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   All books in stock at the date this list is printed.
Finn Aagaard on Kenya.Three hour, three CD audio book.                                                    $30
Aagaard’s African Adventures.2008.15x23, 343 pp.                                                          $38
Adventure is in my Blood.Annabel 1997.15x23, 384 pp. Alaskan hunting 1957-1964.                           $50
Adventure is my Business.Annabel 1997.15x23, 341 pp. Alaskan hunting 1951-1955.                           $50
The Adventurous Life of a Vagabond Hunter.Cedergren 2000.15x23, 326 pp. African hunting, 1950’s on. $55
The African Adventurers.Capstick 1992.16x23, 244 pp. Extracts from works by famous hunters.               $30
African Experience.Boddington 2002.16x23, 302 pp. A guide to modern safaris.                              $42
An African Game Ranger On Safari.Cowie 2006.22x28, 227 pp. Post WW2 African Hunting.                      $90
African Hunter 2.Boddington & Flack 2004.23x30, 606 pp. Fabulous new book on current African hunting. $200
Africa’s Most Dangerous.Robertson 2007.22x28, 234 pp. Hunting the Southern Buffalo, how-to.               $70
Alaskan Adventures;The Early Years.Annabel 1997.15x22, 369 pp. Hunting in Alaska. Pre 1951?               $50
The Aussie Venison Chef.Ball 2002.15x21, 159 pp, spiral bound. Recipes for venison & other game.          $30
Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game.Mettler 1986.15x22, 192 pp, soft. Over 100,000 sold.                 $18
The Big Five.Newberry 2001.16x23, 214 pp. Modern African hunting.                                         $38
Big Game Montbel 1995.24x30, 255 pp. Post WW2 African hunting.                                 $75
Big Game Shooting in Alaska.Radclyffe 1904.18x24, 292 pp. Fresh reprint.                                  $70
Breath of Africa.Decoster 2010.16x23, 202 pp.Forty years of African hunting. C 20th.                      $45
Buffalo! Boddington 2006.16x23, 248 pp. Current tales of African hunting for buffalo.                     $42
Bwana Babu.Greenfield 206.16x23, 188 pp. Current African hunting.                                         $48
Bwana Babu Kwaheri.Greenfield 2011.16x23, 372 pp. Modern day African hunting.                             $44
Jim Corbett Collection. Six titles in five volumes in a slip case.13x21. 1030+ pp.                       $110
Dave Scovill Trophies and Cartridges.Scovill 2006.20x27, 114 pp, soft. Practical hunting & firearm info.  $32
Death in the Dark Continent.Capstick 1983.16x24, 238 pp. Hunting the Big Five game animals.               $30
Death in a Lonely Land.Capstick 1990.16x24, 284 pp. More hunting, fishing & shooting on five continents. $30
Deer Burger Cookbook.Black 2005.15x22, 126 pp, soft. Recipes for soups, stews, sausages etc.              $15
The Diana Files:Huntress-Traveller Through History.Fiona Capstick 2004.22x28, 363 pp.                     $86
Death in the Long Grass.Capstick 1977.16x24, 297 pp. Ripping yarns of African hunting.                    $30
Elephant! Boddington 2012.15x23, 337 pp. Modern day elephant hunting.                                     $42
Elephant Hunters of the Lado.Foran 2007.16x23, 312 pp. Pre WW1 hunting in Africa.                         $44
Finn Aagaard-Selected Works.2007.20x27, 202 pp, soft.                                                     $36
Forty-Four Years of the Life of a Hunter.Browning 2006.15x22, 400 pp, soft. US hunter early 1800’s.       $32
Fox Whistling Techniques.Murphy 2011.21x15, 39 pp, soft. New book from W.A. bow hunter.                   $20
From Mount Kenya To the Cape; Ten Years of African Hunting.Boddington 1987.15x23, 274 pp. Reprint. $40
The Game Butcher.Meates 2011.21x25, 170 pp, soft. Processing & cooking Wild deer and pigs. N.Z.           $40
Great Hunters; Their Trophy Rooms & Collections.Vol.3.2001.23x31, 208 pp. Colour plates.                  $90
Great Hunters; Their Trophy Rooms & Collections.Vol.4.2006.23x31, 220 pp. Colour Plates.                  $95
Great Hunters; Their Trophy Rooms & Collections.Vol.5.2010.23x31, 201 pp. Colour Plates.                  $75
Great Hunters;Their Trophy Rooms & Collections.Vol.6.2011.23x31, 203 pp. Colour plates.                   $75
Great Hunters; Their Trophy Rooms & Collections.Vol.7.2013.23x31, 218 pp. Colour plates.                  $80
Heart of an African Hunter.Flack1999.15x23, 266 pp. Stories of the Big Five and the Tiny Ten.             $52
Heat, Thirst & Ivory.Everett 2002.22x28, 285 pp. African hunting, C20th.                                  $60
Home Book of Taxidermy and Tanning.Grantz 1969.15x22, 160 pp, soft. Fish, birds, animals.               $22
Home From the Hill.Webb 1997.15x23, 283 pp. Thirty years of hunting & guiding in Canadian Arctic.       $40
Horn of the Hunter.Ruark 1954.16x23, 315 pp. Story of an African Safari. Reprint.                       $40
Horned Death.Burger 1986.15x22, 342 pp. Hunting African Buffalo. New reprint.                           $40
Hunter.John Hunter 1952.16x23, 263 pp. African hunting early 20th.C.                                    $34
The Hunting Blackbeards of Botswana.Marsh 2007.22x28, 248 pp. C.20 African hunting.                     $95
Hunting for a Buck.Burdon 1994.14x22, 157 pp, soft. NZ professional deer hunting.                       $32
Hunting the Alaskan High Arctic.Haugen 2000.15x23, 240 pp. Current times Alaskan hunting.               $50
The Hunting Instinct.Rowter 1999.15x23, 237 pp. Hunting in South Africa and Namibia 1990 to 1998.       $40
Hunting Trips in the Land of the Czars.Czech 2008.15x23, 242 pp. Hunting in Russia 1870-1935..          $40
Hunting Trips in the Land of the Dragon.Czech 2005.15x23, 271 pp. Hunting in China 1870-1940.           $40
In the Company of Lima 2006.22x28, 335 pp. 20th.C African hunting. Copy 319/1000.         $200
Jack O’Connor.Anderson 2002.16x23, 261 pp. Legendary life of America’s greatest gun writer.             $38
Jack O’Connor;Catalogue of Letters.Ed.Herring 2002.18x26, 262 pp.                                       $70
Jaguar Hunting in the Mato Grosso & Bolivia.Almeida 1990.16x24, 275 pp. Just reprinted.                 $45
Karamojo Safari.Bell 1949.16x23, 288pp. Reprint. Famous elephant hunter. Early C20th.                   $38
The Last Ivory Hunter.Capstick 1988.16x24, 220 pp. Saga of Wally Johnson.                               $30
The Last Safari.Maartens 2007.21x28, 211 pp, soft. C.20 autobiography. One only.                        $85
The Lost Classics of Jack O’Connor.Ed.Casada 2004.15x24, 329 pp. Forty stories from Outdoor Life.       $45
The Lost Classics of Robert Ruark.Ed.Casada 1996.15x23, 260 pp. Twenty seven hunting adventures.        $38
A Man Called Lion.Capstick 1994.16x24, 260 pp. Life and times of Pondoro Taylor.                        $38
Maneaters.Capstick 1981.19x24, 178 pp. Just reprinted.                                                  $34
Maneaters and Marauders.Taylor 1959.13x20, 200 pp. Maneaters in Africa.                                 $32
Memoirs of an African Hunter.Irwin 1998.22x28, 405 pp. Hunting from approx. 1950 to current times.     $105
Muzzleloading for Deer & Turkey.Ehrig 2005.16x23, 472 pp. Interesting US book.                          $35
On Safari with Bwana Game.Balson 2003.22x28, 210 pp. Twentieth century African hunting.                 $50
Out in the Midday Shade.York 2000.15x23, 287 pp. Post WW2 African hunting.                              $55
Out of Bullets! More Tales of Adventure.Chilton 2011.16x23, 275 pp. Africa and North America.           $40
Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter.Roosevelt 1905. Reprint. US hunting stories.                     $26
The Perfect Shot.Robertson 1999.22x29, 271 pp. Shot placement for African big game.                     $75
Pig, Dog and Knife.Hogenelst 1998.14x21, 160 pp, soft. Australian pig hunting.                          $30
Pioneer Life or Thirty Years a Hunter.Tome 1928.15x22, 173 pp, soft.Reprint US hunting pre 1854.        $30
Return to Toonaklut.Davis 2002.16x23, 324 pp. The Russell Annabel Story.                                $50
Roaming with a Rifle.Callender 2000.18x25, 260 pp. African big game hunting.                           $125
Robert Ruark’s Africa.Ed.McIntosh 1991.3, 256 pp. Collection of Ruark extracts.                         $40
Safari Guide.Conrad 2001.15x23, 274 pp + appendices, soft. Guide to planning your safari. Reduced!!     $10
Safari: A Dangerous Affair.Prothero 2000.16x23, 215 pp. Present day African hunting.                    $38
Sands of Silence;On Safari in Namibia.Capstick 1991.19x24, 214 pp.                                      $45
A Sea of Gold.Suther and 1998.14x22, 166 pp, soft. Deer culling in NZ.                                  $32
Secrets of the Sambar.Vol.2.Mason 2008.22x28, 252 pp. More on Sambar hunting.                           $99
Siatwinda.Brooks 2009.16x23, 277 pp, slip case. No.526/1,000. Fifty years hunting problem crocs etc.    $75
Sixty Years a Hunter.Quimby 2010.16x23, 336 pp. Tales from prominent hunter and SCI member.             $45
Some Lions I Have Met.Cundill 2007.17x24, 198 pp. C.20 hunting. One only.                               $62
Something of Value.Ruark 1955.15x22, 566 pp. Novel set in Kenya during Mau-Mau emergency.               $40
A Sporting Life;The Memoirs of a Big-Game Hunter.Martinez de Hoz 2005.15x23, 212 pp. 20th.C.            $55
Sport on the Pamirs & Turkestan Steppes.Major C.S.Cumberland 1895.14x21,278 pp.Reprint.                 $45
The Still-Hunter.Van Dyke 1904.15x22, 390 pp, soft. Reprint. US deer hunting 19th.C.                    $20
Strange Tales from the African Bush.Wessels 2007.16x23, 234 pp.Current African Hunting.                 $44
Sunset Tales of Safariland.Bleazard 2005.22x28, 274 pp, suede cover. Ltd. Ed. African hunting C20.     $175
Tales of the African Frontier.Hunter 1954.16x23, 308 pp. Reprint. 20th.century African hunting.         $32
The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs. 1983.16x23, 197 pp. U.S. animals.                          $28
Those Were the Days.Rutledge 1955.15x22, 462 pp, soft. Reprint.US hunting early 20th.C.                 $32
A Thousand Trails Through Quintanilla 2005.16x23, 167 pp. Post 1963 African hunting.          $48
To Heck With It, I’m Going Hunting.Alward 2003.18x26, 316 pp, slip case. US hunter. #751/1000.          $95
Tracks Across Africa.Boddington 2008.16x23, 325 pp. Latest book from Boddington.                        $45
On the Trail of the Indian Tiger.Lanz 2009.16x23, 332 pp. Anthology of tiger hunting tales.             $40
Under the African Sun.Hibben 1999.18x25, 305 pp. Big game hunting 1949 to 1997.                         $60
Use Enough Gun.Ruark 1952.15x23, 333 pp. African hunting. Reprint.                                      $40
Walking Them Up.Pearce 2006.16x24, 326 pp. Complete how-to for Sambar hunting.                         $46
The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter.Bell 1923.19x26, 187 pp. Reprint.                                 $50
Warrior;the Legend of Col.Richard Meinertzhagen Capstick 1998.14x21, 295 pp. African hunter & soldier. $32
The Wheel of Life.Allen 2002.15x23, 306 pp. Professional hunter in Africa. 20th. Century.              $38
Where Lions Roar; Ten More Years of African Hunting.Boddington 1997.16x23, 349 pp.                     $50
The Whitehead Encyclopedia of Deer.1993.22x30, 597 pp. Comprehensive reference work. One only.        $190
Wild Heart of Africa.Ed.Baldus 2009.22x28, 268 pp. Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.                   $100
Wild Sports.Gerstacker 2004.15x22, 409 pp, soft. US hunting pre 1872. Reprint?                         $32

