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Boston Grow Clinic 2011 Proposal - FINAL


									Children’s Health Initiative – Proposal Summary
Boston Grow Clinic

Boston Medical Center
c/o Grow Clinic for Children
725 Massachusetts Ave.
Mezzanine SW
Boston, MA 02118
Jeff Kent, Development and Foundation Relations Officer
Dr. Deborah Frank, Founder and Director

Amount Recommended: $150,000

                           Year 1 – 2011         Year 2 – 2012             Total
Amount Requested:            $75,000               $75,000                $150,000

Organizational Description
Founded in 1984, the Boston Medical Center Grow Clinic is regarded as a national model for the
treatment of malnutrition in inner-city children. The primary goal of the Grow Clinic is to provide
comprehensive multidisciplinary medical, developmental, nutritional, and social services assistance to
children from the Greater Boston area diagnosed with Failure to Thrive (FTT).

In the 1990's, with state funding, the Grow Clinic began operating a satellite clinic at Brockton
Hospital, located about 30 miles from Boston, enabling the Grow Clinic staff to help more families
who cannot readily access the services provided at BMC. In July 2008, the Brockton Grow Clinic
relocated to the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, which is centrally located among the most
deprived neighborhoods of Brockton, allowing the staff to better serve those most in need.

Operating Budget

Employee Affiliation
Employees are engaged with the Grow Clinic through a number of Firm and personal initiatives,
including Global Volunteer Month, Warm Their Hearts, and the local branch support of the Food for
Thought event. Among the employees involved is Richard Dotolo, who participated in Food for
Thought; and Anna O'Neal, Erin O'Connell, Janis Marshall, Maria Condon, and Rich Dotolo who
organized the Warm Their Hearts effort. During Global Volunteer Month, employees in New York
and elsewhere also supported the clinic through handmade greeting cards and a Virtual Food Drive
effort, which resulted in $465 in donated gift cards for Grow Clinic families.

Most recently, employees also knitted preemie baby caps. Close to two dozen hand knit caps were sent
to the Clinic.

History of funding from Morgan Stanley
The Morgan Stanley Foundation provided the Boston Clinic with a two-year grant of $224,400 in 2005
for a successor-training program and to support the NICU follow up program. We provided additional
two-year grants in 2007 for $183,000 and in 2009 for $150,000 to continue support of the NICU
program (renamed “Baby Steps”) and help establish the Brockton Grow Clinic.

Children’s Health Initiative – Proposal Summary
Boston Grow Clinic

Program Description
The Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center is requesting $150,000 (over 2 years) for operating support
for the Baby Steps Program for Healthy Infant Development and the satellite Brockton Grow Clinic.

Baby Steps, a follow-up program for babies released from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boston
Medical Center, provides evaluations of those infants who are at high risk of having future
developmental, growth, failure to thrive, and health problems, often due to biological vulnerability and
poverty. The Baby Steps team consists of a pediatrician, one occupational and one physical therapist,
a nutritionist and two family advocates.

The team makes recommendations to the family and primary care physician regarding developmental,
nutritional, or medical management, and makes referrals for additional services if needed. The
nutritionist makes follow-up home visits to prevent growth delays and to help families address social
needs, such as food insecurity and safe housing.

Brockton Satellite Grow Clinic:
An especially high volume of at-risk children live on the South Shore area of Boston. According to the
Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in 2009 Brockton's low birth weight rate (8.5%) and very
low birth weight rate (1.8%) were both higher than the statewide average of 7.8% and 1.4%
respectively. Additionally, Brockton also has a higher infant mortality rate (6.8%) as compared to the
statewide average of 4.8, based on deaths per 1,000 live births.

Although Brockton is only 30 miles from Boston, access to the Boston Grow Clinic is limited for
Brockton families. Centrally located among the most deprived neighborhoods of Brockton, the Clinic
is now much more accessible to families with limited transportation options. The Clinic plans to
maintain current physician, nutrition, and social work services, including home visits, to address
current needs and referrals.

Population/ Number Served
The Baby Steps Program for Healthy Infant Development serves BMC patients from the Greater
Boston area, with patients coming from the urban neighborhoods of Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester,
East Boston, Hyde Park, Lynn, Quincy, Roxbury and South Boston, as well as the suburbs of Chelsea,
Dedham, Everett, Malden, Milton, North Andover, Somerville, Stoneham; and as far away as
Merrimack, New Hampshire.

From May 2011 through September 2011, Baby Steps served 141 patients. In monthly average, this is
an increase of 34% over the 147 patients seen over the previous reporting period from
October 2010 through April 2011.

The Brockton Grow Clinic serves patients from Brockton, Bridgewater, Fall River, Hanson, Randolph,
Taunton and Weymouth.

From May 2011 through September 2011, the Brockton Grow Clinic served a total of 22 patients,
seven of which were new referrals. In monthly average, this total represents an increase of 22% over
the 25 total patients seen during the previous reporting period from October 2010 through April 2011.
Of those served by the Brockton Grow Clinic, the majority of patients (95%) are racial or ethnic

Children’s Health Initiative – Proposal Summary
Boston Grow Clinic

minorities (African-American, Cape Verdean, Egyptian, Haitian, Puerto Rican, Brazilian); 87% are
insured through MassHealth (Medicaid); and 13% are insured through private insurance.

Other Major Corporate Funders for Organization and Project
The Boston Clinic continues to raise most of their income from private sources. At this time, there are
no other major corporate funders for the NICU Follow-Up Clinic (“Baby Steps”) and Brockton Grow
Clinic. The proposed Brockton Satellite Grow Clinic would be funded exclusively by the Morgan
Stanley Foundation as it has been for the last two years. Outside of the Clinic, Boston Medical Center
receives support from other corporations like many large hospitals.

Volunteer Opportunities Offered
The Grow Clinic will be in touch with the Boston and Wellesley offices to possibly organize a holiday
toy drive in December and another virtual food drive in the spring. Employee programs for gift cards,
newborn hats, and Warm Their Hearts contributions of feeding supplies and infant clothing will
continue. All of these items would be shared by Brockton Satellite, Boston Grow and Baby Steps

The Morgan Stanley Foundation's support would be recognized in BMC's annual report and donor
report. The Development Office will also feature an article in one of BMC's donor publications in the
second year of this grant.


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