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					Popsicle Kings
A Play By Edwin Windgate

Edwin Windgate 206.295.9471

CAESAR, a young man in his late twenties, is waiting in the midst of an OUTDOOR MARKET. ABI approaches, also a young man. Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Let‟s do it. You saying I know you? You know me just fine. I know you‟re standing next to me. Its me! Abi. What are you telling me? Abi? Check it out. Abi, here! Do I like this? Caesar! It‟s me. You want to know me? I want to do business. I told you, Abi. You keep doing this, you have to pay. You want to know me? Let‟s do it. You have money? I have it. Why do I want your money? I‟ll do it this time. I‟m real.

CAESAR pokes ABI with a finger. Caesar Abi Caesar Abi Caesar Feels real. I‟ll do it. I have my reputation. I‟m not having you making me look bad. I need it. You coming to me, what? Two months? Every time you‟re saying, “Help me”, “I need it now”. Then I go to help you. No! You‟re telling me no, no, no! You start with,

“My family”, “What will they say?”, “How can I do this to mama!” Do I want to know you? You‟re saying you know me? I don‟t know you. Tell me when Abi the man comes around. You let me know. Abi You‟re the boss in this town. Here, everywhere. You‟re the only one to help me. I know it. I‟ll do it this time. Please Caesar. You‟ll do it? Yes. You won‟t make me look bad? No. Please? You ever found yourself looking at your life? You just knew about something? You had to do this something. It was about who you were. It was life. Do you know? You ever held the feelings I have now? I‟ll let you go to your USA. You got the „ticket‟. My friends will take you across. Let‟s go inside! In the cantina; we‟ll do our business in the cool.

Caesar Abi Caesar Abi bi


FELIX is standing by his modest POPSICLE CART with a MENU listing „Chocolate’, „Vanilla’, „Strawberry’, „Mango’, and „Peach’ Popsicles for one dollar each. He is a young man in his early twenties. He is looking demoralized. ABI enters. Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix! How‟s it going? It‟s hot! You know how it is. You‟ve been drinking. Why do you say that? A dry man in the heat always knows who‟s been drinking in the cold. Look at you, the most depressed, saddest Popsicle cart owner in all of Mexico. Yes. That‟s me. You going to cheer me up? No.

Felix Abi

Good! I‟m so miserable, I can taste it. Felix! You‟re looking good here. I‟ll go.

FELIX grabs ABI, preventing him from leaving. Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi You‟ve been drinking! If you call a few beers drinking. After a few more, I‟d call that drinking! Let me go. You‟re not leaving me here, working in the hot sun; and you‟re drinking. A beer, what‟s wrong with a beer? A drink without me is bad beer. You‟re working. Your new Popsicle cart. It‟s all yours now. A beer. I don‟t want your old Popsicle cart. I made my money, working like you are now, at this very Popsicle stand, for two summers, in the heat, everyday; working, to make money… (INTERUPTING) …Money, so you can move to the USA. You did it one Popsicle at a time. I‟ve heard it all before. The hard working Abi. Mama talks about you, you know. That‟s why I need a beer! Come on! Let‟s go. This Popsicle cart is what you need. Be happy! You‟re mental. Buy me a beer. Three days! I did it. I‟m retired. You talked to Caesar? One way ticket! I did it! One what? Way where? USA! USA! You can‟t leave. We talked about this.


Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi

Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi

Talk to yourself! You get to the USA; they‟re making you work Mr. Abi Quintana. Felix, I want to celebrate! When are you leaving? Three days, I told you. I wasn‟t listening. One more time little brother. I‟m moving to the USA. It‟s what I want to do. You need to stay out of trouble, and work this Popsicle stand. I got that. You‟re not moving to the USA. I can go to the Mafia, like I‟ve always wanted. No Felix! What would mama think? She‟d say it‟s all your fault, the older brother, abandoning the family. Me, lost from depression in working this Popsicle cart; distracted, taken up with the Cartels. Seduced by the idea of having a real man‟s job. Sad, sad day for this family. I‟m doing this for the family. I‟m in college for two years. Business school! You‟re working a Popsicle cart. Now I‟m graduated, I‟m working for you! You‟re working for you! I‟m leaving this to you. Sad, sad day when you leave. You won‟t be here to see me fall to sin. That‟s the only good to come out of all this ugliness. It‟s for the family. For us! I can do more for us when I leave. For you, you say its good. For me, I have to do what you say, and you‟re leaving! Ugly Abi. You know your choices in Mexico. Work your own Popsicle stand, hang with the Cartels, or go North. I didn‟t hear “leave your family”! Your family Abi. Mama‟s not liking you. And, I‟m not helping.