Hunting DVDs.
Robert Ruark’s Africa Adventure. Black & white, approx. 1 hour, 3 min.                                      $30
Craig Boddington’s African Experience. 3 hours.                                                                   $40
Back to Africa. The Best of Bwana Moja. Thirty hunts.Approx four                                            $40
Big Botswana Tuskers.Vol.1. Fifteen elephant hunts. One hour plus.                                          $42
Big Botswana Tuskers.Vol.2. Dreams of a Lifetime. Approx 2.5 hours.                                         $40
Black Shale White Sheep.Alaska Dall sheep hunting. Approx. 90 minutes. Eleven adventures.                   $20
Boared to Death. Wild boar hunting in US.                                                                   $30
Boared to Death 2. Twenty eight wild boar hunts.                                                            $30
Boddington on Buffalo. Hunting Cape Buffalo in the Zambezi valley.                                          $40
Boddington on Buffalo 2. 24 hunts. Approx. 4 hours.                                                         $40
Boddington on Elephant. Two discs.                                                                          $40
Boddington on Leopard. Hunting leopard in the Zambezi valley.                                               $35
Boddington on Lion. Covers methods, shot placement, guns & loads.                                           $40
Buffalo Hunters. Part 1, The Mountain Challenge. Masailand, Tanzania. Approx. 94 minutes.                   $35
Danger and Triumph Under the Zambian Sun.                                                                   $42
Death by Double Rifle. Close encounters with Africa’s deadliest game.                                       $35
Death in Masailand. Hunting African game in Western Tanzania & Masailand. 80 minutes.                       $40
Death in the Mumbwa. Hunting in Western Zambia.                                                             $35
Death on the Savannah. Eland and Buffalo in Cameroon.                                                       $40
Death at Stone Mountain.Hunting in British Columbia.Moose, elk, Grizzly, wolf, Stone sheep etc.                   $30
Delta Royale;Botswana’s Perfectly Shot Dangerous Game.                                                      $60
The Essence of Elephant Hunting. 135 minutes.                                                               $44
Ethiopia;Death in the Rift Valley. Hunting Bale Mountains & Omo River Valley.                               $40
Fire and Ice.Mark Watts in Zimbabwe. Approx 2 hours 50 minutes.                                             $40
Flack Hunts Chad.Peter Flack.25 min.                                                                        $22
Flack Hunts Ethiopia.Peter Flack.45 min.                                                                    $32
Hunting the African Elephant;The Complete Guide. Buzz Charlton. 130 minutes.                                $40
Hunting Alaska’s Coastal Giants. Black and brown bear hunting. 75 minutes.                                  $25
In A Hunter’s Shadow. African hunting. One hour.                                                            $45
Jack O’Connor,An Outdoor Legend. Two hours.                                                                 $30
Lions. 4-DVD Collector’s set. “Lions of Gir,Lions of Etosha,Lions & Hyenas,Lord of the Lions. No hunting.   $30
The Mane Event. Hunting in Tanzania, including lion.Two hours 15 min.                                       $35
Mopani Collection;First Season.One hour 35 minutes. Elephant, hippo, buffalo & leopard.                     $40
Mountain Buffalo;Wilderness Hunting in Tanzania. 61 minutes.                                                $30
The Perfect Shot.Robertson Shot placement on 22 African species. Two hours.                                 $35
Sharing the Legacy. Classic African Hunting Safaris in Tanzania & Zambia. 27 hunts.                         $40
Zambezi Extreme. Crocodile, hippo & elephant. 137 minutes.                                                  $35

