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									                      FRIENDS OF BANWELL
       Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 14 January 2011

Attendees: Becky Alexander (Chairman), Rachel Farrell (Vice Chairman),
Siobhan Armstrong (Secretary), Karen Barnard, Lisa Gwyn, Fiona Houghton,
Becky Jeavons, Julie Williamson, Harry Cadwallader

Apologies: Vicky Cotterell, Libby Redden, Lisa Gwyn

The Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 5 November 2010 were agreed.

Treasurers’ Report
In Lisa Gwyn’s absence, Siobhan Armstrong took an action to ask Lisa for a
spreadsheet and to add the details to the minutes as a post-meeting note. [POST
MEETING NOTE: The balance of the account, to date 16 January 2011 is
£5220.36. See attached spreadsheet]

Banwell Carnival 2011.
Becky Alexander reported that the Banwell Carnival will not go ahead in its usual
guise. A group of local charities (which could involve the Friends) will look to
hold individual community events. At the moment there is a provisional date for a
quiz night to be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 16 July. Julie Williamson has
already volunteered to organise the event. Proceeds from the evening will be
divided equally among the local charities that actually help organise and run the

Fundraising events for 2011. Update:

      School Disco - Friday 4 February 2011. This item and the pros and
       cons of holding the event in the Old School Hall versus the Sorts Hall, and
       combining both the Key Stage groups was discussed at length. It was
       finally agreed with Harry Cadwallader that the disco will now be held as a
       whole-school event and will take place in the Sports Hall. Siobhan
       Armstrong agreed to draft a letter to announce the event to parents for
       approval by Harry Cadwallader. The letter would also include a ‘Collection
       Authorisation slip’ for parents to return with details of adults responsible for
       collecting children after the disco. It was agreed that this would help to
       speed up the ‘signing in’ process at the door on the night. Rachel Farrell
       took an action to do a stock take of the Tuck. [POST MEETING NOTE:
       See below for an extract of the final letter. This will be distributed the
       week beginning Mon 24 Jan]

                               SCHOOL DISCO
                Friday 4 February 2011 from 4.45pm – 6pm
                          in the School Sports Hall
              TICKETS ON SALE on the Door - £1.50 each

The Friends of Banwell are pleased to announce this year’s School
Disco. It will be a whole-school event to make dropping off and
picking up easier for parents/carers. This is a new format from
previous years when KS1 and KS2 have been separated into two
sessions. The School Council and the Friends are very keen to
receive feedback from children, and parents alike, after the event.
The Friends have also been given permission to hold the event in the
Sports Hall which means NO HIGH HEELS! Only trainers, pumps or
flat shoes will be permitted. We will be serving Hot Dogs and all your
favourite sweeties in the Tuck Shop. There will also be FREE
unlimited squash. Come and enjoy the fun!!

      Cake Sales – Agreed dates: Friday 11 February, Friday 25 March, Friday
       15 July

      Curry and Quiz Night – Friday 18 March

      Mother’s Day Craft Session – Friday 1 April

      Easter Egg Raffle – Friday 8 April

      Spring Fayre – Friday 20 May

      Father’s Day Craft Session – Friday 17 June

      Bingo Night – this will now take place on Friday 1 July and not Friday 4
       March as previously agreed.

      Banwell ‘Charities’ Quiz Night – Saturday 16 July

      School BBQ – September tbd

School Projects.
Tyre Park – The school has decided to site the Tyre Park on the school field.
The design is still under consideration. Banwell Garden Centre has offered to
source tyres at a specially discounted rate. A decision needs to be made quickly
in order to take advantage of this offer. Discussions are also in progress to see if
Banwell Garden Centre can carry out the construction.

Any Other Business.
Refurbishment of ‘Glory Hole’. – Matt Parkinson has visited the school to scope
the project to convert the old storage room at the rear of the school (aka the
Glory Hole!) into two new classrooms with storage. He hopes to submit a quote
soon and has also been made aware that he needs to register with North
Somerset Council if he were to be given the go-ahead to conduct the work.

Friends of Banwell Annual General Meeting – The AGM will be held at 2pm on
Friday 7 October.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held as an informal chat to discuss the organising and
running of the School Disco. This will be held in the in the Old School Hall at
2.00pm on Friday 28 January 2011.

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