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Position: Reports to: Location(s): Bio-Resources Manager Assistant Director Large Scale Laboratory Media Section MRC Freezer Store Band: Tenure: Hours: 4 Permanent 36 per Week

Overall Job Purpose Responsibility for managing the work, staff and budgets of the following sections: Large Scale Lab The Large-Scale Lab (LSL) facility provides a number of services including large fermentation of bacteria, yeast and animal cells to researchers at the Institute, other MRC units and external clients such as hospitals and private biotech companies. This encompasses all cell types (both prokaryote and eukaryote) that are used throughout NIMR, as well as the production of monoclonal antibodies and a wide range of heterologous gene products. Media Supplies NIMR with a wide range of media products in varying batch sizes from over 1200 types of formuale. Offers a specialist consultation service for end users. MRC Freezer Store The MRC archive is a newly created central facility for all UK MRC units. It has the capacity to provide long term storage for samples and liquid nitrogen storage of important cell lines, etc.

Key Stakeholders: Internal  Assistant Director  Heads of Scientific Divisions and other scientific and support staff.  MRC SSC Accounts Section  NIMR Supplies Department  Planned Maintenance Engineering  NIMR Building Services External  Other MRC Units  Clients, including Hospitals and Research Centres  Private Biotech Companies

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Main Duties The post holder will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of a suite of three bio-reactors/fermenters. The post holder will be required to liaise with staff from various NIMR divisions, and a wide external customer base, offering advice on their large scale culture requirements and subsequent scaling up and bulking of a wide range of animal, insect, yeast and bacterial cells, both for the production of cell mass and for the provision of gene products.  Liaise with scientific staff so as to ensure that the Institute’s Large Scale Lab, Media and MRC Freezer sections meet the end user needs of internal and external stakeholders’ experimental science. Directly participate in the research of scientific divisions as necessary and required, including keeping abreast of scientific developments and new technologies. Supervise the preparation of media following defined recipes and offering an expert advisory and guidance service, dealing with challenges as they arise. Overseeing the effective daily running of the support facility, providing input into all aspects of operation. Consultation with end users e.g. Heads of Division, Head Technicians, Senior Scientists, external users etc. on current and future needs. Interpretation of user briefs etc. and offering support and information to new users, for example NIMR PhD Students Run the NIMR stock of culture serums and organise batch testing.

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Reporting Line The post holder is responsible to NIMR’s Assistant Director    Actively manage the staff members in LSL, Media and the MRC Freezer. Development responsibilities for line staff, including identifying and addressing training needs and conducting annual appraisals in line with MRC requirements. Develop and maintain good working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Logistical  To manage the Section’s biological safety data sheets, maintain current and up to date knowledge of COSHH and Health and Safety regulations and ensure the safety of staff and visitors to the section. To effectively manage the sections annual budget. As budget holder, post holder is responsible for all capital and consumable purchases within the Section.


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The sourcing, ordering and upkeep of capital equipment. Ensure costing and subsequent invoicing for orders received from external users are actioned in a timely fashion. Ensuring that contractual issues arising from intellectual property rights are properly conducted and managed. To order consumable items for the section utilising the Institute’s computerised procurement and financial system.

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Information Technology    To develop and maintain control databases/spreadsheets for stock, orders and invoicing. To maintain comprehensive records of the MRC Freezer Archive stocks through accurate data recording and input. Use of the MRC’s procurement and ordering system (SAP Financial).

Other  To undertake any other reasonable duties commensurate with the post and band, as directed by NIMR’s Assistant Director.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience The postholder should be familiar with the maintenance and cell culture of a wide range of bacterial, yeast, insect and animal cell types. She/he should be familiar with the use of both fibre and perfusion cell system equipment as well as pilot plant scale machinery including preparative and continuous flow centrifuges, cell disrupters and tangential flow filter apparatus. She/he should have a broad knowledge of both prokaryote and eukaryote gene expression systems. Particular experience with the Baculovirus gene expression system would be an advantage. Because of the varied nature of the systems used and the need to adapt existing facilities to cater for new research developments, a background in the biotechnology field and familiarity with pilot plant technology would be an advantage. Special Conditions The position is one of considerable responsibility with a large investment of both the time and financial cost to the institute’s research laboratories resting with the post holder. Due to the nature of large-scale culturing and fermentation regimens, out of hours and weekend work will often be required. Appraisal A formal appraisal is carried out annually for the period 1 st January to 31st December

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(Dated - 10 March 2006)

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PERSON SPECIFICATION The post holder will be a self-motivated person who is able to communicate with clients and suppliers at all levels. They will possess good analytical skills and be comfortable making decisions. They will need to be able to lead and work as part of a team with a flexible and positive approach. The post holder will demonstrate enthusiasm and initiative and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They must be prepared to manage their own time and show self-motivation and job commitment as the post demands a high level of responsibility. Essential QUALIFICATIONS Educated to Degree level in a relevant scientific discipline. EXPERIENCE Administrative experience Previous experience of a tissue culture environment. KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS Strong organisational and planning skills. Effective oral and written communication skills Ability to develop, implement and manage scientific research support projects. Ability to use Microsoft Office and email applications and willingness to develop IT skills as required Ability to prioritise workload and show flexible and adaptable approach to work. Customer Service Skills Ability to lead, inspire, and work as member of, an effective team. Personal Style and Behaviour A well organised individual willing to undertake continuing personal development. Comfortable with continuous improvement and able to adapt to the changing priorities and demands of a dynamic research environment. Enthusiasm, commitment and drive. A pragmatic and diplomatic approach to problem solving. Y Y Y Desirable




(Dated - 10 March 2006)

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