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									                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TRADING AT

                               BUTSERFEST 2013

               Information and Terms & Conditions for Trading

Butserfest is an established festival taking place in Queen Elizabeth II Country
Park, Hampshire on Saturday 14th September 2013. The event features a main
stage and smaller second stage for music and performance, games & activities
and a number of market and food stalls.

Keep in mind that this is a youth festival aimed primarily at young people age 13
                                       to 17.

Trade Stall Pitches: costs and size are mentioned in the application form.

1.   General

1.1 The Licence covers the period from 13th September till 15th of September.
    Only authorised vehicle movements may take place during that time.

1.2 Any unauthorised East Hampshire District Council Butserfest logos on any
    goods such as t-shirts, baseball caps and craft goods and any bootleg
    goods will be confiscated.

1.3 Traders must co-operate fully with security staff in any search of vehicles or

1.4 Traders are not permitted open fires on site.

1.5 No trader will be granted ‘sole trader’ status.

1.6 No rebates will be given to traders as a result of adverse weather
    conditions. East Hampshire District Council will not accept responsibility for
    the level of trading during the event.

1.7 Traders are required to comply with the terms of the site licence. A copy of
    the site licence will be held at the Council Offices, Penns Place, Petersfield,
    Hampshire, GU31 4EX. A copy will also be available within the volunteer
    compound on the day of the event. If a trader is closed down and/or evicted
    from the site for contravening the licence, or any of these terms and
    conditions or prescribed environmental health standards or other legislative
    requirement, they shall not be entitled to any rebate.
1.8 It is your responsibility to ensure that everything brought onto site is safe, fit
    for purpose or use, and where appropriate has supporting safety

1.9 Traders must only sell the goods specified in the “details of service” section
    above. Any changes to the application form must be made in writing to the
    Council at least two weeks prior to the start of the festival.

1.10 Concessions are sold separately for food. If any of these products are
     brought on site by traders other than the concession holder they may be

1.11 Sub-contracting stalls or part of stalls by traders is not permitted.

1.12 The Butserfest Health and Safety form must be completed and returned by
     26TH August 2013, or the pitch may be reallocated.

1.13 Payment for stalls must be received no later than Monday the 26th August
     2013 to East Hampshire District Council, Penns Place, Petersfield,
     Hampshire, GU31 4EX otherwise the pitch may be reallocated.

1.14 Traders who wish to cancel their application shall provide 30 days written
     notice to East Hampshire District Council, Penns Place, Petersfield,
     Hampshire, GU31 4EX. Any trader who cancels with less than 30 days
     notice shall not receive a rebate.

1.15 All vehicles and equipment are brought onto site at their owner’s risk, and
     must be suitably insured. East Hampshire District Council cannot accept
     any responsibility for loss or damage that may occur.

2   Health & Safety

2.1 It is important that you comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)
    as well as other regulations and laws as required by your trade.

2.2 If invited to trade at Butserfest, we will ask for copies of your safety
    documentation. A list of these documents is at the end of this document

2.3 Food traders: you are now required by law to be registered with a local
    authority. You will be asked to give us the details of your local authority and
    a contact name for someone there. Written Food Safety Management
    Procedures are now required by law and must be available for inspection by
    East Hampshire District Council’s officers or agents acting in such a
    capacity. We will be checking with them.
3 Insurance

3.1 All traders must have up-to-date Public Liability Insurance for an amount not
    less than £5,000,000. If you have staff then you have a legal obligation to
    carry Employers’ Liability Insurance as well. If you have non-paid volunteer
    staff you should ensure that either your Public Liability Insurance or your
    Employers’ Liability Insurance covers volunteers. You may wish to insure
    your property against damage. We will ask for a copy of your current
    insurance documents.

3.2 Employers liability insurance and public liability insurance certificates must
    be on display in stalls at all times.

3.3 By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge that East
    Hampshire District Council or any of the Butserfest staff or representatives
    are not responsible or liable for any of the following:
   financial losses you may incur
   the loss of or damage to your equipment, goods or personal belongings
   injury of employees or staff working for or connected to you save that East
    Hampshire District Council does not exclude liability for death or personal
    injury caused by its negligence.

4 Your Stall & Equipment

4.1 Traders must remain at their site until at least 6pm on the 14th September;
    vehicular movement after that time (before the event ends) is at the
    discretion of the Health and Safety Manager. Traders must ensure that they
    have left the site by 12 midnight on the 14th September unless prior
    agreement has been reached in advance with the Council.

4.2 Traders will be responsible for any persons coming on to site to deliver to or
    service their stall.

4.3 Butserfest does not supply a marquees space for some market traders. We
    will not supply trestle tables. Any tent or marquee textiles you bring MUST
    meet fire safety standards and have documents to support this.

