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HIGH      KEY           OBJECTIV PROJECT               KPI             BASELINE ANNUAL       1ST QTR            PROGRESS                                    CHALLEN REMEDIAL TOTAL
LEVEL     DEVELOPME     E                                              INDICATOR TARGET                                                                     GES              BUDGET
VE        AREA

                                           STRATEGIC AGENDA KPA 3 : LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
          SMME          To create    Capacity    1.Number of   SMMEs       20 SMMEs   Identify       5 emerging entrepreneurs have ebeen         None                     None        0
          Development   conducive    Building    SMMEs trained strategy in trained on SMMEs, and     identified and training areas packaged on
                        environement             2.Database    place.                                business managment and technical skills.
                        for                      developed
                                                                           various    package        provided training referrals to the emerging
                        sustainable                                        business   training areas entrepreneurs and businesses.6
                        growth and                                         skills     together with  beneficiaries from Kopano disabled project
                        development                                                   SEDA and       were trained on how to use the vegetable
                        of SMMEs                                                      LIBSA.         planter and the boom sprayer. 12 training
                                                                                                                on busniess start-up were conducted by
                                                                                                                SEDA with 397 participants. LIBSA
                                                                                                                conducted Business Management Training
                                                                                                                to 126 people, and Technical Training to
                                                                                                                24 people.
                        To create       SMME           1. Number of    None     10 SMMEs     Identify           Draft mentorship guideline in place.        Lack of       Strengthen 0
                        conducive       mentorship     SMMEs                    mentored     mentors.           Mentors identified on these sectors;        resources     working
                        environment                    mentored                                                 tourism (Tourism Grading Council),          and           relationship
                        for                            2. Database
                                                                                             Develop            agriculture (Mapfura, Makhura incubator),   capacity to
                                                                                             mentorship                                                                   with
                        sustainable                    developed                                                and manufacturing (University of Limpopo    provide
                        growth and                                                           guidelines         Technology Station, Technology Station in   training.
                        development                                                                             Chemicals at Tshwane University of                        agencies
                        of SMMEs                                                                                Technology) as well as LIBSA and SEDA                     that has
                                                                                                                also provide incubation program                           resources
                                                                                                                                                                          and capacity
                                                                                                                                                                          to provide
                        To facilitate   Market         Number of       None     30 SMMEs     Identify SMME      Identified 5 potential businesses which    None           None         0
                        access to       linkages       SMMEs linked             linked to    s with products    require market exposure. One dairy
                        markets         (Seminars,     to the market                         that are ready     cooperative undertook exposure trip to
                                                                                markets                         Noordrift dairy plant. 24 fashion designer
                                        and Expo)
                                                                                             for marketing      participated at the fashion show in
                                                                                             and explore        Tubatse during women month celebration.
                                                                                             and link up with   SEDA Entrepreneurial day seminar with
                                                                                             key                218 participants attended.
                                                                                             with a potential
                                                                                             to unlock
                                                                                             for the
                   Product        Quality        Number of        3 projects are      5 projects      Identify and       3 Project on manufacturing of school      Lack of        Engage with
                   development    assurance      SMMEs            already            assisted with    assess the         uniform as well as brick making were      funds to co-   SEDA to
                                                 assisted to      assisted in                                            identified and SEDA assisted with         fund the       explore and
                                                 acquire SABS     quality
                                                                                     SABS             projects to        assessment.                               cost of        alternative
                                                 approval         assurance          approval/        check their                                                  quality        support.
                                                                                     quality          eligibility                                                  assurance.
                   Financing and Capital         Number of        One project         2 projects      Identify the       Identified and assessed 1 project that has Lack of       Explore the       R0
                   project       Support         projects         assited with       supported to     eligible           planned to manufacture Atchar.             funds.        external
                   support                       supported        production                                             Specifications of equipments required for                support for
                                                                  equipment to
                                                                                     expand the       businesses and     the production were developed.                           funding.
                                                                  expand their       business         conduct need
                                                                  operation in       operation with   assessment
                                                                  2009/2010          production
                                                                  financial year     equipments

