“A Global Porthole to the Model World” Frieda van der Walt _021

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					“A Global Porthole to the Model World”
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1. Model Information Name of Model: _______________________________ ____h_____

Date/Time of Appointment: _______/____/____ 2. Payment of Model

If a model is being asked to model for a photo shoot by the photographer(s), he/she will receive payment in one of the following ways (photographers choice):    TFCD – Time for CD (payment will be in the form of 20 photo images on Compact Disc) TFP – Time for Photos (payment will be 10 Jumbo photos) TFWE – Time for Web Exposure (payment will be the publicizing of photo images on Gemini Models Website for a period of 3 Months)


3. General Information      The photo shoot will take approximately 4 hours You may bring a chaperon, as long as the person does not interfere with the proceedings. Ensure that you are well rested, modeling is hard work. Come with a positive attitude – it is difficult to work with prima-donnas Cell phones to be switched off during photo shoot.

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4. Type of Modeling Indicate by marking the appropriate block in which type of modeling you are interested, and prepared to model during the planned photo shoot. This will enable the photographer(s) to plan their shots and prepare the necessary props. Fashion Modeling Swimwear Modeling Commercial Modeling Body part Modeling Lifestyle Modeling Glamour Modeling

5. Clothes and Accessories to bring :  Make-up –  Facial – You maybe required to change/touch-up your make-up  Hair Accessories - Brushes, Mouse/jell, hot brushes, etc in order to change you hair style for different settings Mini skirt/dress  More than one if possible Jeans or any tight fitting trousers Assorted blouses  Shoulder less or Spaghetti straps if possible,  Different styles  More than one Colours if possible T-Shirts Formal Dress Swimsuit Jacket(s) Tekkies High-heel shoes Exercise Clothes Jewelry Accessories – Belts, scarf’s, etc Sun classes

  

         

6. Agreement I hereby accept the conditions and requirements of the model shoot, as stipulated above, and will give my full co-operation during the proposed photo shoot.

Model : ____________________

Date: _________/_____/____

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