Plymouth Rock - Plymouth Congregational Church by wufengmei007


									February 2011               You are Petros, and on this rock I will build my church.

Plymouth Congregational
Church, UCC
925 Vermont St.
Lawrence, KS 66044

                                                       Plymouth Rock
                                                            Available online at

                           Pastor’s Letter
Inside this issue:            The arc of the moral        The recent turmoil in          forces of fear, violence and
                             universe is long but it      Egypt has reminded us that     death. On the streets of
At Worship           2       bends towards justice.       these principles, far from     Cairo, the spark of God
                                                          being disembodied abstrac-     which resides in every hu-
                             Martin Luther King Jr.       tions, live in the hearts of
Seasons              3                                                                   man heart is being threat-
                           How many of us have been       men and women every-           ened by the forces of dark-
From the Moderator   4     stunned by the rapidity of     where, that these deep         ness.
                           events unfolding in Egypt?     yearnings are shared by
                                                          Christian and Muslim           Thousands of years ago,
Board Members &      6-7   How many of us felt our
                                                          alike.                         the Hebrew people chaffed
Officers                   spirits soar as Egyptians
                                                                                         under Pharaoh’s wrath,
                           from all walks of life,        No doubt there are many
Financial Report     8-9                                                                 and endured the subhuman
                           families, children, men and    lessons to be learned by       state of slavery. Now to-
                           women, gathered peace-         these tumultuous events. In
Board Reports        10-                                                                 day, in the very same cor-
                           fully in Tahrir Square in      the days to come, the so-
                     19                                                                  ner of the world, the ques-
                           Cairo one minute, only to      called “experts” will dis-     tion of slavery vs. free-
Plymouth Academy     13-   have those same spirits        cuss and expound on what
Sign up form         14
                                                                                         dom, life vs. death hangs
                           dashed---replaced with a       the implications are for       in balance.
                           sickening feeling in our       world affairs and what it
                           stomachs---as a carnival       means for the alignment of     This is a moment to recog-
                           atmosphere gave way to         Middle East politics.          nize their struggle is our
                           violence and mayhem?                                          struggle. It is realizing
                                                          But the lesson from Egypt      what our common human-
                           As people who follow in        for those of us who every      ity is all about.
                           the way of Jesus, we as        Sunday recite the words,
                           Christians have believed       “to work and pray for…the
                           that we can look forward to    promotion of justice, the
Wherever you are on
                           a new day where the peo-       reign of peace and the re-
 life’s journey, you       ples of the earth will dwell   alization of our common
are welcome here.          together in peace, where       humanity” is clear.
                           justice and basic rights of
    Plymouth is a
    member of the          human dignity will prevail,    Everywhere, the human
    United Church          where fear will be replaced    aspiration for freedom, for
       of Christ           by joy, where the ways of      justice, for life is in a
                           death will be eclipsed by      pitched battle with the
                           the ways that lead to life.
Page 2          P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                                  February 2011

                                                                               March 6
                                 At Worship                                    Last Sunday after Epiphany/Transformation
                                 February 20                                   8:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal
                                 Seventh Sunday after Epiphany                 9:00 Child Care Opens, Room 105 S
                                 8:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal                  9:30 Reunión Libertad, Heritage Room.
                                 9:00 Child Care Opens, Room 105 S             9:30 Traditional Worship Service
                                 9:30 Reunión Libertad, Heritage Room          9:45 Sunday School
                                 9:30 Traditional Service                      11:00 Gathering of Grace Service
                                 9:45 Sunday School                            Rev. Joshua Longbottom preaching at 9:30
                                                                               and 11 a.m. services.
                                 10:45 Fellowship Hour, Mayflower Room
                                                                               Scriptures: Matthew 17:1-9
                                 11:00 Gathering of Grace Service
                                                                               March 13
                                 Rev. Dr. Peter Luckey preaching at 9:30
                                 and 11 a.m. services.                         First Sunday in Lent
                                 Scriptures: Matthew 5:38-48                   8:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal
                                 Sermon: Does Jesus set the bar too high?      9:00 Child Care Opens, Room 105 S
     Throughout Lent                                                           9:30 Reunión Libertad, Heritage Room.
                                 The call to love your enemies, pray for
   Rev. Luckey and Rev.          those who persecute you goes against all      9:30 Traditional Service
    Longbottom will be           that is human in us? Or does it? This will
                                                                               9:45 Sunday School
   preaching a series on         be the theme of Rev. Luckey’s sermon.
                                                                               10:45 Fellowship Hour, Mayflower Room
 “the seven deadly sins”         February 27
  We are living in a time                                                      11:00 Gathering of Grace Service
                                 Eighth Sunday after Epiphany
    when greed, hubris,                                                        Rev. Dr. Peter Luckey preaching at 9:30
                                 8:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal
                                                                               and 11 a.m. services.
    anxiety, and fear all        9:00 Child Care Opens, Room 105 S
 thwart the ways of God.                                                       Scripture: Matthew 5:13-20
                                 9:30 Reunión Libertad, Heritage Room
  Each Sunday will be a                                                        Sermon: “The sin of Greed”
                                 9:30 Traditional Service
 look at one of these sins                                                     March 20
  from a different angle.        9:45 Sunday School
                                                                               Second Sunday in Lent
                                 10:45 Fellowship Hour, Mayflower Room         8:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal
                                 11:00 Gathering of Grace Service              9:00 Child Care Opens, Room 105 S
                                 Rev. Dr. Peter Luckey preaching at 9:30       9:30 Reunión Libertad, Heritage Room.
                                 and 11 a.m. services.
                                                                               9:30 Traditional Service
                                 Scriptures: Matthew 6:24-34
                                                                               9:45 Sunday School
                                 Sermon: “Do not worry about tomorrow”
                                 is also a text that seems impossible for us   10:45 Fellowship Hour, Mayflower Room
                                 mortal ones to live by. How does the          11:00 Gathering of Grace Service
                                 Gospel meet our anxiety in our life will      Rev. Dr. Peter Luckey preaching at 9:30 and 11
                                 be the theme today.                           a.m. service.
                                                                               Scripture: John 3:1-17
March 6 is the next Rock
                                                                               Sermon: “The sin of Pride” The gospel lesson
Newsletter deadline.                                                           speaks of God who sent the Son into the world
If you would like to submit                                                    that the world might be saved through him.
something, please do so by                                                     Indeed, part of what the world needs saving
e-mail to:                                                                     from, is human pride (hubris) that is an atti-                                                         tude that sees neither need for nor recognition
                                                                               of a power beyond humankind.
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                          February 2011                            Page 3

