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					                                     WOODMANCOTE PARISH COUNCIL
                         2 Coltstaple Cottages, Coltstaple Lane, Horsham, RH13 9BB
                                    PARISH COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES

      Meeting held on Friday 17th February 2012 at 7.30pm at the Parish Hall Woodmancote
                          Members of the Public are welcome to attend
                      Yours sincerely – Sally Mclean – Clerk to the Council
                                            Email: woodmancoteparishcouncil@gmail.com

       Present: Cllr ‘s Colin Broucke (chair), Marcus Grimes, Angela Underwood, Jen Allmond, Jennifer Forsyth, Pam Williams
       Sally Mclean (clerk), Michael Tuckwell (clerk)

       Council wish to welcome Michael Tuckwell the newly appointed Clerk for Woodmancote Parish Council

       Others Present : District Councillor David Coldwell

       1.   Apologies: Cllr David Bower , County Cllr Derek Deedman, District Cllr Jim Goddard

       2.   Minutes of the last Meeting held on the 10th January 2012 proposed Cllr Marcus Grimes seconded Cllr Angela

       3.   Declarations of interest from members in respect of any items in the agenda: None

       4.   Open Forum Council agree to adjourn proceedings for questions from the members of the public: There was one
            member of the public present

       5.   Action updates from previous minutes
            Chair Colin Broucke has a meeting planned with Highways to look at some of the flooding and highways issues raised
            recently, and will report back at the next meeting.

       6.   Reports from other authorities

            6.1     Horsham District Council – Cllr Ray Dawe was elected as the new leader of the group. As the leader of the largest
                    group it is expected that Cllr Ray Dawe will be elected leader of HDC at the next full council meeting on the
                    22/2/12. Election for the new deputy Conservative group leader will take place on the 20/2/12.
                    HDC has launched a consultation on the future housing needs for the district, the framework focuses on the
                    housing requirements to 2031. The aim is to establish and maintain long-term supply and to retain control over
                    future planning applications which could be lost in appeal if HDC were found to have a shortfall.
                    HDC Council Tax Freeze for year 2012/13
                    Channel Wind Farm Project – E-on has launched its formal community consultation for the proposed Rampion
                    Offshore Wind Farm Development. 12 exhibitions will be held at costal and cable route venues including Steyning
                    29th February Henfield 27th March. In our area the proposed cable route will affect Upper Beeding and
                    Woodmancote Parishes.
                    Cleansing Grant for all Parishes available DC to send of details

            6.2     West Sussex County Council ..\..\County Councillor Reports\County Councillor reprt to WPC February.doc

       7.   Planning

            7.1     New Applications
            DC/12/0110 Southoaks Blackstone Lane –Description – Link between Garage and House

            WPC No Objection

            7.2       Decisions Made
            DC/11/2632 Permission Acorns Bramlands Lane, Woodmancote, Henfield – Description; Internal and external
            alterations and new roof line.
            DC/11/0956 Permission Land North East of Rose Cottage Blackstone Lane Albourne West Sussex - Description:
WPC Agenda 100112
                                                                  Page 1
            Relocation of field access gate and construction of hard standing.

            7.3      Enforcements - None

            7.4       Other Planning Matters
            Bramcote, Bramlands Lane – Entrance – Letter to be sent with regard the installation of a new culvert after the removal of
            a tree to provide a new access
            Terry’s Cross A281 Gateway -

       8.   Section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy
            Request for Ideas from members – Latest report cc’d all

       9.   Parish Council Website Report

       10. Finance
           11.1    List of Accounts for Payment AGREED
           11.2    Bank – RESOLVED to move to a more user friendly Bank for the Parish Council Account
           11.3    Bank Signatories will be Cllrs Colin Broucke, Marcus Grimes, Jen Allmond and Pam Williams

       11. Footpath – Highways
           12.1    Notice Board Clean Up ~RESOLVED

       12. Chairman’s Report
           13.1   Queens Jubilee – Separate group to coordinate
           13.2   Cricket Club – MG to check if ground free
           13.3   New Clerk – New clerk to start on the 1st March subject to references
           13.4   Trees Bramlands Lane - CB to advise

       13. Correspondence
           High Speed Broadband Press Release AIRs West Sussex Rural Broadband Update
           ..\..\West Sussex Rural Broadband Update.htm
           Rampion Windfarm ..\..\1202 Rampion Newsletter (Final) pdf.pdf
           Danger in Bramlands Lane – Flooding outside Paygate
           Resident Email
           Advertising signage by 'Southernpiling' at the south end of Blackstone Lane
           No Parking signs and posts on Blackstone Lane outside Blackstone Lodge adjacent to Furners Lane footpath

       14. Crime
           Cricket Club was broken into and the safe stolen

       15. Councillor Co Option – New candidate will be invited to the next meeting for informal chat

       16. Items Members wish to raise for future discussion

       17. To confirm the next Parish Council Meeting/s
           Second Tuesday of each month -
           13th March, 10th April APM, 8th May, 12th June, 10th July, 14th August (planning only), 11th September, 9th October, 13th
           November, 11th December (planning only)

            The meeting closed at

                              Signed__________________                      Date___________

WPC Agenda 100112
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