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					        Your Health                                                      from Melrose
                                                                                                June 2011

In this issue                      Dear Readers....
Naturopath News by Jacinta
Castles - Fish Oil and Arthritis   WATCHING adept hands whip up mouth-watering creations has become a
                                   national pastime for food loving Australians. The first two seasons of Good
                                   Chef Bad Chef aired on pay TV, with Master Chef judge Gary Mehigan going
Information - Maple Spread
                                   head-to-head with Melrose ambassador nutritionist and naturopath Janella
                                   Purcell demonstrating their different approaches to food.
New Product - Nature’s             Due to Master Chef commitments, Gary Mehigan has been replaced by
Goodness Beetroot Juice            Adrian Richardson for season three, screened on Ten.
concentrate                        Adrian Richardson’s full-flavoured,       alternatives. ‘‘That has been a softer
                                   mostly meat-based creations are           approach for people, so rather than
Research - Do trans fats cause     in stark contrast to Janella Purcell’s    them thinking, ‘She’s a pain, she’s
                                   nutrition-focused, often vegetarian       taking every bit of pleasure out of
depression?                        approach. ‘‘It’s a different dynamic      my life’, they’re saying, ‘She actually
                                   now, but the feedback has been            loves food as much as me but she
Winter Recipe - Janella’s          really good,we’ve softened it a little    also has digestive problems and
                                   bit, the first two seasons were more      health problems and weight issues
Rhubarb Crumble
                                   of me being a bit of a nag, which was     like me’, people think of healthy food
                                   the whole premise of the show, but        as boring rabbit food. They think
                                   I didn’t like that so much, because I     they’ve got to have celery and a
Health Events Calendar             think it should be more about giving      quarter of a cup of cottage cheese
                                   people two different perspectives,        for lunch, but it’s not about that, as
Bowel Cancer Awareness Week        and letting the viewer decide what        far as I’m concerned it’s all about
5th – 11th June                    they want.”                               eating whole food. I’m not on a diet.
                                                                             I don’t feel I’m deprived. I think I
                                   ‘‘Anything in moderation, including
International Men’s Health                                                   have the best diet on the planet and
                                   moderation, is my motto,’’ says
                                                                             that’s because I know how to eat
Week                               Janella Purcell.
                                                                             properly. I just want to teach people
13th – 19th June                                                             that.”
                                   ‘‘I’ve always been out there flying
                                   the flag for food as medicine and a
                                                                             ‘‘There are always ways to make
                                   holistic way of life, but TV people
                                                                             things healthier. Go for the 80-20
                                   didn’t seem to think anyone really
                                                                             rule. Be good for 80 per cent of the
                                   cared a few years ago,they said,
                                                                             time, and naughty for 20 per cent of
                                   ‘That’s why Nigella is so popular,
                                   because she gives you permission
                                   to be indulgent’. I said, ‘That’s whyOne of Janella’s most popular
                                   we have more people now dying of     creations is a rhubarb crumble, which
                                   obesity than nicotine. It shouldn’t all
                                                                        is made from stewed apples, pears,
                                   be entertainment, it should be a little
                                                                        dates and rhubarb and topped with
                                   bit educational as well.’’           a mixture of oats, almonds, pepitas,
                                                                        sunflower seeds, cinnamon powder
                                   Janella expects the reason Good
                                                                        and Melrose Omega Spread. (See
                                   Chef Bad Chef has been so popular is
                                                                        page 3 for the recipe.) ‘‘Melrose
                                   because it represents both sides and
                                                                        Omega Spread is a really beautiful
                                   offers the best of both worlds.
                                                                        product,’’ she said. “Margarine has
                                   The butter, cream, sugar and salt    trans fats, and butter is beautiful
                                   are there, but there are healthier   because it’s whole food, but a lot
                                                                                                continued over the page

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continued from front page
of people have heart disease and diabetes and
cholesterol to think of, so there’s always a big                       June Health Events
argument over what’s better.
                                                              Bowel Cancer Awareness Week
‘‘But Melrose Omega Blend Spread has olive oil,               5th – 11th June
flaxseed and sunflower oils and they’ve whipped
it up in a way so that it’s like margarine but made
with good oils. I think the next big fad on telly is          Bowel Cancer Awareness Week aims to raise
going to be food and health with yummy, healthy               public awareness of a disease that claims the life
foods.’’ Janella loved cooking shows like Master              of one Australian every two hours.
Chef, but the majority of the concoctions on the
show were ‘‘sometimes foods. It’s a treat. It’s art.          The Week has a positive message - saving lives
But you can’t eat like that all the time,’’ she said.         through early detection - as bowel cancer is one
                                                              of the most curable cancers if detected early.
With thanks to the NEWCASTLE HERALD Wed, February 2, 2011     People at risk of developing the disease are
                                                              encouraged to talk to their doctor and not ‘die of
For more of Janella’s recipes -                               embarrassment’.
go to
                                                              International Men’s Health Week
                                                              13th – 19th June
                                                              For IMHW 2011, Andrology Australia is producing
                                                              promotional posters and a fun booklet that can be
                                                              ordered now. You can also sign up to a monthly
                                                              men’s health events e-newsletter. This monthly
                                                              e-newsletter will focus on ways to make your
                                                              community men’s health event the best it can be.