to pray for…                 Bill Kelly, recovering
                             from double knee replace-
Jan Lewis                    ment.
Malory Thompson recover-     Perry Walters
ing from surgery.
                             Dennis Wedel
Bertie McConnell
                             Paul Johnston
June Collins
                             June Collins at Brandon
Lori Michel                  Woods.
Shannon Gorres’s mother,     John Lungstrum’s Dad,
Deb, who has been ill.       Jack, at Brandon Woods in
Pat Ransone’s mother,        the health center.
Lydia.                       Max Rife
Ann Salome                   Diane Schultz’s father,
Eunice Ruttinger             Dick Donnell, who is ill.

George Learned
                                                             Thank you to our Plymouth volunteers helping with
Jane Cigard’s family.        to remember…                                Family Promise Feb. 20-27
Jane’s brother, John                                       Sunday: Kris Marsh, Ardith Pierce, Barbara Russell, Alyssa
                             Mary Ann King, wife of
Forman, has been in                                        Russell
                             Newton King, on Jan. 14.
the hospital.                                              Monday: Janet Riley, Rosie Kern, Ace Hickey, Sean Weston
                             Services were held at
                             Rumsey Yost on Jan. 17.       Tuesday: Jan and Mark Mahlios, Kristen Colahan-
Cathleen Carothers
                                                           Sederstrom, Sarah Trowbridge-Alford
To keep in our prayers       Dick Stuntz’s family on       Wednesday: Don Low, John Wilson, Jami Jones, Hilda
Carol Floersch and her       the loss of his father,       Enoch
family. Her daughter,        Clyde Stuntz, on Jan. 17.     Thursday: Dawn Shew, Marcia Neilsen, Chuck Marsh,
Carolyn Ecklund’s hus-                                     Jenny Bellavia
band, John, is fighting                                    Friday: Susan Drummond, Samantha/ Jenny Bellavia,
cancer.                                                    Fry family
                                                           Saturday: Laura Canalos, Jackie/John Lord, Mari and
Bev Temple in Topeka.         If you are admitted to the   Julie Heatwole, Doug Eason
                               hospital or would like to
Perry Perkin’s Dad, Bob,      be put on the prayer list,
who has been on the fourth    please contact the church
floor of LMH.                     office at 843-3220.

Phil Harrison who has re-
turned from the Mayo
Clinic in Phoenix and is
now with Beth in Florida.
Page 4       P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                                    February 2011

From the Moderator
                            While this monthly assignment is hardly the biggest or most significant responsibility of
                            the Moderator, it is one of the few opportunities to address the entire congregation. Unfor-
            John Wilson     tunately, this format lacks the benefit of two-way conversation. Therefore, I consider this
             Moderator      (and future articles) to be an invitation for dialogue--a prompt for interactivity between me
                            and you, and you and others.
                            I couldn't think of a better time to be the Moderator of Plymouth Church. There is a sym-
           785-218-7288     phony of reasons why I think 2011 will be an exciting and especially successful year for
                            our congregation:

                            You: Your response to the Spirit of Plymouth Annual Appeal affirms your commitment to
                            the church. I'm not just referring to the generous financial response. I'm also referring to to
                            the time, talent and energy our congregation shared through worship, mission and service,
                            and community outreach. For all of this, I thank you.

                            Our Services: We now have three services that accommodate the diverse worship experi-
                            ences sought by members and visitors. While each service has unique traditions and mu-
                            sic, they all fulfill the church's call for radical hospitality. Over the next year, I encourage
                            you to attend all of our services at least once.

                            Our Volunteers: Our church would not function without volunteers. Almost everywhere
                            you turn, the hard work of thoughtful volunteers can be seen and felt.

                            Our Staff and Pastoral Leadership: We have an exceptional staff who possess the per-
                            fect combination of creativity, efficiency, and work ethic. It's easy to think that church just
                            "happens" on Sunday, but a visit to the office any weekday will prove that isn't the case.

