go a long
way to attracting some of these students we
have probably failed to attract in the past.
Overall I see this improvement plan as very
aggressive and a big risk financially, but I am
happy to see it happen, and truly believe that
Clarkson can win with a comprehensive
strategy which includes rennovations such as
these, endowment goals, and recruiting efforts.
Kudos and good luck.
                                                          X-   X

I would like to see the breakdown of when and
how the University intends to implement the
Master plan; timeline, budget, proposed
phases, etc.

No Greek Houses on Hill Campus - and hurry
up with the rest of the renovations - oh and don't
raise tution - it is high enough as it is - good
luck trying to find housing for everyone during      X-
renovations? are you looking to increase
student population to pay for all of this? state
grant money? how or who is paying for this all?

I know that this will take forever to implement if
it ever goes forward, so please have it done
before my kids go to school. That way I can              X
say there was a different view from when I went
there. (You have 25 years... I'm guessing)

I hope that you make revised layouts avaiable
as the process moves forward. It is very
interesting to see the direction Clarkson is
heading into the future.
Good luck.   X   X-


Auditorium, parking garage, and direct walking
paths from dorms to cheel and academic
buildings are
really good ideas

I miss Clarkson!                                 X

I do hope that this renovations do come to
fruition. It would be a great boost to the

                                                 X-   X   X

                                                   X-   X


Greek housing on campus is a bad idea. It will
not be a positive option for the greek community
or house alike. The greeks need to be off          X-
campus to function as what they are social


Look forward ot seeing the plan evolve and
come to life...

Looks like a major undertaking. Can our faculty
or graduate students share in the planning or     X
development processes? Maybe to save costs?
There should be some sort of permenant
protection built into the plan for the forested
area now used for recreation on the opposite
side of the Clarkson Entrance Rd.

Add budgets to cover staff and maintanence to
oversee these new facilites in a manner suitable
instead of just spreading the current staff and
amintanence even thinner.

Can't wait to see the transformation!

I think this is a step in the right direction for the
survial and prosperity of our university.


I like to openness of the plan and the
willingness to solicit feedback. It's exciting to
see the future and growth of the campus, and I
think it will be critical in securing Clarkson's
place in this century.
Wish this space had been included on the
                                                           X   X
previous page.

I like the idea of putting the fraternities and
sororities back on campus. Also the new turf on
Hantz will be an awesome location for soccer
                                                       X   X   X
games. Maybe when it's finished more of the
community will stop to watch the Men's and
Women's Soccer teams.

I really like the idea of centralizing the parking
in an effort to make a walking campus. Having
all the buildings connected is also really nice.
Additional housing is an absolute must and it
looks as though we plan to add plenty of that.
Having Greek housing on campus may bring
unwanted attention from the community, but it
would also probably be easier to regulate
houses with them being on campus. Overall
the plan is very impressive.
Please remove the Moore Parking Lot ASAP. It
is a large eyesore as well as a danger to                      X
students heading to and from class.
I LIKE IT - LETS BUILD IT... i'll be willing to lend
a hand in the construction! I'm sure a lot of us
would. The construction workers around here
move like turtles!
Try to stick with the plan and lets see it happen!

I'm really impressed with this. It definitely
seems like a plan that can (and will be)
supported financially and otherwise. Nice work!


Great plan!

I think the first thing you should do is update
the housing, such as Woodstock because the
current students are paying lots of money for
housing that is really terrible. It's ridiculous that
it's $2500 per semester for the worst
apartments ever made, and when everyone is
forced to live on campus the least you can do is
make the housing not terrible.

If all of this is actually completed at some point,
the campus will be really awesome and I'm
sorry I won't be here to see it.


Is there anyway we could have a Mac lab
somewhere on campus (maybe the student
center)? It seems like most of the other
campuses in the area have at least 1 computer
lab with just Macs, and I think it would be a
good idea to implement that here. If we have
one, I haven't heard of it...:)

center court for volleyball in the alumni gym!


I hope to see a student center as great as St.
i think it a great idea to have the auditorium. i
also think that the quicker these changes are
implemented the better. this is such a great
school and beautiful place to live, and now i
think it is time it looks that way.
I'm going to be pretty excited to come back as
an alum and see the campus once this is all         X

Its an engineering and technology school
walking is not technology, so the goal should
not be a walking only campus it should be to
find a way to incorperate technology (cars) into
the walking campus safley with bridges and
walkways and such.


Overall efforts the campus are wonderful, but
the waterfront athletic complex is a tremendous
addition to the beauty and functionality of the
campus. I really think that this section of the
master plan should be thoughout thoroughly to
really appreciate the benefits that it will provide.


It would also be nice to reduce the hills leading
into the campus from the main entrances. They
are quite hazardous with even the slightest bit
of snow or ice.



What is the proposed budget for this "master
plan" and where is the money going to be
coming from?