Felix Abi Felix

Abi Felix

Abi Felix

Abi Felix Abi Felix

Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi

Mama wants what‟s good for me. It‟s good to break her heart? I don‟t like Popsicles! I don‟t like the USA. I don‟t like selfish brothers. Come on! Not now. I‟m leaving in three days. Three days? Abi! I‟m sorry. Caesar won‟t help me anymore. I don‟t‟ have money for another trip. He has „friends‟. I just need to get near the border, they‟ll take me across. You‟d go and leave us? Don‟t make this hard for us. Can we even visit you? No! No visa. You have no visa. You can‟t come back. I have to make my life. I can do it. I know you can. Be strong. I can do it. The Cartels. No! Yes to yes. No to no. You‟re saying yes? Yes to Cartels, no to Popsicles. You promised! Why should I listen to you? I‟m the older brother. Papa‟s gone. It‟s me now. I see how it is. I‟m abandoned by everyone! First papa. Now you. The only good person is our mama.

Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

TIA and MALETA walk by the brother‟s POPSICLE CART as they continue shopping in the OPEN AIR MARKET. ABI and FELIX both notice and look at the women. Felix I see two more good people.

Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

Women are better than people. You will leave this beautiful home of yours? Look! I have to go. Crazy man! Look how beautiful our Mexico is. I see, I see. You don‟t feel it. You‟re thinking it.

TIA and MALETA walk out of sight. Abi Felix They‟re gone. Happy now? You chased them away. You‟re energy„s all wrong. Tell me the truth Abi. You want to leave, because you‟re not feeling good? You want to take a trip, is that it? To get yourself back? Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi What are you thinking? No way you‟re getting close to women like that. And why? Saucedo sister. The Saucedo sisters? Saucedo. The Mafia boss daughters? Saucedo. I want in the Mafia. I want in! They‟re not kissing you. Yes! Kiss! That‟s what I want. You, a poor Mexican boy. Abi. I‟m a college graduate. The Mafia has good work for me. Good work doesn‟t get mama upset!

Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

If you are about family so much, stay here. You don‟t understand? No. What‟s mama to think of you? She, just, wants me to be happy. Go! When I‟m with the Mafia, and I die a horrible death, you‟ll be in the USA, and I‟ll be dead. Mama will cry for me and for you. She will have lost two sons. Felix, not fair. It‟s true! Mama will be all alone. Without you here, who knows what I‟ll do? No, don‟t even think about it. Abi, I‟ll try to be responsible; and take care of our mother. Without you here, to help me with this cart. Abi, I fear the worse. Forcing me to the only way I know how to survive – the Mafia. Your using mama‟s emotions to help you. I feel bad about that. You promised me! I try Abi. I do. No! Stay a little bit? Days? Days, days. Sure, days. what do you want Felix? Stay here and help me with the Popsicle cart. I am helping. I‟ve helped you. What do you need? Stay, just until I get started. You are started!

Abi Felix Abi Felix

Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi

Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

More started. The cart is started, two years ago! By me! I know, and I appreciate it big brother. I just need, more, time. Time? For what? You said it yourself, I didn‟t listen to you. Look at my selfishness! I don‟t know what to do about this strawberry mix here, or the mango, or the… how to make chocolate Popsicles. You‟ve worked with me for how many months? I don‟t listen. You said it yourself. I know you‟re serious about leaving. I understand it now. You didn‟t believe me! I believed, I believe. Serious? You‟ll do it? Great! Not long. Just get me started. More started. Okay?

Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

STAGE LIGHTS fade to dark. The next day STAGE LIGHTS brighten to find ABI and FELIX minding the POPSICLE CART together. ABI is bored while FELIX seems surprisingly interested. Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi How does that work again? Start with the molds, place the Popsicle stick in. First? Yes, first. Then? You do it. Get it cold, you have a Popsicle. That‟s it? You know this. The different ways to do it. The strawberry, mango, chocolate, and plain vanilla. Right?

Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

Right. You‟ve done it here before. Lot‟s of times. Then go do it! How do I? Yes? Get supplies, I‟ll need to hire people. You don‟t need people. Listen to me. Help me, help you. I don‟t know how. I will make you! Good. I like watching, you work. Tell me, how did you get started in this Popsicle thing? You know, as kids. Oh yeah. You did that when we were younger? Made Popsicles? You know, with those girls. Oh, those girls! Which ones? The girls. You know. We made the Popsicles together. Oh, those girls. I don‟t‟ remember. Did I kiss them? We were kids Felix. Kids like ice cream, popsicles. Not kissing. And… did they like me? I was a cute kid. Are you listening to me? You okay? No I‟m not Felix. I‟m trying to get you to work. You‟ll feel better. Girls? Who was she? Who liked me?

Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi

What girls? The Popsicle girls! Our neighbors. When? Who. Did I kiss her? You remember, we were kids. They left when I was nine. When it got hot, we made Popsicles. They had the freezer. We didn‟t. Rich girls! Neighbors and friends! Abi, I‟m proud to call you family! Did you kiss her? Who‟d you kiss? We just make Popsicles. There was this one. You know girls mature before boys. You sure they didn‟t kiss me? Felix! We were friends. Back to work.

Felix Abi Felix Abi

STAGE LIGHTS fade to dark. The next day STAGE LIGHTS brighten to find ABI and FELIX minding the POPSICLE CART together. FELIX is bored while ABI is energetic. Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi How we doing? We‟re broke. Nothing going on. It‟s you, you know. You‟re the angry Popsicle cart guy. Is this how you want me to remember you? Yes. You‟re learning all this! I‟m proud of you. You can run this stand. I know it. You just have to be happy! No problem. Smile? Not on the menu. I made my money here. You can too. I can do it! Yes you can!

Felix Abi Felix

Abi. I just don‟t know. I can‟t be as good as you. You‟re doing just fine! Oh, sure, I can make the Popsicles. Make sure I don‟t run out of sticks and such. You‟re just so good. I‟m amazed! What are you saying? I need to learn from you. The master. Stay, a few more day. Do it for me? You‟re almost there. Focus, focus. You need to learn to make friends around here. Other restaurants, stores, will buy your Popsicles. What did you learn in university? I get it! Tomorrow, take me around. Show me what you mean?

Abi Felix Abi


TIA and MALETA, two women in their early twenties are distracted by their conversation as they approach the brother‟s POPSICLE CART. The two BROTHERS watch in amazement at the complete disregard these two women have for them while they continue to talk among themselves, ignoring the BROTHERS at their own Popsicle cart. Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Maleta I don‟t believe you! True, all true. I wasn‟t! Not there. Maleta. Listen. You were! Then, seriously, what they said, happend? You, you, all you. Tell me the truth. What did I do? (speaking to the BROTHERS) Do you mind?

The BROTHERS look at each other with disbelief. Then hide their stares from the women. TIA whispers to MALETA. The sisters continue speaking normally. Tia Yes. And there‟s more for sure.


No! Not me! Was it?

TIA whispers into MALETA‟S ear. The sisters continue speaking normally. Tia Maleta Yes! I‟m so embarrassed. That‟s me. Tia! My reputation. How do I keep up with myself? I don‟t know how I can do all that again! Tia Maleta Felix Maleta Felix Tia Felix And again, and again, and again. I‟m my own competition. Popsicle? We‟re having a conversation here. This is our business. Make us money, or go! Go? Is this how you talk to beautiful women in the afternoon? I talk to the evening; then we start going.

TIA and MALETA turn in disgust to leave. Abi Tia Abi Maleta Abi Before you go, a Popsicle? Are your Popsicles any good? Try one! Ten pesos. But are they good? I think so.