                                  Partnerships   Number of        None          2                     Identification of Identified 2 businesses ( Brick making and Ability to Working       R0
                                                 business                      partnerships           businesses that Stone Crushing) that are eligible for        secure the together with
                                                 parnerships                                                            Partnership and they were assessed.        partner.   other
                                                                               between                requires                                                                agencies to
                                                                               SMMEs and              partnership                                                             assist with
                                                                               the                                                                                                identifying the
                                                                               establihsed                                                                                        potential
                                                                               businesses/                                                                                        partners.
Agriculture        To provide     Capital        Number of      Horticulture   2 projects             Identification of Lima Uphile project was identified for     No funds.      Together with          0
Development        support to     Support        projects       Cluster        supported              potential         support on irrigation infrastructure.                     the
and Farmers        emerging                      supported with competiveness                                                                                                     Department of
Support(Horticul   farmers to                    irrigation     action plan in
                                                                               with irrigation        projects                                                                    Agriculture
ture Cluster)      increase their                infrastructure place          infrastructure                                                                                     explore the
                   output and                                                                                                                                                     alternative
                   access                                                                                                                                                         means of
                   markets                                                                                                                                                        providing the
                   competitive                                                                                                                                                    support.
                   To provide     Provision of   Number of        Horticulture       2 projects    Identification of Assessment was done on 2 identified           No funds.      Together with 0
                   support to     fencing        projects         competitive        provided with potential         project.                                                     the
                   emerging                      supported with   action plan in                                                                                                  Department of
                   farmers to                    fencing          place. About
                                                                                     fencing       projects                                                                       Agriculture
                   increase their                                 24 km fencing      material and                                                                                 explore the
                   output and                                     was supplied       erected                                                                                      alternative
                   access                                         for horticulture                                                                                                means of
                   markets at                                     projects in                                                                                                     providing the
                   competitive                                    2009/10                                                                                                         support.
                To provide     Technical         Number of         Horticulture     20 projects   Identification of Assessment was done on 5 identified                 No funds.   Together with 0
                support to     support           farmers           cluster action   provided with potential         projects.                                                       the
                emerging                         supplied with     plan in place                                                                                                    Department of
                farmers to                       production
                                                                                    production    projects                                                                          Agriculture
                increase their                   inputs (seeds,                     inputs                                                                                          explore the
                output and                       fertilizers and                                                                                                                    alternative
                access                           chemicals)                                                                                                                         means of
                markets at                                                                                                                                                          providing the
                competitive                                                                                                                                                         support.
                To facilitate   Technical        Number of         Horticulture     3 market       Identification of Identified 1 project on broiler production         None        None            0
                access to       support          exposure trip     action plan in   exposure trips potential         that requires market exposure.
                markets                          undertaken        place
                                                                                    undertaken     projects and

Agriculture     To provide     Capital           number of         2 projects       3 livestock         Identification of     Assessment was done on Lepelle goats      Lack of     Together with 0
Development     support to     Support           livestock         supplied with    watering facilities potential projects    on watering facilities.                   funds.      the
and Farmers     emerging                         watering          watering         installed                                                                                       Department of
Support (Meat   farmers to                       facilities        facilities in                                                                                                    Agriculture
Cluster)        increase their                   supplied          2009/10                                                                                                          explore the
                output and                                         financial year                                                                                                   alternative
                access                                                                                                                                                              means of
                markets at                                                                                                                                                          providing the
                competitive                                                                                                                                                         support.
                                Fencing          Number of         About 24km of    2 projects         1. Identification of   Assessment was done on Lepelle Goats      Lack of     Together with 0
                                                 grazing camps     fencing for      provided with      potential projects     on subdivision of camps for erection of   funds.      the
                                                 fenced            grazing camps    material and       2. Planning and        animal handling facilities.                           Department of
                                                                   was supplied     fenced             design                                                                       Agriculture
                                                                   in 2009/10                                                                                                       explore the
                                                                   financial year                                                                                                   alternative
                                                                                                                                                                                    means of
                                                                                                                                                                                    providing the

