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             Happy New Year from Precious Heritage Family

     “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil,
  to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

     “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will
  stand.” Prov. 19:21

    As millions of people enjoyed the celebration of Christmas
and New Year, I also want to take this opportunity to wish
you and your loved ones a very blessed holiday season as you
enter into an overflowing and abundance of God's goodness
and favor in 2011.
    God bless you and your families during these festive
seasons. May you know the blessing of God for the past year
and in the coming years. He came to be the Light of the
World. May His light shine brightly in your hearts and in your
homes as well.
    This year has been packed with amazing opportunities
again in the service of the Lord. As 2010 has come to closing,
we look back and grateful for how God has been continuously
moving and providing to ensure that the vision He has given
us will be fulfilled. And now by God’s grace, we're deeply
committed to going even stronger this year 2011!
   It's a great privilege to know we can count on your prayers,
love and support, and together we have given a difference to the people in need and
have shared in his mission in this world.
                              Thank you for standing with us,
                       for your love and for being a blessing to all!
This month of December, through the generous provision of God
to our partners and friends in the ministry, we have conducted
gift-giving programs to the street kids, children from poor
families in Baseco, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Antipolo City, San Jose
Mindoro and tribal children. More than 1,000 children received
the blessings from the Lord. Another 250 children experienced to
visit the prominent places in the country like the Enchanted
Kingdom, Avillon Zoo, Manila Ocean Park and other places that
provide greater experience and happiness in the lives of these

                        Children’s concert was also performed
                        by Precious Heritage Children to extend
                        the blessings of God to those children
                        and their parents from the poorest of the
                        poor families living around the
                        orphanage. We invited 120 people as
recipients of this program. The children of Precious Heritage
Home were the ones who distributed gifts for them. Special gift-
giving caroling was also conducted in the selected homes near the
place by Precious Heritage Children and staff.
We thank God for all those who sent packages of gifts for these
children and their parents and conducted Christmas activities for
them. May the Lord shower you more blessings, good health and
  “For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will
                        take me in.” Ps. 27:10
   "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my
           brethren, you have done it unto me." Matt. 25:40
1. Provided homes to more than 60 orphans, abandoned,
   neglected and temporarily sheltered children at Precious
   Heritage Children’s Home in Antipolo.
2. Improvement of Mangyan Dormitory and playground of
   these tribal Children in San Jose, Mindoro. Provision of 2
   units of computer for their computer literacy and hands-on
   experienced. A fire extinguisher as required by the fire
   department was provided and also a water purifier was
   installed in the dormitory to ensure the safety of their
   drinking water.
3. Extension of Dormitory Building in B’laan tribe children in
   Glan, Sarangani Province to accommodate more children.
4. More than 160 children benefited the regular feeding
   programs conducted in the street of Rizal Avenue, Manila
   and Baseco, compound, Port Area, Manila.
5. 80 children benefited the scholarship program to the
   qualified and talented children in Manila, Antipolo,
   Sarangani and San Jose Mindoro.
6. Around 80 children benefited a quality education offered by
   Precious Heritage Christian School accommodating the
   children in Manila. Lower tuition fees is offered to children
   from the poorest of the poor families.
7. At Baseco, twelve family-victims of the fire ablaze last
   January received financial assistance to rebuild their homes.
8. Established an Income Generating Project in Antipolo to
   assist the basic and the school needs of the children at the
   Precious Heritage Children’s Home.
9. Purchased a Multicab (FB type) school service for the
   children at Precious Heritage Children’s Home.
10. Purchased a piece of land for the proposed school building
   to accommodate Precious Heritage recipients in Antipolo
   offering elementary, high school and Alternative Learning
   System (ALS) courses.
   1.    Please pray that God will send us partners in funding the construction of 2
        classrooms for our proposed school that will be started this June 2011. The
        school will accommodate our 60 recipients and will also accept paying children
        from the community to make the project become self-generating. The cost of each
        classroom is worth $3,000 – $5,000 each.
   2.   Please pray for the upcoming fund raising concert program
        of PHCH together with Pastor Henry Santos, Director of
        Keziah Miracle Music and a Papuri member. The album of
        the concert dedicated to Precious Heritage Children will be
        recorded soon. Please pray that God will provide more
        wisdom and talents for these precious children.
   3.   Please pray that God will provide sponsors to our
        residential care children. We are raising $25-$30 dollars per
        month for each child’s sponsorship for their food, medicines,
        vitamins, and toiletries. If God is calling you to be part of the
        children’s future, please do email us. We will send you
        profile and regular progress report of the children. We are
        greatly affected of Global recession in our over-all budget.
        We need partners in providing the various needs of these
        children in our care.
   4.   We pray that God will send us sponsor to help us in
        purchasing 2 units of clothes cabinet for our Mangyan
        students in Mindoro. Each cabinet will help 10 children in
        the dormitory. The cost per unit is US $100.
   5.   Please pray for our co-workers that God will give them
        another year of physical and spiritual strength and love to serve the children.

May God bless us abundantly this year 2011! We love being in relationship with you, and partnering
together to help reach the less fortunate children with the love of Christ. Thank you for choosing to
be part of our lives! We look forward to continuing this wonderful friendship this year.
  May God’s richest blessings be yours, may His favor extend to your family
           and may everything you set your hand shall prosper!

In Christ’s Love,
Joel B. Santos
Founding Director

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