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Based in Aarhus, Denmark, the band BOIL plays an ambitious style of progressive rock and metal that
balances on the delicate edge of melodic catchiness, intricacy and complexity. With the 5 members
drawing from widely different influences, the unique mixture contains elements of both polyrhythmic
modern metal, electronica, grunge and classic rock.

The band formed in 2004 and the debut album "Vessel" was released in January 2007. It received a
nomination for Debut Album of the year at Danish Metal Awards 2007. Extensive touring for the album
culminated at the Sweden Rock Festival 2008 and the SPOT festival in Denmark a year later.

The follow-up album "A New Decay" was released in April 2010. The style had shifted towards a more
mature and catchy format with sharper riffs, yet keeping the experimental and progressive edge and that
album received very favorable reviews, including a 6 out of 7 from Metal Hammer in Germany.

Now BOIL has matured even further at has made their third album which is the best and most ambitious
album they’ve ever made; the aptly titled "aXiom". The album is recorded by BOIL itself and mixed and
mastered by the reknowned Swedish producer Jens Bogren at Facination Street Studios (Soilwork,
Opeth, Symphony X, Devin Townsend), featuring amazing artwork by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth,
Katatonia). BOIL has entered into a management deal and world wide booking deal with Intromental
Management and Booking (Redemption, Leprous) and a record deal with Vicisolum Productions for the
world wide release of "aXiom" on 15th of February 2013.

The inspirations of “aXiom” came out of a series of interviews that BOIL managed to arrange with a
number of people suffering from mental disorders, especially paranoid schizophrenics suffering from
delusions. Based on the extensive notes from the interview sessions the lyrical universe on “aXiom” has
in a way made the album a concept album making the songs into one joint, yet fractured, story which
operates on two levels, both the experiences of paranoid schizophrenic man suffering from delusions,
and the underlying philosophical discussion of “Truth” as a concept.

“aXiom” ventures into more extreme directions, both technically, conceptually, sonically and melodically.
Pulling on a wealth of inspirations, BOIL 2013 is a completely unique and different beast. It's a band
progressing at the speed of light, not content being a follower, but instead aiming at being viewed
(rightfully so) as a leader in their genre.

Jacob Løbner: Vocals
Stig Nielsen: Guitars and backing vocal
Kenneth Avnsted: Guitars
Kristian Outinen: Bass and classical guitar
Mikkel Ib: Drums and samples


Record Label:

ViciSolum Productions

Skovelvägen 18, 12533 Älvsjö, SWEDEN
Phone: +46(0)730518317

Email: (att: Thomas Hörnkvist) /

Management and world wide booking:

Intromental Management

US office: PO Box 1228, Wake Forest, NC 27588, USA
Phone: +1 - 832 248 3405 (att: Claus)

DK office: Strandmarksvej 58 - 3th, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

Phone: +45 - 36 77 67 80 (att: Lars)

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