ABI reaches into his POPSICLE CART to show his selection. But stops himself after hearing MALETA‟S comment. Maleta Tia Maleta Felix Let‟s go Tia. I‟m not satisfied. Stay. Go! (to TIA) You decide. Is this not the place were happiness comes on a stick?

Maleta Tia Felix Maleta Abi Maleta Felix Abi Tia Felix Abi Maleta Tia Abi Maleta Tia Felix

How happy? Show us yours. You know we have ours. Tell me what you like? We like. How about a Popsicle? We‟ll take some flirting. Flirt with me! Felix, we are running a business. No fun. We like men, we like fun, we like Popsicles that melt down slow. I‟m fun. He‟s not. I‟m working. This is work? I don‟t see my Popsicle. What‟s your pleasure? Strawberry. Mango. I can do it!

ABI takes out TWO POPSICLES. One strawberry, another mango. Maleta Abi Felix Maleta Abi Tia What do you guys do? This is our work! My brother‟s work now. I‟m moving. I‟m a college graduate. Oh. It‟s his cart now. I‟m going places. After today I‟m going North, the USA! You!

Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

No! You said you‟d stay for another day, two, at least three! I‟ve spent three days here, I need to be up North. You‟ve used my time. How am I? You want me, to run this place, by myself? It‟s not that big. It‟s a cart Felix. You can do it. This cart. It‟s this big.

FELIX demonstrates with his hands exaggerating how big the Popsicle car is. ABI corrects his exaggeration. Abi Maleta Tia Felix Maleta Felix Abi Try this. I want my Popsicle! She wants it now. What do you want? We have demands. I have my needs. I don‟t want to help you. No. What? Here, I‟ll help you.

FELIX uses his body to cover the POPSICLE CART, not allowing ABI to access it. Felix No. Mine now. You said!

FELIX and ABI struggle for control of the POPSICLE CART. Tia Maleta Abi Felix Maleta Tia Abi Show me your customer service boys. Think we‟ll get a Popsicle out of this? Do you know who they are? The two most annoying women in Mexico. If one of you boys needs help, I‟m with you. Not again Maleta. The Saucedo sisters!

FELIX stops struggling, resulting in ABI falling on the floor. FELIX proceeds to quickly pull out two POPSICLES out of the cart, and presents them to the SISTERS. Felix Tia Maleta May I help you? Oh, that‟s the wrong one. Maybe. Don‟t be so hasty little sister. He might have something I like.

ABI picks himself up. FELIX continues holding the two POPSICLES and smiling. Abi Maleta Felix Maleta Hi. He‟s my brother. He‟s definitely not your sister. That has me smiling. We don‟t have a sister. I don‟t care.

MALETA takes a POPSICLE from FELIX. They both begin to enjoy one each. MALETA a mango Popsicle. Tia Abi Tia Abi (TO ABI) Hi. I‟m Tia! Abi. (Gesturing to FELIX and MALETA) Looks delicious. Can I have one? Yes! Sure. I‟m so sorry. Here. Yes.

ABI interrupts FELIX who is flirting with MALETA, as he tries to access the POPSICLE CART to get TIA a POPSICLE. Felix I‟m busy. Later.

ABI moves FELIX out of the way, then helps himself to two POPSICLES. One PEACH, another STRAWBERRY. Abi Tia Maleta Tia Here you go! You didn‟t ask me what I like? Tell him what you like Tia. I like what you did for me. Strawberry is always good.

TIA enjoys her POPSICLE. ABI does not. He simply holds his POPSICLE for a few moments, and then returns it to the CART. Maleta Felix Maleta Mango is always better. I can do mango. Show me.

FELIX takes a MANGO POPSICLE out of the CART. Tia Maleta Tia Abi Tia Abi Tia Abi Maleta Felix Maleta Felix Maleta Tia Felix Tia Abi Tia Mango! Impressed. Put it back. Before it melts. It‟s the last one. Felix needs to make more. I‟m not staying. Felix is in charge now. (to ABI) You doing it? Going to the USA? Yes, I am. By yourself? By myself. Escaping. If I had Felix as a brother, I‟d leave too. You just keep being a bad girl. I‟ll take your Popsicle away! You want to get – physical? With me? Do I know you; and why are you licking my Popsicle? You didn‟t pay for it! Tia, do we know them? I don‟t know. Do we want to? I want my money! He‟s cute. (Regarding ABI). He‟s mean. (Regarding FELIX) I learned to make Popsicles as a kid. Yes?

