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Obama criticizes GOP rivals on taxes
    CANNON FALLS, Minn. (AP) —             But his comment underscored         the debt crisis that cratered his        appeals court last week but Obama        Obama struck a casual tone as he
President Barack Obama launched         that election season indeed is         approval ratings and those of Con-       expressed confidence the Supreme         spoke to a crowd gathered in a pic-
a rare direct attack Monday on the      under way. The bus tour, although      gress amid a faltering economy           Court ultimately would uphold it if      turesque park on the banks of the
Republican presidential field, criti-   an official White House event          and high unemployment.                   justices follow existing law and prec-   Cannon River, ditching his suit and
cizing GOP hopefuls for their blan-     rather than a campaign swing,             Later in the town-hall meeting,       edent. If not, he said, “we’ll have to   tie for rolled-up sleeves and khakis
ket opposition to any deficit-cutting   takes Obama through three states       Obama got a question on his sig-         manage that when it happens.”            for the open-air event.
compromise involving new taxes.         he won in 2008 but where he now        nature health care law, and took a          In response to a question,                Despite the widespread frustra-
    “That’s just not common             needs to shore up his standing.        hard shot at Mitt Romney, a GOP          Obama also took the chance to            tion with Washington documented
sense,” Obama told the crowd at            In Iowa, Obama returns to a         front-runner who has had to defend       counter the anti-government              in national polls, the president got
a town hall-style meeting in Can-       state that handed him a key victory    implementing a health care plan          stance embraced by the tea party         a rosy reception.
non Falls, Minn., as he kicked off      over Democratic rival Hillary Rod-     while governor of Massachusetts          and largely by the Republican                Some of his questioners never
a three-day bus tour through Min-       ham Clinton in their nomination        that’s similar to the federal version.   presidential field.                      even bothered to ask him ques-
nesota, Iowa and Illinois.              fight but where Republicans have          “You’ve got a governor who’s             He noted that although govern-        tions, and the president used the
    “You need to take a balanced        been blanketing the state in prep-     running for president right now          ment doesn’t do everything well, it      format to offer broad, if some-
approach,” he said.                     aration for its first-in-the-nation    who instituted the exact same            is responsible for sending a man         times wonkish, explanations of his
    Obama recalled a moment             caucuses, attacking the president      thing in Massachusetts,” Obama           to the moon and for the military         agenda.
in last week’s GOP presidential         at every turn. The bus tour comes      said, referring to a central compo-      defending the country, among                 People asked him about educa-
debate when all eight of the can-       on the heels of Republican Michele     nent of his law: the requirement for     other things.                            tion, health care, broadband cable
didates said they would refuse to       Bachmann’s weekend victory in          almost everyone to carry health             “When you go to the National          and the cost of prescription drugs.
support a deal with tax increases,      the Iowa Straw Poll and Texas          insurance.                               Parks and those folks in the hats,       One woman told him she had cancer
even if tax revenues were out-          Gov. Rick Perry’s contest-rattling        “This used to be a Republican         that’s government,” Obama said.          and had been waiting for days to ask
weighed 10-to-1 by spending cuts.       entrance into the race.                idea,” Obama said. “It’s like sud-          “As frustrated as you are about       him a question about Social Security,
    Obama didn’t mention any of            It also comes after the president   denly they got amnesia.”                 politics don’t buy into this notion      although the president missed the
the candidates by name and pref-        spent much of the summer holed            The so-called individual man-         that somehow government is               chance to sympathize with her about
aced the remark by saying, “I know      up in the nation’s capital enmeshed    date in Obama’s health care law          what’s holding us back,” he said.        her health when he responded with
it’s not election season yet.”          in bitter, partisan negotiations on    was struck down by a federal                Eager to get out of Washington,       a defense of Social Security.

Republican race altered by Perry entry, Bachmann win
    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Sud-        to emerge from the pack, now finds         Romney, who lost the nomina-         Midwest bus tour.                        the American people based upon
denly facing two serious rivals,        himself facing two significant foes    tion in 2008, hasn’t been able to           Romney, overshadowed for              the political winds of the day.”
GOP front-runner Mitt Romney            in Perry, the Texas governor who       unite warring factions of the GOP        much of the weekend, re-emerged             A bit later, he returned to his
declared on Monday his business         formally entered the race only Sat-    electorate since entering the race       in Litchfield, N.H., and, during         strategy of assailing Obama on
background sets him apart in the        urday, and Bachmann, the Minne-        earlier this year. Social conser-        a conversation with reporters,           the economy, saying the president
presidential race and dismissed         sota congresswoman who won the         vatives and the tea party haven’t        quickly provided a window into           should call for Congress to return
the buzz over emerging challeng-        Iowa straw poll that same day.         warmed to his candidacy, and he          how he would address Perry’s             from its summer break to deal with
ers as “the political winds of the          “It’s a wide-open race,” Gov.      has left some economic conserva-         entry into the race.                     high unemployment, home foreclo-
day.” Rick Perry insisted no one        Terry Branstad declared after a        tives and Republicans in the party          “Understanding how the econ-          sures and Wall Street turmoil.
could go “toe to toe” with him, and     five-day stretch that saw every        establishment underwhelmed.              omy works by having worked in the           Halfway across the country,
rising star Michele Bachmann            Republican presidential candi-         He’s focused heavily on New              real economy is finally essential        Perry made clear that he would
tried to turn her Iowa straw poll       date show up in his state, where       Hampshire and has downplayed             in the White House. And I hope           try to undercut Romney’s efforts
victory into gains against both         party caucuses kick off the GOP        his campaign in Iowa, but that may       people recognize that,” Romney           to cast himself as the strongest
men.                                    nomination fight next winter. While    change given that Bachmann and           said, stressing his years of private     candidate on jobs and that he
    In less than a week, the slow-      Perry entered the nomination bat-      Perry, both of whom have support         business experience and drawing          would continue where Pawlenty
to-begin race for the Republican        tle, former Minnesota Gov. Tim         among the tea party and Christian        a contrast with Perry, Texas’ lon-       had left off in questioning Bach-
nomination has accelerated and          Pawlenty, exited, further reshuf-      evangelicals, are competing hard         gest-serving governor who never          mann’s accomplishments — or
undergone a dramatic shift, essen-      fling the deck.                        in this state where social conser-       has worked in the private sector         lack thereof — during her three
tially becoming a three-way con-            Over the next few months, Rom-     vatives dominate.                        as an adult.                             terms in the U.S. House.
test for the chance to challenge        ney, Bachmann and Perry will try           By Monday, the three Repub-             Even as his aides worked behind          “I respect all the other candi-
President Barack Obama next             to win over a GOP electorate angry     licans with the strongest chance         the scenes to assess the impact of       dates in the field, but there is no
year.                                   at the change Obama has brought        of winning the nomination fanned         Perry’s candidacy, Romney sug-           one that can stand toe to toe with
    Romney, who has been rid-           and looking for a candidate who        out across early primary states,         gested a strategy shift wasn’t at        us,” Perry said in an interview
ing high for months while other         has the right mix of credentials to    all looking for the upper hand just      hand. He said, “I’m not going to         as he began his first full day of
Republicans have been struggling        beat the incumbent Democrat.           as Obama opened a three-day              vary my speech and my vision for         campaigning.

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