                            Our Campus Ministry: Yes, Plymouth Church has a campus ministry--a thriving one no
                            less! Plymouth is a covenant partner of Ecumenical Christian Ministries at KU. ECM is
                            a community of faith where learning to listen with your heart, without losing your mind, is
                            celebrated as a risk to be taken in the university and in society. We've had an increasing
                            number of young adults find Plymouth through ECM's thought-provoking programs, in-
                            cluding Faith Forum, Alternative Breaks, and Veggie Lunch.

                            Our Long-term Financial Plan: We now have an aggressive, yet achievable plan to get
                            out of debt. As we work our way out of debt, we will be shifting our focus towards build-
                            ing maintenance and energy efficiency improvements for our 66,000 sq. ft church. The
                            thoughtful leadership and exacting financial stewardship shown by our volunteer leader-
                            ship, staff and Boards is why I will continue to support Plymouth--and I hope you will do
                            the same.

                            To say that I'm looking forward to the year ahead would be an understatement. Like years
                            past, this year is full of potential for our church, and I'm ready to work with you to help
                            actualize that potential.

                            John Wilson
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                               February 2011                              Page 5

Upcoming Events
February 27, 2011—India Night
Ever want to experience India without leaving Lawrence, Kansas? Then, come join us
for another India Night on Sunday, Feb. 27 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The seven Plymouth
travelers who went to India for two and a half weeks in January have returned home,
and they have stories to tell. The evening will begin with a showing of the group’s “best
pictures” in the Sanctuary followed by an opportunity to ask this group of seven any-
thing about India you were curious to ask.

We will talk about our relationship with the Church of South India, plus our involve-
ment in the Family Village Farm (the UCC sponsored orphanage outside of Vellore In-
dia) You will even learn how you can go about sponsoring a child at the orphanage. A
free will donation will be offered—all funds collected will go to the school at the Fam-
ily Village Farm.

Following the program there will be an informal reception time in the Mayflower
Room, including cookies and some Indian “Chai”.                                             Plymouth’s travelers
                                                                                            Back Row left to right:
                                                                                            Heather Coates
                                                                                            Laura Munson
                                                                                            Sarah Oatsvall
                                                                                            Marguerite Carlson
                                                                                            Front Row left to right
                                                                                            Sean Weston
                                                                                            Laura Murphy
                                                                                            Peter Luckey
                                                                                            Karen Vespestad

March 9, 2011—Ash Wednesday Service
Ash Wednesday Service at 7:30 p.m., which will be preceded by a catered dinner in the
Mayflower Room. Sign up for this event on page 13 in this Rock newsletter.
The service will be marked by the imposition of ashes (optional) and the sharing in
Page 6          P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                                   February 2011

Board Report                                *indicates that they were approved at the Annual Meeting 2/6/2011
                                            Bold and underlined indicates board chair for 2011
Name of Board                 2011                          2012                      2013
Christian Education           Susan Osborn*                 Rex Russell               Eric Weslander*
                              Devon Kim                     Julie Heatwole*           Karen Vespestad*
                              Annas Lefort                  Jackie Lord               Diane Schultz*
Deacons                       Frank Smysor                  Bonnie Briscoe            Mary Baskett*
                              Unfilled                      Georgia Orchard           Scott Hanrath*
                              Unfilled                      Sandy Sloop               Gary Boyer*
                              Geraldo de Sousa               Rosie Kern               John Dunham*
Fellowship                    Keith Rasmussen                Mary Jane Kennedy        Meghan Stoppel*
                              Bill Shunk                    Debby Wedel               Alice Ann Johnston*
                              Perry Walters                  Dennis Wedel             Sharon Vaughan*
Membership                    Laura Jacobsen                Sarah/Neil Oatsvall       Chris Leiszler*
                              Marilynn Fullerton            Les/Kendra Kuhlman        Brandy Ernzen*
                              Pat Ransone                   Clay Britton              Kristine/Joseph Fowler*
Mission & Service             Molly Hood                    Laura Murphy              Gene Forsberg*
                              Alan Sanders                  Sean Weston               Peggy Forsberg*
                              Diane Sanders                 Keeley Bratholt*          Hernan Nieto*
Music & Fine Arts             Helen Martin                  Johannah Cox              David Bergeron*
                              Julie Trowbridge-Alford       Janice Nicklaus           Brook Graham*
                              Bob Gent                      Pam Farr                  George Smith*
Stewardship                   Doug Eason*                   Pat Eddishaw              Unfilled
                              Dean Owens                    Dick Morrissey            Valerie Miller-Coleman*
                              Kim Booth                     Mike Gaughan              Mark Simpson*
Personnel                     Gayle Sherman                 Amanda Jay                Betsy Six*
Endowment       2011          Gene Bauer                     James Dunn
                2012          John Conard                   Dick Orchard
                2013          Harold Riehm                   Sue Himes
                2014          Don Daugherty*                Unfilled
KS/OK Conference              Regan Doyle                   Shannon Gorres            Jeff Zehnder*
                              Janet Riley                   Julie Trowbridge-Alford   Margaret Kramar*
                              Unfilled                      Unfilled                  Sean Weston*

Church Council Members-at-Large                             Church Officers
2011            Janet Riley                                 Past Moderator            Karen Andregg
2012            Jami Jones                                  Moderator                 John Wilson
2013            Jane Bireta*                                Moderator-Elect           Ruth DeWitt*
                                                            Clerk                     Sara Wilson*
                                                            Treasurer                 Rich Bireta*
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                               February 2011                              Page 7

From the Treasurer
Financial Report from the Annual Meeting, Sunday February 6th

As your Treasurer, I was able to report at the Annual Meeting that Plymouth’s Mission                        Rich Bireta
Spending Plan (operating budget) for 2010 ended the year with a surplus. Stewardship
Board Chair Don Daugherty presented a balanced Mission Spending Plan for 2011 that
was approved during the meeting. A Long Term Financial Plan, recommended by the            
Stewardship Board and Council, was also presented at the meeting; the effects of this
plan, if executed as outlined, include paying off both the church’s notes at Intrust Bank                  785-842-5097
and with Plymouth Church Endowment while increasing our spending on building main-
tenance and energy efficiency improvements by $100,000 per year by 2019. For more
details, please see the 2010 Annual Report; copies are available in the church office.

