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									Simple Tips in Property Refurbishment

While a property refurbishment company might be able to handle major work for a person
looking to upgrade their home, there are many smaller tasks they can do themselves. This is
particularly good for people refurbishing property to be used as a rental. What if that last tenant
left a smell behind, like smoke or pet smells? What if there is a small amount of rust on
appliances that needs to be removed? If the property looks run down, refurbishment can help to
get a higher rent. However, there are also some small fixes that home owners can do themselves
during the refurbishment process.

The power of onions

Onions are very useful in property refurbishment. If the rooms have just been painted, a cut
opinion in the center of the room will help remove the fresh paint smell more quickly. In
addition, onions are known to get out smoking and pet smells in the same manner. Finally,
onions can also remove rust in certain cases. Simply cut the onion and rub it on the rust spot in
order to remove it.

Remove stains with vinegar

If a person doesn't have the time or energy to replace a stained portion of a carpet, a small
amount vinegar can help remove most water soluble stains like drinks, pet mess, food, dirt or wet
pain. All the person needs to do is mix ¼ a teaspoon of white vinegar with 32 ounces of water to
make their own cleaning solution.

Toothpaste isn't just for teeth

If removing scuff marks from a wall, toothpaste on a sponge can get the job done quickly. Of
course, the person doing this should test out a small, less visible area first in order to ensure that
the wall won't become discolored. In addition, it is best to remove scuffs prior to setting down a
new layer of paint in order to get an even coat. Otherwise, very large scuffs could show through
and appear discolored.

Microwaves can be self cleaning too

If renting or selling the house with appliances like microwaves, it is important to ensure that
these are clean. An easy way to clean a microwave and make the kitchen smell nice is with
lemon juice and water. Simply put a teaspoon of lemon juice in a cupful of water and microwave
it until it starts to boil. The water will loosen the stains in the microwave and the lemon will
make the kitchen smell fresh.

When working on a property refurbishment project , little things matter as well as the big ones.
While a good contractor can handle the larger parts of property refurbishment, owners can do
their part as well to make the home as appealing as possible. By removing common eyesores like
scuffs and stains, and making sure the house smells inviting, the property owner can make it far
more likely that the home will be bought or rented quickly. Most contractors have their own tips
and tricks for do-it-yourself fixes as well and are more than willing to share ideas on the project.

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