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61ST BATCH OF IRS Congratulations on your selection to the Indian Revenue Service, a premier central service of the country. We share the joy of your achievement and are delighted to welcome you to the National Academy of Direct Taxes (NADT), Nagpur – our alma mater, where you will train and develop yourself as an outstanding IRS officer during the next 16 months. The Academy is run by a team of committed faculty and staff members who function under the stewardship of the Director General (Training). This will be an exciting period full of commitment, responsibility, learning, camaraderie and joy with plenty of memorable experiences.
These joining guidelines are to facilitate you to come prepared for your stay at NADT.

LOCATION The Academy is located in a 67-acre campus situated on Chhindwara Road, off Sadar Bazar, near Nelson Square. The approximate distance to the Academy is 15 km from the Airport, 5 km from Railway Station, and 9 km from the ST Bus Stand. Postal Address: National Academy of Direct Taxes Chhindwara Road Nagpur – 440 029 Maharashtra Telephones (EPABX): Fax: Website: 0712- 258 1443, 258 2009, 258 3498 0712- 258 2357 (Faculty) 0712- 258 2297 (Administration)


REPORTING The professional Induction Course for 61st Batch of IRS will commence at NADT on Monday the 10th December, 2007. You should, however, plan to arrive at the Academy a day before, i.e., on Sunday, the 9th December, 2007, so as to be comfortable in the campus environs, settle down in the accommodation allotted to you and be ready for the joining formalities which will commence in the Faculty Building at 11.00 am(sharp) on 10.12.2007. The Officer Trainees reporting after 10/12/2007 will not be allowed to join except in cases where prior permission has been granted. Officer Trainees who wish to reappear for Civil Services Examination-2008, will have to first report at NADT, Nagpur for joining and after applying for Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL), they will be relieved from the Academy w.e.f. 14/12/2007. Such Officer Trainees will be required to report for the Induction Training along with the 62nd batch of the IRS. It may be carefully noted that the EOL applications will be forwarded by NADT for the consideration of the Competent Authority, i.e. the Finance Minister of India as prescribed in Rule 32(2) of the CCS (Leave) Rules,1972. RECEPTION Arrangements will be made at the Airport/Railway Station on 09/12/2007 for receiving you subject to receipt of your travel plans in advance, which may be sent to the following e-mail address : You are advised to look for NADT placard at these locations. In case of any further assistance required you may contact the Course Team through their phone numbers /e-mail. You can also take a taxi or auto rickshaw to the campus. The approximate one-way fare to the Academy from these locations is indicated below: Airport Rly.Stn. ST Bus Stand Rs. Rs. Rs. Taxi 300-350 100-150 Auto 200-250 100 100

1. ASHOK K. JHA Additional Director Phone: 0712 – 2584467 (O) 09371217670 (M) SHEKHAR L. GAJBHIYE Deputy Director Phone: 0712 - 2581687(O) 09822518578(M) 2


FURNISHED ACCOMODATION The Officer Trainees are normally allotted furnished accommodation in the “Nalanda” Hostel which has single rooms with attached bath (with geyser). Prescribed monthly license fee for the hostel / other accommodation and the electricity / water charges are payable by the Officer Trainees. The rooms are furnished with sofa, bed with storage boxes, table, chair, etc. However, you should bring your own towels and bed-linen like pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, etc. As Nagpur experiences moderate winter conditions during January and February, you may bring light woolen clothing for use during these months. You are also required to bring two padlocks for use in the hostel room. As a matter of policy, NADT does not encourage Officer Trainees staying with their families during training. However, in appropriate cases request for married accommodation would be considered on case to case basis. Due to ongoing renovation work and room occupancy by other visiting officers for various courses, there is a shortage of accommodation in NADT. However, we shall try our best to accommodate parents,

spouses or other immediate family who wish to be present at the time of Inauguration. No family members including spouses , guests , relatives or private servants, etc. are permitted to stay in the accommodation allotted to the Officer Trainees. SPORTS COMPLEX With a view to emphasize the importance of physical fitness, the Academy has a modern and well-equipped indoor Sports Complex. Facilities are available for most indoor games including badminton, squash, table tennis, billiards, cards, chess, carom, etc. In addition, there are lounges for painting and music and a modern gymnasium. The Complex also has a club-house for members. You may bring your personal equipment for games and other extra-curricular activities. A modern synthetic, all-weather tennis court is also in the final stages of preparation. 3

OFFICERS’ MESS The Officers‟ Mess is run in the campus by OTs themselves on a co-operative basis. All OTs are required to be members of the Mess.