Some concerns regarding the financial situation of the church were voiced at the Annual
Meeting. I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to those concerns.

Spending on the Gathering of Grace: Spending on the           Principal payments made on the church’s debt in 2010:
Gathering of Grace band remains flat in the adopted 2011      We reduced our outstanding debt by $3,000 in 2010. That
Mission Spending Plan compared to the 2010 Mission            was due primarily to Intrust Bank’s request for a four
Spending Plan. The 2011 MSP budget for the band is 35%        month deferral (not cancellation or forgiveness) of the
over the actual 2010 expenses; these 2010 expenses were       principal payment on the church’s note with the bank. We
lower as there was some turnover in band personnel. The       will spend over $100,000 on principal reduction (not inter-
planned expenses for the band in 2011 remain the same as      est expense) in 2011, and this will be done by mid-year.
those planned for 2010.                                 .     Pages 13-16 of the Annual Report describe in detail the
                                                              church's long range financial plan for retiring our debt by
Spending on salaries: The line items in the Mission           the end of 2019.
Spending Plan for nonpastoral personnel items include all     Following this report is the Financial Highlights report for
costs associated with personnel including FICA taxes,         January 2011 that will be presented at the next Church
health insurance benefits and retirement benefits. When a     Council meeting.
staff member becomes eligible for health insurance, retire-
ment benefits or marries, the total cost to the church in-    The financial leadership of this church strives to conduct
creases, and these can be considered fixed costs. The com-    its financial affairs with openness and transparency and in
plete report from the Personnel Committee is on pages 26      a fiscally responsible manner while also recognizing that
and 27 of the 2010 Annual Report.                         .   the church’s finances can be difficult to understand. If any
                                                              member has a question about the finances of this church,
Based on Personnel Committee recommendations, salary          please feel free to contact me with your question.
changes for the 2011 Mission Spending Plan were made.
Adjustments were made to the salaries and number of           Rich Bireta
hours worked per week of certain staff members, and a 1%
cost of living increase for staff working over 20 hours per   Treasurer
week was made.                                            .

Including benefits and other fixed costs, spending on non-
pastoral personnel increased 8.4% for 2011 over 2010.
Our actual nonpastoral personnel costs in 2010 amounted
to 39.6% of our total budget. For 2011, personnel costs
amount to 39.2% of our budget.                           .
Page 8   P l y mo u t h R o c k   February 2011

Financial Report
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                            February 2011                             Page 9

Financial Report                      (Continued)

                                                    This report covers the financial highlights through January 2011.
                                                    For the current month, income exceeded expenses by $1,643.
                                                    Pledge income through January is below the $57,361 per month
                                                    target. January is very early in the year to draw any conclusions
                                                    regarding pledge income for the year. Year- to-date number be-
                                                    come more meaningful after Easter.
                                                    Larger seasonal expenses are due to insurance payments and
                                                    transfer (spending) of designated endowment funds to various
                                                    saving accounts.
                                                    Key indicators:
                                                    Completed 8% of the year
                                                    Received 11.75% of planned income
                                                    Spent 11.55% of planned expenses

                                                    Pledges received through January:$46,798
                                                    Pledge target through January: $57,361
                                                    Percent of target: 81.6%
                                                    The value of our current assets exceeds our current liabilities by

Fundraiser Information
                                                              Small Change 4 Big Change

                                                              Thanks to those who brought their spare change from
                                                              home or took the change in their pocket on Sunday
                                                              morning, Feb. 6 and tossed it in the top hats. All
                                                              change received goes directly to reducing our debt. Ply-
                                                              mouth raised $101

                                                              Spring Plant and Bake Sale!
                                                              It’s that time of year again. The first planning meeting
James Beard Gourmet Debt Dinner                               for the Plant Sale is scheduled for Monday, February
                                                              21, at 5 p.m. in the Althaus Chapel. If you are at all
Many thanks to Tanya Sieber for the wonderful eve-            interested in helping out with Plymouth’s most impor-
ning of food & fellowship on Jan. 21. Over $2,100 was         tant yearly fundraiser, you should be at this meeting.
raised to reduce Plymouth’s debt.                             We are in need of people to make the sale happen!!!
Page 10        P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                                 February 2011