Abi Tia Felix Abi Felix Abi Maleta Tia Maleta

Our neighbors moved away, when I was nine. We made Popsicles together. Her name was Tia. Fascinating. Quintana? You‟re family name? (to MALETA) It was you! Who ripped the head off my Barbie doll! Barbie dolls? Hey, I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to play like everyone else. Like every other girl? That was you? Oh Felix! I thought I embarrass myself. You‟re one of the girls! What kind of Barbie did you have? Downtown Barbie? Country Barbie? Oh, Vacation-BeachBarbie-In-A-Bikini! I had to do it, to put your doll out of its misery. You‟re doll hated you. You killed my Barbie! You might want to let this one go. I want my money, for the Popsicles and the Barbie! Abi, Abi Quintana? Tia. You are bad girls. If curious is bad, then we are. Now we know. Let‟s go Tia. Thank you boys for the Popsicles.

Felix Abi Felix Tia Abi Felix Maleta

MALETA and TIA begin to leave. Tia Abi Felix I knew it was you! See you around? Tomorrow! Sure! Because we were neighbors doesn‟t mean you can take from us! You women don‟t work an honest day in your lives. Just take from working men like us! Are you insulting me?


Felix Maleta Felix Maleta Felix Tia Felix Maleta Felix Abi Maleta Felix

Yes! Does that scare you? Kinda. Good. I like it this feeling! I said it. You can‟t work! You‟re women. What are you saying? Men work. We make the money. You just spend it. You‟re just mad we took your Popsicles. And we liked it. Ten pesos. Each! Look! She‟s working you. Let it go. You don‟t think we have it? Want my papa to come down here and talk to you? Ten! Pesos! But you don‟t have ten pesos of your own money, do you? Women don‟t work. Because their place is in the home; and you need to be respectful to me. A man. I want ten of your own pesos. This, from a man, who works a Popsicle cart? His own Popsicle cart. Run your business better, and stop giving away your Popsicles for free! And you Abi, going to the USA. What are you thinking? Should be ashamed of yourself. That‟s what I tried to tell him! He never listens to me. You don‟t listen! So? I‟m proud of Abi, making his life better. Why are you going up there, Abi? Build wood homes. Craftsman style.

Maleta TIA Maleta

Felix Abi Felix Tia Maleta Abi

Tia Abi Maleta Felix Abi Tia Felix Tia Maleta Feix Tia Felix Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Abi Tia

You work with wood here? Some. I‟ll start out in construction. I‟ll do beautiful work. With my name on it. Do it here! He says there‟s no trees, too hot for the wood homes here in Mexico. True. Women cant‟ work. Is that what you said? Show me your money! Show me your own money, you earned yourself. Don‟t you think it‟s good, what Abi is doing? I do. I don‟t care. Leaving his family. His country. He has no pride. Sad. Sad. Very sad. Guys, Maleta, we were kids together! Let‟s try to have some fun. Remember how much fun we had! She killed my Barbie. It was my Barbie, I just didn‟t want you to have it! You killed your own Barbie? We‟re talking about Abi! And his macho brother! Abi is brave, takes on a challenge. I like it! Thank you Tia. My pleasure. Hey remember how we‟d walk through the furniture store after school, and scare ourselves with all the creaking and strange noises from the floors and everything! Abi It is you! Tia. I can‟t believe it! And that old man would chase us from the store. Remember guys!



This man is leaving his family; the other one is saying we are useless. And Tia, wants to be nine all over again? It was fun! Let‟s go. Go ahead. But you can‟t hide from the truth. You have to admit to it sometime. The truth! That you cry like a little girl as I beat you!

Tia Maleta Felix Maleta

MALETA approaches FELIX to beat him. He hides behind the POPSICLE CART. Tia I‟m leaving.

