How to Avoid Renovation Boondoggles By Purchasing Turnkey Rental Properties

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					    How to Avoid Renovation Boondoggles By Purchasing Turnkey
                                   Rental Properties

The right real estate investments can drastically improve your financial life, providing
passive residual income and the freedom to design your lifestyle as you choose. But it
only works if you do it correctly and that requires avoiding many common real estate
investing traps that can chip away at your profits and your time.

A frequent mistake many investors make when getting started in real estate is trying to
buy raw foreclosure properties either direct from auctions or through some other source.
With the foreclosure crisis in full swing after 2008, many investors felt they could get rock
bottom prices by purchasing distressed properties and doing the renovations
themselves. Many found that the profits they envisioned never materialized. In part this
was due to risks they hadn’t adequately taken into account (more repairs than they
budgeted for, less than efficient contractors, more holding costs than they assumed, etc)
and in part it was because they didn’t have an advantage in the space where they were

The truth is that in many markets the most desirable foreclosure properties are usually
bought up by professional real estate investment companies or private equity funds
before the general public ever gets a crack at them, leaving only the less desirable
properties for individual investors.

Even if you do get a good foreclosure property, the unknown cost of renovating and
preparing it for rental or re-sale, and the lack of income in the interim, often makes this a
less-than-optimal move. If the property turns out to fetch less than you wanted in rent, or
takes a very long time to rent or sell, you could be left with an under-performing
investment that takes money out of your pocket instead of putting money in.

Maverick Investor Group was founded to help you avoid this trap by getting you direct
access to private buying opportunities for unlisted “turnkey real estate”--performing
residential investment properties that are already renovated and rented out to qualified
tenants with local property management in place.
When you purchase a turnkey property, it means someone else has already taken the
risk of buying the distressed property, renovating it, and enduring the initial vacancy
period while renting it out to a qualified tenant. This ensures your cash flow starts on
day 1 as soon as you close which provides stability and peace of mind.

Maverick has relationships with teams on the ground in markets we deem to be “investor
advantaged” who produce unlisted turn-key rental properties for Maverick clients that are
not available to the public.

Maverick also provides education to help you navigate around common investor pitfalls
and we introduce our clients to some of the country’s premiere tax professionals, asset
protection specialists, bookkeepers and other leading industry service providers that can
add value to your real estate investing and help you keep more money in your pocket.
Today’s real estate boom cycle creates a unique opportunity to buy undervalued
properties with historically advantageous price-to-rent ratios in select markets.
Maverick Investor Group is here to help you identify the best markets and properties that
fit your personal real estate investing criteria and goals.

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