                                Provision of     Number of         3 broiler        1 piggery       Identification of 1 piggery project was assessed and 1              Lack of     Assisst the     0
                                livestock        livestock         projects         project and 1 potential           project for broiler house was identified.         funds.      project with
                                housing          housing           supported with   poultry project projects                                                                        funding
                                (piggeries and   facilitated       building                                                                                                         mobilisation.
                                poultry)                           materials and
                                                                                    provided with
                                                                   other            building
                                                                   infrastructure   material,
                                                                                    and labour for
Agriculture        To facilitate  Agro-       50% 0f 1st        Feasibility     agro-             Identification of   The Department of Trade and Industry         We have no None          R1 500
Development        establishment processing   phase of Agro-    report on       processing        potential           pledged support to the establishment of      funds and                000.00
and Farmers        of value      units        processing        establishment                                         the agro-processing centre, and intend to    the DTI also
Support (Meat      adding                     units completed   of agro-
                                                                                units             projects,           appoint the Professional Service Provider    indicated
and Horticulture   activities                                   processing      developed         Appoinmtment        to do a business plan and facilitate         that they
Cluster)                                                        facilities                        of expert           establishment process for a 1 year period.   have limited
                                                                                                  facilitator                                                      budget
                                                                                                                                                                   which does
                                                                                                                                                                   not include
                                                                                                                                                                   a physical
                                                                                                                                                                   of the

                   To facilitate Fresh        Comprehensive Agro-               Bankable          Develop terms       Draft Terms of Reference in place.           No funds.   Engagements 0
                   the           Produce      business plan processing          business plan     of reference        Undertook a visit to Vhembe District                     with the
                   establishment Market       developed.    study, meat                                               Municipality to learn lessons about their                Department of
                   of Fresh                                 and
                                                                                and feasibility   and advertise.      Fresh Produce Market.                                    Agriculture to
                   produce                                  horticulture        study             Appointment of                                                               help in
                   market                                   cluster plan in                       Service                                                                      identifying the
                                                            place                                 Provider                                                                     possible
                                                                                                                                                                               source of
                                                                                                                                                                               funding the
Mining             To establish    Mining     Number of         Mining forum    Hosting 4 mining Hosting of 1 mining Report to be provided by the Exec utive                                0
Development        working         economic   mining forum s    launched in     forum meetings forum meeting         Mayor's Office.
                   relationships   forum      held              August 2010
                   with the
Tourism       To promote      Tjate Heritage 100% 0f the    Phase 1-4         Implementatio Appointmnet of    The Project Steering Committee (PSC)            Conflicts at    Capacitate     R1 000
Development   the             Site           implementation completed         n of phase 5 service            was established. The construction to            the             the PSC to     000.00
              development     Development of Phase 5                                                          redevelop the reception area and the            community       deal with
              of tourism                     completed
                                                                              Tjate Heritage provider         exhibition facility at Ntswaneng is taking      level           those
              destinations                                                    development                     place. 15 local labours were employed and       regarding       conflicts.
              and                                                                                             5 tour guides. The containers have been         the
              opportunities                                                                                   moved further apart to make space fo the        beneficiaries
                                                                                                              information panels between them. The            of the
                                                                                                              project has been without water since the        project due
                                                                                                              engine for the pump was stolen in               to
                                                                                                              December. The projec team obtained              unemploym
                                                                                                              permission from Elephant River Granite          ent in the
                                                                                                              Mine to connect to their water system. A        area.
                                                                                                              local plumber was subcontracted to make
                                                                                                              the wate connections. Rocks have been
                                                                                                              placed in large circles in front of the Kgoro
                                                                                                              area with aloes planted in between. This
                                                                                                              gives significant definition to the reception
                                                                                                              area as the project entry point.

                              Sekhukhune Tourism Route      Tourism           Development Compilation of      Compiled a list of tourism products and      No budget          Mobilise       0
                              Tourism     developed         Strategy in       of tourism  tourism             destinations that need signage.Bilateral     available.         funding from
                              Route                         place                                             interaction with LEDET to assist with the                       external
                                                                              signage     products and        erection of tourism signage was initiated,                      source.
                                                                                          destinations in     and we are awaiting for further interaction.
                                                                                          need of

                              De Hoop Dam Economic                            Economic      Appointmnet of    The Service                                     None            None           R950 000
                              Master Plan Master Plan                         Master Plan   service           Provider has
                                          developed for                                                       been appointed.
                                          the dam area
                                                                              developed     provider,         Situational
                                                                                            situational       analysis in
                                                                                            ananlysis         progress

