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It is the Fashion Jewellery with embedded intelligence. It is a root of Mobile Computing Combination of Microcomputer Devices and Increasing computer power Consists of millions of transistors on a microchip, which can store Tons of Digital Data. That Chip can be retained into any Jewellery to act as DIGITAL JEWELLERY

The various components that are inside a cell-phone: •Microphone •Receiver •Touchpad •Display •Circuit board •Antenna •Battery IBM has developed a prototype of a cell phone that consists of several pieces of digital jewelry that will work together wirelessly, possibly with Bluetooth wireless technology, to perform the functions of the above components.

Earrings -

Speakers embedded into these earrings will be the phone’s receiver.
Users will talk into the necklace’s embedded microphone.


Necklace -

Ring -

It’s a Magic Decoder Ring. That is equipped with LED’s, which flashes to indicate an incoming call. It can be programmed to flash different colors to identify particular caller. Equipped with a VGA display, this wrist display could also be used as a caller identifier that flashes the name and phone number of the caller.

Fig: It shows A necklace with Microphone, Earrings, and a Ring

Bracelet -

Fig: It shows Bracelet with VGA Display

Technical Specifications:
The Jewellery consist of the
• • • • • • •

A display by LED’s, LCD’s or Other technologies A Speaker A Single Flashing Light A Sensor of some Kind Other informational aesthetic A data-port for accessing the programmable electronic circuit inside A Micro controller

Electromagnetic Beads:
A Bracelet consists of number of beads which strung together with interchangeable electromagnetic component systems or devices.

One Bead may be a capacitor inside &Solar Panel on the out side.
Another Bead may be an internal Resistor which feed power in to the

Programmed Micro-controller Bead which drives an External screen Various beads consists of Piezo element, voltage regulator, crystal, or rechargeable battery

Prototypes of Digital Jewellery

Complete HIOX necklace showing all 26 letters of the Roman alphabet extended in 4-dimensional space-time. Metal with leather cord.

programmable HIOX ring with 16-segment LED display

It seems that everything we access today is under lock and key. Even the devices we use are protected by passwords. It can be frustrating trying to keep with all of the passwords and keys needed to access any door or computer program. Dallas Semiconductor is developing a new Java-based, computerized ring that will automatically unlock doors and log on to computers.

The Java Ring is snapped into a reader, called a Blue Dot receptor, to allow communication between a host system and the Java Ring.

It is a stainless-steel ring, 16-millimeters (0.6 inches) in diameter, which houses a 1-million-transistor processor, called an iButton. The ring has 134 KB of RAM, 32 KB of ROM, a real-time clock and a Java virtual machine.

Highlights of JAVA Ring
   


Runs Java better (plus portions enhance Java Card 2.0) Careful attention to physical security (rapid zeroization) Durability to stand up to everyday use High memory capacity (up to 134K bytes NV SRAM) Retail connectivity to 250 million existing computers (less if designed-in before manufacturing)

Current & Ongoing Achievements
CharmBadge was developed Charmed Technologies by

This photo shows the CharmBadge placed in front of an IR transmitter/receiver dongle connected to one of our laptops. CharmBadge management software allowed to change many of the CharmBadge settings using the IR dongle such as: activate, deactivate, assignment to attendees, affinity score, download interactions, etc. IBM is developing a Mouse-Ring. This uses the Company’s Track Point technology to wirelessly move the cursor on a computer-monitor display. Track Point in the Ring looks something like a black-pearl ring.  On top of the ring is a little black ball that users will swivel to move the cursor.

Future vision This could be the shape of designer glasses to come. These intelligent spectacles let you surf the web or check your e-mail, whenever and wherever you want. Your eye would serve as a mouse, with menu items selected by focusing your attention on an item on screen.

Smart wristwatch
Having the power of a computer on your wrist may sound like science fiction. But this is the idea behind the wristwatch PDA. It would have a widescreen display to watch video, and voice recognition technology so that you can use it by simply talking to your wrist. And of course, it also tells you the time.

The basic idea behind the digital jewelry concept is to have the convenience of wireless, wearable computers while

remaining fashionably sound. It is hoped

to be marketable soon, however, several
bugs remain. Charging capabilities and cost are just a sample of the problems that lurk




Description: "Digital Jewelry" looks to be the next sizzling fashion trend of the technological wave. The combination of shrinking computer devices and increasing computer power has allowed several companies to begin producing fashion jewelry with embedded intelligence.