4.4 Tents and marquees must be fit for purpose. Makeshift constructions are
    not acceptable. A flimsy pop up tent such as found in DIY
    shops/supermarkets is not fit for the open air festival sites and will not be

4.5 It is possible that we may experience extremes in weather. If your structure
    looks unsafe or unsuitable in heavy rain or high winds you will be asked to
    pack up the structure. If you need to cease trading, there will be no refunds.
4.6 You are responsible for the safety of your stall equipment. If it involves gas
    or electricity, we will ask for your safety certification (see below).

4.7 Please make sure anything of value at your stall is secure. Though we will
    designate the area behind stalls as a “no go” area for the public, we cannot
    guarantee complete security.

5 Gas and Electricity On-Site

5.1 Electrics:
   All power to traders will be provided by the on-site generators. No private
    generators will be allowed.

    If your application is successful, we will need detail of all your power needs,
     at the time your pitch fee is paid.

    If you use the on-site generator, you will need to provide your own outdoor
     extension lead to plug into the site generators (a 16/32amp socket).

    Electrical equipment must be tested and certified as fit for purpose. We will
     ask for copies of your electrical testing and PAT certificates.

    Equipment and wiring should be properly insulated and earthed. All sockets,
     plugs and wiring should be adapted for outdoor use and protected from the

    Should we find faulty or untested electrical items or connections within your
     stall you will be asked to disengage the equipment or may be asked to
     cease trading with no refund on your fee.

5.2 Gas Appliances and Cylinders:
   Please bring with you any LPG gas that you will require as there will not be
    any available onsite. Only one spare cylinder of LPG may be kept within
    your pitch area at any time (including within vehicles). Safety precautions
    regarding storage of gas must be followed.

    Gas appliances must comply with relevant HSE regulations and must have
     undergone a Gas Safe check within the 12 months prior to the festival.

     Food traders: you must ensure that the Gas Safe registered engineer
     inspecting your appliances is qualified to check LPG catering equipment.
     We suggest you check on the Gas Safe Register website or NCASS
     website for the correct engineer in your area. The Butserfest H&S Manager
     and the council EHOs may be verifying your inspector.
    Should we find faulty or untested gas appliances or connections within your
     stall you will be asked to disengage the equipment or may be asked to
     cease trading with no refund of your fee.

6 Fire Safety and First Aid

6.1  Fire Safety
   Traders are required to have a dry powder fire extinguisher at their stall.

    Please make sure your extinguishers have not reached their expiry date.

    Food Traders are required to have a fire blanket as well.

    Successful applicants will be sent a trade stall fire risk assessment form that
     they will need to complete and return. This is a simple tick-box form.

6.2 First Aid
   Whilst First Aid will be available on site, you are responsible for providing
    primary first aid for your staff.

    Traders are required to have a proper first aid box at their stall for use by

    Food Traders must have water proof blue plasters as part of their kit.

    If you have five or more staff including yourself, you are obliged to keep an
     accident report book for your stall.

7      Water Standpipes and Waste Water

7.1 We cannot supply a water pipe to your stall. You will need to bring water
    from a stand-pipe or water bowser at the site, physically transported by your
    staff in containers. So be prepared with sterile water containers and a
    method to transport them to your stall.

7.2 Again, you will have to take your waste water away. You cannot dump it on
    the ground so make sure you have a method to transport it away.

7.3 Traders must ensure that taps are not left running.

8      Waste

8.1 Please maintain good housekeeping throughout the event. Keep your pitch
    clean, both front of house and back.
8.2 Food traders: You must bring at least one front-of-house bin – and if it is full
    please empty it. You will be made aware of the bins locations upon arrival.

8.3 Please leave your pitch the way you found it when you leave the festival. If
    we find your pitch left with litter and waste, you will not be invited back to
    trade at East Hampshire District Council events and will be additionally
    charged for clearing it away.

8.4 Containers will be provided near the trade stalls and will be emptied
    regularly. Black bags of waste have to be thrown in the skips provided.

8.5 Recycle: Everyone knows that recycling is crucial. Please sort your waste

8.6 All waste liquids must be put in containers and not poured on the ground,
    into sumps or streams. Environmental Health Officers from East Hampshire
    District Council will check to see how traders dispose of waste water and

8.7 Traders are responsible for keeping both the 10 meter area in front of their
    stalls as well as the back of the market space tidy and free of rubbish. All
    rubbish must be put into the appropriate bins or waste fluid containers.
    Traders must leave the site as they found it. Traders leaving any rubbish,
    equipment, furniture or structures will be charged for the cost of clearing the
    site and disposing of the rubbish and may not be invited to trade at future

9    Stall Music & Sound Systems

9.1 No sound systems will be permitted on stalls which interfere with the sound
    on both stages.

10   Food Trade Stalls Only

10.1 Local Authority Registration: If your application is successful, we will ask
     about the local authority you are registered with. It would help us if you
     submit a copy of your letter or inspection form or registration form from the
     local authority. We will be calling these local authorities to verify your status
     with them.