Music & Fine Arts
                              Plymouth Strings                Chancel Choir Spring
                              Rehearsals are each             Major Choral Work
                Kim Manz
                              Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the      Rehearsals for the Chancel
      Director of Music &     Sanctuary. Please speak to      Choir’s spring major cho-
                 Fine Arts    Kim Manz if you have in-        ral work are commencing
                              terest in playing in this en-   to begin. The spring selec-        semble or know of someone       tion is “Messe à deux
                              in the wider Lawrence com-      chœurs        et    deux
     785-843-3220, ext. 15    munity that would enjoy         orgues” (Mass for two
                              participating in this group.    choir and two organs) by         Major Choral Work 2010
                                                              Charles-Marie Widor.
                              Prayer Shawl – next meet-       People are most familiar
                              ing Wednesday, March 2 at       with Widor’s organ
                              7 p.m. in the Heritage          “Toccata”           from
                              Room.                           “Symphony No. 5”. The
                                                              choir will be singing a          “Lift Every Voice and
                              Handbell Choirs                 transcription that con-          Sing”
                              Mayflower Ringers: Grades       denses the score for per-        The Chancel Choir will be
                              5-7 rehearses on Sundays at     formance by mixed choir          singing at St. Luke AME
                              1:15 p.m., Kim Manz, di-        and a single organ.              Church on February 27 at
                              rector.                         The movements vary from          3:30 p.m. for their annual
                                                              the solemnity of the Kyrie       Black History Month Mu-
        Trivia 4              Covenant Ringers: High          and the triumphant Gloria        sical titled “Lift Every
                              School through Adult re-                                         Voice and Sing”. This
                                                              and Sanctus, to the myste-
 April 8 6:30-9 p.m.          hearses on Sundays at 5:30                                       event has become a tradi-
                                                              rious harmonies of the
                              p.m., Bill Kelly, director.     Benedictus.        Written       tion in the Lawrence com-
  Mayflower Room                                                                               munity. It has also become
                                                              around 1890, the first per-
                              Plymouth Cookbook               formance did not take            a favorite tradition of the
      It’s coming!!
                              It’s time to begin thinking     place until December             Chancel Choir to be musi-
Our 4th TRIVIA NIGHT!         of those treasured recipes      1901, at Saint-Sulpice           cal representatives of an-
                              you would like to share in      with Widor playing the           other historic church. If
 Put it on your calendar
                              the Plymouth Cookbook.          Grand Orgue. Please con-         you have never attended,
  and start assembling        Watch the Rock and bulle-       tact Kim Manz for music          consider doing so. It is a
                              tin announcements for more      and a rehearsal schedule if      wonderful musical event . .
 your team. If you don’t
                              details. The cookbook will      you would enjoy singing          . a packed church with
 have a team, that’s just     be available in October         this both powerful and           amazing music.
  fine. We’ll also build      2011.                           beautiful music.

   teams that evening.                                        Culinary Arts

                                                              Interested in teaching a class
                                                              or have a suggestion for a
                                                              class subject? Contact Kim
                                                              Manz by e-mail.
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                  February 2011                          Page 11

Music & Fine Arts
Arts Dinner Theater
The Plymouth Players will be presenting the play “Man of the House” staged as an old-          Kim Manz
fashioned radio drama on the evenings of Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5.
Come enjoy an evening of fellowship, food and fun. The comedy revolves around a bur-           Director of Music &
glar who while attempting to ransack a house for loot is interrupted time and again by         Fine Arts
visitors. All assume he is the owner . . . a policeman, a niece and her girlfriend trying to
elope, the niece’s mother with her choice of a fiancé for her daughter, an old high  
school flame, and more.
                                                                                               785-843-3220, ext. 15
6:00-8:30 p.m.    Friday, March 4 & Saturday, March 5
Tickets: $15 per son, children 10 and under free
Childcare: available for a nominal fee with advance reservation
All proceeds will benefit the debt reduction fund.
Page 12       P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                                  February 2011

Christian Education—Children
                             Rainbow Journey in India
                             On February 20 & 27, the Rainbow Journey classes will be traveling to India. On these
          Heather Coates
                             Sundays, members of the Plymouth delegation who went to India will be showing the
       Dir. Of Christian     children photos from their trip, and teaching the children about the culture, religion and
              Education      landscape of India. The children will learn songs, make Indian mandalas and learn to eat
          heathercoates@     like an Indian – with their hands!
      Our Plymouth children will also learn about the children of Family Village Farms – the
                             orphanage in India that we support and where several of our Plymouth members have
    785-843-3220, ext. 19
                             adopted children. In the fall of 2010, the children made a book to take and present to the
                             Family Village Farms. The children at the orphanage LOVED the book – and we have
                             great photos of them receiving this gift. I can’t wait to show these photos to the children.
                             It is my hope that during these two weeks, the children will learn a little about India, while
                             also beginning to develop an interest in overseas missions. The group who went to India
                             is excited to share their experiences with the children.

                             Souper Bowl Updates
                             A huge thank you to everyone who participated in and donated to this year’s Souper
                             Bowl, hosted by Plymouth’s 7th/8th grade class. The class raised over $800 for Law-
                             rence’s Just Food Pantry! What an amazing amount!

                             The 7th/8th grade class is taught each week by Devon Kim and Doug Eason. About the
                             project, Doug says, “It was great to get all the kids to participate in some way with this
                             effort.” Thank you, Plymouth, for supporting this class project and helping to alleviate
                             hunger in our community.
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                        February 2011                                  Page 13

Plymouth Academy—Lent Sessions                                                                                                        his
                                                                                                                                k of t
                                                                                                                      t and bac ice by
                                                                                                               t fron             f
Wednesday Evenings of Fellowship, Food and Spiritual Exploration                                                             to of
                                                                                                        Fill ou d return
                                                                                                                an          h2
                                                                                                          for m       Marc
Ash Wednesday Dinner & Service: March 9
Dinners & Classes: March 16, 30; April 6, 13 6-8 p.m
Christians all over the world take time out during Lent for spiritual enrichment. You should too! We're again offering Wednesday
evening dinners and classes, beginning on Ash Wednesday. Please complete and return this registration sheet to Heather Coates or
the Plymouth office. We hope you will join us for these intergenerational evenings!
Our dinners will be catered by Maceli’s, at a cost of $7.50/person. Children under 9 years old are free. In an effort to be green and
to keep costs down, we ask each family to bring their own table settings to dinner. We hope you will come to dinner and stay for a
class, but you are welcome to come to dinner only.