Hunting Rifles.
Guns and Hunting.Aagaard 2012.15x23, 302 pp. “Two decades of thoughts on guns & calibres”.                  $38
Safari Rifles 2.Boddington 2009.16x23, 594 pp. Updated, revised and improved edition. Rifles for Africa.    $60

Ammo & Ballistics.Forker 2010.4th.Ed.21x27, 438 pp, soft. Ballistic data to 1,000 yards, 170+ cartridges.   $30
Addendum to Ammo & Ballistics 4.2010,21x27, 63 pp, soft.                                                     $6
The Art of the Rifle.Cooper 1997.22x28, 97 pp, soft How to shoot rifles effectively.                        $25
Ballistic Allsorts.Thompson.12x16, 223 pp, soft. Interesting book on ballistics. Very readable.             $20
The Benchrest Shooting Primer.Ed.Brennan 1997.21x27, 420 pp, soft. From Prec. Shooting Mag.’82-96.          $34
Big Bore Revolvers.Prasac 20 12.21x27, 224 pp, soft. New book for handgun hunters.                        $30
Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP.Sweeney 2009.15x23, 399 pp, soft. History, reloading use etc.      $30
The Book of Rifle Accuracy.Boyer 201017x25, 323 pp, soft. Useful info for bench rest. One only.           $45
Jeff Cooper’s Fireworks;A Gunsite Anthology.1998.21x27, 191 pp, soft. Interesting tales.                  $27
Dead On;Long-Range Marksman’s Guide to Extreme Accuracy.Noblitt 1998.14x21, 172 pp, soft.                 $23
Ed McGivern’s Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting.2007.15x22, 484 pp, soft. Famous shooter.          $22
A Guide to Hunting & Shooting in Australia.SSAA 1992.14x21, 118 pp, soft. Superseded edition. Bargain at...$5
Complete Illustrated Manual of Handgun Skills.Campbell 2011.15x23, 256 pp, soft. Comp. & self defence. $35
Hatcher’s Notebook.Hatcher 1962.15x23, 640 pp. Reprint of standard reference.                             $44
How-To's for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooter.Matthews 1995.15x22, 133 pp, soft.                  $26
More How-To’s For The Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooter.Matthews 2008.15x22, 159 pp, soft.             $26
Hunter’s Guide to Long-Range Shooting.Van Zwoll 2006.15x22, 488 pp, soft.                                 $26
Gun Digest Illustrated Guide to Modern Firearms.Pearsall 2012.21x27,319 pp, soft.                         $35
Letters from Elmer Keith.Mullin 2008.21x28, 215 pp, soft. Facsimiles of letters 1924 to 1981. Sl. Damage. $40
Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting.Brezny 2007.21x27, 222 pp, soft.Techniques, load data, gear. $30
Optics Digest.Rees 2005.21x27, 189 pp, soft. Articles and tables on scopes, binoculars, rangefinders.Red...$20
Optics for the Hunter.Barsness 1999.16x23, 255 pp. Choosing scopes, binoculars etc.                       $38
Own The Night.Wagner 2009.21x27, 288 pp, soft. Selection & use of tactical lights & laser sights.         $36
Practical Marksmanship;Technique of Field Firing.Johnson 1945.14x21, 183 pp, soft. Reprint.               $32
Gun Digest Book of the Revolver.Cunningham 2011.15x22, 238 pp, soft. Chosing and using.                   $23
Rifle;Steps to Success.Meili 2009.21x27, 165 pp, soft. Air rifle and smallbore target shooting.           $23
Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to the 1911.Campbell 2011.21x27, 190 pp, soft.                                 $25
Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Handguns.Cunningham 2012.15x22, 254 pp, soft.                               $25
Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Rifles.Van Zwoll 2012.15x23, 254 pp, soft. Useful info.                     $25
Shooting the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle.Matthews 1994.15x23, 129 pp, soft.                              $26
Shooting Buffalo Rifles of the Old West.Venturino 2002.21x28, 278 pp, soft. Useful info including loads.  $34
Shooting Lever Guns of the Old West.Venturino 2010.21x27, 300 pp, soft. Useful info including loads.      $34
Shotguns for Wingshooting.Barsness 1999.21x28, 205 pp. US style hunting. Reduced price…………                $20
Gun Digest Book of Shotgunning.Fischer 2010.21x27, 239 pp, soft. Full colour.                             $35
Layne Simpson’s Shooter’s Handbook.2005.15x23, 384 pp, soft. Q & A , rifles, pistols & shotguns.          $10
Slings and Things.Zediker 2007.15x22, 182 pp, soft. Use of sling & other accessories in US target shooting.$24
Gun Digest Book of Sporting Clays.3rd.Ed.Sapp 2005.21x27, 288 pp, s oft.                                  $38
Gun Digest Book of Sporting Shotguns.Michalowski 2005.21x27, 160 pp, soft. Guns for target and hunting. $38
The Sporting Shotgun;A User’s handbook.2nd.Ed.Marshall-Ball.2003.17x24, 192 pp.                           $50
Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Rifle.Sweeney 2011.21x27, 222 pp, soft. Choosing, shoot, maintain etc. $30
Gun Digest Book of Trap & Skeet Shooting.5th. Ed.Sapp 2009. Guns & gear, rules & regs etc.                $32
Gun Digest Book of the .22 Rifle.James 2009.15x22, 224 pp, soft. Covers models, ammo, maintenance. $25
Total Airguns.Wadeson 2005.19x25, 300 pp. Complete guide to hunting with air rifles.                      $54
A Varmint Hunter’s Odyssey.Hanson 1999.22x28, 279 pp, soft. Very technical on long range rifles.          $45

