Greek experience on the enforcement of product safety legislation by huangyuarong


									Greek experience on the
enforcement of Product
Safety legislation

 Community safety legislation
  current situation in Greece
 Main instruments of the implentation
 of the EU policy on GPS

n Community safety legislation

n Technical harmonization

n Administrative cooperation

General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs of
the Ministry of Development

          Responsible Authority for
         the General Product Safety
         in Greece

Main tasks of the General Secretariat for
Consumer Affairs with regard to General
Product Safety

n The transposition in to the Greek law and
  implementation of Community legislation and
  acquis on product safety
n The market surveillance in relation to
  products exclusively covered by the GPSD
n Contact-point for the RAPEX system and
  body of liaison for the European Network
  under Article 10 of the GPSD

Authorities responsible for Products covered by
specific Community legislation (New Approach
Directives) in Greece and for GPS
n The General Secretariat of Industry of the Ministry of
    Development for domestic appliances, toys etc.
n   The State General Chemical Laboratory for chemical products
    such as detergents, paints dyes and other products falling within
    the provisions of Dangerous Substances legislation
n   The National Drug Organization for cosmetics, medical devices
n   The Ministry of Transportation for the vehicles and their spare
n   The Maritime Ministry for recreation boats and others
n   Consumer Protection and Trade Departments of the 54 regional
    administrations in the prefectures throughout Greece
n   The Custom Authorities

Difficulties faced in Greece due to the
involvement of many enforcement Authorities
in the GPS

n The collaboration between the enforcement
n The receiving of satisfactory feedback for the
  notifications through RAPEX
n The determination of the borderline between
  competencies and responsibilities of various
  Authorities involved

Solutions provided by the implementation of
the GPSD 2001/95/EU

n The field of application of the GPSD has been
  accurately determined
n The relationship with other sector Directives
  has been clearly defined
n The new Directive has introduced the
  obligation for the MS to ensure appropriate
  coordination of the actions of the Authorities
  monitoring the Product Safety

Coordination Committee for the enforcement
Main objectives:
n The collaboration between the enforcement
n   The exchange of information on control activities,
    relevant taken actions and imposed penalties
n   The organization and execution of joint surveillance
    and testing projects
n   The drawing up of instructions/warnings on safety
    risks for consumers
n   The exchange of expertise and best practices on risk
    assessment and tests
n   The assessment of results of market surveillance
Current situation
Main difficulties

n Insufficient human resources
n Insufficient financial resources
n Testing laboratories mainly independent
  bodies operating on a fee basis

Progress made in and Positive initiatives with
regard to the monitoring of Product Safety in
n   Qualified personnel have been employed
n   Attendance of training courses on the application of RAPEX
n   Participation in joint projects of the European Network
n   Availability of a database of the Greek laboratories and their
    testing performance capability
n   Availability of a database of European and International
    standards in ELOT and a relevant database of CEN
n   Efficient cooperation of the enforcement Authorities with
    independent bodies, consumers and business
n   Effective response of manufacturers with consequent voluntary
    corrective actions-measures
n   Publication of RAPEX notifications translated into Greek in our
Cases successfully dealt with by the Greek
n Dangerous and potentially dangerous fuels
n Toys and child-care articles with phthalates
n Stinky figures containing substances
  classified as dangerous
n Little glass particles resembling to
  confectionary without warnings of risk in
n Firestone recall-corrective action
n Lighters resembling to toys
n Toy-vehicle with acute ends
n Effective enforcement of legislation on Product Safety
  should be one of the main priorities of the policy on
  consumer protection
n The application of the provisions of the new GPSD by
  Greek Authorities had a positive impact on market
  surveillance activities related to Product Safety
n The coordination of the efforts of all those involved in
  the sector of GPS in line with the EU legislation
n Efficient cooperation at community and national level,
  easy access to information and sufficient resources
  are integral parts of any successful endeavor in the
  field of monitoring Product Safety


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