10.2 Hand Washing: As you know, you must have facilities for washing your
     hands with hot water and soap, separate from where you wash utensils and
     where you wash vegetables/foods.
10.3 Food Management Systems: You will also be aware that under the Food
     Hygiene Regulations 2006 you are required to have a food safety
     management system based on HACCP. On site we will check your record
     keeping, food thermometers, chill unit temperatures etc.

10.4 All of the above will be checked by the H&S Manager and / or the local
     authority Environmental Health Officer. You will not be permitted to begin
     trading until such time as all requirements have been checked by East
     Hampshire District Council’s officers or agents acting in such capacity. If
     you are not following these legal requirements you will be asked to cease
     trading until the problem is rectified. If the problem is such that you are
     asked to cease trading altogether you will not be refunded your fee.

10.5 It’s your responsibility to ensure that there is no oil spill. All used and
     unused oil must to be safely removed from site after the event. You will be
     charged for any damage caused to the park because of the oil spills.

10.6 As this is a young persons event, we would expect you to keep prices as
     low as possible for the following items:

      Bottled Water (500ml)
      Canned Soft Drinks
      Tea

11. Ticket issue, Vehicle Passes and Vehicular Movement

11.1 Once you have been accepted to trade at Butserfest you will be sent a form
     asking for the names of all staff. Please be reasonable with the number of
     staff. We will be able to tell from your application how many staff are
     reasonable for the set-up you intend to have. This also holds true for the
     number of vehicles required, and we would ask that car sharing is used, as
     we will only permit 1 vehicle per stall within the volunteer/trade parking area.

11.2 You are entirely responsible for any children with you. Please do not leave
     them unattended. We consider the area behind the stalls a work zone with
     many potential hazards. Neither should the children be sent out to “play”
     unaccompanied in the festival arena.

11.3 We need to know how many vehicles you will be bringing. For food traders
     only – please be mindful of the size of the pitch you require including any
     vehicles. If you encroach a neighbouring pitch, you will be asked to move
     that item, or may be asked to cease trading if this is not possible.

11.4 After the set-up period spare vehicles are to be parked in the designated
     parking area at your own responsibility. East Hampshire District Council
     cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur.
     Vehicular movement will not be permitted after 10am on the day of the

11.5 Vehicle movements must be kept to a minimum. People using vehicles in
     an irresponsible or uncooperative way, without relevant passes or within
     inappropriate areas may be asked to leave the site. There is a maximum
     speed limit of 5mph at all times on site, which is to be observed by

11.6 No dogs or pets will be allowed with stalls or anywhere on the festival site

12. Festival Times

12.1 Traders are invited to start set up from 08.00 on Saturday, 14th September.
     You must be in place and ready for H&S inspection by 10.30am. East
     Hampshire District Council reserves the right to reallocate stalls.

12.2 Gate will be opened for the public at 11.00. Traders may trade from this time
     until 22.00 when the event will close and public will leave the site.

12.3 Any trader who arrives late, i.e. not ready for inspection by 10.30 will not be
     permitted on site and will forfeit any pitch fee that has been paid.

13. Prohibited Items

13.1 There are some items that we do not want on the event site. Items not
     permitted on site at any time include:
    alcohol or tobacco , legal highs, NOS, illegal drugs
    food or drink in glass containers
    weapons or anything that can be interpreted as a weapon
    body piercing equipment
    explosives of any sort (including fireworks, flares etc)
    live animals or pets
    materials of an adult nature
     Any such items found will be confiscated and in appropriate cases, the
     police informed.

13.2 Any trader found offering prohibited items will have the items removed,
     asked to cease trading or to leave with no refund of fee and may be
     prohibited from trading at East Hampshire Council events in future years.

13.3 Traders are not allowed to bring in any alcohol on site.

13.4 Traders are not allowed to smoke on the event site or within cars and
     trailers as it a NO SMOKING event.
14.    Final Checklist

If your application is successful we will be asking you to submit the following
documentation as relevant to your stall. We ask that you please, “think green”
and submit electronically if possible.
     Public Liability Insurance
     Employers Liability Insurance
     Fire Risk Assessment
     PAT test certificates and electrical systems test certificates (if you have
      anything electric at your stall)
     Gas Safe test certificate (if you use LPG gas canisters at your stall)
     Food Hygiene certificates ( food traders only)
     Proof of registration with local authority ( food traders only)

Now that you have read these terms and conditions for trading safely at our
event, please fill in the Trader Application Form. If you are successful, we will let
you know right away and inform you of your pitch fee, where to send the cheque
and so on.

When making payment we need copies of the documents above at number 14.
Final Checklist. Without seeing copies of up-to-date forms and certificates, we
may not allow you to trade and your money may not be refunded.

If you have any queries about the health and safety terms and condition, please
get in touch.

email: jude.simpson@easthants.gov.uk
Tel: 01730 234396

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