ABC’s of Reloading.9th.Ed.James 2010.21x27, 286 pp, soft. Latest tools, techniques, components etc.     $30
African Dangerous Game Cartridges.van der Walt 2012.21x28, 460 pp. Bent corners! $80. Less serious      $85
The Art of Bullet Casting Collection. DVD ROM. Four books from Wolfe Publishing.                        $35
Black Powder, Pig Lead and Steel Silhouettes.Matthews 2002.14x21, 132 pp, soft. Reload & shooting info. $26
Bullet Casting 101. DVD from Wolfe Publishing. Very basic. Forty minutes running time.                  $25
Cast Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle.Matthews 1996.15x22, 133 pp, soft.                    $30
Casting Premium Bullets for Handguns.Wolfe Pub. Instructional DVD.                                      $22
Forty Years with the .45-70.Matthews 1997.15x22, 184 pp, soft. Reloading and using, inc. paper patch.
Handloader’s Manual of Cartridge Conversions.4th.Ed.Donnelly 2011.20x26, 608 pp, soft.                  $35
Lee Shooter Program for Windows. CD ROM. Reloading info, target generators, ballistics calculators etc. $28
Loading the Black Powder Rifle Cartridge.Matthews 1993.15x22, 122 pp, soft.                             $26
Loading the Peacemaker;Colt’s Model P.Scovill 1996.15x23, 227 pp, soft. Useful for Western Action.      $35
Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook.4th.Ed.Griffin ed. 2010.21x27, 320 pp, soft. Techniques and loads.           $32
Lyman Reloading Handbook.49th. Edition.Griffin 2008.21x27, 464 pp, soft. Latest edition.                $36
Modern Reloading.Lee 2003.14x21, 719 pp. Over 26,000 loads, 100’s of cast bullet loads. US powders. $35
Nick Harvey’s Practical Reloading Manual.18x26, 299 pp, soft. Latest (2010) 9th. edition                $50
Ken Waters’ Notebook.2006.21x28, 505 pp, soft. Correspondence on reloading from 1968-1989.            $50
Ken Water’s Pet Loads;Complete Volume.2008.21x27, 1166 pp, soft. Articles from “Handloader” magazine.$70
The Paper Jacket.Matthews 1991.15x23, 140 pp, soft. Reprint on paper patching.                        $23
Reloading for Handgunners.Sweeney 2011.21x27, 222 pp, soft.                                           $30
Reloading for Rifles & Pistols.Wilmot 2003.14x20, 189 pp, soft. Australian reloading manual.          $20
Shooting the British Double Rifle.Wright 2009.18x27, 288 pp. Modern guide for load development & use. $50
What You Should Know About Bullet Lubricants for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle.Matthews 2011.      $23