SWIMMING POOL The Academy has an excellent swimming pool equipped with an automatic filtration plant, two diving boards, and a viewer‟s gallery. Proper swimming costume is essential for using the pool. TELECOM CENTRE The Academy has a Telecom Centre in the Nalanda Hostel where Officer Trainees can make local, STD and ISD calls on payment. It remains open during evening and is managed by the Mess Committee which is a non-profit co-operative formed by the Officer Trainees. LIBRARY The Academy Library holds a rich collection of books (appx. 43,000), journals (appx.125) and reports. It has a special collection on International Taxation and comparative law. The section on books related to training and organizational behavior is truly comprehensive. Besides professional literature, a large number of other books, journals and magazines are available. INTERNET Officer Trainees have access to Internet in the computer lounges situated in the hostel. POST OFFICE A post office is located within the campus and is open between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays. Cash transactions and registration of postal articles are handled between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays and between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays. BANKING FACILITIES ATMs of UTI Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India are located close to the Academy. Officers and staff of UTI Bank will visit the campus to facilitate Officer Trainees to open their accounts. All disbursements to Officer Trainees, including salary, are made through their UTI bank accounts. 4

MEDICAL FACILITIES A Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) dispensary functions in the campus on weekdays (except Sunday) between 7.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. CAFETERIA A cafeteria named “Meeting Point” is located in Lumbini Garden near Nalanda hostel, which is open between 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on all days.

DRESS CODE Officer Trainees are expected to be well groomed, neatly attired and not to present an unkempt or untidy appearance. On formal occasions like ceremonies for course inaugurations or valedictions, national festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day, and on other occasions declared as formal by the Academy, Officer Trainees are required to observe the following dress code: Gentlemen Officer Trainees: Black or white buttoned-up suits and footwear comprising black shoes and dark colored socks. Lady Officer Trainees : Plain silk or cotton saree of beige, cream, or white colour, with border and without zari, and footwear comprising shoes or sandals. Officer Trainees are required to be attired in above described formal dress during the Inauguration Ceremony of their Induction Course, scheduled for the 15th December, 2007. You are, therefore, advised to come suitably equipped. In classrooms and in Officers’ Mess, gentlemen Officer Trainees may wear shirt/bush-shirt and trousers or safari suit or lounge suits, along with shoes, while lady Officer Trainees may wear sarees or salwar suits with shoes or sandals. Casual attire including jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, chappal, etc., are not permitted in classrooms or in the Officers’ Mess. Wearing of Lapel card is compulsory in classrooms and on formal occasions. Sneakers, sports shoes, etc., are permitted only as part of PT/Yoga dress. Use of bathroom slippers is restricted to hostels only.


For P.T./Yoga sessions, gentlemen Officer Trainees are required to wear white T-shirts and shorts or track-suits with white canvas shoes/sneakers and white socks. Lady Officer Trainees are expected to wear white salwar and kameez, or track-suits, with white canvas shoes/sneakers and white socks. The tracksuit and NADT T-shirt would be available on payment basis. The Officer Trainees are advised to bring a pair of good sports shoes for morning activities and evening sports, which will commence from 11/12/2007 itself. In the indoor sports complex, all Officer Trainees are required to be decently attired. Footwear like sports or canvas shoes may be worn, but not slippers or chappals.

GRANT OF LEAVE The training at NADT is not only intensive; it derives its synergy from regular and continuous interaction of the Officer Trainees with the faculty members, visiting senior officers, guest faculty and eminent dignitaries. Further, the professional training imparted is rigorous and demanding. Therefore, sanction of leave is strictly regulated and Officer Trainees are advised not to request for any leave, except in compelling circumstances like medical emergencies or on compassionate grounds which will be considered by the Course Director on a case-to-case basis. Wedding ceremonies, festivals and other similar occasions are not considered as compassionate reasons for leave. The grant of leave will always be subject to exigencies of training. Catching up with the training imparted during such absence is the sole responsibility of the Officer Trainee concerned.

During the period of training, one block leave is normally granted. The date and duration would be notified in due course. Officer Trainees are accordingly advised to organize their personal affairs including their own marriage, marriage of relatives, etc only during the block leave period. 6

Officer Trainees absenting themselves from duty without sanctioned leave or those overstaying sanctioned leave would invite the risk of disciplinary action. No leave of any kind shall be granted during various field attachments including the „On the Job‟ training module. It may be carefully noted that attendance is obligatory for all training events, tours, visits, field trips, etc. organized by the Academy from time to time.