MALETA stops herself, and begins to leave with TIA. But stops as she realizes TIA is not with her. TIA remains fixed at the brother‟s POPSICLE CART. Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Abi Tia Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Abi Tia? Come on. Reunions over. It‟s true, I‟m leaving. Yes we are. Let‟s go. USA. I‟m going. Then go. Come on now. I am! USA, you‟re serious? It changes everything in your life. Yes. It does! You‟re going North, again, for shopping? Not exactly. Then, what for? Next semester, I‟m at Berkeley. Got a student visa. Music! I‟m studying music! That‟s great!

Maleta Felix Maleta Tia Maleta Tia Felix Abi Tia Maleta Tia

Am I to understand? You‟re moving to the USA, like Abi? No, no. Not another one! What‟s papa going to say! Oh Tia. I have to live my life. When did you start thinking this way? I always have. I just didn‟t know it. No, no. Tia, you‟ve grown up. Yes! We all have. Look at us! We used to be silly children playing games. You still are! I want to know about this. Tia! When papa finds out. I‟m so sorry Maleta. I didn‟t know how to tell you. With Abi leaving, meeting Abi and Felix again, and everything, it just came out! I‟m sorry. What‟s papa going to think? Don‟t tell him! Please! I don‟t know. Somebody has to. You‟re in trouble! Just wait. I don‟t want papa to know. He‟s going to find out. You can‟t just leave! I can‟t? Tia! Tell me you‟re not going with daddy‟s money? I don‟t know. I want to do it on my own. I told you! Women don‟t work.

Maleta Tia Maleta Felix Tia Maleta Tia Maleta Felix Tia Felix

Maleta Abi Tia Maleta Felix Tia

Women have been doing men‟s work for years. You machos don‟t notice. You‟ll do fine Tia. I know you will. Thank you. Tia! How can you do this! You‟re going to leave us! Mama, papa, me! Ha! Now it‟s happening to you! You feel it. Feel it. I don‟t want to be in father‟s drug world. I don‟t want to be exactly what everyone expects of me. I want to make men like Felix uncomfortable with my femininity! I don‟t think she likes your Popsicles. You don‟t have to move to another country for it! Tia! I want to be my own woman, for myself. Do it here? There‟s too much, of everything. I can‟t concentrate. My life is not here. We have to talk. Come on Tia. Bye boys!

Abi Maleta Tia Felix Tia Maleta

MALETA and TIA leave together. Tia Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix See you Abi! Don‟t leave before you say goodbye! Talk to me before you go! Tomorrow! Sure! I‟ll see you. What happened? The Saucedo sisters. Neighbors? Yes. You knew who they were. All this time! Yes. I don‟t. You want her. Tia.

Abi Felix Abi Felix

I don‟t know her. She‟s all grown up now. I‟m looking for the problem here. This is crazy. I know! That‟s what I‟m saying! She‟s hot! You know who she is, you see her walking, shopping around here. Two years you‟ve had this cart here. So? Go talk to her! Two years you didn‟t say anything to her? I was just talking! Talk! Like you have a chance. Her father is the Mafia boss. I can‟t, walk up, and say „hello‟. You love her. Do it. We haven‟t talked since childhood. You remember it all! You miss her. I do. She‟s leaving again. That‟s sad. She‟ll be in college; I‟ll be digging ditches. You had two secrets all this time. The USA, and Tia. Tell me, did I kiss Maleta? Don‟t ask me. I don‟t know. If I didn‟t kiss her, then why does she hate me so much? Did I leave her for another girl? She likes you. Our playful neighbors, it‟s not there, there‟s no memory. If our parents had the money, I‟d have been in therapy. Something terrible happened to me. I know it did. You‟re not having me pay for this cart, are you?

Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix

STAGE LIGHTS fade to dark. The next day STAGE LIGHTS brighten to find ABI and FELIX minding the POPSICLE CART together. FELIX is bored and ABI is also bored. Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix How did you make any money at this? I wasn‟t so sad. It makes a difference? Would you buy anything from us? No

MALETA and TIA roll out their own POPSICLE CART, past the brother‟s POPSICLE CART, to the opposite side of the stage. They begin to setup their new POPSICLE CART business. Felix Abi Felix Abi Felix Abi What are they doing? Working? Those two? Working! Next to us! This is no good. They‟re what‟s called, „competition‟! This is trouble. They‟re looking good.

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