The Art of Engraving.Meek 1973.22x28, 196 pp. Complete how-to engrave.                                    $70
Bolt Action Rifle.Otteson.Vol.1 & 2 on CD. The book is long out of print.                                 $35
Building Double Rifles on Shotgun Actions.Brown 2008.22x28, 206 pp. New second edition.                   $95
Building a Single-shot, Falling-block Rifle Action.Mueller 1998.21x27, 41pp, soft.Thorough and complicated$24
Custom Rifles:Mastery of Wood & Metal.Turpin 2012.22x28, 209 pp. David Miller Co. rifles.                 $70
Firearm Blueing and Browning.Angier 1936.14x21, 151 pp. Formulas and techniques.                          $25
Guerrilla Gunsmithing.Benson 2000.14x21,148 pp, soft. “Quick and dirty methods for desparate times”.      $22
Gunsmithing.Dunlap 1963.15x22, 742 pp. Current edition of the classic gunsmithing book.                   $45
The Gunsmith Machinist.Acker 2001.22x28, 205 pp. Useful projects.                                         $70
Gunsmithing Pistols & Revolvers.3rd.Ed.Sweeney 2009.21x27, 384 pp, soft. Process and procedures.          $35
Gunsmithing With Simple Hand Tools.Dubino 1987.14x21, 205 pp. Useful info.                                $26
Gunsmithing Projects.Shotgun News 2011.25x30, 446 pp, soft. Ten years of gunsmithing articles.            $25
Gunsmith Kinks.Brownell 1969.14x22, 496 pp. Hints & shortcuts.                                            $45
Gunsmith Kinks 2.Brownell 1983.14x22, 496 pp. Hints and shortcuts.                                        $45
Gunsmith Kinks 3.Brownell 1993.14x22, 503 pp. Hints and shortcuts.                                        $45
Gunsmith Kinks 4.Brownell 2001.14x22, 544 pp. Hints and shortcuts.                                        $45
How To Customize Your Glock.Boatman 2005.21x27, 63 pp, soft. Low cost modifications.                      $28
Master Gunmaker’s Guide to Building Bolt-Action Rifles.Holmes 2003.21x28, 148 pp, soft. How – to.         $27
Poor Man’s Scout Rifle.Revised ed.Cashner 2010.21x28, 171pp, soft. Make your own.                         $24
Shotgun News Gunsmithing Projects.Hunnicutt 2011.25x30, 446 pp, soft. Ten years of projects from mag. $25
Simplified V-Springs.Ravenshear 1990.17x21, 20 pp, soft. Complete how-to guide.                            $6

Assembly & Manuals.
Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly.Chicoine 2005.21x27, 527 pp, soft. US models.                   $48
The Colt .45 Automatic.Rev.9th.Ed.Kuhnhausen 2012.16x23, 222 pp, soft. Shop manual.                   $45
US M1911/M1911A1 Pistols and Comm. M1911 type pistols.Kuhnhausen 2008.16x23, 207 pp, soft.            $45
Collector’s Guide to Military Pistol & Revolver Disassembly and Reassembly.2011.21x28, 278 pp, soft.  $55
Collector’s Guide to Military Rifle Disassembly and Reassembly.Mowbray 2007.21x28, 304 pp, soft.      $50
Colt Double Action Revolvers.Vol.1.Kuhnhausen 1988.15x23, 224 pp, soft.Manual for D,E & I frame mods. $50
Colt Double Action Revolvers.Vol.2.Kuhnhausen 1988.15x23, 156 pp, soft.Manual for Mk.3, V & AA mods. $40
Colt Single Action Revolvers.Kuhnhausen 2001.16x23, 255 pp, soft. Shop manual Vol.1 & 2 in one book. $52
Gun Digest Book of Automatic Pistols Assy/Disassembly.Muramatsu 2012.21x27, 766 pp, soft. 90 models. $45
Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings.Shideler 2011.21x27, 1038 pp, soft. Over 1,000 views.        $40
Gun Digest Book of Revolvers Assembly/Disassembly.Wood 2011.21x27, 574 pp, soft.                      $40
Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Rifles Assy/Disassy.Muramatsu 2011.21x27, 575 pp, soft. 74 models.         $40
The Mauser Bolt Actions.Kuhnhausen 1991.15x23, 224 pp, soft. Shop manual M91 to M98.                  $45
NRA Guide to Firearms Assembly Pistols and Revolvers.2009.20x26, 352 pp, soft.                        $35
NRA Guide to Firearms Assembly Rifles and Shotguns.2007.20x26, 400 pp, soft.                          $30
Ruger Double Action Revolvers.Vol.1.Kuhnhausen 1989.15x23, 174 pp, soft. Maual for Six series models. $36
The S & W Revolver.Kuhnhausen 1990.16x23, 153 pp, soft. Shop manual J,K,L & N frames.                 $36