March 9 - Ash Wednesday Dinner (6 p.m.) & Service (7 p.m.):
We will kick off the Lenten season with an Ash Wednesday dinner & church service. Please write the names below of those who
plan to join us for dinner at 6 p.m. No need to RSVP for the service.
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)

Wednesday Dinners (March 16, 30; April 6, 13 @ 6-7 p.m.):
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Name: _____________________________ (Vegetarian? ____, Under 9? ____)
Signing up for dinners assumes you will join us for the entire series. If you are able, please enclose payment with this enrollment
form. If you need to pay weekly, this is fine as well – we will be taking money at the door.
Total amount included with registration: $_________
If you can only make it for a few of the weeks, please write the dates in the space below. We need to give good numbers to Maceli’s.
                                                                                               Sign up for classes on back of this sheet.
  Page 14             P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                                            February 2011
Classes (Mar 16, 30; Apr 6, 13 @ 7-8pm):
Each class will run for 4 weeks – please register for only one class/person.
Living the Questions: Eclipsing Empire (taught by Peter Luckey). This will be part 2 of Peter’s fall class - newbies are invited to join. Join
     New Testament scholars on location in Turkey, tracing the Apostle Paul’s footsteps through the Roman Empire. This DVD-based class will
     explore fresh insights into Paul’s message of the Kingdom of God, its challenge to Roman imperial theology, and the apostle’s radical rele-
     vance for today.
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

The King James Bible (taught by Kay Bradt & David Bergeron). The year 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the "King James Version"
    English translation of the Bible. How and why did this new translation come about? This class will discuss who King James was, the idea
    for a new English translation, what English translations preceded this one, who were the translators and what were their guidelines, what
    resources did they use, and what did the final product look like when it emerged from the printing press? We can also speculate about why
    this translation endures.
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

From Kansas to Kerala: Eco-theology From an Indian Perspective (taught by Laura Murphy & Molly Hood). “We affirm that the world, as
God’s handiwork, has its own inherent integrity; that land, waters, air, forests, mountains and all creatures, including humanity, are ‘good’ in
God’s sight. The integrity of creation has a social aspect which we recognize as peace with justice and an ecological aspect which we recognize
in the self-renewing, sustainable character of natural ecosystems …” (Declaration of the Church of South India (CSI)). When the group went to
India, many thoughts and questions were raised about environmental policy, practices, and ethics in the country. This class will read and discuss
essays concerning environmental issues from Indian sources, including ecological literature published by the CSI Bishop.

          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

Stepping Stones: The Toddler Years (taught by Carolyn Kelly & Barb Holland). This class will bring together parents of toddlers, for discus-
    sions about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children at this stage in their lives. Come meet other parents in the church and
    learn simple ways to bring spirituality into your family life.
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

Book Group: Ties That Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences (taught by Arla Jones & Valerie Miller-Coleman) – This book, by
   Sarah Schulman, explores “Familial homophobia.” It calls on us to recognize familial homophobia and understand it not as a personal
   problem but a widespread cultural crisis. With devastating examples, Schulman clarifies how abusive treatment of homosexuals at home
   enables abusive treatment of homosexuals in other relationships as well as in society.
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

Veg Heads Re-Unite! (taught by Sam Snyder) – Calling all vegetarians and vegetarian wannabes! This group will learn to cook healthy, sea-
    sonal vegetarian food, and discuss issues around food justice.
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

Costumes for Kids (taught by Kim Manz & Kathy Bowen) – The children’s program is doing a musical in May and they need costumes! Join
    Kim and Kathy for costume making, set design and maybe some music too!
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________

Nursery – The nursery will be open for children aged 4 and under.
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
          Name of participant: ______________________________________
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                 February 2011                         Page 15

Christian Education                               (Continued)

5th/6th Grade Fellowship
All 5th/6th graders are invited to join us for the following events!
                                                                                                         Heather Coates

Sun. Feb. 20th: Bowling! We will be joining the junior high and high school groups for                 Dir. Of Christian
this outing. See more information on page 16.                                                                 Education

March activity: TBA                                                                                     heathercoates@

Sat. April 9th-Sun. April 10th: We will be doing an overnight retreat at Tall Oaks in              785-843-3220, ext. 19
Linwood, KS (15 miles from Lawrence). The retreat will start with lunch on Saturday at
Tall Oaks; we will do their low-ropes course in the afternoon, spend the night in cabins,
have a simple, kid-led church service the next morning and return to church by 10:30 on
Sunday morning. We will need chaperones (male and female) and drivers for this event.
Contact Heather for more info.