I think the Master Plan looks really nice, it is
just sad that I will be long graduated by the time
it is completed and won't be able to enjoy it.
It is exciting to see Clarkson's campus
transforming into something better. I love the
people of Clarkson and look forward to loving
the campus.
I am especially excited at the idea of using the
waterfront areas, and the river walkways are
especially attractive. What kind of boats would       X
use the proposed docks? The river is very
shallow and rocky in that area.

Improve teh design of current living spaces, they
are behind the times and do not allow for
current materials that are used for current living.
Residential rooms are to crowded all across
campus. Add more residential buildings such
as more apartments like the townhouses, and
for freshman and sophmore housing this needs
renovating and space needs to be increased.
Students need to be comfortable in their living
area to improve academic learning and
Overall the ideas for the master plan look good.
They should redevelop the waterfront as soon              X
as possible

Make this happen...immediately.
                                                  X       X


                                                      X   X


I hope this happens, but I and most students
that I have talked to do not believe that
something of this magnitude will happen at
Clarkson with our track record of taking a long
time to implement a project or abandoning them
all together.

I fully support the 'green' building plans as well
as the relocation of the parking lots. I think            X   X
these are the most important changes.

THese changes are extremely major, is it really
possible to make them within the next ten
years and to also get some things done within
the next two years?

                                                     X-   X

Pretty cool

the dining options here on campus still have still
not been addressed and they need to be
Do it


Dates for the completion and begining of certain
projects would be helpful, as well as when the
entire plan will be completed.
I think in general, the buildings on campus need
to be better maintained.

Good job, high five!                               X
Very glad that an AUDITORIUM is being added
on campus.
Also glad that you can go from cheel to snell
without getting frostbite!

just fix the bridges connecting cubley/reynolds
to the quad center core and talk to potsdam
about redesigning the intersection in front of the
The students want more food options so i hope
that there are places being incorporated into the
student center. also the way the meal plan is
structured we lose tons of money for the quality
of food we get. it wouldn't be a problem if our
food was better


None, besides please save lower cheel lot, a
great deal of thanks for expanding the space         X

    X-   X


When will there be a large meeting of students
and faculty to discuss this. This plan has
always been discussed in small rooms in Snell.
Can there be a big meeting where Many of the
students get to comment on this? This is the
most frustrating things from students point of              X
view. We don't ever Actually get a say on these
things and for a plan this big i think it'd required
to bring the Whole student body together. That
can only be accomplished in Cheel arena, but i
would strongly advise this kind of event happen.

Spend more money on the drainage around
campus. During rainstorms there are numerous
place where water stands for 24-36 hours,
which with proper sloping and drainage, could
be prevents. Don't be cheap with the road
systems and improvement because over 50% of
the school are engineers and we notice how the
roads look. Install something that will stand up
for 20 years to the harch winter conditions.
Additionally, please take into account the snow
and designate areas for this placement come

                                                       X-   X
when it comes to making walkways, students
take the shortest route possible...keep that in
mind, its evident everywhere on campus as                    X
we've walked on the grass in certain spots so
frequently as to remove the grass.


                                                    X        X


-I think that the New DOrms shoul be
renovated..they are old and very small
-i also think that Clarkson could invest a little
more into trusting the students by putting a
common stove or something into the upper
class man the New Dorms!

I forgot, one other thing that would be great
would be lockable (ideally private) practice /
storage areas for individuals with larger musical
equipment such as drum sets or guitars and              X
amps. It would allow for the formation of small
local bands by the students who have the talent
and motevation.


where is physical plant going? Its not on the
plan. Don't tear down Woodstock or Riverside,
it wouldn't take much to renovate them.
Demolishing these buildings and putting new     X
ones would be wasteful and make the project
take longer and be more expensive then it
needs to be

Don't cut the campus in half driving wise, it
makes no sense. Roundabouts cause               X
accidents and are not necessary

Please consider leaving the commuter parking
lot next to Snell.



Keep the small school atmosphere. Don't
                                          X   X   X
make Clarkson an RPI or MIT.
I like how Clarkson's campus is currently
simple. I don't like it if there will be so many
new buildings and additions in general. We still
want the small-campus feeling. But, modifying
the parking in general is better - no parking
along a roadway would be good. Speed bumps
aren't necessary probably. Otherwise, once all
academic and student center/cheel, etc
buildings are connected that would be very nice
to not have to walk in the cold/rain!!


the roads set up through campus are too
complicated, it does not appear as though all
the roads connect in a way that allows passage
from one part of the campus to any other.


                                                     X        X


personally i think its gtrerat for the improvments
and all, but to ruin greek traditions, the ones      X
that are left is going to create lots of problems

How smoothly do you expect move in and move
out day to go without any real parking near ross
or brooks. Yes the walk ways make it nicer but
i don't think moving 6 floors of people in and out
on the same day is going to be fun with only a
little drive way.

Please listen to the students...publish the main
themes such that we know that you listened to        X


People drive way to fast on campus and maybe
this change will solve the problem. I'm a
sophmore will i see all of these changes? Will
tuition increase for students?


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