Military, Survival and Old West.
American Sniper.Kyle 2012.16x23, 381 pp. Autobiography of US SEAL sniper.                                $30
The Australian Guerrilla.Idriess 1982.13x21, 122 pp, soft. Reprint. One only.                            $20
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The History of Sniping & Sharpshooting.Plaster 2008.22x28, 687 pp. From beginning to Iraq. Bent corner.$100
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Boss & Co. Best Gunmakers.2nd. Ed.Dallas 2005.24x30, 352 pp. Definitive history with serial numbers.      $95
British Cartridge Manufacturers, Loaders & Retailers.Harding 2012.21x27, 328 pp. Great new book.          $75
British Gunmakers.Vol.One-London.Brown 2004.22x30, 280 pp. Revised edition of London Gunmakers. $115
British Gunmakers.Vol.2. Birmingham, Scotland & Regions.Brown 2005.22x30, 459 pp.                        $115
British Gunmakers.Vol.3.Brown 2009.22x30, 299 pp. Further info on London, Birmingham, Scotland etc. $115
The British Sporting Gun and Rifle.Dallas 2008.423 pp. “Pursuit of perfection 1850-1900”. Just out.      $105
Standard Catalog of Browning Firearms.Cornell 2008.21x28, 287 pp. 500 models, 2,500 prices, colour.             $40
Cartridges of the World 13th. Ed.Barnes/Mann 2012.21x27, 565 pp, soft. Just out! Includes CD.             $40
Desperate Measures.Weaver 2005.22x28, 394 pp. Last ditch weapons of Nazi Volkssturm.                      $80
331+ Essential Tips and Tricks.Mow bray 2006.15x23, 272 pp, soft. Buying, maintaining etc.for collectors. $55
Fine European Gunmakers.Nobili 2002.27x22, 301 pp. Beautifully illustrated in colour.                     $80
Gun Digest Book of Firearms Fakes and Reproductions.Sapp 2008.15x22, 303 pp, soft.                        $40
Gamefield Classics.Mc Intosh 2008.22x33, 132 pp. Interesting articles on classic sporting firearms.       $55
Greatest Guns of Gun Digest.Ed.Shideler 2010.21x27, 222 pp, soft. Selections from last 60 years.          $28
Gun Craft; Fine Guns & Gunmakers in the 21st. Century.Venters 2010.16x23, 269 pp.                         $38
Guns of the Civil War.Adler 2011.28x22, 340 pp. Profusely illustrated.                                    $50
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International Arms & Militaria Collector Annual #30.21x27, 130 pp, soft. 2012 issue.                      $25
Old Gunsights & Rifle Scopes.Stroebel 2008.21x27, 583 pp, soft. ID & US price guide.                      $40
Old Gunsights;Collector's Guide 1850-1965.Stroebel 1998.21x27, 320 pp, soft. US values 400+ items.        $35
E.C.Prudhomme’s Gun Engraving Review.1961.22x28, 168 pp. 1994 reprint. Prominent US engravers.            $95
Dr.Joseph Requa Civil War Dentist and the Billinghurst-Requa Volley Gun.Hyson1998.17x25, 36 pp, soft. $18
Standard Catalog of Civil War Firearms.Graf 208.21x27, 255 pp, soft. Colour illustrations, prices.        $35
Standard Catalog of Military Firearms.5th. Ed.Peterson 2009.21x27, 526 pp, soft. Price & reference guide. $40
Standard Catalog of Remington.Shideler 2008.21x28, 288 pp. 700+ colour photos, 2,000 collector values. $48
The Standard Directory of Proofmarks.Wirnsberger.13x20, 192 pp, soft.. Inc. WW2 German codes.             $25
Steel Canvas;The Art of American Arms.Wilson 1995.28x22, 384 pp. Highly decorated firearms.               $52
Tin Hat for Tommy.Carter 2010.16x24, 80 pp. History & development of the British WW1 & 2 helmet.          $25
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The British Shotgun.Vol.1.1850-1870.Crudgington & Baker 1979.20x26, 256 pp. Just reprinted.               $75
The British Shotgun.Vol.2 1871-1890.Crudgington & Baker 1989.20x26, 250 pp. Just reprinted.               $75
Complete Guide to US Military Combat Shotguns.Canfield 2007.22x28, 311 pp. One only.                      $70
Lock, Stock, & Barrel.Adams 1996.15x23, 188 pp. Making English shotgun and shooting it. New reprint. $35
Parker;America’s Finest Shotgun.Johnson 1961.16x23, 260 pp. New reprint.                                  $40
Shotguns.Supica & Schreier 2010.21x38, 144 pp. Colour pictures of shotguns. One only.                     $25
US Winchester Trench & Riot Guns.Poyer 1992.14x21, 122 pp, soft. Also covers other makes.                 $27
Winchester’s Finest; The Model 21.Schwing 2005.22x28, 359 pp. Hardback. Out of print.                    $120
Winchester’s Finest; The Model 21.Schwing 2005.21x27, 359 pp, soft. History, with colour plates.          $38
The British Bulldog Revolver.Layman 2006.16x24, 191 pp. “The Forgotten Gun that Really Won the West”. $50
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1911;The First 100 Years.Sweeney 2010.21x28, 286 pp. New book on the 1911.                              T.O.S.
A Century of Achievement 1836-1936.21x27, 97 pp, soft. Reprint of 1936 Colt catalogue.                     $20
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Magnum;The S & W .357 Magnum Phenomenon.Mullin 2012.22x28, 261 pp. Complete history.                       $80
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Pistole Parabellum.Gortz 2010.22x29, 1930 pp, 3 vols in slip case. Complete history. One only.            $300
Remington’s Vest Pocket Pistols.Hatfield 2002.18x26, 117 pp.Well illus. B & W and line drawings.           $60
Study of Remington’s Smoot Patent & Number Four Revolvers.Parker 2003.15x22, 120pp, soft.                  $25
Dr.William Elliot’s Remington Double Deringer. Drummond et al 2008.22x28, 207 pp.                          $80
Gun Digest Book of Ruger Pistols & Revolvers.Sweeney 2007.21x27, 286 pp, soft.                             $35
Ruger Pistols & Revolvers;Vintage Years 1949-1973.Dougan 22x28, 390 pp. Inc. serial numbers.              $115
Savage Pistols.Brower 208.22x28, 268 pp. New book on neglected field.                                      $62
Gun Digest Book of Sig-Sauer.Ayoob 2004.21x27, 256 pp, soft. Covers design, function, craftsmanship. $45
Sixguns.Elmer Keith 1961 Revised ed.22x28, 335 pp. Reprint of entertaining reference work.                 $75
Standard Catalog of Handguns.Lee 2011.21x27, 763 pp, soft. 18,000 prices, 3,000 photos.                    $30
Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson.3rd.Ed.Supica 2006.22x28, 432 pp. 770+ models, US values.               $52
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.455 Pistol, Revolver No.1 Mk.6.Skennerton 1997.21x27, 48 pp, soft. Covers Webley revolver.                  $12
The Whitney Wolverine .22 Caliber Seml-Automatic Pistol.Taglienti 2008.22x28, 159 pp.                        $46
Gun Digest Book of the AR-15.Vol.2.Sweeney 2007.21x27, 286 pp, soft.. Performance tests, customs etc. $42
Gun Digest Book of the AR-15.Vol.3.Sweeney 2010.21x27, 286 pp, soft. Latest guns, optics, accessories. $35
Gun Digest Book of the AR-15.Vol.4.Sweeney 2010.21x27, 286 pp, soft. Latest in guns, optics, acces.          $35
Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World.Mowbray 2012.28x22, 408 pp. Full colour guide, vintage & surplus. $85
British Empire Cadet & Training Rifles.Skennerton 2003.21x27, 48 pp, soft. History, stripping, parts ID.     $12
British Empire Sniper Rifles.Skennerton 2008.21x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts ID, Armourers instructions etc.       $12
British Single Shot Rifles.Vol.1.Winfer 1995.22x28, 202 pp. Covers Alexander Henry.                          $80
British Single Shot Rifles.Vol.2.Winfer 1995.22x28, 177 pp. Covers Gibbs.                                    $80
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Gun Digest Book of Classic American Combat Rifles.Wieland 2011.21x27, 207 pp, soft. Articles from GD. $26
Collecting Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles.Scarlata 2001.22x28, 278 pp. Useful reference.                $60
Complete Guide to Classic Rifles.Gangarosa 2000.20x25, 256 pp, soft. Sporting & military rifles.             $46
Double-barreled Rifles.Klups 2007.22x28, 208 pp. Understanding and using double rifles.                      $50
The Last Enfield. SA80-The Reluctant Rifle.Raw 2003.22x28, 323 pp.                                           $50
7.62 mm L1 & C1 FAL Rifles.Skennerton 2001.20x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts ID & lists, exploded views.             $12
Know Your M1 Garand Rifles.Hoffschmidt 1975.15x23, 80 pp, soft.                                              $15
The Gun.Chivers 2010.14x21, 481 pp, soft. Traces use and place in history of AK-47.                          $20
The Lee-Enfield.Skennerton 2007.22x30, 608 pp. Long awaited revised edition.                                 $99
Buyer’s Guide for the Lee-Enfield.Skennerton 2008.12x20, 48 pp, soft. Useful for collecors and shooters. $15
Lee-Enfield Parts Catalogue.Skennerton 2009.21x27, 48 pp, soft.                                              $12
.303 Magazine Lee -Metford and Magazine Lee-Enfield.Skennerton 1997.21x27, 48 pp, soft.                      $12
.303 Rifle, No.1,S.M.L.E. Marks 3 and 3*.Skennerton 2004.21x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts ID, accessories etc. $12
.303 Rifle, No.4 Marks 1,&1*.Marks ½, 1/3 &2.Skennerton 2001.21x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts i.d., accessories. $12
.303 Rifle, No.5 Mark 1.Skennerton 1994.20x27,48 pp, soft.                                                   $12
An Armourer’s Perspective: .303 No.4(T) Sniper Rifle.Laidler 1993.16x24, 126 pp. Complete history.           $32
Australian S.M.L.E. Variations.Skennerton 2004.21x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts, disassembly, accessories etc. $12
British Enfield Rifles.Vol.1.SMLE (No.1) Rifles Mk1 and Mk 3.Stratton 2002.14x21, 167 pp, soft.              $24
British Enfield Rifles.Vol.2.Lee-Enfield No.4 & No.5 Rifles.Stratton 1999.14x21, 191 pp, soft.               $24
British Enfield Rifles.Vol.4. Pattern 1914 and US Model 1917 Rifles.Stratton 2000.14x21, 154 pp, soft.       $20
Special Service Lee Enfields, Commando & Auto Models.Skennerton 2001.20x27, 48 pp, soft.                     $12
.303 Pattern 1914 Rifle & Sniping Variants.Skennerton 1998.21x27, 47 pp, soft.                               $12
7.62mm L42A1 Sniper, L39A1, 2A & Lee-Enfield Conversions.Skennerton 2004.21x27, 48 pp, soft.                 $12
.58 and .50 Caliber Rifles & Carbines of Springfield Armory 1865-1872.Hosmer 2006.14x21,275 pp, soft. $30
German Gew.88 “Commission” Rifle.Scarlata 2007.21x28, 215 pp, soft. Collector’s guide.                       $42
Johnson’s Rifles and Machine Guns.Canfield 2006.22x28, 271 pp. Covers 1941 rifles & lmgs etc.                $65
Kalashnikov.Walter 2002.21x15, 143 pp.                                                                       $55
Kalashnikov; The Arms and the Man.Ezell 2001.22x28, 284 pp. “AK47 Story” revised & expanded.                 $90
Mannlicher Military Rifles.Scarlata 2004.22x28, 167 pp. Collecting and using straight pull & turnbolt types. $45
.450 & .303 Martini Rifles and Carbines.Skennerton 2002.21x27,48 pp, soft. Parts i.d., drawings etc.         $12
Mauser Bolt Rifles.Olson 1999.21x28, 372 pp.The bible for Mausers. Latest updated printing.                  $70
Mauser Military Rifles of the World.5th.Ed.Ball 2011.21x28, 448 pp. Covers 1870 to 1945.                     $60
Crown Jewels; The Mauser in Sweden.Jones 2003.22x28, 292 pp. Covers rifle and accessories.                   $65
Serbian and Yugoslav Mauser Rifles.Bogdanovic 2005.14x21, 278 pp, soft.                                      $30
The Swedish Mauser Rifles.Poyer 2003.14x21, 256 pp, soft. Superceded edition. Reduced…..                     $20
Modern Military Rifles.Walter 2001.21x15, 144 pp. Directory with specs arranged by country. Reduced… $30
The Official Soviet Mosin-Nagant Rifle Manual.Gebhardt 2000.21x28, 103 pp, soft. Soviet man. Bent!           $22
The Official Soviet Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle Manual.Gebhardt 2010.21x28, 114 pp, soft Soviet manual. $22
Reloading Tools, Sights and Telescopes for Single Shot Rifles.Kelver 1982.14x21, 182 pp, soft. One only. $20
The Great Remington 8 and Model 81 Autoloading Rifles.Henwood 2003.22x28, 283 pp.                           $100
Rifles.Supica 2010.21x38, 144 pp. Pictures of rifles from many makers.                                       $25
Rifles of the US Army 1861-1906.McAulay 2003.22x28, 279 pp. Illustrated with period photos.                  $85
Major Ned Roberts and the Schuetzen Rifle.Ed.Kelver 1983.14x21, 122pp, soft.                                 $20
SAFN-49 Battle Rifle.Shooters and Collector's Guide.Poyer 1998.20x26, 69 pp, soft.                          $28
The FN49;Rifle That Ran Out of Time.Stevens 2011.22x28, 235 pp. Complete history.                           $70
Schuetzen Rifles History and Loadings.Kelver 1998.14x21, 130 pp, soft.                                      $20
.577 Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket & Snider Enfield.Skennerton 2005.21x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts ID etc.           $12
.577 Snider-Enfield Rifles & Carbines.Skennerton 2003.16x25, 242 pp. Covers 1866-1880.                      $45
The Official Soviet SVD Manual.Gebhardt 1999.21x28, 102 pp, soft. Translated Russian manual.                $30
The Model 1903 Springfield Rifle and it’s Variations.Poyer 2008.14x21, 466 pp, soft.                        $30
The Springfield 1903 Rifles.Brophy 1985.22x28, 616 pp. Design, development & production all models. $100
The .45-70 Springfield.Poyer 1999.3rd. ed.14x21, 143 pp, soft. "For collectors only" series. Old edition.Now.$20
Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles 1869 to 1958.Poyer 2010.14x21, 235 pp, soft. 2nd. Rev. Ed.                    $28
Standard Catalog of Rifles & Shotguns.Lee 2011.21x27, 750 pp, soft. 30,000 prices, 5,000+ photos.           $30
U.S. Military Bolt Action Rifles.Canfield 2010.22x28, 429 pp. Great new book.                               $80
U.S. Military Flintlock Muskets and Their Bayonets.Schmidt 2007.22x28, 373 pp. From 1816 to Civil War. $90
Standard Catalog of Winchester Firearms.Cornell 2007.21x28, 286 pp. Pricing for 700 models. Colour pics.$40
The Winchester Era.Madis 1984.13x19, 168 pp. Interesting history of Winchester’s early years.               $30
The Winchester Handbook.Madis 1981.14x22, 287 pp.                                                           $42
Winchester Bolt Action Military & Sporting Rifles 1877-1937.Houze 1998.22x28, 206 pp.                       $77
Story of the Winchester 1 of 1000 & 1 of 100 Rifles.Lewis 2009.22x28, 176 pp.                               $65
Winchester Model 94; A Century of Craftsmanship.Renneberg 2009.21x28, 256 pp.                               $40
Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms Vol.1. Mods 1866,’73 & 1876.Pirkle 2002.14x21, 207 pp, soft.$30
Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms Vol.2. Mods 1886 and 1892.Pirkle 2009.14x21, 207 pp, soft. $28
Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms Vol.3.Mods 1894 & 1895.Pirkle 2009.14x21, 246 pp, soft.          $28
The Winchester Single-Shot.Campbell 1995.22x28, 270 pp. History & analysis.                                 $85
The Winchester Single-Shot.Vol.2.Campbell 2000.22x28, 280 pp. Old secrets & new discoveries.                $85