                                                                                            Last fall, the children of
                                                                                            Plymouth made a scrap-
                                                                                            book with their photos,
                                                                                            writings and things they
                                                                                            like for the children of
                                                                                            Family Village Farms in
                                                                                            India. The Plymouth
                                                                                            group that traveled to
                                                                                            India presented the book
                                                                                            to the children at the or-
                                                                                            phanage. They were en-
                                                                                            thralled with it – reading
                                                                                            and looking at every page.
Page 16       P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                               February 2011

PYG (Plymouth Youth Group)
                               Youth Lock In Highlights:

   Rev. Josh Longbottom        On January 28, 20 Plymouth Youth grades 7-12 gathered in the church for a lock- in.
                               The evening started with a boys vs. girls fashion show with all the costumes we could
        Associate Pastor
                               find in Plymouth. The terms of the contest were that the best of three group pictures
       joshlongbottom@         won the right to decide what kind of pizza we would order that night and what movies
        we would rent. Sarah Trowbridge-Alford was the judge and she declared the girls victo-
                               rious with a picture titled “Uncomfortable Family Photo.”
    785-843-3220, ext. 13
                               Erin Hambrick and Derrick Hurst volunteered to be chaperones and really had a good
                               time connecting with this year’s youth. They found out what every other volunteer
                               finds too, that you can’t do a better thing with your time than help these young’ns find
                               themselves. We couldn’t be luckier as a church than to have volunteers like Sarah, Erin
                               and Derrick. God bless them, and God bless anyone who can stay up all night long with

                               Plymouth Youth (Grades 5th to 12th) go Bowling Sunday Feb 20
                               Sunday, Feb. 20, Plymouth Youth grades 5th to 12th will gather together at Hillcrest
                               Bowling lanes from 2 - 3:30 p.m. to enjoy some fun and fellowship. Royal Crest Bowl-
                               ing lanes are located in the shopping center near the Merc. Please drop off and pick up
                               your youth at Hillcrest. Cost per game is $6.80. (We will probably each play one long
                               slow game!) Please R.S.V.P. Josh Longbottom or Heather Coats so they can know who
                               to expect.
                               Royal Crest Lanes
                               933 Iowa
                               Lawrence, KS 66044

                               Youth Sell Stock to Raise Money for Mission:
                               For the remainder of February, youth will sell “stock” to raise money for the youth mis-
                               sion trip. The stock won’t be worth money to you or mean that you have control or
                               ownership over the youth, but it is guaranteed to warm you heart! This year Plymouth’s
                               youth will go to the Gulf Coast near Biloxi, MI to glean crops and process vegetables
                               which are then served at regional soup kitchens. We will also spend a good amount of
                               time on the beach, visit New Orleans, LA and stop in Memphis, TN on the way there
                               and back. For further inquiry, ask Josh Longbottom.
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                F e b r u a ry 2 0 1 1              Page 17

Mission: Plymouth Action Team Picking up Steam
It is a little difficult to ask people to join you in four marches a year for social justice   Rev. Josh Longbottom
causes before you even know what the causes are yet. But that is exactly what the Mis-
sion Board has been doing lately with their campaign to build a Plymouth Action Com-                Associate Pastor
mittee of 100 Plymouth members and friends.                                                        joshlongbottom@
Generally speaking, the Mission Board will piggy-back on the work of other organizations    
in this community instead of creating new marches for new issues. They will help to beef
                                                                                                785-843-3220, ext. 13
up the numbers at events that have been long standing in Lawrence, events like Take Back
the Night (a march against domestic violence), and events like celebrating Earth Day or
marching on behalf of fair wages for the Immokalee tomato harvesters.
The Mission Board is also not free to make trouble on any issue that they want. Accord-
ing to the Plymouth Council, they should only march on issues when there is a clear re-
cord in National or Kansas-Oklahoma Conference resolutions of the United Church of
Christ. The Mission Board is also required to approve a concisely stated set of talking
points on the issue and to provide notice via the Rock or the bulletin.
It takes a lot of trust to make all this happen. And yet Plymouth members
are apparently up for it. Over 55 brave individuals have now signed up to
be a part of the Plymouth Action Committee, and our first event has been
slated for April to join the Earth Day Parade in downtown Lawrence. We
hope to see you there! Contact Josh Longbottom is you are interested in

Green Team
The Plymouth Green Team eagerly welcomes new participants in any
and all of the many projects we have planned for 2011! As part of the
Take Charge! challenge of the Climate and Energy Project, we will seek
ways to reduce our church’s utility usage. Since the Take Charge! chal-
lenge pits the City of Lawrence against Manhattan for award of a
$100,000 prize, we have challenged First Congregational Manhattan to a friendly compe-
tition. The kick-off comes at coffee hour on Feb. 27, when the Green Team will serve up
information about our church’s utility usage along with coffee and healthy snacks. Other
projects for 2011 include Earth Day participation, Lenten class on environmental issues,
and a garden dinner. For more information, please contact any team member or Molly
Hood at
Page 18   P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                               February 2011

                           Plymouth welcomed 11 new members into our congregation on Feb. 6 during the com-
                           bined worship services. If you are interested in learning more about Plymouth or know
                           someone who might enjoy coming to the next orientation class please contact Kay
                           Koch. The next orientation will be in April or May.

