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									Tourism English
     UNIT 2
      Part I Lecture Time Assigned

PART       MODULES              CONTENTS STUDIED               PERIODS

  I      Customs Inspection                                       1
           Meeting the
 II        guests at the      Get ready for meeting the tour      1
 III         Listening             Simulated dialogue            0.5
 IV         Role play            Simulated dialogue              0.5
                                Questions for discussion
V                                      Role play                  1
                                 Words and expressions
                                Listening          Reading
Total       Five Parts                                            4
                                  speaking         Writing
Learning Objectives

l   Get to know Customs Inspection
l   Be able to meet the guests at the airport
Teaching Procedure

l   1.Study the Words and Proper Names
l   2. Questions for discussion.
l   3. Study the Language Tips Shown in
    This Text
New words and Expressions

l   Custom officer     health certificate
    quarantine officer
l   Customs examination vaccination       anti
    cholera injectio
l   Luggage declaration customs formalities be
l   Notice     enjoy your trip safe and sound
                                      Dialogue 1                     Customs Inspection

                    Listening and its
     Customs Inspection
l   Situation: Mrs. Hunt is going through the customs.
l   ( H: Mrs. Hunt, a foreign guest, C: Customs officer, Q: quarantine officer)
l   H: Is the Customs examination here?
l   C:That’s right. Your passport, please.
l   H: Here it is.
l   Q:Show me your health certificate, please.
l   H: Here you are.
l   Q:When did you get your last vaccination and anticholera injection?
l   H: Just before I left. You may check my health certificate.
l   C:Is all your luggage here?
l   H: Yes, this is all mine. .
l   C:May I have your luggage declaration, please?
l   H: Certainly. Here you are.
l   Have you anything to declare?
l   H: No, nothing. I’ve nothing in these trunks but personal effects some underwear and clothing.
l   C:Would you mind opening this one, please?
l   H: Not at all.
l   ( the customs Officer looks inside the case)
l   C:What’s inside this package?
l   H: Presents for some of my friends. They’re glass vases and so on.
l   C:Got any tobacco? Spirits?
l   H: I’ve got 200 cigarettes, but no spirits.
l   C:Well, you’ve got two wrists watches here. We can pass only one wrist watch for each passenger free. The other one will only be allowed as imported watch on payment
    of duty.
l   H: How much will the duty amount to?
l   C:We’ll work it out for you.
l   Well. Anything else besides these?
l   H: No. Well, is that all for customs formalities?
l   C:Yes,you are through. I hope you enjoy your stay in china.
l   H: Thanks a lot.
                           Dialogue 2 Meeting the guests at the airport

               Listening and its
l     Situation: At the airport, Li Ming, a guide from the Travel Service, is meeting a tourist party from the United
    States headed by Mrs. Hunt, whom Li has not met personally, but about whose arrival the Travel Service has
    received notice beforehand.
l   (L: Li Ming H:Mrs. Hunt P: Passenger)
l   L: Excuse me, but are you Mrs. Hunt from the States?
l   P: No, I’m Joan Robinson.
l   L: I’m sorry.
l   P: Never mind. Look! Mrs. Hunt is over there.
l   L: Are you Mrs. Hunt?
l   H:Yes, I am.
l   L: Oh, Mrs. Hunt. Glad to meet you. My name is Li Ming. I’m the guide from the travel service.
l   Hi, Mi. Li. Thank you for coming to meet us. ( they shake hands.)
l   L: Welcome to China, Mrs. Hunt. Did you enjoy your trip?
l   H:Not too bad. But we are later than expected. Our plane was delayed You know, it was a bit bumpy
    yesterday morning. We ran into a storm. We were held up for several hours at the airport,waiting for the storm
    to clear up. But on the whole we had good flying weather.
l   L: Well, you’ve arrived safe and sound. Nevertheless, it’s a long trip. You must be tired.
l   H:I’m , rather. But I’ll be all right by tomorrow and be ready for sightseeing.
l   L: I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay here.
Questions for discussion

l   1. When did you get your last vaccination
    and anticholera injection?
l   2.May I have your luggage declaration,
l   3. Have you anything to declare?
l   4. How much will the duty amount to?
l   5. Did you enjoy your trip?

l    You are a tour guide meeting the guests
     at Yaoqiang airport. Mr Lincoln is the
     tour leader. Make a simulated dialogue.
l    You are a customs officer. You are
     checking the passengers .
Part VI: Homework

l   1.Review the dialogues
l   2.Preview next unit
l   3. Make simulated dialogues .
l   4. Extensive reading .
Have a nice class!

       Thank You !

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