9mm Austen Mk1 & 9mm Owen Mk1 Sub-machine Guns.Skennerton 1994.20x27, 48 pp, soft. Exp views. $12
The Bren Gun Saga.Dugelby 1999.28x22, 382 pp. Revised edition. Complete history.                    $110
.303-in. Bren Light Machine Gun.Skennerton 2004.20x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts i.d., accessories etc.     $12
.30 Browning Model 1919A4 Machine Gun.Skennerton 2006.20x27, 48pp, soft.Parts, ID, accessories.      $12
Browning Machine Gun Vol.1.Goldsmith 2005.22x28, 518 pp. Rifle caliber Brownings in U.S. service.   $125
Browning Machine Gun.Vol.3.Goldsmith 2008.22x28, 456 pp.Supporting rifle caliber Brownings.         $100
Browning Machine Gun.Vol.4.Iannamico & Goldsmith 2008.22x28, 415 pp. Great history.                  $85
Browning Machine Gun,Caliber .50 HB,M2.US Army.21x28, soft. Paladin 2008 reprint of FM 23-65.        $58
The Gatling Gun.Berk 1991.21x28, 129 pp, soft. From 19th. Century to 21st. Century Vulcan.           $30
The Gatling Gun Notebook.Hughes 2000.17x25, 148 pp, soft. Collection of old data & illustrations.    $30
MG34-MG42;German Universal Machineguns.Vol.1.Myrvang 2002.22x28, 470 pp. Just reprinted.             $90
German Machineguns.Musgrave 1992.22x28, 586 pp.Revised ed. Special.                                  $55
.303 Lewis Machine Gun.Skennerton 2001.20x27, 48 pp, soft. Parts ID & lists, exploded views etc.     $12
Machine Gun.Popenker 2008.20x25, 384 pp. MG development frpm C.19th. to present.                     $74
Modern Machine-Guns.Walter 2000.21x15, 144 pp. History plus directory from 1945 to present.          $40
9mm Sten Machine Carbine Marks1,1*,2 & 3.Skennerton 1999.20x26, 48 pp, soft.Parts, exploded drawgs. $12
9mm Sten Machine Carbine Marks 5,6 & 2S.Skennerton 2011.20x26, 48 pp, soft. ID lists, drawings etc.  $12
.45 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun.Skennerton 2003.20x27, 48 pp, soft. Small arms ID series.               $12
.303 Vickers Medium Machine Gun.20x27, 48 pp, soft. Skennerton small arms I.D. series.               $12

