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					Shoba naidu Bangalore 22 July „Back to Nature‟ has become the wellness mantra of today. The rich and famous, who burn the candle at both ends, are looking for places where they can recoup their health in the lap of nature. The Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (INYS), a premier national institute on the outskirts of Bangalore, also known as Jindal Farms, is one such ideal getaway. However, this is not the place for the weak-willed or chicken-hearted. For although it assures complete cleansing of the dregs of an indisciplined life from the body and promises a new and shining you, it comes at a tough price. No drinks, no smoking, no non-vegetarian food and a tough regimen of yoga, exercises along with an array of treatments which are an integral part of Nature Cure. Set in 70-acres of manicured gardens and walkways, crowned with coconut groves and a lake, the INYS, at first appears like a holiday home. But a look at the well-equipped treatment centres with latest gadgets for colon irrigation, hydrotherapy and a gym confirms that health is serious business here. Says Dr Sambashiva Rao, Chief Medical Officer, INYS, “Naturopathy is a drug less therapy which believes that healing comes from within the body. Good health is restored by complete detoxification and realigning the body with laws of nature.” Natures latent potential, he says, is rekindled by using mud therapy, hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. Yoga is an important adjunct to Naturopathy here. The institute has been constantly upgrading facilities to suit its clientele. Three housing options are available— cottages, huts, nests and executive rooms — with graded facilities and varying rents. Also provided are a full-fledged gym, recreation centre, a library and facilities like laundry, tailor, salon and beauty parlour. Visitors to INYS include presidents, prime ministers, film stars and corporate honchos. But the poor are not forgotten. Out of the 160 beds, 30 have been set apart for charitable cases and 30 for those under research. Says Dr Rao, “We conduct research on asthma, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis (osteo & rheumatoid) in a scientific way with the use of modern diagnostic tools. The reports are submitted every year to the Department of Science & Technology, government of India.” Says Dr Babina of INYS, “Almost 50% of the patients are women. Treatments like enema, colon irrigation, steam, sauna, oil massage, mud bath are given to tone up the channels of elimination. Cold water treatments like hip bath, mud pack, stomach pack are given to kill the parasites which are then drained out of through body through enema.” Naturopathy advocates nutritious, high fibre and alkaline diet i.e total diet should contain 60% of vegetables & greens, fruits, salads, sprouts, juices, soup and 40% cereals like rice, wheat, ragi etc. Says Jyothi Kulkarni, an executive from Mumbai, “This is my second visit here. I go back feeling completely rejuvenated but the toughest part is to change my lifestyle, so that I can continue to enjoy the benefits.” eom