                           New Members who joined February 6, 2011
                           Julia Broxholm & Fred Ormand
                           Julia and Fred came to Lawrence from Ann Arbor, MI where Fred was a distinguished
                           Professor of Clarinet at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance
                           for 23 years. Julia has been a professor of voice at the University of Kansas School of
                           Music for the last 6 years. Fred joined her in Lawrence 4 years ago upon his retirement
                           from U of M. They have joined by Reaffirmation of Faith and are sponsored by Becky
                           and Bob Foster.
                           Logan and Misty Campbell
                           Logan and Misty live in Gardner, KS. They have two daughters: Lillian who is 5 and
                           Gabriella who is 8 months. Logan works at the Johnson County Adult Residential Cen-
                           ter and Misty works at the Johnson County DA's office. They have transferred their
                           membership from Zion United Church, UCC, in St Joseph, MO.

                           Laura Canelos
                           Originally from Ecuador, Laura has lived in Lawrence since May 2009. She has at-
                           tended regularly since August 2010, after being invited by Shannon Gorres. Laura coor-
                           dinates the language programs and the Worker Justice clinics here at Plymouth, and is a
                           patient advocate with the Midland Group at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Laura has
                           joined by Reaffirmation of Faith and is sponsored by Enrique Penaloza, Sandy Sloop
                           and Shannon Gorres.
                           Jodi Cox            ………………………………………………………………………..
                           Jodi has transferred her membership from St. Paul U.C.C. in Eudora. She is originally
                           from Michigan, but was brought to Kansas by her late husband, David, 26 years ago and
                           is now a proud Kansan. She graduated from KU and is a Nurse Practitioner. Her four
                           children are Jessica, Mary (a KSU student), Jacob (a KU student) and Alex (a JCCC
                           student, soon to be KU student). Jessica is a pharmacist. She is married to Gabriel Red-
                           ing. They have two children (Jodi’s only grandchildren) Matthew 8 and Nicholas 6.
                           She is sponsored by Debbie and Dennis Wedel.
                           Clark Fulton & Margaret Townsend
                           Margaret and Clark have attended Plymouth for at least 6 years. They came to Ply-
                           mouth because of the good reputation of the Christian Education program, the religious
                           philosophy of the congregation, and style of the church service. Their two children,
                           Taylor and Stephen, are confirmed members of Plymouth. Stephen Fulton is sponsoring
                           Margaret and Clark and they joined by Reaffirmation of Faith.
P l y mo u t h R o c k                                                February 2011                         Page 19

Membership                     (continued)

Elexia Kilgore
Elexia, a new Lawrence resident, is joining Plymouth along with her Mom, Linda. Lexi
is a 3rd grade teacher for the Auburn-Washburn school district in Topeka, KS. She is
very excited to become involved in Plymouth’s many activities, classes and services
offered to help out the Lawrence community. Lexi is an avid reader & music lover, en-
joys cooking, watching KU sports and is training for her first “real” run, a 5K, in April!
Elexia has joined Plymouth by Reaffirmation of Faith and is sponsored by Greg and
Genna Hurd.
Linda Kilgore
Linda has joined Plymouth by Reaffirmation of Faith and is also sponsored by Greg and
Genna Hurd. Linda has lived on Lake Perry in Ozawkie for 21 years. She has three chil-
dren, Ted and Jill who are KU students and Elexia who is joining Plymouth today too.
Linda works at Keystone Learning Services in Jefferson County where she is board
clerk, grants manager and senior administrative assistant. She has one cat, Steve
McQueen, who resides at her lake house.

Beth Ruhl
Beth is a KU grad. student in French Lit. She is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant for
French 1. Beth found Plymouth through the ECM and will be leading an alternative
spring break for KU students to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico this March. Other interests
include wanting to start a feminist book club in Lawrence. She joined by Letter of
Transfer and is sponsored by Thad Holcombe.

                                                                                             Kay Koch

                                                                                             Membership Associate


                                                                                             785-843-3220, ext. 20
                     925 Vermont Street                                                                    Non-Profit
                     Lawrence Kansas 66044                                                                U.S. Postage
                     785 843 3220 fax 785 843 4613                                                        Lawrence KS
                                                                                                          Permit No. 82


                                             Church Officers
                                             Moderator, John Wilson
                                             Moderator-elect, Ruth DeWitt
                                             Past Moderator, Karen Andregg
                                             Treasurer, Rich Bireta
                                             Clerk, Sara Wilson

Plymouth’s Covenant                          Senior Pastor, Peter Luckey
                                             Associate Pastor, Joshua Longbottom
    In the love of truth and in the          Business Administrator, Barbara Holland           Plymouth is
spirit of Jesus, we unite for the
worship of God and the service of all.
                                             Financial Clerk, Becky Foster                     A United Church
                                             Director of Christian Education, Heather Coates
We seek to know the will of God and
                                             Membership Associate, Kay Koch
                                                                                               of Christ
to walk in God’s ways, made known
                                             Administrative Assistant, Jeremy Winfrey
or to be made known to us; to love
one another; to proclaim the Gospel          Director of Music and Fine Arts, Kim Manz         An Open & Affirming
to all the world; to work and pray for       Bell Choir Director, Bill Kelly                   Congregation
the progress of knowledge, the               Gathering of Grace Band Dir., Pam Gibbs Demasio
promotion of justice, the reign of           Facilities Manager, Jim Cooley
peace, and the realization of our            Assistant Custodian, Brandon Williams
shared humanity. And we look with            Wedding Coordinator, Deb Chaussee
faith for the triumph of                     Hospitality/Safety Associate, Jesse Rowley
righteousness and the gift of life
eternal. Amen.
                                                                                               February 2011

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