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My Pyramid Nutrition Project by sofiaie


									My Pyramid Online Nutrition Exploration Project
This project is designed to bring awareness to your nutritional needs in comparison to your current nutritional intake. This will give you the specific information you will need to adjust your current habits to a more healthy and complete nutritional lifestyle. Remember moderation is the key…and KNOWLEDGE is POWER! So follow each step, learn about YOUR specific needs, and make the necessary changes to become a HEALTHIER YOU! This is worth_____ points…you will work on part of it today in the IMMRC and what you don‟t complete becomes your Veggies! 1. Go to the following web address: 2. Go to My Pyramid Plan (Section 1): Fill out your age, sex, and activity level (be honest), this is your daily intake needs. Under View, Print, and Learn … a. Look at the pdf version of your results, fill out your results on the blank pyramid provided. 3. Food Categories (Section 2): Click on each food category shown (Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Meat & Beans) – Read and Record each category by doing the following… a. Write a brief description

b. Then click on Learn More –read to learn more about each category, and write 2 facts that you didn‟t already know for each category **NOTE: Within the Grains category make sure to list the 2 subgroups and in the Veggies the 5 subgroups listed. Also, if you are a vegetarian for the Meat and Beans group please go to the vegetarian choices/meal plans offered** c. Go to the Food Gallery. List 3-5 foods that you enjoy from that category (Note: Grains should come from whole grain list). Click on each food and check out the serving size for each item. Are these the serving sizes you eat? What are the objects that we discussed in class that would most represent this serving size (ex. deck of cards=3 oz. of meat, tennis ball=1cup etc.) d. OILS: For this group please do the following… i. Click on the Oils category (below all other categories) ii. On the right side of the screen click on “Why is it important to consume oils?” and answer this question iii. Good vs. Bad oils 1. What makes oils good or bad? 2. Where are „good‟ oils found? Where are „bad‟ oils found?

4. Next Click on Tips and Resources (Section 3): (blue box titled: Subjects) – Click on each “Tips to help you” listed, and read and record 2 new facts within the specific areas listed: (You are welcome to read more, but are required to read the following areas) Under this tip  Read this

a. Make half your grains whole: What to look for on the food labels b. Vary your veggies: For best nutritional value c. Focus on Fruits: For best nutritional value d. Get your calcium rich foods: Tips for making wise choices (or see For those who do not

consume milk products)
e. Go lean with protein: Keep it safe to eat f. Find your balance between food and physical activity: Read All

6. Click on Steps to a Healthier Weight (Section 4): Answer/Explain the following… Why is it important to reach a healthier weight? Explain the “energy in vs. energy out” model How can you… *Maintain your weight *Lose weight *Gain weight 7. Discretionary Calories (Section 5): (Return to the Oils category and click on related topics)) *What are discretionary calories? *Click on “How many can I have” and look at the chart/record how many you can have *What are added sugars? And list 5 words found on food labels that translate to sugar (ex. fructose)

8. Independent Research (Section 6): topics and answer the questions… a. Diabetes (Type 1 & 2)

Do your own online/book research about the following 3

i. What does having Diabetes mean? ii. What is the difference between type 1&2?

b. Blood Pressure i. When your blood pressure is taken, what does it mean? ii. What is considered healthy blood pressure? c. Cholesterol i. What does high cholesterol mean? ii. How can you get high cholesterol? 9. My Pyramid Tracker (Section 7): (Meal Tracking Pages Provided) Once you have recorded 2 typical days of eating (Meal Tracking Worksheet) input these into My Pyramid Tracker. Click on Assess Your Food Intake. You will have to create an account…Proceed to food intake, follow the directions inputting food. When you are done and want your analysis, click on Select Quantity – and click Save and Analyze. This will take you to Analyze your Food Intake screen. Select Calculate My Pyramid Stats. A graph will appear. Print this page and answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. 10. My Pyramid Menu Planner: Return to the Home page. Click on My Pyramid Menu Planner (on the right side). Login and then click on Site Tour (top right side of screen). Scroll through the various steps to help you figure out how the Menu Planner is used. Once you have figured it out, plan your meals for 1 day (using the information you gained from previous sections). Keep in mind what you were missing from the My Pyramid Tracker. Your meals should be balanced. Print your planned menus out.

11. Self Reflection (Section 8): Answer the following questions based on your results and the overall project 1. Did you meet your nutritional needs for the two days you recorded? 2. Which food category were you the closest to meeting your needs? Furthest from? 3. What does this tell you about your current nutritional habits? 4. Your nutritional balance can be achieved with a few adjustments, what are they? 5. Overall, what have you gained from this project?

Using the packet provided and the time given in the IMMRC to follow the directions and take the appropriate notes (NEAT PLEASE). Finish the steps not completed in class at home. Staple your graphs, TYPED self reflection and printed menu plan to the back of the packet. Make sure your name is on the front of the packet. This is due: October _______

Nutrition Exploration Project Rubric Sections: 1. My Pyramid Plan (Pyramid Page) 2. Food Categories/Gallery 3. Tips & Resources 4. Steps to a Healthier Weight 5. Discretionary Calories 6. Independent Research 7. My Pyramid Tracker (includes tracking pages & graphs) 8. My Pyramid Menu (meals for 1 day) /20 9. Self Reflection Total: /10 /90 /10 /10 /5 /5 /5 /10 /15

Nutrition Exploration Project Rubric Sections: 1. My Pyramid Plan (Pyramid Page) 2. Food Categories/Gallery 3. Tips & Resources 4. Steps to a Healthier Weight 5. Discretionary Calories 6. Independent Research 7. My Pyramid Tracker (includes tracking pages & graphs) 8. My Pyramid Menu (meals for 1 day) /20 9. Self Reflection Total: /10 /90 /10 /10 /5 /5 /5 /10 /15

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