                                                            Do trans fats cause
                                                            A new study has found a link between trans
                                                            fatty acid consumption and depression. Spanish
                                                            researchers followed 12,059 people for six years
                                                            and found those who had 1.5grams of trans fats
                                                            a day were 48 per cent more likely to develop
                                                            depression than those who had none. The
                                                            researchers believe trans fats may cause depression
                                                            by inhibiting the nervous system from sending
                                                            feel-good chemicals throughout the body. The
                                                            researchers also looked at diets containing “healthy
                                                            fats” such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
                                                            oils. They found those who consumed more than 20
                                                            grams of olive a day were 30 per cent less likely to
                                                            develop depression.

Business for Sale                                           Ref: Almudena sanchez - Villegas associate professor of preventative
                                                            medicine, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Herbs and Remedies in Dandenong is for sale.
All enquiries to Vera on 9794 9524

    Melrose Health will be closed for
     Stock Take on Friday July 1st.

 Pg 2 | Your Health
                                                        Place the fruit, juice and dates in a pot over a low
Janella’s Rhubarb Crumble                               temperature, and put the lid half on. Stew until the
                                                        fruit is tender, about 15mins
2 apples cored and sliced thinly
2 pears cored and sliced thinly                         Meanwhile, make the topping by mixing all the dry
1 cup rhubarb trimmed and sliced finely                 ingredients together in a large bowl. Using your
1 cup fresh orange juice                                hands, rub the oil/spread through this mixture,
1/2 cup dates deseeded and roughly chopped              keeping it a little chunky. Set aside.
2 cups Four Leaf rolled oats
1 cup almonds roughly chopped                           In a small baking dish or loaf tin spread the stewed
1 cup pepitas/pumpkin seeds                             fruit over the bottom, and then top with the
1tbsp cinnamon powder                                   crumble.
1/2 cup sunflower seeds                                 Bake at 180C until the oats just start to change
1tbsp Melrose OmegaCare Spread or Sunflower Oil         colour (approx 15mins). Serve with a dollop of
Yoghurt to serve                                        yoghurt.

    Yummy Maple Spread from Shady Maple Farms
    Have a look at one of the most irresistible new products Melrose has presented.
    Our friends at Shady Maple have developed a unique and revolutionary product
    designed to delight the taste buds. Now you have the finest maple syrup nature
    can offer with a consistency similar to creamed honey.
    Give your taste buds a thrill and try this on organic vanilla ice-cream.
    Mix this new product with liquid or solid ingredients to create new desserts, cakes
    and confectionery.
    Make sauces for cooking or roasting.
    Combine it with other flavours like spices and fruits
    Totally Natural, without added ingredients, GM free – just Pure Maple.
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    Organic Shady Maple , Maple Spread Creamy 260g
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New from Nature’s Goodness
Superbeet Formula, Beetroot Juice concentrate 500ml
•    High in Nitrates
•    Improves Memory
•    Increase Energy & Endurance
•    Lower blood pressure
•    No added sugar
•    500ml makes 3 Litres
Health benefits of beetroot
Beetroot has been a staple food in Eastern Europe for many centuries. It also served
an important role as a dietary supplement because of its numerous nutrients.
It has been shown that high nitrate foods improve blood circulation in many parts
of the body including brain, heart and muscle. Improved memory and physical
endurance up to 15% was noted in controlled experiments.
The juice concentrate also contains pomegranate juice and grape seed extract.
Grape seed extract is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants.
Superbeet Formula 500ml RRP $24.95

                                                                                             Pg 3 | Your Health
  Naturopath News
                                                                      by Jacinta Castles

                                       Fish Oil and Arthritis
Fish oil is derived from the tissue of cold
water oily fish such as mackerel, salmon,                   Dosage of Fish Oil for the Treatment of Arthritis:
tuna, herring and sardines. Health researchers
attribute the many fish oil benefits to the fact            Research suggests the dose needed to reduce
that it is a rich source of essential Omega 3               inflammation is 2.7 grams of omega-3 (EPA
fatty acids, namely EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)             and/or DHA) daily. This dose usually requires
and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).                             either:

The Head of Rheumatology Professor Les                      • 14 standard 1000mg fish oil capsules e.g.
Cleland from the Royal Adelaide Hospital states             Melrose 18/12 Fish Oil 1000mg capsules per
“We’ve known for more than 20 years that fish               day, or
oil supplements can benefit the symptoms of                 • 15mL of bottled fish oil per day e.g. Melrose
rheumatoid arthritis. We’ve also found that                 18/12 liquid Fish Oil.
people who take fish oil have a reduction
in cardiovascular risk factors, and they use                How long will it take to Notice an Effect when
fewer NSAIDS. NSAIDS, or non-steroidal                      Taking Fish Oil for the treatment of Arthritis?
anti-inflammatory drugs, have been shown to
increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and             At the recommended daily arthritis dosage, it
gastric bleeding.                                           may take two to three months before patients
                                                            notice an improvement in their arthritis
The Royal Adelaide Hospital sells Melrose 18/12             symptoms but results may vary between
Fish Oil at its Preventative Care Centre. For               different people.
every bottle sold of Melrose Fish Oil products we
donate a percentage to the hospital to support
research into arthritis. That was $177,849.00
last financial year.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil for the Treatment of

Fish oil contains the omega-3 fatty
acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), precursors
to eicosanoids that reduce inflammation
throughout the body. Due to its anti
inflammatory properties, Fish Oil is effective in
reducing inflammation in blood and tissues.

Regular consumption of fish oil is helpful to
those suffering from chronic inflammatory
diseases such as arthritis and similar conditions.

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