Camera Trails in Africa.Johnson 1924.14x22, 284 pp, soft. Reprint. Photographer in British East Africa. $22
Even More Dangerously Fun Stuff for Boys Who Never Really Grew Up.Paladin 2010.21x28, 287 pp,soft. $40
Field & Stream All-Terrain Vehicle Handbook.Burch 2007.15x22, 241 pp, soft Revised ed. Bent corners. $22
Field & Stream Sporting Vehicles Handbook.White 2000.15x22, 182 pp, soft. Modifying4x4s. Bent corners. $25
Gun Digest 2013.Lee 2012.21x27, 558 pp, soft. Feature articles, test reports, firearms catalogue.       $40
Gun Digest 2012.Shideler 2011.21x27, 568 pp, soft. Feature articles, test reports, firearms catalogue.  $40
Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff for Boys Who Never really Grew Up.Paladin 2009.21x28, 310 pp,sft.$40

Swords and Bayonets.
Civil War Army Swords.Thillman 2008.22x28, 607 pp. Covers 1832 to 1865.                                   $120
Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers.Thillman 2001.22x28, 519 pp. Study covers 1833-1865                  $125
Spirit of the Sword.Shackleford 2010.21x27, 238 pp, soft. “Celebration of artistry & craftsmanship.”   $30

Pocket Knives.
Okapi (South Africa). Non locking type, 95mm blade. Sharpening needed. Wooden handles.                 $10

Video. (These are genuine, not pirate copies.)
Armorer’s Course, Maintenance & Technical videos. VHS PAL. 90 mins to two hours. Reduced to….           $5
Titles are : Hi Standard auto pistols, M1 Garand/M1A, M1 Carbine, Makarov pistol,
Mossberg 500 shotguns, Remington 1100 Series shotgun, SKS.
Gunsmithing the Colt .45 Automatic.Kuhnhausen 1986.VHS US NTSC format. One only.                       $30
Guns & Gear from “Footsteps of Sparrow Force”. DVD One hour 23 min. plus CD with pdf manuals.          $35
Firearms Collectors Register. For Victorian collectors. One firearm per page, A 4, 50 pp,soft.         $12

Gun Shows I will attend.
Ballarat Arms Fair. 13th. & 14th. July. Sports & Events Centre. Norman Street,Wendouree.
Melbourne Arms Fair. 20th & 21st. July . March. Melbourne Showgrounds.

Postage and packing.
First book, $13.50 Qld, N.S.W., S.A., ACT & Tas; $10 VIC, plus $2 each additional book.
N.T. and W.A., actual cost applies. Excess postage refunded or credited. If you wish
to send exact money, please write for availability and postage cost. Please make cheques
and money orders payable to “P. Moncrieff”.
 Mastercard and Visa accepted for mail and telephone orders. Please provide expiry date.

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