BL344200 Take All Lot by huangyuarong


									Item       Model       Desc                                Name        Qty
---------- --------------------                                        ------ -
11705548 LG GS390 AT&T LG Prime GO w/$50                   AT&T Wireless         9
11706852 Sam t245gTracfone Samsung t245g GSM               TracFone Wireless2
                        Pro                                V
11707535 Overdrive VMU Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hots irgin Mobile              1
11707473 44100         BST HTC EVO DESIGN 4G PPD           Boost Mobile          1
11707700 MOTXT912-16   VZ MOTO DROID RAZR 16GB             CELLCO PARTNERSHIPS   1
11707681 Warp          BST ZTE Warp Sequent PPD            Boost Mobile          4
11704899 i465          Boost Moto i465 Graphite            Boost Mobile          3
11705661 product 35    Samsung Flight II                   AT&T Wireless         6
11706196 S2100         VMU PAYLO KYOCERA 2100              Virgin Mobile         1
11706732 SCHU360AVZ Samsung Gusto                          CELLCO PARTNERSHIPS   8
11707500 SGH-S125G Sam s125 GSM BNDL                       TracFone Wireless6
11707575 0             ATT TGT LG XPRESSION                AT&T Wireless         3
11708108 LG530G TF LG530G PPD                              TracFone Wireless2
11707456 C5170         BST Kyo Hydro PPD                   Boost Mobile          5
11701207 A187          AT&T Go Sam a187 w/$15              AT&T Wireless         4
11705643 SPH-M350BST Sams Seek CDMA                        Boost Mobile         22
11706091 0             HTC INSPIRE 4G                      AT&T Wireless         1
11706370 LG800G NT LG 800 GSM                              TracFone Wireless1
11707566 SCHI405ZWB Stratosphere LTE White                 CELLCO PARTNERSHIPS  10
11707654 UM821H4 RS NC HTC ONE V                           Brightstar/Cricket 1
11708111 LGL35         NT LG OPTIMUS LOGIC PPD             TracFone Wireless1
11701229 LG101         PayLo LG101                         Virgin Mobile 102
                       TF Sam t105
11705863 Samsung t105 Bundle GSM BNDL                      TracFone Wireless    20
11705961 GT365         AT&T Go LG Neon w/$15               AT&T Wireless 21
11706156 610214625717  SAMSUNG GALAXY S 4G                 T-MOBILE              1
11707326 LG-C395 ATT LG XPRESSION                          AT&T Wireless         1
11707327 LG-A340 ATT LG A340                               AT&T Wireless         1
11706609 0             ATT LG Nitro HD                     AT&T Wireless         1
11707472 PG86100 VMU HTC EVO 4G PPD                        Virgin Mobile         7
11700342               VMU MiFi 2200                       Virgin Mobile         3
11705546 AT&T SamAT&T Sam a107 Go w/$15                    AT&T Wireless         1
11705667 TF LG420GTF LG420G GSM                            TracFone Wireless    27
                       Touch l
11705687 LG Rumor VMU Rumor Touch                          Virgin Mobile         8
11707144 ZTE N860 BST ZTE Warp PPD                         Boost Mobile          5
11708109 LG840G TF LG840G PPD                              TracFone Wireless5
11706916 Reflex        BST LG RUMOR REFLEX PPD             Boost Mobile          1
11701214 BEGT365 AT&T Go LG Neon w/$30                     AT&T Wireless         2
11705959 A107          AT&T Go Sam A107                    AT&T Wireless 15
11706656 ADR6350VW HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 2                  CELLCO PARTNERSHIPS   3
11707196 EUFI890 VZN JETPACK 4G LTE                        CELLCO PARTNERSHIPS   1
11705774 IncredibleTGT VZN HTC Droid Incredible            BRIGHTSTAR            1
11706096 WX430 BST MOTOROLA THEORY                         Boost Mobile         16
11706401 S2300         VMU PayLo Kyocera S2300             Virgin Mobile         4
11706567 LG501         Net10 LG 501 CDMA                   TracFone Wireless1
11706697 150PP         VZN LG Revere PPD                   BRIGHTSTAR US INC. V  4
11706604 65323         ATT SAMSUNG GALAXY S II             AT&T Wireless         1
11706917 Chaser        VMU PCD Chaser PPD                  Virgin Mobile         1
11707516 s390          NT Sam s390 GSM PPD                 TracFone Wireless1
11707451            VMU
           Optimus Elite LG Opt Elite PPD       Virgin Mobile      2
11707469   0        ATT 01 MOTO ATRIX HD BLK    AT&T Wireless      1
11701211   A197     AT&T Go Sam a197 Go w/$15   AT&T Wireless      7
11705963   GS390    AT&T Go LG Prime w/$15      AT&T Wireless      5
11706308   65238    ATT GO LG THRIVE            AT&T Wireless      1
11707464   M886     RS NC HUAWEI MERCURY ICE    Brightstar/Cricket 1
11707653   960C     RS NC ALCATEL AUTHORITY     Brightstar/Cricket 2
Reserve Price
$      5,174.96

Condition & Packaging
Discontinued Mixed Carrier Cell Phones returned from the DC - 1 pallet, 392 lbs (365 units)

Product is no longer sold in RS stores.
Product was returned from the DC.
Majority of product is sealed and or master packed.
Some product has damage to packaging. Defective rate is not guaranteed.

Please note that all stock is sold as is and there will be no refunds for any stock that is missing, damaged or destro

Pallet Count
1 pallet, 392 lbs

All merchandise will come in Gaylord containers on pallets

All the stock is sold "As Is" without any warranty.

Freight terms FOB Fort Worth, TX. The supplier can not ship outside the US.
Buyer pays all freight charges.
Bidder is responsible for arranging pick up and paying for freight.
Inventory will be available for pick up within 2/3 working days after payment is received.
Please note below pick up requirements:
The product must be collected within 5 working days after the pickup details are issued
All pickups must be made in a vehicle that is capable of accepting full Gaylord/palletized shipments. It is not allo
Vendors are not allowed to break down palletized Gaylord shipments into smaller packages for loading into vehi
 Personal vehicles and flat bed trailers are not acceptable

Payment Method
Payment should be made by:
Bank Transfer to Freeflow
Credit Card – note that there is a 3% handling fee when paying by this method. Credit cards that can be accepted
PayPal – note that there is a 3.9% handling fee when paying by this method. Please also note that the maximum a
Payment must be received and processed within 24 hours from the date of invoice. otherwise bidder will be rem

missing, damaged or destroyed.


zed shipments. It is not allowed to enter the premises in cars, pickups, SUVs or other personal transfers.
 kages for loading into vehicles.

cards that can be accepted are Visa & MasterCard only.Please also note that the maximum amount that can be charged credi
o note that the maximum amount that can be charged from PayPal is $5,000.
therwise bidder will be removed from the site.

at can be charged credit card is $5,000.

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