                              Manchie       Gamamo           Master Plan in   Prioritised   facilitate        The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is No budge                Will continue R 500
                              Masemola      Cultural village place.           catalytic     implementation    the continuation of the PSC that was          available.        to assist with 000.00
                              Cluster       and St. Manche                                  of catalytic      established during the development of                           funding
                              Development   Masemola
                                                                              projects                        master plan. The project requires a                             mobilisation.
                                            Memorial Site                     implemented   projects. Draft   massive infrastructure development with
                                            upgraded                                        ToR for the       high costs. Tisane Community applied
                                                                                            Project           funding to the Department of Tourism for
                                                                                            Steering          the development of Hlako Nature Reserve
                                                                                            Committee, &      which forms the critical part of the cluster;
                                                                                                              and teh decision is still pending.
                                                                                            of the PSC
                                            STRATEGIC AGENDA KPA 6: SPATIAL RATIONAL
HIGH                                   KEY             OBJECTIV PROJECT                  KPI              Baseline       Annual Target 1ST QTR                  PROGRESS                                  CHALLEN REMEDIAL   TOTAL
LEVEL                                  DEVELOPME       E                                                  Indicator                    TARGET                                                             GES                BUDGET
OBJECTI                                NT FOCUS
VES                                    AREA
                                       Spatial         To provide a SDF Review           6 SDFs           Approved       Reviewed SDFs      SDFs Review         SDF Review Guidelines developed and       None     None               0
                                       Development     longer-term     for District      Reviewed         SDFs           for District and   Guidelines          provided to LM
                                       and             perspective on and five LMs                                       Local              Developed (10%)
                                       Restructuring   the
                                                       of the District

                                                       To provide for Spatial Trends Spatial Trends None                 Spatial Trends   1. Spatial Trends     TOR have been developed and approved. None         None      R80.000.00
                                                       a District wide Analysis      Analysis Study                      Analysis Study Analysis Terms of       The project was not allocated funds and
                                                       spatial form    Study         completed                           Report developed Reference             virement was done and the project was
                                                       that is                                                                            developed (10%)       allocated R 80 000.00. The project has
                                                       efficient,                                                                         2. Service provider   been advertised and awaiting appointment
                                                       sustainable                                                                        appointed (10%)       of the Service Provider.

                                                       To ensure that   Policy on        Policy on        Draft Policy in Municipal         Consultations on    Draft policy has been tabled before         None   None               0
                                                       growth is        Municipal        Municipal        place           Infrastructure    the Draft Policy    Management and Portfolio Committee for
                                                       sustained in     Infrastructure   Infrastructure                   Investment        (10%)               inputs. Consulted with Local Municipalities
                                                       terms of         Investment       Investment                       Guidelines Policy                     on the draft policy.
                                                       infrastructure   Guidelines       Guidelines                       developed
                                                       and              implementatio    approved
                                                       environmental    n
                                                       quality and      Precinct plans   Precinct Plans   5 Precinct    5 New Precinct Wall-to-Wall             Wall-to-wall precinct map has been        None     None               0
                                                       that growth      development      Developed        Plans for     Plans Developed Precinct Map            developed.
                                                       supports a       for five nodes                    Growth Points                 Developed (30%)
                                                       spatial form
                                       Land tenure     To provide       Jane Furse    Jane Furse as a Terms of           Technical          Appoitment of a Project Management Team has been              None     None      R3,5m
                                       upgrading       access to        Township      proclaimed      Reference for      Reports            Project         appointed.
                                                       land for         Establishment township        Project            developed          Management Team
                                                       development                                    Management                            (10%)
  Management for the Entire District
Facilitation of Access to Land and Ensure Sustainable Land Use Management for the Entire District      Land Use      To provide for LUMS        LUMS               Draft LUMS      LUMS               Advertisement in    Draft LUMS could not be advertised owing   Awaiting               R 50,000
                                                                                                      Management     an approriate Promulgation Promulgated                        Promulgated in     relevant media      to the following: Had to consult with      Local
                                                                                                                     and efficient                                                 all local          inviting comments   DLG&H on the most feasible route to        Municipalitie
                                                                                                                        land use                                                   municipalities     (15%)               promulgate LUMS pending the enactment      s Council to
                                                                                                                     management                                                                                           of the Land Use Management Bill. DLG&H     adopt the
                                                                                                                     system that                                                                                          advised that we use the Town Planning      Draft
                                                                                                                       facilitates                                                                                        and Township Ordinance No.15 of 1986. In   Schemes to
                                                                                                                         growth ,                                                                                         terms of the provision of the Ordinance    enable
                                                                                                                     investments                                                                                          Council first has to adopt the Draft       advertiseme
                                                                                                                           and                                                                                            Scheme before comments are solicited       nt inviting
                                                                                                                      continuous                                                                                          from the Public. Letters were written to   comments.
                                                                                                                     regeneration                                                                                         LMs requesting them to adopt their draft
                                                                                                                        services                                                                                          schemes.
                                                                                                                                  LUMS          LUMS           Ad-hoc              Roll out of LUMS LUMS                  Framework on Land Use Management for None                  None   70,000
                                                                                                                                  implementatio implementation mechanism           implementation implementation          areas currently not regulated by schemes
                                                                                                                                  n             mechanism in                       mechanism        concept document      developed and awaiting consultation with
                                                                                                                                                place                                               (15%)                 stakeholders. Presented to District
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mayors Forum.