USE OF VEHICLES AND PARKING Use of vehicles within the campus is not permitted. Officer Trainees desirous of keeping vehicles for use outside the campus may seek written permission from the Administration. Parking space is not available for 4-wheelers, but 2-wheeler parking could be provided for a limited number, after permission is granted by the Administration. Vehicles, if any, of Officer Trainees living outside the campus will be permitted only upto the designated space adjoining NALANDA Hostel so that safety, peace and tranquility in the campus is maintained. Under no circumstances will these vehicles be permitted to be used within the campus.

USE OF MOBILE PHONES Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the Administration, Library and Faculty Blocks. Carrying mobile phones in these areas will result in confiscation of the instrument. Mobile phones can be used only in the hostel premises. Carrying of mobile phones during the official events including joint-sessions in the Auditorium is also barred.

ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Possession or consumption of alcoholic drinks and banned drugs by the Officer Trainees is strictly prohibited. Defaulting Officer Trainees will invite disciplinary action under the relevant rules.


DEPOSITS / PAYMENTS Officer-Trainees will have to make the following

deposits/payments at the time of joining: (i) Mess Advance: Rs. 4,000 (ii) Security Deposit: Rs. 1,000 (refundable) towards Mess & office security. (iii)Mess Committee Rs. 1,800 towards subscription to various societies Subscription: that function under the aegis of the Mess Committee. TOTAL Rs. 6,800/-

Note: You are advised to bring a bank draft for a consolidated amount of Rs.6,800/- drawn in favour of „Administrative Officer, NADT, Nagpur‟.

ACTION POINTS You are required to come prepared with a 2 minute introductory speech about yourself (which should include your background, hobbies, etc) so as to introduce yourself to the batch and NADT Faculty shortly after joining NADT. You may put on your regional attire on the occasion!

You will receive your first salary only around the first week of January, 2008. Hence, you may bring sufficient money with you to cover your personal expenses and to pay the deposits / advances mentioned above till the disbursement of your first salary.

Every Officer Trainee is required to furnish, immediately on arrival at the Academy, and NOT LATER THAN A WEEK AFTER JOINING, a “RETURN OF MOVABLE AND IMMOVABLE PROPERTY” in the proforma enclosed, together with evidence in respect of deposits, FDs, advances, etc.

Officer Trainees are advised not to bring valuables, particularly jewellery and excessive cash for security reasons. The Academy has no arrangements for their safe custody.


Use of electric heaters for cooking in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.

Officer Trainees are also required to intimate their blood group and furnish the following documents on arrival at the Academy:

a. Letter of appointment to IRS from Department of Personnel & Training or Department of Revenue, Government of India; b. Certified copy of UPSC Statement of Marks; c. Relieving Order and Last Pay Certificate from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, or from the last employer, as applicable; and d. 6 postcard- sized and 10 passport-sized (color, front faced) photographs with your name written in block capital on reverse of each photograph. e. All Officer Trainees are required to carry original documents, tickets, etc. in support of their reimbursement claims or settlement of advances taken, if any. f. This set of joining guidelines

Looking forward to welcome YOU for a very fruitful and memorable period at the Academy leading to an outstanding career in the IRS!


THE SCHEDULE (See Rule 18(1)) 9

Return of Assets and Liabilities on first appointment on the 31st December, 2007. 1. Name of the Govt.Servant in full (In block letters) 2. 3. Service to which belongs Total length of service up to date (i) In non-Gazetted rank (ii) In Gazetted rank 4. 5. : : : :

Present post held and place of posting: Total annual income from all sources during the calendar year immediately preceding the 1st January 2008 : :



I hereby declare that the return enclosed namely, Forms I to V are complete, true and correct as on _______________ to the best of my knowledge and belief, in respect of information due to be furnished by me under the provisions of sub-rule (1) of Rule 18 of the Central Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964.



NOTE: 1. This return shall contain particulars of all assets and liabilities of the Govt. Servant either in his own name or in the name of any other person. 2. If a Govt. Servant is a member of Hindu Undivided family, with coparcener rights in the properties of the family either as a Karta or as a member, he should indicate in the return in Form No.1 the value of his share in such property and where it is not possible to indicate the exact value of such share, it is approximate value. Suitable explanatory notes may be added wherever necessary.


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