How Populations Grow EA13 by xiaocuisanmin


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                                How Populations Grow: Chapter 1-1 p. 3-6

Characteristics of Populations:
 1. Describe the three important characteristics of a population



Population Growth
 2. What are the three factors that affect population size?

3. What will cause a population to grow? To shrink? To stay the same size?

4. What is the difference between immigration and emigration?

5. Given the definition of population from your notes, what might immigration and emigration be important to
   population change?

Exponential growth
 6. Summarize the example of bacterial population change over time from the textbook.

7. Define exponential growth

8. Compare and contrast the exponential growth of bacterial populations and elephant populations.
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9. Draw a graph that shows exponential growth.

Logistic Growth
 10. Exponential growth occurs under ideal conditions. What will eventually happen as populations change?

11. What is logistic growth?

12. What is responsible for logistic growth?

13. Draw a graph that shows logistic growth.

14. What does carrying capacity mean?

15. Using the following terms, create a concept map (don’t forget, bubbles with key terms, arrows between bubbles,
    and labels describing how each term is related on each arrow).
    Exponential growth
    Logistic growth
    Birthrate
    Death rate
    Immigration
    Emigration
    Population
    Density
    Resources
    Distribution
    Carrying capacity
    Any others you want

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