BL336419 Take All Lot by huangyuarong


									Item       Model             Desc                                  Name                 Qty
---------- --------------------                                    -------------------- ------
11701248                     TF Sam t105 GSM                       TracFone Wireless         1
11704899    i465             Boost Moto i465 Graphite              Boost Mobile              4
11706196    S2100            VMU PAYLO KYOCERA 2100                Virgin Mobile           45
11707047    MOTXT912         VZ MOTOROLA RAZR DEMO                 MOTOROLA CELLULAR SC      3
11705992    SCP6780          BST SANYO INNUENDO                    Boost Mobile            28
11706095    i475             BST MOTOROLA I475 CLUTCH+             Boost Mobile              2
11706567    LG501            Net10 LG 501 CDMA                     TracFone Wireless         1
11706699    Salute           VZN ZTE Salute PPD                    BRIGHTSTAR US INC. V      2
11706574    Wildfire S       VMU HTC WILDFIRE S PPD                Virgin Mobile             1
11706915    Venture          VMU PCD Venture PPD                   Virgin Mobile           21
11702540    C168             Motorola C168 Go Phone AT&T           Tandy Consumer MDSE-      1
11706370    LG800G           NT LG 800 GSM                         TracFone Wireless       15
11704553    301              TF Sams T301 GSM                      TracFone Wireless         1
11705678    LG900            Net 10 LG900 GSM                      TracFone Wireless         9
11705863                     TF
            Samsung t105 Bundle Sam t105 GSM BNDL                  TracFone Wireless         3
11706193    Factor           BST Samsung Factor                    Boost Mobile            24
11706856    LG45             NT LG OPTIMUS NET PPD                 TracFone Wireless         1
11707500    SGH-S125G        TF Sam s125 GSM BNDL                  TracFone Wireless         2
11707551    One V            VMU HTC One V PPD                     Virgin Mobile             1
11701239    6.1696E+11       NT Sam t201 GSM                       TracFone Wireless         7
11706222    LG500            TF LG 500 GSM                         TracFone Wireless         7
11706192    M820             BST Samsung Prevail                   Boost Mobile              1
11706552    VM701            VMU LG OPTIMUS SLIDER PPD             Virgin Mobile             1
11706852    Sam t245g        Tracfone Samsung t245g GSM            TracFone Wireless       38
11700088    C139             C139 PREPAID GO PHONE                 Tandy Consumer MDSE-      1
11705667    TF LG420G GSM    TF LG420G GSM                         TracFone Wireless         3
11705687    LG Rumor Touch l VMU Rumor Touch                       Virgin Mobile             1
11701068                     BST RIM BlackBerry 8530 CDMA          Boost Mobile              1
11701229    LG101            PayLo LG101                           Virgin Mobile             7
11705679    R355C            NT Sam R355 CDMA                      TracFone Wireless       19
11706325    Restore          VMU Samsung Restore                   Virgin Mobile           10
11706096    WX430            BST MOTOROLA THEORY                   Boost Mobile            46
11707516    s390             NT Sam s390 GSM PPD                   TracFone Wireless         1
11707582    221              TF LG 221 CDMA                        TracFone Wireless         1
Reserve Price
$ 1,094.39

Condition & Packaging
Tested Mixed Carrier Cell Phones - 1 pallet, 282 lbs

Customer returned units that have been powered up and customer data cleared.
Product may have minor cosmetic wear but is whole, completely assembled and free of major visible p

Please note that all stock is sold as is and there will be no refunds for any stock that is missing, damaged

Pallet Count
1 pallet, 282 lbs

All merchandise will come in Gaylord containers on pallets

All the stock is sold "As Is" without any warranty.

Freight terms FOB Fort Worth, TX. The supplier can not ship outside the US.
Buyer pays all freight charges.
Bidder is responsible for arranging pick up and paying for freight.
Inventory will be available for pick up within 2/3 working days after payment is received.
Please note below pick up requirements:
The product must be collected within 5 working days after the pickup details are issued
All pickups must be made in a vehicle that is capable of accepting full Gaylord/palletized shipments. It
Vendors are not allowed to break down palletized Gaylord shipments into smaller packages for loading
 Personal vehicles and flat bed trailers are not acceptable

Payment Method
Payment should be made by:
Bank Transfer to Freeflow
Credit Card – note that there is a 3% handling fee when paying by this method. Credit cards that can be
PayPal – note that there is a 3.9% handling fee when paying by this method. Please also note that the m
Payment must be received and processed within 24 hours from the date of invoice. otherwise bidder w
 ed and free of major visible physical damage. Majority of the product is fully functional and complete but there may be a few

 tock that is missing, damaged or destroyed.


ment is received.

ails are issued
 ord/palletized shipments. It is not allowed to enter the premises in cars, pickups, SUVs or other personal transfers.
 smaller packages for loading into vehicles.
hod. Credit cards that can be accepted are Visa & MasterCard only.Please also note that the maximum amount that can be ch
d. Please also note that the maximum amount that can be charged from PayPal is $5,000.
of invoice. otherwise bidder will be removed from the site.
mplete but there may be a few that are not working. Defective rate would be between 10-15%.

er personal transfers.
aximum amount that can be charged credit card is $5,000.

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