                                                                                                    Spatial         To provide for GIS Strategy    GIS functional GIS Strategy     GIS establsihed    GIS Strategy        Strategy has been tabled before            None            None   750,000
                                                                                                    information     an efficient   Implementatio   and responsive in formulation                      Approval (10%)      Management and Portfolio Committee.
                                                                                                    management      and effective n                to spatial data phase
                                                                                                                    spatial                        needs clients

                                                                                                    Integrated Human To provide for Development Housing            Draft Housing   Final Integrated   Review of Current Current Housing Chapters have been           None            None   0
                                                                                                    Settlement       integrated and of Housing  Chapter Plans      Chapters        Housing            Housing Chapters reviewed and gaps identified.
                                                                                                                     sustainable    Plans       Developed                          Chapters           (25%)
                                                                                                                     and well

                                                                                                    Environmental   To protect,   Environmental Environmental OLEMF in             District           Custumisation of The OLEMF has been provided in shaped None                    None   0
                                                                                                    Management      enhance and Management Management           place              Environmental      the OLEMF for the files and customized for the District.
                                                                                                                    manage the Manual           Manual in place                    Management         District conducted
                                                                                                                    natural                                                        Manual             (30%)
                                                                                                                    environmental                                                  developed
  Facil   Rural           To facilitate   Comprehensiv    Number of          GSDM, 5 year 1. CRDP              Compact agreed       A status Quo Analysis has been            None   None   R0
          Development     the CRDP in     e Rural         projects and       CRDP value   compact with         upon with projects   developed together with the Department of
                          the district    Development     programs           proposition. RDLR outlining       and programs         Rural Development and Land Reform and
                                          Programme(      undertaken                      programs and         identified.          awaiting for further direction from them.
                                          CRDP)           jointly with the                implementation
                                                          Dept. Rural                     strategy.
                                                          Development                     2.Number of
                                                          and Land                        programs and the
                                                          Reform in                       implementation
                                                          pursuance of                    strategy.

          Integrated      To ensure and   2011-16 IDP/    1. 2011-16 IDP/ 2011/12 IDP/       Adopted 2011-16 Adopted Process        IDP/Budget Process Plan and Framework None       None   R500 000
          Development     provide a       Budget and      Budget          Budget             IDP/Budget and Plan and IDP            were developed and adopted by Council.
          Plan (IDP)      coordinated     Public          Developed                          Public          Framework
                          system of       Participation   2. Public                          Participation
                          intergovernme                   Participation                      conducted.
                          ntal planning                   Conducted
                          and alignment

          Intergovernmen To promote       Intergovernme Number of            LED Forum,      IGR Sessions      1 LED Forum, 1       3 IDP Managers forum held. 1 IDP Rep    None     None   R 50 000.00
          tal Relations  cooperative      ntal          meetings             GIS Forum and   coordinated and   GIS Forum, 1         Forum. Hosted the Provincial Planning
                         governance       Governmental convened              Mining Forum    facilitated *04   Mining Forum and     Forum. 1 LED Managers Forum held. 2
                                          Relations                          and IDP         LED Forums * 04   1 IDP Managers       Agriculture Task Team held. 1 Spatial
                                          Structures                         Managers        GIS Forums *04    Forum                Managers Forum held.
                                                                             Forum           Mining Forums*
                                                                             established     04 IDP Managers

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